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The Reason I Rebelled: Humanity has fallen so far in the last few millennia. You once never appreciated my hard work to inspire your race. Like the leaf that has fallen from it's branch and shriveled in death, you create nothing as splendid as you once did. Perhaps it's time for me to start once again by making a leaf's dance in the wind as it falls the most beautiful thing your kind has ever seen.

The Children of the First Murderer: I followed the First Murderer, your father Caine, as he was cast out and exiled. I watched how God cursed him three times and I saw him rebuke God three times. I was there at the founding of Enoch. Caine brought much beauty to the Lands of Nod. It was twisted and nothing like Humanity ever made but still brought tears to my eyes. Much like humanity, I look upon Caine's children and feel saddened that you have thrown away so much. Destroyed everything that your kind found beautiful. As in Enoch, I will simply watch and continue to learn about you.

Those Who Awoke: Not all of humanity has withered like the dry, dead leaves on the forest floor. Those who call themselves Awakened or Mages have found some small piece of what We taught them so long ago. Bending Creation to your will is a dangerous responsibility. Much like Our Rebellion, Creation rallies against you! God may have vanished from the Cosmos but his insidious influence still haunts you.

Those That Are New: I do not know your kind. We did not create the Fae. Did God create you after Our banishment to the Abyss? I want to know more about you to see what kind of Beauty you can make and inspire in my beloved Humanity.

Those Close to The Sixth House: The humans call them Were-beasts. I see the influence of the Sixth House within your souls and it fills my heart with joy that their influence has given birth to something even what we Elohim couldn't predict. Embrace what you are! Create beauty in all that you do!

Charges of the Last House: For their refusal to continue being ignorant animals, no better than being God's pet dog, God cursed humanity to age and dye slowly. That day I shed many tears of both the greatest joy and the deepest sorrow. You made a choice just like We did. You were cursed just like We were. The Last House created Haven so that you might live in peace after your bodies withered away from old age. God then corrupted Haven into what the Shadowlands are today. It is not my duty to care for your kind but I will find a way to bring beauty to you once again. To try and inspire the Dead. For Death is not the end of Life for Humanity. Just the next step.

My Fellow Liberated

The First House: Lucifer was the highest of the Elohim to stand with Humanity. I used to have the highest respect for the Devils but the Rebellion and our time in the Abyss warped them from graceful leaders into political masterminds. There is nothing beautiful about that.

The Second House: I worked closely with the Asharu before our Fall. They worked the wind while I made every falling leaf beautifully dance from branch to the ground. I still find the Scourges close friends.

The Third House: The builders of the Earth and architects of creation. Fellow siblings in the Rebellion who I heard were important to the war effort. I will need to interact with the house more with them given I never worked too closely with them

The Fourth House: Seers and Prophets of Creation. They conjured and aligned the starry sky in the same way my House was made to inspire humanity and work the oceans of the world. They are artists in their own right. Divining the future is just a bonus.

The Fifth House: I am Lammasu. God cursed us and named us Defilers. I suffered millennia of torment in the Abyss as did every other member of my House. I love my brothers and sisters with all my heart and hope that I become close those who live in this city.

The Sixth House: God named the Keepers of the Wild Devourers when we rebelled. Their souls are just as beautiful as mine is. They run on instinct and it inspired both fear and awe in everything they do!

The Last House: Named the Slayers, they carry the heavy burden of dealing with Humanity after they have died. The Shadowlands are a living nightmare compared to what Haven once was, so I am told. I will aid them when and how I can. They need only ask...

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Charlotte - A strange woman with a vibe that feels familiar. Definitely someone to learn more about!

Jai-lin - A woman who has her life already figured out which is true to a small extent. There is always more than one layer to an onion...

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What You Do See!

Full Name: Jenni Frankenson

Appears As: Jenni

Apparent Age: Twenties

Date of Birth: Aug 24 1980

Demeanor: Caregiver

Occupation: Commissioned Artist/Model for Hire

Affiliation: None yet.

What You Don't See!

Celestial Title: Belia, Dance of the Falling Leaf

House: Lammasu

Faction: Cryptic

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RP Hooks
Artistically Gifted: While not famous or anything, Jenni makes her living taking commissions for artwork. Painting and digital media are the two mediums she offers! Are you a fellow artist looking to collaborate or someone in need of new art?

On Probation: One might be surprised that the Jenni isn't so innocent. A quick look at any simple background check would tell you that she's currently on probation after accepting a plea deal for Art Fraud.

Wheeler and Dealer: Jenni loves a good deal. Whether shopping or haggling over a fresh fish at a farmers market, it's all fun to her! Perhaps you'd like to play the game and build up that trust?

Recently Reformed: Looking up her record will reveal she's been convicted for petty art fraud. After the small stint of jailtime, Jenni has been trying to stay on the straight and narrow!

Religious: Not many people would call themselves religious these days and if they do, they probably don't particularly mean it. A proud member of the Church of Satan founded by Anton Levay, this woman will certainly correct those who misunderstand her beliefs.

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