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“I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars.”
--- Abbie Hoffman

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Frannie : Frannie and Bun are married. Which is to say, they heard about marriage being described as 'being bound to your best friend forever, someone you trust to have your back' and of course, chose each other. There is no attraction whatsoever, and the very idea brought up has left them confused, but Savage-Stripes and Swallows-the-Sea-Whole have moved together for quite some time now. Each devouring life in their own, unique ways. Link to Sea.
Mercedes MacIntyre : Gale Wind. An ageless face like the face of a doll. This Little God of Death has followed Bun, or Bun has followed her, for an age. One flying above the other, one swimming beneath the second, be it as a captain to a ship or as Sea's Wrath. Equally alien to the mortal world, and in their own ways, linked by their love of life itself. Link to Land.
Bronwyn : Little do the Shore Walkers in Prospect know - that K'un's Sister, Wyld, has children too. Less still, that one of those children has taken a liking to them - and Swallows-the-Sea-Whole could not be happier, than before this creature of stories and feasts. In a literal sense, she feeds these Sea Warriors with the stuff they need to best serve K'un, Sea, and in an indirect way, Gaia. Link to Land.

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RP Hooks
Venerable Brightwater: Bün is a Brightwater whose age can best be described as antediluvian---he doesn't quite remember how old he is, but has determined that this doesn't matter, because he is undoubtedly older than you are. He doesn't have a lot of renown, because he spent a lot of his life in a serene place between Awake and Asleep in communion with Sea: Living as a shark, being a shark. Inspiring Jaws. That sort of thing.

Betweener: Despite the differences between ocean-dwellers and betweeners, Bün guards the entire coast of California for the Great White population, and guards against ocean-dwelling hunter packs with extreme prejudice that sometimes (as is perhaps appropriate, given his species) results in mistaken identity.

Selkie S(laughter): Bün remembers a time when all the coasts of North America had seal populations. He has become notorious among the mer because he has a nasty habit of preying on Selkie, in another case of mistaken identity, but not really. If it looks like a seal, he wants to eat it.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie...: Bün is naturally drawn to curvy girls, but there is a very fine line between sexual partner and snack. He likes to have sex with hefty women, but if they are too hefty, sometimes he gets confused, and takes a little bite. This is commonly problematic, as most women don't enjoy being eviscerated.

Vampire Magic Jesus: Bün remembers a time when the more spiritually inclined Black Sea style vampire was predisposed to feeding things and people to the sea. It just so happens that Bün was around for those occasions, took wild advantage of the situation (a dude has to eat) and is a little sad that they aren't still doing it. What's a brother got to do to encourage witches to drown other witches in the ocean (so he can eat them)?

Kamohuna, the Relentless: Kamohuna is King Shark, and King Shark is The Relentless Killer. Kamohuna does his job as dictated by Sea without thought, complaint, second-guessing, joy, pride, or sorrow. Kamohuna teaches Valorious Harmony, and like Kamohuna, Bün does the same. Do you need to meet one of The Relentless? Does your plot need to unbridled destruction a Brightwater will cause? How about some life lessons in this insane World of Darkness? A Garou on the path of Harano in sure to find solace in Kamohuna. Be a Shark, do Shark things, eat faces, hunt seals, be Harmonious.

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Sea Shanties

And they called him...Swallows-the-Sea-Whole...

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Full Name: Bün Gibraltar Daily
Apparent Age: Around 37
Nature: Barbarian
Demeanor: Bravo
Race: Rokea
Breed: Squamus
Species: Karkha (Great White)
Auspice: Brightwater
Deed-Name: Swallows-the-Sea-Whole
Height: 7'11"
Weight: 606 lbs.

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Notable Stats
Hunter of Hunters, Monster to Monsters - Like all Rokea, Oceanborn and Betweener (Shore Walker) alike, Bun and his ilk are commited to The Hunt. That they are able to move on land, means these monsters born of Sea often seek blood, bone, and meat of a rarer variety: Vampires, Fey, Monsters and God-folk alike. They possess the stats all Rokea possess to be such efficient killing-machines, and all the unfortunate quirks as well.

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