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"Everybody wants something, needs something- the spirits are no different. Now, some of them might want your head on a stick, but the trick is convincing them they'd much rather have someone else's. Oh, don't look at me like that. I probably won't give them your's."

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Garou: A fight without end, within and without. Hard to tell where you stand and the ground is always shifting.

Kinfolk: Some of them can be kind of nice, but I always feel a little awkward around them. Kind of like hanging out with someone while they watch you play a video game.

Fae: Faeries are a thing? Huh. I wonder if they look more like Legolas or Tinkerbell.

Mortals: Can be nice, can be jerks. It's weird how so many of them have an attraction to all kinda of weirdo things that would eat, possess, or just generally screw them up on a lark. Make them feel like they're taking a peek behind the world's curtain and you'll have them eating out of your hand. Kinda boring, but at least they spend.

Vampires: Heard of them, but never saw one until recently. I'll keep my distance and my blood.

Wyrm: The bump in the night.

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Brooke: Tribemate, packmate, seems about as good at fighting as I am.

Michael Farman: Brooke's boyfriend. He flies planes for the military, seems alright!

Montana: Brooke's dad. Also flies planes. Hmmm...

Lana Mihailovich: Mate of Drago's, friend of mine. Pretty as a sunbeam. She'll make a good mom!

Mary-Sue: My, what big teeth you've got.

Dragomir: Alpha. Puppy dog one moment, pitbull the next. He needs to unwind a little.

Halona: More human than some humans I know. She's a good girl, yes she is.

Journey: Charitable teacher with a sugar momma. He has spirit stuff out the wazoo.

Vesta: Bubbly as a bottle of champagne, and just as intoxicating. Her kid's cute!

George: Teacher for the rough stuff. You want me to do what with vampire teeth?

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Rank: Cliath
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Rite Name: Cloud-Control
Pack: Terminal Velocity
Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
Build: Slight
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

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RP Hooks
Straight Outta San Fran: Born and raised, or so she says. If you're a Garou from the area, you might have heard of her, but she kept a low profile.

Arts and Crafts: Ada supports herself through making and selling jewelry with a western US / New Age look. Most of her business is done online, but she's not above selling to the locals. While she has some talent, she's looking to improve, and learn how to make new things.

Who Do The Voodoo: She's plugged into the local occult community, both because of general curiosity, and to make a buck. Ada is not above selling false charms and wards and such to whoever's buying, and or doing tarot readings, seances, etc.

New Kid On The Block: A small fish in a new pond, she's still trying to find her school and not get eaten before she grows up.

People Person: Whether spirit or flesh, she generally aims to please- or appease.

The Rite Stuff: As a Theurge, she's constantly seeking to increase her spiritual knowledge and understanding of the stranger side of life.

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