2018.11.26 Hypnagogia: Necessary Measures

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Hypnagogia: Necessary Measures
After Linnete's attempt to kidnap Bieta, Bieta and Catherine visit Yuri, Bieta's lawyer, to revisit the possibility of Bieta gaining a concealed carry license.
IC Date Nov. 26, 2018
IC Time 13:00 p.m.- 14:00 p.m.
Players Bieta ST, Catherine, Viktor, Yuri
Location Thorn Building 5010
Spheres Mage and Garou

Wall to wall rugged light gray carpet, free of stains or obstructing furniture. Along one wall triple pane glass reaches from the gray carpet to the false ceiling which is composed entirely of new, unblemished tiles. Lighting is ample and day or night the windows permit a gorgeous view of the Prospect cityscape.

Catherine went with Ivan to get Bieta when they'd arranged. She dressed up for it a bit, this being at least semi-offiical, in her one suit. "Yuri's expecting you of course," she says as they walk into the offices. "We're both curious to hear what's happened, and what we can help with from here."

Sitting in a chair off to the side, Viktor is dressed for the occasion as well. Suit pants, and a jacket but certainly no tie. His athletic frame leaning back just a bit in the chair as he waits and remains silent, certainly ready to let everyone else or at least someone else take the lead.

Bieta is dressed in the same simple black dress and red cashmere sweater she wore the last time she had paid a visit to Yuri's office. This time, she only came with Catherine. Bieta says, "Thank you, Catherine." Bieta's eyes are drawn to Viktor for a moment before she returns her attention back to Catherine.

Yuri looks up from his spot behind the desk, "Please take a seat." He motions to Viktor, "Viktor here is one of my trusted associates. He'll be assisting me with your case." He smiles a bit, "We'd like to hear what all happened." "Viktor's a friend," Catherine says, reassuringly. She gestures to a chair, and then goes to sit down herself, nodding agreement with what Yuri says.

Viktor nods quietly but he doesn't really move much from there. He just sort of waits for everything to be explained it would seem. A glance given to Catherine for a second, perhaps considering something but then back to Bieta.

Bieta holds out one of her hands to Viktor and says, "Dr. Elżbieta Dymna is a name by which I am called." When she speaks there is the evidence of a central european accent which can be identified by those who would know it. The corners of her mouth tug upwards when she says, "the pleasure is on my side." Bieta drops her hand when Viktor does not shake her hand. She looks at the chair which has been offered to her and lowers herself into it.

Catherine sits, quiet, this is really YUri's show, and Bieta's story from here. There's nothing for her to add at this point. Yuri leans back in his chair, "So, what brings you here today? And why did you need escort, did something happen that I haven't been made aware of yet?" He picks up a pen and a pad of paper.

Bieta shifts in her seat and says, "Linnete broke into my house late one night when only Kasia and I were in the house. Linnete started saying things like 'she loved me' and a whole bunch of other things which I really did not understand. Linnete looked like she had been beaten up really badly. When I told her I did not return her feelings, she shot me twice in the back with rubber bullets and handcuffed me. Once Linnete got me outside, she had some friends waiting with a car. The only reasons Linnete did not succeed at kidnapping me were that a friend of mine put herself at great risk to help both Kasia and me and the police, who had been patroling close to the house when all of this happened, drove into my drive."

Catherine nods a little, "I saw the report...looked it up when you called," she says quietly. "THere wasn't much in the report...I can talk to the officers if you'd like," she offers to Yuri. "Writing reports is a distant fourth behind telling stories you know." Yuri nods, "How do you know this Linnete person? And have the police questioned her? Having the police recommend the restraining order would help. Do you have a last name for her?" He takes some notes, "Anything I can go with here?"

Bieta blinks and then says, "Linnete is the woman who handed me copies of those police murder cases when she was drunk. When I was last here, I told you about her. I spoke with you about the possibility of a restraining order and a CCL. Since she has assaulted me and tried to kidnap me, I wanted to look again at acquiring the CCL and not just the restraining order." Bieta rest and elbow on the arm of her chair and runs her fingers through her hair. "I have not even been back home since Linnete did this. My friends have been trying their best to keep me safe, not just from her but also these friends of hers. They seem to believe that Linnete has some influence within the police department...maybe even the Sheriff's office. I do not think any of them believe Linnete is even behind bars right now." Bieta shakes her head, "I do not know what to do. I want to be able to go back to my home but if I am not even safe there..." Bieta looks at Catherine. Catherine sighs. "I can suggest additional patrols in the area to the captain but I'm not exactly a power in the department...." She looks at Yuri, "It's a specific threat, with an attack and documentation...think the sheriff will be more likely to agree? Point out it'll be bad for his reelection campaign otherwise?" She looks at Bieta, "Restraining orders .... from what you describe happened I don't think they'd do any good. THough maybe filed in conjuction with the ccw request would give it more weight. ". Catherine again is looking at Yuri.

Yuri nods, "Yes, we get the restraining order, then file for the permit. Having a TRO against someone and a specific threat is helpful. It helps prove you're not just someone who wants to play Dirty Harry... I just want to make this as simple as possible. Do you have a last name for her? I'll need that to file for the order."

Bieta says, "Her name was with her number on the papers she gave to me. I believe it is...Eickhart." Bieta looks at Catherine and said, "Officer Merek Black had already suggested additional patrols after the patrols you requested before Linnete attempted to kidnap me. Patrols move around the area and I suppose Linnete watched and waited until she thought she had a chance to get away with what she did." Catherine nods at that. "I still have copies of those papers," she tells both Yuri and Bieta. "I can't really think of anything else we can do. I wish I could tell you to just head home and everyhting is fine but," she shrugs. "I'd advise against going there other than short random stops to get things as needed. Stay with friends, move around a lot. It's really hard, I'm aware."

Yuri nods, "Do you have a firearm now? Sadly, in California, there's a 10 day waiting period if you wish to purchase one legally. And getting a permit requires you have a firearm that they'll do a check on. If you lived in another state at one point and happened to bring it to California when you moved here, it would be OK thought."

Bieta nods and says, "Yes, I have already purchased a firearm that is a size which I could carry on my person if I had a license. There are other firearms at my house which belonged to my parents but they are .22 rifles or a shot gun. They were not somewhere within reach when Linnete tried to kidnap me."

"Just apply then," Catherine asks Yuri. "I can't really think of anything else we can help with at this point...." she sounds apologetic. Yuri nods, "We'll file for a restraining order, using the police report as evidence and that she is still on the loose. Then, using that, you should apply for the CHL. Use the 'I have perscription pads and have drugs in the office' as additional reasoning. That should cover you."

Bieta nods and says, "Thank you, Mr. Makarov. I will do that." She stands up and offers her hand to Yuri. "If I have any trouble with the Sheriff's office then I will see you again about taking this to court."

Yuri shakes the offered hand, "Sadly, California is a may issue state. The Sheriff has the sole discression if they're going to sign off on it... Suing them is not usually a good option, the response is usually not good."