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On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, on twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun.

J.R.R. Tolkien
~ The Misty Mountains


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  • Bjorn: I should have taken that selfie.
  • Connor: Seems like a good guy - got his hands full trying to keep all those kin behaving. I have a feeling he'd be like a tired parent at the Forge Party.
  • Cross: I found Gandalf...and I did -NOT- take a selfie. I want that recorded. Did not. Wanted to. Didn't.
  • Daegan: This guy has really helped me get settled. He's always there with his truck if I need to grab something or just talk. Awesome guy.
  • Fergus: I found myself a little brother. I feel so sorry for him.
  • Joey: Not sure about this one. I -think- she's family?
  • Journey: Seems like a cool guy. Was a great source for contacts in the city. Definitely getting invited to the Forge party.
  • Lydia: Good. Strong. Don't piss her off.
  • Paige: She was nice enough. Gave her one of the snowflakes I made up in Alaska for helping me find Connor.
  • Sara McMurrough: Ok...I'm impressed.

The Return

  • Justin: Seems like a descent guy. Hope he works out in the new forge.
  • Daegan: Can't believe he has a kid, but he seems like he'd make a good dad.
  • Akecheta: Cool guy who gets my interest in motorcycles and things.
  • Andrew: Another cool guy - I think I met him before I left but he's hanging out at the forge now so that's cool.
  • Amanda: Nice enough girl, great cook.
  • Zeppelin: If the rumors at the Forge Party are true, we were apparently lovers once. Yeah, about that...
  • TabithaCross: *grumbles* when it's finished. FINISHED? *old man grumpy grumbles*

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RP Hooks

New in town

Torsten has recently arrived from up north where he was working with the the crabbers around Alaska. Knowing very few people, he settled in the area mainly because it was warm and would hopefully up some new business opportunities.

Black Stag Forge

When Torsten came to the town, he opened a commercial forge in the city located in the remains of an old service garage at the north west end of town. When he operated the forge, it dealt in decorative iron work for gardens and things but also produces the odd knife, axe and thing for historical reenactors. Before he left, he was also making ritual items for several pagan communities (swords, spears, daggers). However, after he left, the forge shifted ownership to someone else with Jake as the Master smith.

Sleeping Dragon Forge

After having left town for quite a while and passing ownership of Black Stag Forge to others, he decided that he would create a new forge upon his return. The new forge Sleeping Dragon Forge is also located on 'G Street' but on the opposite end of downtown. His new shop is still taking shape but he's back in front of the forge and that's all that's important to him.


Torsten is pagan. He doesn't really hide it but he doesn't advertise it either. Since he's moved into the area he's put out some feelers with the local pagan community to see what things are like. He describes himself as a 'modern druid'. He has three faces: the Smith, the Healer and the Warrior.


Torsten is an unaligned garou, returning to the city after being gone for a while. When he was up in Alaska he worked with the local Sept but wasn't affiliated with a pack. Some have wondered if he is just the type to be a 'fringe' member of garou society, not committing to a pack. Torsten is a Theurge, a 'Druid' in his own words. He is alpha of the Dragon's Fire pack.

Mixed Heritage

Torsten is the product of the union between a Fianna and a Get of Fenris. His mother, a Fianna kinfolk, had fallen in love with a Get of Fenris and they produced a child much to the aggravation of the two tribes. He was then named 'Torsten' or 'Thor's Stone' to honor his father's people as well as his mothers. His mother ended up raising him since his father's tribe at their home Sept didn't like that he had bread out of their people. Torsten learned blacksmithing from his paternal grandfather, an attempt to give the boy something meaningful to contribute to the Sept and a place with his father's people.

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Patrick Torsten Byrne

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Full Name:

Patrick Torsten Byrne




Blacksmith: (Sleeping Dragon Forge)






Dragon's Fire

Apparent Age:


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  • Iconic Outfit: Patchwork Bathrobe, playfully boxers, monster-foot slippers and geek-flavored t-shirt with a cup of coffee in one hand.
  • Deadpan Snarker: If Torsten isn't snarky with you, he don't like you.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He tends to adopt people who are in need of a big brother - it's a role that he assumes naturally.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Torsten is a nice guy, almost painfully so. But heaven can't hide you if you hurt one of his friends or family.
  • The Blacksmith: That's most of what he does, he makes things for others to use.
  • Iconic Item: His hammer, the war hammer for which he was named, is his sonic screw driver.

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