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A Letter of Introduction presented to the local nobility.

To: Count Leras ap Fiona, Bastard of Chaos and Civilization, Heir to Land and Sea, Sorcerer of Lion's Reach and Countess Ionae Daughter of Flame, Lioness of Fiona, and Defender of Astral Seas.

In keeping with the terms set upon my defeat during the Accordance War, do I Arden Rangarson, Titan of Storm and Falling Stars, Fist of the North, Greybeard of the Firstborn give tidings that I come to your lands seeking to dwell. Know that I yet endure against the coming Winter and pledge that strength will ever seek to guard and guide in the ways set down in the Code of Dagda.

I have slept through many years of this life but I walk the world again. As I have since I was first made do I remember honor and will bring no war or rebellion amongst your lands and holdings. If you will it I will bring my strength at arms to battle against those who would threaten the peace and safety of our people.

Make your will known and I will abide by it so long as I remain in your lands.

Steadfastly, Arden Ragnarson

P.S. - I am called Oswald Aston Leopold Burroughs in the lands of Autumn if you or your agents seek me there.

"Not many of the Stone-people share my Tribe's desire to....stop for a while. Is that the price to be at the center of the Storm, to ride the falling stars? That even the white cliffs begin to wander?" - Keris on Oswald's coming to Prospect

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RP Hooks
  • Grey/Black Hats
No offense intended, but if you consider yourself a 'Grey' or 'Black' Hat character that thinks reasonable consequences from another PC for your schemes and shenanigans mean I'm not playing the World of Darkness properly then I'm probably not super interested in RPing with you. I don't care if you think I'm a wet blanket but I am going to play my character that's just as in genre as yours, just a different part of genre than yours. Remember the IC rules of the Veil and the masqurade exist for a reason and on a game where all plots are player driven most of those reasons are going to be other PCs.

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He wears a necklace like this except on a golden chain

Fireopal0001 copy.jpg

The pommel stone on his sword/swagger stick

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Notable Stats

Strength 8

Huge Size

Blessing of Atlas

Seeming's Blessing

Slipped Seeming

Changeling's Eyes.

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Custom Section
Oswald/Custom Section

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