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Johnny Carver

Why are you such a derelict? Such a piece of human junk?

The answer's simple. You're a scanner, which you don't realize.

And that has been the source of all your agony.

But I will show you now that it can be a source of great power.

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All the myths are true, and they all suck.

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Harano: My brother. Mind in a mist. Do you wanna just give in to the nothingness?

Eris: Defiler. I'll tend the roaches, sure. You came a long way.

Wormwood: Street doc. Knows a lot. I'll tell you things.

Russ: Master of the Rite. Has more ambition than I thought.

Azoth: Keeper of the Land. My brother's new keeper, too?

Thomas: Stole something from me, 'n didn't bring it back.

Hamish: Eater. We have a lot in common to be polar fucking opposites.

Kurt: Beast. Steals my candy, 'n then says 'thanks.' Whatever.

Shannon: A Nephandus who keeps the Manson family as pets. Thinks I'm weird.

Bayne: Lupus. Don't talk much, but that's fine by me.

Jasen: You got a club, I got an abattoir.

Heathen: Jump ship to keep from drowning. Meh.

Rio: Left me a nightclub, because I didn't try to get in her pants. That's logic, I guess.

Fucked Off

Van: I hope I was right. Something isn't always better than Nothing.

Gray Worm: Probably left to find someone to serve.

Lazarus: Dead as fuck.

Kaleb: My brother's Keeper? Whatever.

Zoe: I didn't go after you.

Vega Jean: Quartered, but not drawn.

Ronni: I learned how to scream. So if you ever come back-- Nevermind. Did it myself.

Connel: All dogs know the same tricks.

Cherazart: You hung around a demon-worshiper and a pyromaniac, yet fire surprised you?

Clara: Medium. Maybe still around, but I ain't seen you in a while. Eh.

Vervane: Broody fuck. Former mentor. Think he's lost in LaLa land.

Misa: what the fuck did i do?!

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RP Hooks

Local: Carver's actually from Prospect. Maybe you know him from high school, or used to frequent one of the cafes he was a bus-boy/dishwasher at. Or maybe he went to your house once, trying to sell Avon door-to-door.

Insomniac: His eyes are slightly sunken, have dark circles under them, and it's telling. Carver doesn't sleep.

Domestic Engineer: He's maybe a little unusual in that he doesn't balk at chores. In fact, he seems to very much like them. He cooks well, he cleans till places are spotless, and has developed a talent for getting blood (and less identifiable stains) out of clothes. He describes himself as a 'housewife.'

June Cleaver: Speaking of domestic engineers, Carver has a strange obsession with the fictional character June Cleaver, from 50's sitcom Leave it to Beaver. He even has a dress of hers that was worn on the show, and other memorabilia.

Lost Limbs: He's missing his right arm and his left leg, and often carries around a cane to help with his limp. He doesn't seem very sensitive about it.

Euthanasia: Some people just want it all to end. Carver makes housecalls, or gives kits to those who need them. Quick, peaceful and painless, or drawn out and miserable, for those who think they deserve it, he'll make sure you don't end up in the underworld, or reincarnated to suffer again.


Teaches: Carver has been known to teach the newly Awakened, in absence of a better teacher. Despite being an Orphan and a relative newcomer to most gatherings, he seems to mostly know what he's talking about, too. He's not picky about what faction he teaches to, either.

Takes Requests: He sometimes takes request from people who need certain magic effects cast on them or someone else. He doesn't usually ask questions, besides the 'client's' exact intent, and the outcome they desire. He doesn't always charge, either. Carver's no healer, though, so coming to him wounded for emergency care is likely a bad idea.

Willing Donor: If you have the psychic vampire/soulstealing numina, or psychic vampire flaw, he likely won't mind sharing some of his remaining life force or willpower with you. He'll feed sanguinary vampires as well, and isn't a stranger to hypovolemic shock, though he's not interested in the Kiss.


Lost Kingdom: He's the caretaker of the place, and keeps it stocked with homemade baking, meat, and drink. There are rooms on the second floor of the mansion, for "family" who need a place to stay in the city.

Cult: While not really his religious followers, per se, Carver keeps group of kinfolk and fomori at the Kingdom to watch the place for fights and intruders, and help him with his magic. They don't spy on conversations, but if something breaks out, they'll let the mage know.

Cannibal: Eat what you want! If your diet's like his, he'll probably share. He doesn't usually cook people, but the nihilistic kin can be obliging. Are you a Dancer who has nothing better to do with your victims? He'll probably want them. No body, no murder.

Project Odyssey: He's been looking for someone involved in Pentex's psychic creation/recruitment program, lately. Overseers or the test subjects themselves.

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Carver 4.jpg

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Name: Johnny Carver

Apparent Age: ~23

Height: 5'6"

Build: Very Thin

Eyes: Dark

Nature: Deviant

Demeanor: Curmudgeon

Hobbies: Cooking and cleaning, mostly.

Occupation: Abattoir Manager

Languages: English, Pictish, Garou

Resources: 3


Race: Mage

Essence: Primordial

Resonance: Nothingness (Entropic)

Tradition: Orphan?

Chantry: None

Cabal: None

Specialties: Anti-Magic, Unweaving, Sensation/Emotion Removal


Kinfolk: Garou

Tribe: Black Spiral Dancers

Positions: Lost Kingdom Caretaker, Former Hive Emissary

Urge: Lethargg?

Pack: None

Mate: None

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Notable Stats



Lore Garou


Lore Wyrm


Lore Wraith


Lore Fera


Lore Mage


Lore Vampire


Lore Demon














Merit: Ability Aptitude
-2 difficulty on Awareness rolls.
Merit: Concentration
No distraction penalty, unless taking damage.
Merit: Medium
Speaks with/hears/senses the dead.
Merit: Oracular Ability
-2 difficulty on Divination rote. Visions.
Flaw: Deranged
BIID/Xenomelia neurological condition.
Flaw: Lame
Movement quartered. Unable to run.
Flaw: One Arm
Dice halved on tasks requiring 2 hands.
Flaw: Sterile
Unable to reproduce. Asexual orientation.

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