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From one of the worst cities in European Russia, to the Coast of Israel, she was from very beginning, a creature born in to strife. At six feet tall, she is a lean hundred and forty five pounds of mean tattooed muscle. Liraz arrived in Prospect without ceremony, haunting various motels, bars and bare knuckle boxing matches.

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RP Hooks
Fighter - Bare knuckle, MMA, if there's blood to be drawn, she's likely to be present, either as a contender or a spectator.

Israeli - While she masks it as much as she masks everything else about herself, she is one.

Russian - Yet another piece of the onions skin, she was born and bred in one of the most economically depressed portion of Russia.

Soldier - They say the biography of a person is written in every move they make, Liraz is no different. Though she conceals it well, whether it's the straightness in her back, or the way her eyes scan every face in the room, she was a soldier, and it shows.

Quiet Menace - She just looks.... Mean.

Shootist - Can often be found practicing her marksmanship skills alone early in the mornings.

Gym Rat - When she's not spraying lead down range, she's working out with rigid regularity and brutal thoroughness.

Bar Fly - When she not shooting or working out, she can more often than not, be found crawling in to a bottle some place.

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Full Name: Liraz Charonzec aka Bina Gelbfish

Date of Birth:

Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties

Ethnicity: Russian

Origin: Saratov, Russia

Concept: Mercenary

Occupation: Unemployed

Demeanor: Soldier

Religion: Fighting

Path of Enlightenment: Humanity

Notable Traits: Tall, Athletic, Full sleeves on both arms.

Enneagram: Eight " The Challenger "

MBTI: ENTJ - " Commander "

Height: 6'

Weight: 145 lbs

MOS: Infantry

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Black

Liraz's Song: AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Played by: Megan Anderson

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She's yet to find any bridges in Prospect, having burned all of her others elsewhere.

Recently however this has changed...

Patty: I've never seen anyone take a punch like her. Gave me a new bike and a job, then vanished without a trace.

Brohain: Hired me on an "as needed" basis. I want to punch him in the throat.

Chandler: Pretty, sweet, kind, and very off limits.

Carica: Flighty and irritating.

Oren: I -hate- musicians.

Denise: Go steal from someone else.

Sumter: Exactly what I imagine America would look like, if it were a person.

Raise: A talented fighter, but you ask too many questions.

Arec: A fop. But a fop that brings beer.

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