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"I am Viktor Balasevic, born under the battle moon to the children of Grandfather Thunder. Fostern in rank by deed, I am the descendant of the great Thunder Knight, hero of the Shadow Lords."

Notable Stats:

Pure Breed: 5: He is the heir to the purest of Shadow Lord bloodlines and a descendant of heroes.

Ancestors: 5: Recently his connection to his ancestors, specific the legendary Thunder Knight of Gaia, guardian of the lunar bridges

Fetish 3: Viktor wears the Thunder Bracer, part of the armor regalia of his ancestor.

Rank 3: Adren by deed to the nation.

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Irina - A dutiful proper kinfolk.

Yuri - Elder and Mentor in town

Justine - Yuri's mate, good for both of them

Kokimi - Just seeing the surface

Paige - An eager, and respectful kin

Quinn - More than a Marine I think.

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Viktor Balasevic

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Race: Garou
Full Name: Viktor Balasevic
Rite Name: Thunder's Fury
Occupation: Warrior and Heir
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Auspice: Ahroun
Pack: Flames of Gaia
Rank: Adren
RP Hooks
Shadow Lord - Viktor is a Shadow Lord of perfect breeding, the image of ancient heroes.

Kinfolk - Viktor has kinfolk that help support him and are a part of his life.

Ancestry - Viktor's ancestor is a great Shadow Lord warrior that saved a number of septs from an ancient Wyrm evil battling it on a Moon bridge. Although he fell in battle, his story is legend.

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