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I am a single dad. My daughter, Ava, is the most important lady in my life.

I am a geologist and work for the Forest Service testing soil samples, checking on erosion and runoff and maintaining trails so that people don't feel a need to widen them and damage the foliage around the trails.

I also know a thing or two about flowers/trees/plants/etc.

I am originally from Dublin, Ireland, but moved to the states when I was about 5 or so. Grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

I love potatoes. Boil em, Mash em, Stick em in a stew.

My oldest brother- Sean, a Garou, was rited Brother's Keeper after finding a lost 10 year old Daegan in the woods while coming back to the caern. He was gone days and was hurt and hungry. His brother didn't find the rited name amusing.

I have 9 siblings- 4 brothers and 5 sisters. All of my brothers are garou and 1 sister. I am 9th in line out of the 10. (Birthorder: 1. Sean*, 2. Faye, 3. Aiden*, 4. Mara, 5. William*, 6. Brianna, 7. Ryan*, 8. Rhiannon* 9. ME!, 10. Nessa) [ A * indicates one that is a shifter. ]

I went to school for Geology at Washington State University- Waaazzzzzooooo! (Pullman, WA), BS in Geology and Botany.

I have a Ranch that I bought. It was totally run down and overgrown and a lot of work, but the house is done now, the fences are repaired and I have a little veggie garden and I have 6 cows, 4 horses, 6 pigs and a whole mess of chickens. There's a barn cat and a few dogs that roam the land too.

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Alecto - As far as Furies go, she is the best. She can take a joke (sort of)...Wish her 'Sisters' would follow suit.

Alessio - His history seems harsh and scary. Its a wonder he's still alive. Though I wonder if its just the shell of a man we talk to. I hate him- he took Joey to be his mate.

Andi - Andi-Candi! Good to talk to and gives it to you straight. I like that. She has a hot tub which is awesome too.

Andrew - Somehow we always wind up together. I don't think I'm what you are looking for, but I'm around for now if you let me.

Ashling - Our families know each other from the old country. She is a very beautiful lady. Hope she enjoys this neck of the world.

Billy_Bojangles *head bump*

Bjorn - Werebear!

Cari- Connor's <new> mate. Can't say I am a huge fan yet, but that could change.

Chullain - Of my Tribe, got to dust off my Gaelic to talk to him. Hadn't used it in quite a while.

CJ - Fury leader sort. Has three <THREE> adorable little ones.

Connor - My ranking Fianna here. Very, very intimidating man. Apparently likes to wave his big thing around according to another kinfolk. His klaive. What did you think I was talking about?

Cricket - A lupus cub that was pregnant when I met her, but shes probably had 5 litters by now. She seems really nice.

Cristobal - What's new, Pussycat.. wooooooah ohh ohhh oh. Very interesting guy. Easy on the eyes too.

Faith - It was nice meeting you... the little time we got together. Also, who would kill off a piece of Americana like that? TskTsk. Crooked Cop, I tell ya. ;)

Fergus- Fianna cub. He's learning. One of fav bros and one of the only people that ever bothered to really get to know me.

Giselle- There was an explosion of baby stuff at my place! Thank you! Now to read the directions so I know how to put this stuff together.

Jasen - I like this guy. Definitely someone I can hang out and shoot the shit with. Are you sure you aren't really a Fianna sort?

Joey Russo - Was my best friend. That ended in a great explosion. Fuck. God, I miss her.

Journey - Of everyone there, I thought you would have my back. What happened?

Kitty - Yuri's niece? He didn't think so apparently. Hot ninja. Wants me to be a pain in her butt. Told her I'm not into that kinky stuff. *grin*

Kokimi - Flirty with Fergus. Likes Jameson. Cool people so far.

Liam - Best fucking chef ever. Kin. He just got back from travelling with his BF mate. Works at the Smoke and Barley.

Lydia - No. Just, no. I can't have a moment to think? To be in shock? To be afraid? I didn't deny her! I want her.

Nascha - Came to my rescue when Ava showed up. Showed me how to change a diaper, make a bottle and properly put the child in a sling. My confidence improved with just the bit of knowledge you gave me to help me get started. I am forever grateful.

Paige - Don't know where she has run off to. I miss hanging out with her. Friends first, always and forever.

Percy Thompson - She's got the scoop, the exclusive, live news!

Sara McMurrough - Connor's former mate. She is awesome. She's got a bigger set of balls than most of the garou out there. Loved that! Straight shooter. Totally adored her mate and he loved and respected her.

Sharon Certus -First person I met in town, kind to offer a stranger some fruit on the beach. ASL came in handy!

Tabia - Tabby-Cat. She is fun and amuses me. I'm sure I will do something to piss her off sooner or later.

Torsten - Fianna family. He is really great to hang out with and get drunk with when you are feeling like crap. A good friend. Fear the Tower of Tor! School is sucking up a lot of his time. You don't know how much I miss having a friend in this world. I am glad you are back, even if you seem... different.

Vesta- Journey's mate and mother of his child, Stephen.

Viktor_Balasevic - A Lord. Didn't care much for him when I met him. I don't like how he talks about kin- namely Paige.

Wanda - William's mate- they had a cute kid.

William - Get, had a cute kid with Wanda.

Zoe- I adored you. I miss you, lady. I hope you are doing well. It could have been something... we shall never know now.

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Played By: Aiden Turner

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Name: Daegan I. O'Dwyer

Status: Kinfolk of the Fianna Tribe

D.O.B.- April 3, 1990 (27 years old)

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

Child: Ava Elise

Marital/Mate Status: Not taken

Appearance: 4

Pure Breed: 3

Career: Geologist with the US Forest Service

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Garou- Family. Scary family, but not in that weird uncle type of scary. More like RAR! Type of scary.

Mortals- In the dark for the most part. Gotta keep them there to protect them from those that wish to do them harm.

Kinfolk- We have a responsibility to the Garou. We are their friends, children and lovers. Duty calls before your own needs.

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The Sweetest, Smelliest Part of My Life

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