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Not really your average surfer girl, but she's close enough to pass as it.

All round she's pretty friendly, though her mouth gets her in trouble sometimes. And it's not from mouthing off, she just tells the truth, all the time. Even when it would be better not to.

Her head is in the clouds most of the time, and she has a general air of confusion about her, but she's not dumb. She gets to a conclusion eventually, and is sometimes surprisingly insightful.

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A Kraken is big.

Why is it that people can so easily trust a white lie, but when a person is truly honest, they question everything you say?

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Those she curently knows

Dashiel - New friend. He's comfortable, but doesn't trust me with everything

Samara - She likes me, but only when we're alone...Otherwise I'm bad? for her

Serqet - Pretty lady that knows she's pretty. I like her

Zoe - I wonder what she thinks she knows. She knows that I know. Interesting

River - Fun friend. Likes to swim, got me paints

Those who are gone from Her life

Poe - Interesting guy. He used to visit more often, but he has more important things to do.

Andrea Henderson - You are pretty, but you seem more interested in having your boyfriend do things with me.

Monique - Oh. I did't expect you. Not at all. But you make me...Feel.

Tiffani - Kicked me out of your life, I don't know why

William - Loved you like a brother.

Wanda - You helped me be the person I am today. And I loved you for it.

Gemma - The experiment ended. I hope you are in a better place.

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Important info?

Flaws: Confused, Honest to a Fault, Youthful appearance

Attributes: High Dex, Stam, Cha and App (The latter really high for a Rokea) Everything else kinda average.

Abilities: Athletics 5, also Ability aptitude

Artistic expression - with ability aptitude

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RP Hooks
Surfer girl who hangs out on the beach, good place to meet her.

If there is something to do with disrupting any sort hunting of marine mammals, she'd likely try to find a way to help.

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