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Those Present

Ambrosine: My oldest friend and a Sidhe to boot. You may seem fragile but you are one of the strongest Kithain I know.

Chastity: Seem to be taking to the Dreaming like a fish to water, good to see.

Balance: Don't worry, give me time and we'll see if I can't break that etiquette you run off of.

Ethan: Damn is it nice to finally meet another 'cap with some fuckin' brains.

Lee: Sounds like a challenge. Give me some time, I'll get you out of that lord habit.

Nova: Should talk more about ink, I've got a few ideas I'd like to run by you.

Nimue: An actual mermaid, not one of the merfolk from our side of things. Wonder just how that is possible.

Maria: Streetwise kinain. I wonder if she can help me with my more mundane operations.

Haruka: Bearer of muffins. It will be interesting learning more about you and the small one.

Roxy: Drinking contest? I'm down for it.

Caerwyn: Another of the old guard. At least when I'm bored he'll go kill dragons with me. No one wants to hunt monstrosities anymore.

November: STOB TALKID ABOUT FOOOOD! FUGGERS! ... is not my name.

Erin: Careful or you'll forget what I am.

Those Past

Slaine: Stasis would destroy the soul. Though it is not the only thing that can do so.

Ravenna: A shadow drifting through the dreaming. Hard to see and harder to catch.

Carolyn: One of the Sidhe that I actually like. It's a rare occurrence but she is more grounded then most and wishing to aid me, a worthy ally indeed.

Kenna: Huh. A noble that doesn't want me to hide what I am? Almost sounds too odd to believe. But where is it you've gotten to?

Seline: Like so many others you've vanished as well.

Oswald: If you wield that sword half as well as a crook then I intend to not get give you reason to turn it on me.

Jinx Jenkins: You are either crazy... or... no I'm going to go with crazy. But, it suits you rather well. Should keep it.

Keira: I suppose in the end winter comes to all.

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RP Hooks
Seelie: Yes he is in fact one of those rare Seelie Redcaps and of the two kinds of Redcaps that go Seelie he is no Joke. That doesn't mean he's all manners and smiles just that he has better self control then the average Redcap and doesn't feel the need to tear everything down.

Crafter: Not only is the 'cap on of the Hunters of Old but he is a crafter as well. He has forged his own gear and that of others at the peak. It is said that he is willing to aid friends after his projects are complete. It is becoming more wildly well known just how fine and unique the craftsmanship is of the pieces that the Redcap produces. It isn't anything as elegant as Nocker or Boggan creation but it is incredible equipment for war.

Frost Securities: A PI firm just starting out it isn't much yet but it is run from an office that is settled on the eastern most part of the city before it fades into sand. Despite being new people seem to keep coming and going. (Rath to Snow Fang Peak found there)

Hunger: Not only is it food or drink but wealth, power, pleasure anything that one can hunger for his own appetites never let him forget how he starves for it. Only sated while he devours whatever feast it is before him.

Holdings: He is in control of a Commoner's Freehold called Snow Fang Peak. He claims no Noble Title instead calls himself Warlord and those there follow him under that banner open to all who wish to make a name for themselves out of their own deeds. Despite keeping the Eyrie Freehold safe he is cursed by his kith to not handle social situations well and he is likely to offend those of more cultured sensibilities though out of no malicious intent.

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Notable Stats

Strength Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png
Dexterity Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png
Stamina Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png
Appearance Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png
Kryos Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png

Crafts Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png
Gremayre Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png
Kenning Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.png
Streetwise Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png
Intimidation Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.png

Echoes Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png
Surreal Quality
Danger Sense
Iron Will
Intolerance: He can't stand those that look down on him or the snobs that scoff at his manners.

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Race: Changeling
Full Name: Locke Drest
Fae Name: Talorc Dunadd, Rider of the Pictish Beast, Wielder of Bas Reoite, Frostclad Warlord of Snow Fang Peak
Date of Birth: April 8, 1991
Occupation: Muscle/Arms Dealer
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 6'
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Seelie Legacy: Paladin
Unseelie Legacy: Beast
Kith: Redcap
Seeming: Grump
Court: Seelie
Freehold: Snowfangpeakicon.png Snow Fang Peak


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Locke2.jpg Locke's Ride.jpg Locke's Cap.jpg

PictishBeast.jpg Bas Reoite.jpg


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