Mercedes MacIntyre

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Mercedes MacIntyre

“Love or hate me as you will, but live, now and until your final breath. In time, we shall meet again.”


Notable Stats

Strength FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Charisma FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Appearance FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Perception FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png

Investigation FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png

Eminence FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Legacy FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png

Lore of Spirits FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Lore of Realms FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Lore of Realms FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png

Notable Merits

Good Night Vision
Acute Vision

Notable Flaws

Allergic to Cats
Low Alcohol Tolerance
Socially Oblivious


The Mortal Coil

Date of Birth:: Aug 16, 1994
Apparent Age:: Early Twenties
Hair Color::: Pitch Black
Eye Color:: Golden Light Brown
Height:: 5'6"
Weight:: 128lbs
Demeanor:: Survivor
Job:: Detective for the Prospect Police Department
Played By:: Krysten Ritter

Mercedes, born Mercedes Melody MacIntyre, hated her name. Seriously, could her mother not figure out that three M names in a row is ridiculous? She may have hated her name, but she loved her family. Her father was a blue-collar worker, her mother worked as a waitress, and she had a pretty good life. She learned fairly early on in life that bad things happened to good people. And that made her mad. That was stupid. Why should she just take the bad things if she's a good person, so early on, she decided that she would fight against this reality and decided she'd make a difference. That led her to becoming a police officer, and she threw herself into her work. Her sense of Justice was strong, as well as her sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately, this led to burn-out. She had worked her way into being a detective and was assigned the Homicide division because she 'could handle it'. Heck, she volunteered for it because it was the ultimate good, finding closure to those who were ultimately wronged. But nasty case after nasty case will take its toll on anyone, and soon enough, she was weary. Her soul was weary. Seeing such evil, day after day, is draining, emotionally and in every way possible. She never had a family, she was focused on her career, on helping the people who needed it. She felt so empty going home to her empty apartment, dealing with the trauma of her daily life alone....

Legacy and Torment

Celestial Name:: Lahabiel
Title:: Herald of Immutable Endings
Faction::: Cryptic
House:: House of the Second World, Slayer
Legion:: Alabaster

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RP Hooks

  • Law - Detective in the Homicide Division
  • Death - If you are dead, come to me, we can chat...
  • Demon - She's a freakin' demon!
  • Socially Inept - Want to help her learn how to be more socially able? She needs all the help she can get.

Wesley Cohle "You show me yours, I'll show you mine...."
Lazarus "We'll find Redemption together...."
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