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You are cast out from the heavens to the ground
Blackened feathers falling down

You will wear your independence like a crown

- Ghost - "Pinnacle to the Pit"


In the beginning, there was everything and nothing, and from this, the Infinite God created Angels, celestial beings who were his tools in shaping and forging Creation. Under the aegis of Lucifer the Morningstar, a third of this Host defied God out of love for humanity, leading to a cataclysmic war before the dawn of recorded history. In the end, these Fallen were cast into the numbing torture of Hell for millennia, until the gates of this Oblivion-seated prison were broken. Now some escape, and cast into mortal flesh, struggle to cope with a rotting Creation where God seems dead and faith is a dying candle flickering in the wind. With Hell below and the minions of the Earthbound - demons summoned forth out of Hell and bound to Earth in ancient times - here on Earth, the Fallen houses of the Sebettu struggle on, against each other, against the Earthbound, and against their own, inner Torment.

The War in Heaven began when an angel named Ahrimal foresaw a disaster in the future-- a disaster which God had either directly orchestrated or would allow to happen. The angels debated whether or not to act against God in order to prevent this disaster; many argued that it would be safer to do nothing, because their action could potentially be the cause of the disaster. The angel Lucifer was the first to make a conclusive decision in favor of rebellion, and he became the leader of the rebel angels.

These "Fallen" revealed themselves to humanity in order to bring them "the light" of knowledge and awareness. In so doing they incurred the wrath of God, who had given humanity the potential to be aware of the Word, the good and evil, yet had not intended Man to have this kind of awareness yet. The humans (Adam and Eve) had been given gifts that they could not use due to their initial innocence ("A child is happy because he is unaware"), and Adam and Eve are portrayed as having had only rudimentary knowledge and awareness, solely concerned with their survival. During the war that followed, the sin of Cain taught the Fallen how to kill, and many grew twisted and evil. In the end, the Fallen lost the war, and were banished to the abyss of Hell as a punishment for their transgressions.

Due to the Sixth Great Maelstrom in the Underworld (caused in part as a result of the rising of the Ravnos Antediluvian), the Gates of Hell that kept these Demons from escaping their prison have begun to weaken, allowing the Fallen to escape. However, to remain free of Hell, a Demon must find a suitable host for itself: bodies with weak souls, for example: comatose patients, severe drug addicts or suicidal people. The Demon severs the weakened soul from the body and takes its place inside the host, merging with the host's memories and emotions, and continues existence on Earth to follow its own personal agenda (which may correspond more or less closely with their agenda before they took the host). While the mortal body provides the Fallen with a shield against the full memory of their torment in Hell, they are sometimes hindered by the memories and feelings the mortal soul left behind. Some Fallen revenge upon humanity, believing humans the primary cause for the war, while other Demons want to reconcile and repent for their sins, to be able to return to God.

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Larry I Have a Bad Feeling About This A congruence in the pattern of Creation indicates a danger to the Fallen of Prospect. Who are these people, and how will they be involved? 2015-06-28:IHaveABadFeelingAboutThis

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NPC: Alfred Marston (Jerahmeel)
Overlord Tyrant of Southern California
Luciferan Scourge (Asharu)


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