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Shadow Lords: You know how to appreciate a good visit, and the hospitality has always been awesome.

Silver Fangs: Yeah yeah, I know, back to your fancy party.

Bone Gnawers: You don't know they're there, until the pack is clawing the crap out of formori that almost got you.

Owls: Hoot to you too!

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To all those that gave me a warm welcome that first day at the Caern, you are awesome. Put a note here if you want.

Special Notes:

Yuri: Shadow Lords always have a Raven's back.

Mary Sue: You scare me. Glad you're on our side.

Dusk: Such pretty eyes...

Liraz: Strong and fierce!

Hayden: Always nice to meet another Songbird

Tyler Sargent: You appreciate a good view, so good for you.

Harikumo: You make such beautiful things. Treat Dusk right, he has tough family.

Charlene: Sorry our first meeting was so quick!

Carver: That looks painful..

Lady: You seem nice, if a little... mechanical.

Gone but not forgotten:

Hallai: First friend in town.

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Technically, she has a small apartment her adopted family arranged, but rarely spends much time there.

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RP Hooks
Doesn't seem to get some things? Maybe a little slow or 'innocent'? She was born a raven, some human behavior is still a little baffling.

She loves to explore and stick her beak in new places, real and umbral. Invite her on an adventure, and she'll gladly tag along.

Birdbrain? Sure

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