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vital statistics
Full Name: Dominic Noble
Birthdate: January 25, 1987
Occupation: Dilettante
Nature: Manipulator
Demeanor: Jester
Sphere: Mortal+
Subgroup Sorcerer
notable stats
Independent Income: ●●●●●
Appearance: ●●●●○
Occult: ●●●●○
Style: ●●○○○
Fame: ●○○○○
Fortune: ●●●○○
Europa and the Pirate Twins - Thomas Dolby

I was fourteen

She was twelve

Father traveled, hers as well


Down the beaches, hand in hand

Twelfth of never on the sand

Then war took her away

We swore a vow that day:


We'll be the Pirate Twins again, Europa

Oh my country, Europa

I'll stand beside you in the rain, Europa

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

When I was a child I had a fever

My hands felt just like two balloons

Now I've got that feeling once again

I can't explain you would not understand

This is not how I am

I have become comfortably numb

—Well. That didn't turn out as planned.


By the time Dominic was born his father was already a wealthy man. As the primary shareholder and CEO of Noble Pharmaceuticals he took the small company that Dominic's grandfather had created and expanded it into a business producing generic medications with an annual income of billions of dollars a year.

Dominic lacked his father's drive. Although he obtained his MBA he was only a middling student being more interested in partying and in exploring things he wasn't suppose to explore. During his sophomore year at college he gained an interest in the occult (originally as a way to meet some of the new age girls on campus). Although he didn't change his major he did devote more time than was wise in his pursuit of old texts, also picking up a working understanding in quite a few languages.

Two years ago, while experimenting with the magic, he decided to try a spell that would bring him more money. Unfortunately, due to his inexperience with the concepts involved the end effect of what was intended to be an increase in his salary ended in the death of his father in an automobile crash.

His mother having passed away when he was six to natural causes Dominic was now the major shareholder of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Though he has a good understanding of how to run such a business he elected to turn over the CEO position to someone with more experience, deciding that the dividends from his shares already paid him more than enough.


Dark blond hair the color of beach sand in the setting sun frames Dom's face in a sort of wavy mane. He wears it combed back, the tawny ends neatly trimmed to fall just shy of the collar of his shirt. There is a quiet strength to his lean face, high cheekbones and a strong jaw combine with an a Grecian nose to give him a rather patrician look. His skin is light showing just a little bit more color than one might expect of a typical northern European, signs of a lifestyle split between the indoor world of academe and the outdoor world of someone more physical. Pale blue eyes the color of faded denim finish his features, giving him an intelligent but friendly appearance.

Dom is not what people would typically refer to as tall. At 5' 10" he is certainly not short but in a world filled with gentlemen standing well over six feet he isn't likely to draw any stares for his height. He is rather leanly built, probably in the neighborhood of 160 pounds which can make him appear a bit taller than he actually is, and while he is no powerhouse weightlifter his lack of body fat tends to give him a reasonably well defined musculature.


  • Wealthy: He's no Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates but he still has more money than he generally knows what to do with.
  • Sorcerer: He's a dilettante and a dabbler. Book learned, he doesn't have much real connection to the community and no experience with the rest of the supernatural communities. Still, it is possible to run into him in book stores or, more likely, estate sales when there are rumors that some of the books being sold contain better information than your average new age garbage.
  • Corporation: While Noble Pharmaceuticals is less than a tenth of the size of a pharma-giant such as Pfizer it still produces billions of dollars worth of medication every year. It's not a white hat company where every dime goes to the benefits of its employees and its annual pollution output is equivalent to driving a Prius to the grocery. It's also not a black hat company cutting every corner and dumping millions of gallons of harmful chemicals into rivers and streams.
  • Fame: Quick, name the major shareholder of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Yeah, I can't do it either, but you can be sure that there are people who can do that. He's got Fame ● so most people aren't going to recognize him but if you belong to the specific subset of people who keep track of that kind of thing you might. Also, just about anyone running a Google search on his name should turn up the death of his father and his inheritance of the company.
  • Drugs: The best thing about owning a pharma company? The free samples. While he's not going to become the major west coast producer of the newest designer drug he does have access to 'misplaced packages' through a wide network of warehouse employees and lab technicians.
  • Boat: He recently picked up a Sunseeker Predator 74 that he docks at the Kings Island Marina.
  • Home: Since he's pretty newly arrived in Prospect he's still trying to figure out where he wants to live. While he's considering the options he's splitting his time between the Belvedere Hotel and the new Sunseeker he just bought.
  • Investments: He's not really sure what he wants to do with himself. Noble Pharmaceuticals seems to run fine without him so what else can he do to occupy his time? Open up a bar? This city needs another bar like it needs an aperture in its cranial cavity. Pretty much the same for a coffee house or book store. Maybe you've got some ideas?


Guy from the beach
Met at the beach
Surfer girl.
Everyone's friend
Professional snuggler
Staff at the Gatsby
Why did they send her?
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Beach-goer and Gatsby
patron. I think I annoy her
Owner of the Gatsby
Another person from the beach.
Alexander's friend
Manager of Zimzala.
Daize's friend