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"I don't have a lot of interest in being a good person or a bad person.
From what I can tell, either way, you're screwed."

George from 'Dead Like Me'


Sometimes, it's easier to start over than to pick up where you left off. It wasn't so long ago that Yvette lived a different kind of life. One that involved college, friends, and a bright future. Her life fell apart, though and all sense of normalcy was scattered to the four corners of creation. So now, she's trying to find herself, and start over.

She arrived in Prospect not too long ago, her life's belongings packed into an old but reliable Toyota pickup. For the moment, she's just getting her bearings: Trying to find a day job; looking for a cheap place to live; maybe set down some roots, if this town will have her. Time will tell.

RP Hooks
  • She's new in town, but settling in. She works at Zimzala Surf Bin, and spends many of her days either at the beach, or at Aegis Gym.
  • She seems to like the stars and the night sky. She can often be found at a park or the countryside just beyond the city to get a better view.
  • She hangs out at the public and college libraries a lot. She never seems to check out any books, but she will sit for hours and read them.
  • She's learning how to surf. This new hobby finds her at the beach with some regularity.
Friends, Contacts & Acquaintances
  • Astrid - She can fly.
  • Bun - Big is an understatement.
  • Chase - Surf bro.
  • CJ - Moonlit.
  • Daize - Crush.
  • Dashiel - Fancy beach bum.
  • Deidre - Blue.
  • Dom - Looks more like a Nic?
  • Frannie - Huh.
  • Germ - Crazy
  • Harvey - My mechanic.
  • Hunter_M - Permanent marker.
  • Jenna - Barefoot on the beach.
  • Kait - A view of the stars.
  • Katrina - Royal Boss Lady.
  • Kim - More than Skynn deep.
Yvette truck.jpg Yvette backpack.jpg Yvette3.jpg

Yvette surfing2.jpegYvette surfboard.jpeg

Yvette surfing.gif
Name Yvette Andonica Paulson
Occupation Office manager at Zimzala Surf Bin
Nature RP to find out
Demeanor Curmudgeon
Height 5' 5"
Weight 128 lbs.
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age Twenty something
Played by Tessa Thompson