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She's crazy. She really is.

For the most part she can be found beating on old equipment in her gym, running aimlessly through the woods in an attempt to hunt, or kicking back at the Smoke and Barley, doing her best to pester Klem.

She's like the little sister who has her uses, but a significantly flawed take on social behavior. One of the people who knows what she's doing, but might not take the normal route to get to the goal.

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BSD - Hate them more than even your average Gaian. I'll kill every one if I get the chance. I'm not scared of you brother. Not anymore. I'm coming for you.

Vampires - Never really met one. But they are supposedly Wyrm, or weaver depending on who you ask. A shaft through the heart will likely stop one.

Bastet - Smug assholes. But I'm an outgoing Asshole, so we have stuff in common.

Mages - Let's not get into that.

Spirits - Some are really annoying, some are helpful. Talking to pure chaos reminds me of sitting alone and thinking.

Others - Definitly a case by case basis.

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The New Ones

Anyu - Cute, but young. Says she'll follow through. Hasn't yet

Yvette - New friend. Just met her. Too soon to tell about her

Wallace - I think he's seen Chasing Amy one too many times

The Old School

Klem - Probably one of the easiest ways to get ahold of CJ is through Klem, she raids the bar enough that the message will be passed quickly.

Gar - Her best friend, so likely to be in regular contact.

Brinne - Wife. They got married as soon as California law was changed to say they could. You give me something to fight for. There have been times where I would have turned my back on the world if not for you.

Glendora - You made me happy. But at every turn you run. You can't accept my life.

Chance - Tries not to shoot him out in the forest. Would feel bad if the bunny for dinner was him.

Lars - I think you like fixing my shoulder every week. Havn't seen you in a bit. Miss our philosophical conversations.

Fidelia - I hope that you stay happy. I'll try not to get hurt.

Quinn - Interesting one, but I wonder if what I've been told is true.

Trekome - Trust me, not worth getting into some fights.

Rahne - Adorable. Plus she thinks quicker on her feet than a lot of people I know

Revi - She's a bit hyper. Still want to see what she can do

Lacey - Sister. The family is close.

Maz - It's easier to gain then you think, but just don't lose it.

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Now that I've got that out of my system. There are a few members of CJ's family that are able to be picked up if people are looking for something to play, but arn't sure what.

Twin brother Any tribe Gaian really, he was stolen away at the same time she was and adopted by a different tribe. Requirements - being an Ahroun, having a derangement of some sort (both of the twins have as the were seperated so young, CJ compensated by developing voices) and PB5.

Younger half sister Again, any tribe Gaian, though CJ is unaware of her existence. Requirements at least PB3.

A few songs:

Round One - Jeff Williams

On your knees - Jeff Williams

Everlong (Acoustic) - Foo Fighters

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Noteable stats:

Physical - 5

App - 4

Pure breed - 5

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RP Hooks
Going to be running a plot across a few alts.

Mostly for the Gaians, but if Wyrmies are interested I might have some plot for them too

To get her involved with something:

-Make it a hunt or something that she can focus on.

-She's not afraid of killing if the people deserve it, in fact she seems oddly okay with excessive force

-Tracking is one of her strong points

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