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Location of Shop: D St. and Fifth Ave.(#253)
Anyu McCoy
(NPC - Barista)
Witches Brew Mia NPC.jpg
(NPC - General Help / Fire Dancer)
Witches Brew Mick NPC.jpg
Witches Brew Mick NPC Fire.jpg
(Greenhouse Caretaker)
(Greenhouse Assistant and Apothecary Assistant)
(General Helper / Clean-up Duty)

Pagan Community Center

            The Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe is a shop that caters to the Pagan Community as a whole. There are weekly meetings there and a corkboard available to pass along advertisements and notifications. There is also space that is rentable for covens or other practictioners such as druids to use for their rituals. The entire environment is welcoming and accepting of all types except for those that wish to do harm.

Witches Brew Rituals.png

Bookshop and Specialty Items

            The shelves and shelves of book stacks is in the back left portion of the store. It is nothing but rows and rows of books. There are extremely tall bookshelves that require the roll ladders to get to the top of the bookshelf in order to cram as many books in as possible. The books are all occult related, mythical legends, religious studies (yes even Christianity), Gods and Goddesses, witchcraft, voodoo, anything you can think of it is likely here. There is a sign that states, 'If you can not find the book you are looking for, please go to the counter and write in the special order book for the book you wish to get.'
            In the center of the room behind the cafe area is a long glass counter that is set like a rectangle with a narrow space to enter and exit. There is a register on the counter, along with multiple thick books and a few stylus type pens available. Within the glass cases are rather beautiful jeweled daggers or athames, and other, expensive, or more importantly, rare items that need special care. The class counter is locked at all times.

Witches Brew Shop2.jpg Witches Brew books.jpg

Coffee Shop and Gothic Bakery

            The front of the store has nooks built against the front windows that are comfortable window seats with piles of cushions for the customers to sit and read, chat or snack comfortably. There are also plush, comfortable seats that have high cushioned arms arranged in cozy triangles around little tables for people to relax and chat. Just to the left beyond the cafe seating is a long glass counter that is displaying a plethora of baked goods, all very interesting and all very delicious. Behind the counter is a barista that can also offer a multitude of drinks, from coffee, to tea, to water or any non-alcoholic drink. All drinks are delivered in unique cups, no two cups are alike, and they are all porcelain.

Current Menu:

  • Cthulhu Pie (regular sized pie or mini pies) - Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, or Strawberry (pick any red fruit)
  • Dragon-ssants - Dragon-shaped croissants with flavorful accents. Options are: Black Dragon (Chocolate accents), Gold Dragon (Banana), White Dragon (White Chocolate accents), Red Dragon (Strawberries), Blue Dragon (Blueberry)
  • Medusa Head Rolls - Delicious cinnamon rolls in the shape of medusa's head with icing snakes going in all directions, don't look into her black eyes (cinnamon)!
  • Rolled Snake Rolls - Delicious rolls curled into a striking snake, filled with red jam for blood.
  • Tree of Life Apple Pie
  • Strawberry-Cream-filled Wafflecone Monster Aliens
  • Mayan Sunstone Lemon Cookie
  • Brownie Coffins
  • Sugar Skull Brownies
  • Chocolate Mayan Calendar Cookies
  • and other random assorted goodies, more to be added...

Witches Brew Shop1.jpg AnyuBakery1.jpg AnyuBakery2.jpg AnyuBakery3.png AnyuBakery4.jpg AnyuBakery5.jpg AnyuBakery6.jpg AnyuBakery7.jpg AnyuBakery8.jpg

Apothecary and Supplies

            Behind the register and special items counter, the rear of the store is split into two sections, the entirety of the right section looks as if it's an apothecary paradise. There is a wall of labelled drawers and glass jars with dried herbs and items within them. There are also hanging herbs that are in the process of drying. Third, there are live herbs that are placed in special baskets in front of and around the long apothecary counter. On the counter are several mortars and pestles that are rather large and clean, ready for use.
            Near the apothecary counter are shelves of pre-packaged items, hand packaged herbs in either glass containers or small bags, salves, and other items labeled with this store's logo. On the label is the items purpose and suggested dosage along with content. All along these shelves are other items that are sometimes necessary for a practicing pagan or herbalist, there are candles, crystals, athames, mortars and pestles, feathers, and other random sundries that might be required. In addition to supplies, there are also pre-made items, such as crystal necklaces, bracelets and jewelry.

Witches Brew apothecary.jpg Witches Brew apothecary2.jpg Witches Brew apothecary3.jpg Witches Brew apothecary7.jpg Witches Brew apothecary4.jpg Witches Brew apothecary5.jpg Witches Brew apothecary6.jpg Witches Brew candles.jpg


            A large greenhouse has been built connecting to the main shop. The greenhouse itself is as big, if not bigger than the main shop itself. Inside the greenhouse are many plants and especially herbs that are used in the shop itself. A caretaker has been assigned to take care of this greenhouse at all times.

Witches Brew Greenhouse.jpg

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