2019.04.12:Insanity Is A Terrible Disease

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2019.04.12:Insanity is a Terrible Disease
Casual conversation turns into a medical emergency!
IC Date April 12, 2019
IC Time Evening
Players Anyu, Bieta, Blodskadi Ulwin, Kaati, Blackbird, Mora, Roger, Tae-il
Location The Witches Brew
Spheres Mortal, Law, Mortal+, Mage, Shifter, Garou

Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Main Room

xxxxxWhen entering the shop, the door will chime from an old-fashioned little bell set above it. First to assault the senses are the scents within the shop, there are heavy herbal smells along with delicious scents of baked goods. Describing the shop itself, it can be considered broken out into two sections. A front section that is the entirety of the front of the shop houses the cafe portion, and a back section that is split in half with one half devoted to tall bookshelves and a wide-variety of books, while the other half is devoted to a huge herbal and apothecary section that includes needed supplies for the practicing pagan. Separating the front and back sections of the shop is a long, rectangular glass counter for specialty items and checkout. It has a narrow space to enter and exit in order to serve customers and check people out from the cash register that is at this counter. There is a sign that states, 'If you can not find the book you are looking for, please enter your request in the special order book.'

xxxxxThe front of the store has nooks built against the front windows that are comfortable window seats with piles of cushions for the customers to sit and read, chat or snack comfortably. There are also plush, comfortable seats that have high cushioned arms arranged in cozy triangles around little tables for people to relax and chat. Just to the left beyond the cafe seating is a long glass counter that is displaying a plethora of baked goods, all very interesting and all very delicious. Behind the counter is a barrista that can also offer a multitude of drinks, from coffee, to tea, to water or any non-alcoholic drink. All drinks are delivered in unique cups, no two cups are alike, and they are all porcelein.

xxxxxIn the far back of the room, behind the bookshelves and shelves of merchandise are two doors that are always closed. One door has a sign on it that says 'Employees Only', the other door says, 'Private'. At the front of the store, there is a set of double-glass doors on the right hand side that lead into an expansive greenhouse, although the glass windows are often misty due to the moisture of the greenhouse beyond.

Mora is dancing around the store putting books on the shelf as she is singing to the music being played "Dont you forget about me." she is a ok singer.

Anyu comes downstairs and smiles as she watches Mora dance to the music. She'll grin and say, "Hey sweetie, you done with the greenhouse stuff?"

Mora nods yes as she puts away the last book as she sweeps up Anyu in a dance "yes it was done pretty fast Blod was very helpfull."

Anyu looks over at Mora and smiles playfully. "I'm glad. So... what do you think of Blod? I know he's a little mentally touched, but I think if we can help him, it'd be nice."

Mora smiles and say "I think he gotten super burned out from his medical job, or he might of seen things that a normal mortal brain can handle. But I think a job like this will help him."

Tae-il steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Anyu nods and then looks a little relieved actually. She'll lean against the bookshelf and then ask softly, "Did you notice that his hands are all scarred? Do you think he's cutting himself?"

Mora shrugs "I would need to get to see them better, there is different between cutting and normal scraps and such."

Tae-il checks his watch as he steps inside. He's in uniform. Just enough time for a stop on the way back to the office before paperwork. He takes off his hat as he comes inside, looking around briefly. He spots Anyu and Mora and gives them each a wave, reaching into his pocket for his cellphone. "Evening, ladies."

Anyu looks at Mora and nods slowly, "Well, let me know what you think when you see him, okay?" She'll turn as the door chimes and she'll spot Tae-il in uniform stepping in. Her smile brightens and she'll grin as she pushes away from the bookshelf to approach him with a definitely pleased look. "Well, what do we have here, officer?" she'll say cheerfully. "You definitely look great in uniform. I don't know what it is about uniforms, but you look great!"

Mora nods "Very nice, and if 80dys porn taught us anything you get the ladys easly... unless you are in to guys."

Tae-il makes a little flourishing bow to Anyu, grinning, pleased, but then chills. He's in uniform, after all. "Just here for the pastries, ma'am," he says in his most professional voice, trying not to grin. "And some coffee and.." Cellphone is turned around. KITTIES! Little siamese kittens, all sleeping in a fluffy little pile. He grins over at Mora. "No. And I never get the ladies. And no, not interested in men." Not offended.

Anyu grins at Tae-il, looking very pleased with his playful demeanor. She'll grin and then say, "Mia, free pastries for the officer!" Winking, she'll approach as he turns his cellphone around and her eyes widen, "Oh my goodness! THEY ARE SO CUTE! I want one I want one..", she says happily, repeating her desire twice to get it through. "You never get the ladies? You kidding me?"

Mora awwws as she sees the kittens "so cute you need to bring them here some time."

Tae-il reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a sheet of paper, folded perfectly in half length-wise, barely even crumpled. "Your application for adoption. It's going to be two weeks at the earliest before they're ready to go out, but probably more like three." Then he shakes his head. "Nah, not really. I don't play games. I don't lie to impress girls. I'm too honest. You would THINK that would be a good thing, but I'm not bad enough." He nods to Mora. "I brought them in here the other night, actually. Smokey had a little eye infection and miss Anyu had stuff for it. And he's fine, as you can see in the picture. That one." He points at the little pile of floof on the top. "And I'm getting a pit tomorrow. They found him locked in a basement, half starved. I went out today and bought him some high protein stuff." His jaw flexes briefly. Animal abusers are not on his Nice list.

Anyu smiles at Mora and looks at the picture again. "I want any of them, they're all really super cute.", she says cheerfully. As Tae-il pulls out the application, she'll smile and take it, opening it to review it. "Okay I will definitely apply for one. They're just so adorable." She'll hold onto the application and then just grins at him, "Well, some girls like honesty. Some girls like a little adventure too.." She'll grin and then looks at Mora, "He's really good to animals, he's fosters them!" Pausing at the mention of a pit bull, she'll look concerned, "They didn't torture the poor dog until he lost his sanity, did they?"

Mora thinks for a bit and says "Oh we have some great things to add to catfood. And Anyu can tell you how to mix the berys, and I was told dogs like that mixture." she says that as she does not want to focus to much on a poor animal "Dont have any other animals here since you get a raven vistor."

"Adventure, I can do. I just have to get TO that part. Not... wait. Not to say I've never had a girlfriend, and I was even engaged once. I'm a lot of fun. But as soon as a girl starts getting jealous because I dare to talk to a female coworker or hold the door for someone, I'm done. If you can't trust me to even say hi to someone I know, then I don't need the hassle." He shakes his head, giving Anyu a reassuring smile. "No, I met him earlier. He's skittish, and really skinny, but he seems healthy otherwise. He didn't look like he'd been fighting, and his ears aren't cropped. After I sat with him for a couple of hours, he finally came over and said hi and he even took a treat from my fingers." He holds up his hands, wiggling eight fingers and two thumbs. All there. He glances around to make sure there aren't too many people around, and flicks to a different screen on his phone.

Video. Someone who isn't Tae recording. Tae is sitting in a pen, legs stretched out, just sitting there and messing with his phone. Skinny - like SKINNY brindle pit in te corner of the shot, peering over at Tae and inching its way forward. Closer. Closer. Tae looks at him and he reels back, but then comes forward again. Tae opens his hand, without otherwise moving, and after a couple of seconds, the dog takes the bite from Tae's hand and then retreats to the corner again. Tae grins ear to ear at the camera and moves just enough to put another treat in his open hand before the video ends.

He nods to Mora. "I'll look and see what they've got. See what's in it. But I'll prbably come back here for supplements, yeah."

"Adventure is good!" Anyu will wink and then say with a nod, "I don't like those with jealousy issues either. Life is too short to linger on those horrible emotions." She'll tilt her head and grin as she sees all his fingers in place. "I'm glad you have everything... and that he didn't bite your hand off." As he shows the video, she'll lean forward and look at it, smiling softly as she watches it. "Aww, such a sweet puppy, I know you'll make him healthy and happy again."

Mora is calming down a bit as she goes to get the things she knows dogs like to eat and is healthy for them. She starts to mumble things in Gaelic about assholes should not get pets.

Tae-il grins at Anyu and nods. "Well, if you'd ever like to go on an adventure, let me know. I'll be happy to accompany you." He nods about the dog. "His name's Skip. I think he'll be okay. There aren't aggression issues that he has to overcome. Just learning to trust. He's far from the worst thing I've had to deal with. He's a good dog. It isn't on the video, but he did let me pet him before the night was out. I got home at like four AM and then had a noon shift, so I needed coffee. I'm going back after I leave here and talk to him some more." He nods to Mora. "Unfortunately, these backyard breeders don't care about the animal, just the money."

Anyu glances over at Mora and smiles gently before she turns back to Tae-il. It's about that time Mia arrives with his pastries and a coffee, in a thick paper cup to go if he needs it that way. Anyu will grin and nod to Mia in thanks before her attention falls back on Tae again. "Ohhh... you'll go on an adventure with me?", she'll say with a playful grin. "Excellent, mostly my adventures deal with me going on a road trip somewhere. I was gona head down to Tijuana recently, but that's a long drive."

Mora says to Anyu "No dont go there with out me." this time it does not sound like dont party with out me "But dont forget to contact my cousan about that trip to LA and Sanfran."

"I haven't been anywhere other than Prospect since I got here. I used to take my vacation and just wander out in the woods with a compass and a backpack for days at a time. In highschool, I spent a summer just wandering around Europe with a couple of friends. Road trips are good." His eyes swing over to Mora and he studies her briefly at the change in tone, but doesn't say anything about it. Tae-il also takes his coffee and pastries after he tucks his phone away

Anyu does look at Mora with an arched eyebrow. It's an expression of almost rebellion. "I'll think about it.", she'll say stubbornly and crosses her arms beneath her chest. Seems she doesn't like being told what to do. Uh oh. Looking back to Taeil then, she'll nod, "I haven't gone much anywhere around here either to be honest."

Mora nods "Well I have not left the city since I came here... well my house is under the county laws but thats only for my mail... and wow I get a lot of useless mail."

Tae-il nods, sipping his drink carefully so he doesn't burn himself. "I wanted to check out Escondido, too. Wineries, breweries, and there are supposed to be some really good escape rooms and a place where you can spend the day learning how to fly on a trapeze." He grins at Mora. "I'm still getting mail for Alexander Egelton. Dude had some pretty whacky magazine subscriptions."

Bieta steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Anyu looks curious as she stands there chatting with Tae and Mora. "Ooh I would love to visit a winery, or a peach farm. I heard California has some excellent peach farms here..." She'll grin and looks back to Tae again curiously, "Who is Alexander Egelton?"

Mora nods "I am getting the porn mags the prevous owner of my house did a long time membership.. good thing I am bi sexual and a perv, and these mags are good." she says to Anyu "Well if you want to go to one I will be the one that drives you home."

Tae-il nods. "Peaches are the best fruit." Then he shrugs. "I guess the guy who lived there before me. All I know about him is that he's apparently nearing retirement age, and he subscribes to Modern Drunkard magazine, Serial Killer magazine and Fashion Doll magazine." He shudders, shaking his head and sips his drink again. He's in uniform, by the way.

Bieta comes in with Kasia, her eight year old daughter. Bieta adjusts the canvas tote on her shoulder, which appears a bit loaded up today. Bieta looks at everyone and says, "Good day!" Both mother and daughter make their way over to the counter to pick out drinks and treats.

Kaati steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

"Wait, serious? There's a serial killer magazine?" Anyu looks rather shocked. Shaking her head, she'll then ask, "You putting him on a watch list or something, because it sounds like he needs it." Smirking, she'll look back over at Mora and smile again, "Okay, you can be my DD!" Winking, she'll look towards the door as it chimes, "Hi Bieta .. Hi Kasia.."

Mora nods to Anyu and says "I would love to see some vinars here, only one I seen was one in France but I was 10 years old and that was boring for me at that time." She looks to Bieta and her mini me "hey you two."

Blackbird flaps in gliding low along the floor and then pulling up at the last minute near the front counter and with a flap or two comes to rest on the ornate bird stand by the counter. He cawcaws! out a greeting.

"There is. And I've thought about it. I ran the name, just out of curiosity and the only one in the area is 67 and possibly wheelchair bound. Maybe he's just an enthusiast." He nods to Mora. "There are a couple of wineries here in town, actually." Bieta gets a nod and Kasia gets a little wave. As the black bird flaps in, Tae blinks.

Roger steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Bieta and Kasia move over to the register and Bieta orders two spicy hot chocolates and two cinnamon medusa heads for Kasia and herself. Once money changes hands, Bieta and Kasia move further down the counter. Bieta sets the overly stuff canvas bag down between her feet and she flexs her shoulder. "Oh! that is heavy.

Anyu looks over at Mora and smiles, "Well then, guess we're gona go to a Vineyard! And maybe a peach orchard!" Looking back over at Tai, she'll grin and nods, "It'll be a fun trip I think. Especially if I can drink the entire time.", she teases. As her Raven flies in, Anyu will smile at him and drift over to the raven as she says cheerfully, "Loki! Are you going to be good today?", she'll say with a little grin. Reaching out, she'll move to stroke his chest with the backs of her knuckles, as always, slow enough he can warn her to stop if he doesn't want to be petted.

Kaati ducks in, guitar on her back, messenger bag at one hip. When she sees Anyu, a small smile lights her face; the look she gives Tae-il is a bit more awkward, as is the little lifted-hand gesture... a "just in case he sees her" that is somehow not assertive enough to draw any real attention from whatever conversation might be happening. Should Kasia see her, she gives the girl a little wave.

Mora looks to the bird "I still dont know why you dont let me pet you." she gives the bird a fake pout. She then looks to Kaati "Hey there sweetie." said as she leaves it there and does not want her to run off.

Blackbird reaches into the small silver feeding cup attached to the bird stand with his beak to pull out a greenish grape. He looks down over the stand and drops it and then says, "Woopsie!" The raven then cackles like a laughing raven might.

Bieta takes a small package of trail mix out of her purse while Kasia and her wait for their drinks and treats. Bieta sorts some sunflower seeds and raisins into her hand and holds the mixture out to blackbird. Kasia catches sight of Kaati and she waves back at Kaati. Roger ducks in to enter the shop, moseying over towards the barista counter. Because yummies come first. "Hey Trouble," he offers in greeting to Anyu with a smile and wave. Mia gets him his coffin brownie and mocha and then the bruiser's carrying his snack over towards the soft seats as he eyes the bird by Anyu with a smirk. "Woopsie my ass," he chuckles, shaking his head.

Blodskadi Ulwin steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Blodskadi Ulwin walks in hands in his jacket pockets as he nods to everyone, hoping that the amount of people would distract Anyu from noticing him as he tries to sneak towards the kitchen.

"Of course. That's part of it. All the drinking. I'd get a hotel for the night because there's no way I'd be in any shape to drive." He grins at Mora and Anyu. "Sound like a plan? Three of us? Head up to Escondido one weekend, have a day of it, drive back the next day?" He smiles at Kaati, giving her a wave. The bird gets his attention, and he grins. Roger gets a nod. And Blodskadi doesn't escape his attention either. He's on duty, afterall.

Blackbird says, "Oooooooo!" he noses his beak around in her hand to pick out a few seeds. He then takes up one of the small raisins and drops it on the floor. He looks right at Bieta and says, "Woopsie."

Kaati flushes, giving Mora a swift crooked smile and answering, very quietly, "Hey." It's directed, really, at all three. She doesn't miss Roger--because one doesn't miss a fridge-sized person coming in after one--or the man who comes after; there's a swift turn of her attention toward the door, sharp enough to make beads click against each other as her braids go swinging. Her awkward half-smile returns when she sees Roger, and then her expression changes when she spots the man coming in behind him. An uncomfortable tension comes to her posture. She has already scanned the room and set herself up with a good vantage point--door, entry, exits.

Bieta looks at Anyu and says, "I think your friend here might prefer the sunflower seed to grapes and raisins. I have noticed the other raven who comes in here likes raisins." Bieta turns and looks Mia's way as Mia gets her attention and Bieta and Kasia take their food and drinks. Then Bieta looks at the bag at her feet once her hands are full and groans.

Tae-il clears his throat as Blodskadi looks like he's suspicious. "Anyu," he says, and points right at the man. "Friend of yours?" He sets his coffee and pastries down, leaving his hands empty, both coming to rest casually on his hip.

Mora is sitting behind the counter "Hey there Roger." she says as she places her long legs up on he counter but not many in this room can do that normaly. "why does every one come here when I have 30 minutes to go." she looks over to Bold and says "no he works here and usuly looks like he is up to something."

Anyu will smile at Roger and Kaati as she sees them. "Hey guys..", she'll say with a cheerful greeting. She's distracted though, something has caught her eye, in a place where nothing is. Then as Tae-il calls her name, she'll snap her gaze towards him curiously, "Huh?" Bieta gets a nod and she'll say, "I usually feed him seeds and nuts. But I guess whatever he's in the mood for, he likes to fuck with people.", she'll say with a shrug. Then she's looking towards where Tae-il is pointing and look at Blod curiously, "What are you doing?", she'll ask then. "You hungry?"

Bieta temporarily replaces her food and drink on the counter, while her daughter waits nearby holding onto her own plate and drink. Bieta hefts the overstuffed tote back over her shoulder and then takes up her plate and cup again. Together, Bieta and Kasia go looking for a table where they can sit.

Blackbird looks at the counter and look at Bieta's drink. One might just see him plotting, ' Step, step, flapflap, step, ahhhhhhhh, flapflapflap!' But Anyu hits one of those paralizing spots as she straches and he just relaxes into her scratching.

Blodskadi Ulwin he looks over at Tae-il as he's called out, freezing like a deer in head lights "Uhhhhhhhh noooooo, just need to wash my hands." he says with a nervous laugh as he quickens his pace to the door, leaving his hands in his jacket pockets. Stopping at the door and staring at it, like trying to figure out how to open it with out hands, which he attempts with his foot as his eyes flick around, more so then usual "I'll be back in a minute to introduce myself....soon....as...I...can...get..this door open." he says standing on one leg, trying to open the door with the other and hopping back and forth, keeping his hands firmly tucked in his jacket as his eyes flick about wildly.

Blod's odd behavior attract the attention of both Kasia and Bieta. Bieta and Kasia set their food and drinks down on a table and Kasia takes a seat. However, Bieta walks over towards the bathrooms.

Tae-il nods when Mora and Anyu speak and he immediately relaxes. If it's cool, then it's cool. That doesn't mean he doesn't watch the guy though, because he met him before and he seemed not quite legit THEN, too.

Kaati ducks her head for a moment, thinking--and then she heads for the little group comprised of Anyu and Mora and the uniformed officer. "Um-- umm Anyu, I, do you mind if I ...do something downstairs, for a sec?

Blackbird flaps out as soon as the door is opened.

Anyu releases the bird from pets and then smiles as she'll nod over to Mora and then Tae before she steps towards Blod. "here, let me help you...", she'll say. Kaati is nodded to on the way, "Sure, I don't mind, you can do whatever. Just don't burn my place down, k?" She's basically heading in the same direction, although for different reasons.. Anyu is gona get the door for Blod, if that isn't obvious.

Roger was totally oblivious, just enjoying the coffin brownie and mocha. So if there were sneaky shenanigans, he has no clue. The bruiser looks up to see the bird fly out the door. Shrugging, he goes back to his mocha after finishing off his brownie and sighs contentedly. Glancing aside at Kaati, he sees her heading for the basement... or not the basement? Well it's enough to draw his attention now that he's lucid again, but he's not curious enough to give it a second glance so he just yawns and looks to Anyu as she gets the door.

Tae-il smiles at Kaati and takes a step back, glancing at his watch. Yes, he ACTUALLY wears a watch. He picks up his coffee again, checking his phone to wait for things to settle.

Blodskadi Ulwin gets into the kitchen, the running of water can be heard, and also dripping of heavy liquid on the floor "Nice to meet everyone here that I don't know, I'm Blodskadi, Blod for short, I would shake whomever I don't knows hands...but I kinda got a mess here." he says as some cursing is heard from the kitchen "Why won't it come off...and no We aren't telling Anyu, she would flip." he says, like he's talking to someone in the kitchen.

" ..... " Anyu is just standing there with the back door open, which she had held open for Blod, since he apparently could not use his hands. She'll glance back at Mora, a little non-plussed at the moment. Once she hears Blod though, she'll chuckle, she can't help it. "I'm gona go see what is going on here..", she'll say with amusement, and then step into the kitchen too, following Blod to see what the hell he is doing.

Bieta moves to Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Basement

Blodskadi Ulwin comes in from Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Main Room Kaati comes in from Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Main Room

Blodskadi Ulwin is currently washing his hands. Blood is everywhere in the sink, drops of it on the floor, There are cuts on Blods hands including a shard of glass sticking out of hand. He looks focused on his hands "Shut it, I know its bad, let me get this fixed and I'll be good." he says as he washes his hands of blood, the one with glass in it dosn't move much, the other hand cleaning it as his other hand reaches into his jacket to start laying medical supplies out on a towel he pulls from his jacket "Don't pay attention to the demons, focus on the tools Blod, the tools." he says to himself as his hands drip more blood. He looks a mix between calm and not calm at once.

"Hey," Kaati says softly. "That's right. Don't look at the demons..." She's cautious, approaching him in a wide-arching path. "Will you let me help you?" Carefully, she finds a spot to lean the guitar.

Bieta comes into the kitchen and notes the condition of Blod's hands. "Blod, do you want my help?" Bieta keeps her voice soft.

Anyu follows as well, apparently having held the door openf or EVERYONE. She'll pause at the doorway and then sighs as she will approach Blodskadi, "If you are hurt, and you don't tell me so I can help you, of course I will be upset. Can you please just let me help?", she'll ask, a little sad sounding for some reason. Pausing though, she doesn't approach more, perhaps for fear of spooking him, hell, he's got 3 ladies approaching to try to help him, so she's unsure if she should approach more.

Blodskadi Ulwin his breaths quickens "They're closing in, don't let them, can't tell apart, whats real? Whats real?" he says to one in particular. After pulling the rest of his tools out he suddenly reaches for the glass in his had "Stop melting, why is it melting, can't let Anyu know, can't let them see." he says as he pulls it out in a sharp but smooth gesture, he stumbles into the sink as he drops the fragment in the sink before dropping his jacket, it drops with a thud, three knives line the back of it, two are bloody "I don't wanna go back, can't go back, don't let the darkness close in, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." he says, his eyes showing full madness, its almost like he can't see or hear those around him as he looks at his tools dismayed "Find the needle, pierce the flesh or burn it shut." he says to himself, his hands shaky from fear as he feels along his tools, his facial expression is of fear, sweat drips from it as his face pales "I-I don't know who's here, someone walked in right?" he says as he looks around, but can't seem to see them.

"Mother of stars," Kaati whispers. She actually steps back, then, looking over to Anyu with a touch of wildness in her eyes. "I can't," she says softly, almost apologetically. "I-- it's too much."

When Bieta sees Blod pull the shard from his palm, she knows immediately that he is going to have a problem where he may bleed out if he does not have pressure applied to his wound immediately. She stips off her windbreaker and she tries to grab his wrist in order to press the fabric into his palm, to apply enough pressure to stop the bleeding as a life saving measure. "Blod! It's alright, We are real and we are here to help."

"Don't--!" Kaati blurts out, as the woman reaches for him. Wide-eyed, she presses her back to the wall, one hand going to her guitar as if it can reassure her.

Anyu glances at Kaati after staring at Blodskadi and says softly, urgently, "Go back out, and tell Mora to not let anybody else back here." She'll step forward and then go to Blodskadi's other side, snapping her fingers as she steps up to him, staring up at his face. "Look at me!", she says in a commanding tone. Which is unusual for Anyu, she's usually very submissive and relaxed. "Look into my eyes. Ground yourself. You are here, we are here, you are okay... everything will be okay... take deep breaths. We're going to help you now, okay?" The knives are seen, and she'll reach out to touch Blod's arm, to grip and perhaps keep him from falling.

Kaati's eyes widen, and she stares at the man for a moment before looking to Anyu. There's a flash of gratitude in her eyes before she takes her guitar and goes out.

Blodskadi Ulwin hand is easily taken as he looks around "Can't tell, can't see, gotta find the tool." he says as he looks down grabbing a small bottle of alchohol which he opens with his teeth and dumps on his hand "Purify before infection, Something calls me? Why does it call me? Which one, oh god, why must you stare back, it was your fault, why must you blame me for your mistakes, I only tried my best." he says in Anyu's direction as his eyes quest for a moment as his hand feels for some gazz which his hand picks up along with some tape which is packed with the gazz. He begins to open it with one hand with the skillfulness of a surgeon. His eyes look around again for the voice, fear apparent in his face "They're getting closer, the bells chime, over and over the shadows speak, why must they torment me." he says as he begins to hyper ventilate.

Bieta continues to hold pressure on the wound and looks at Anyu saying, "Anyu, I am going to need someone to fold some clean gauze into a thick square which I can press into the palm of Blod's hand and then I will need to wrap more gauze around his hand and use some of that medical tape there. Could you please help me?"

Blodskadi Ulwin looks around "Gauze is right here, pre-folded, tape is here." he says as he picks it up and hands it somewhere in Beita's direction "Use cross-wrap technique for the guaze wrap, should only need one piece or no tape and should be tight." he says as he looks towards the drink "Posion...or is it but a healing elixr? Will this be my end, or do you taunt me with my own knowledge that I can't even apply to myself in my pitiful state. Why must you do this to me when you are me." he says to the glass like its speaking as he semi hands/drops items towards Bieta before looking at the glass again very unsurely "I don't wish to die yet...what must be done to avoid this death, I hear a voice, such a smooth voice, why does it make me cry, shadows hurt, but tell me secrets of what will be or won't be...the silence calls." he says as he reaches for the glass and stares at it carefully, like he lies on the edge of life or death in itself in the glass.

Someone shouts from nearby, "Anyu, everything okay in there?"

Anyu sighs and tries to coax Blod to drink that glass. "It's not poison, I swear to you. Drink it and it will help you... please?", she'll ask softly. When Bieta asks for the gauze, she'll reach over to where Blod pointed, and offer it to her simply. The shout causes her to look up before she'll call back.

Anyu shouts, "Uh, yeah... sorta...."

Someone shouts from nearby, "Can I come back there, Anyu? (It's Tae-il)"

Kaati did not ask permission, herself--just slipped back in, wariness in every line.

Anyu is currently trying to get Blod to drink something, and Bieta is trying to apply a bandage to the hand that anyu is olding out. Blod is looking insane, as usual.

Bieta looks somewhat drour when Anyu simple hands the gause to her. She sighs and holds Blods hand in one hand while taking the gauss in the other. Setting the gauss down, she turns Blod's hand palm downward before removing her bloodstained windbreaker. She looks at Blod and says, "Hold it just like this, do not move it." Bieta looks towards the stairs and yells, "No!" Bieta grabs the gauss and says something rough sounding in Polish as she wraps a square of gauss to press into Blod's palm.

Bieta shouts, "no!"

Bieta begins cleaning up Blod's hands with the first aid items available and bandaging them.

Blodskadi Ulwin looks towards the glass again and chugs it down before putting it on the counter "I shall talking pillar, you are such a nice arm rest, helping me with the jagged knive." he says as he holds its "You know, I was a surgeon? Almost had my residency, yet such the pillar talks the man, will the pain every end?" he says as he looks at his hand in disgust "The wound, it rots already, the maggots dwell with in, I feel it them crawl along with in the flesh, nibbling so slowly, my hands...when have they become such?" he says in dismay as he watchs his hands like they're actually rotting before his eyes. The toolkit that is accessible is actually quite good, scapels, needles and thread, guazze of different kinds. All sterilized and looks to be quite in order on his little towel.

From afar in the Main Shop, Tae-il doesn't get an answer from Anyu, but he still waits. He looks over his shoulder at Mora. "Miss Mora, politely, I request that you give me permission to go back there, as you are an employee who can make that decision on miss Anyu's behalf since she isn't answering me. I'm NT playing the cop card, but this is weird and when things get weird, it kicks something over and makes me want to ensure people's safety."

Anyu looks -relieved- when Blod finally drinks the mixture she made for him. Prepared for the effects, she's put herself in his path towards the floor. She's very much NOT strong, and thus when he drops, she ensures he falls on her, and they BOTH go to the floor with a THUD. You paged Tae-il with 'You probably hear a couple of 'thuds' through the door if you are listening'

Turns to get something more out of the kit and then turns back around to see that her patient is out cold on the floor. She says something else rough in Polish. Bieta kneels beside him and checks to make sure he has not struck his head or injured himself during the fall.

Kaati takes a shallow breath. "The cop's coming in," she warns softly.

Bieta says, "I hope you are comfortable. You might be there for awhile and I do not think I can move him, Anyu."

Squished beneath Blod now, Anyu waves at Kaati, "IT's okay, let him in, we need to move him to a bed or somewhere comfortable... couch maybe.." She'll laugh breathlessly at Bieta, "Yeah, I'm fine...", she'll say with a little wheeze. She's small, she can't push him off either. So she's stuck.

Mora comes down stairs as a passed out person times 100 times thier weight so she brought a guy that is probly as strong as she is. She moves over and helps get Blodskadi with other peoples help.

"You do not sound fine. Positional asphyxiation would not be good," Bieta says. Bieta looks up from Blodskadi who is now lying unconscious on top of Anyu to look at the new arrivals. "I need some assistance. My patient has fainted on top of Anyu." You paged (Mora, Tae-il) with 'Squished beneath Blod now, Anyu waves at Kaati, "IT's okay, let him in, we need to move him to a bed or somewhere comfortable... couch maybe.." She'll laugh breathlessly at Bieta, "Yeah, I'm fine...", she'll say with a little wheeze. She's small, she can't push him off either. So she's stuck.'

Blodskadi Ulwin is easily lifted, he looks out. He dosn't even stir when he's lifted.

There is blood all over the floor and in the sink like maybe someone cut themselves with a knife. Tae-il comes in just a step or two behind Mora, trying REALLY hard to not be a COP right now, even though he's still in uniform. By habit, he reaches down to make sure that his gun is in place, safety on, strapped in securely. And then, "Well, shit." Not very professional, but he's moving, swiftly. "Don't pick him up, just roll him. Never move an unconscious person anymore than you have to for safety." He got an A+ on his EMT training!

Mora helps to move Boldskadi the way she was told.

Kaati takes a slow, careful breath and helps Mora, tension in her movements.

"I am a Veterinarian. I was giving him first aid when he fainted," Bieta says. "I think he may have lost a little more blood than he thought." She sighs. Bieta tries to get Blod's limp body to roll off her friend.

Blodskadi Ulwin jacket is on the floor, loop holes for multiple items are now empty, is seems the current contents are on the counter, it looks to be a well made makeshift firstaid/Surgery kit with out any meds. His jacket is open on the ground, blood is leaving the pockets from his hands, a bloody flip phone is on the ground, the jacket also has a map and three knives, two of them are bloody. HIs body is currently being rolled over, his hands are cut up, with one being worse then the other, a bloody glass shard is in the sink, His arms are covered in scars and seems to continue towards his chest. He looks peacefully at rest, but his skin is a little pale. Movements when being pushed over would show more scars on his chest, at least two gun shot scars as well, one near the right shoulder, and one near the left hip.

Blodskadi Ulwin and a map with a notepad is also in the jacket, splattered with blood flecks.

Tae-il snaps at Bieta. Not rudely, but definitely in that cop voice. "Step back, Bieta." He motions to Mora. "Put a hand on his shoulder and one on his hip. I'll support his head. Roll him on my three. One.. two.. three." ANd then, if Mora's ready, he'll support the man's head like you're supposed to do, and help Mora roll him as carefully as possible as he speaks. "Okay. Jesus fuck," he mutters, offering a hand to Anyu to help her up.

Kaati does too, but then backs off, flushing uncertainly.

Mora does as told as she waits for the next instruction.

Blod is not heavy, not at all, but Anyu still takes a relieved breath and moves to sit up. She'll take Tae-il's hand as he offers it and smiles as she rises, probably now with blood on her hands from touching Blod. "Thanks. I think he'll be okay, but he was having a severe episode of insanity. I think he also has PTSD. I wonder if he's a vet of some sort..." She'll turn then and immediately move to Blod again, to gauge if he has any OTHER injuries that are OPEN, other than his hands. "Can we move him upstairs? Or to the couch downstairs? Somewhere where he can sleep peacefully?"

Bieta snaps her attention at Tae-il and gets out of his way. She withdraws from the rest of the group and goes to gather up the first aid and medical supplies in order to follow them wherever they are taking Blod. Bieta looks at Mora and says, "Mora, I need to know about any medication Blod should be taking."

Tae-il immediately turns ANyu toward the nearest sink. "Wash. Immediately, please. Whatever blood might be on you." He looks down at the .. scene.. before him. "Where is all this blood coming from? He needs to go to the hospital." He goes back to a knee to check pulses and all that stuff, and he reaches a couple of times for the unit on his shoulder to call in, but he just... doesn't. "Anyu, I'd REALLY like to call this in and have him taken care of properly. He obviously needs help, probably more than anyone here can give him."

"No--" Kaati blurts out, looking from Anyu to the cop with horror in her eyes. "Please. Please don't."

Bieta says, "Tae-il, please calm down. I know that Blod is unconscious right now but he has a condition. I suspect he may have been attacked and he can not tell us what happened to him because he is worse than he usually is. Anyu and I had just began to tend to his wounds just before he passed out."

Anyu's eyes widen slightly and then she looks at Tae-il and then over to Kaati, blinking rapidly. "Um, I don't think he needs what a hospital can give him. Let's just let him sleep for now. I am actually a qualified alternative medicine specialist. I will take care of him." She'll look down at herself, then looks at Blod's hand. "Let's get his wounds taken care of first, and then I'll wash up? That sound reasonable? What he needs is rest, and to reset, and he probably seriously needs a shrink." Looking to Bieta, she'll nod and then reach for the bandage, "MOra, can you go get those salves I have premade beneath the herbal counter, they're for cuts?"

Kaati lets out a breath, but her gaze focuses on the cop, pleading.

Tae-il is not in the least bit un-calm. He's trying REALLY hard to not be on duty, since technically he's punched out. He's being perfectly rational. He just stares at Bieta for a moment or two, then looks back down to Blod, tipping his head slightly as he looks him over, having at some point pulled on a pair of gloves. "This isn't all his blood." He is carefully considering something, then he looks up at Anyu and says, very much being rational and THINKING about things. He glances to Mora and also to Kaati. "Jesus fucking Christ. Mora, help me lift him. Anyu, where are we taking him? Kaati, I need you to reach into my left back pocket and pull my badge out and set it on the counter." Because there's blood fucking EVERYWHERE.

Kaati's eyes go wide for a moment, her expression a little blank. "Um-- okay," she says warily, moving to obey. She's almost comically careful about *not* groping him.

Rather gingerly, as if just *touching* the thing unsettles her, Kaati takes the badge and sets it on the clean counter.

Anyu looks around and just wraps his hand for now, with the gauze he had. She'll do a better job after they've moved him. "So um.. I guess, either upstairs in my apartment... or downstairs on the couch." She'll let them decide, because they'll make the decision anyways.

Despite being a veterinary surgeon, Bieta is still a DOCTOR and therefore might actually be USEFUL AT SOME POINT since she seems less bothered by the blood being EVERYWHERE. "Well, Anyu and I have a good deal of work to do. Downstairs on the couch should be fine."

"Down will be easier than up," Tae says, asserting his control over the situation. He counts with Mora to lift the dead weight. To Bieta he asks, "WHere is your child?" He nods to Anyu. "Lead the way, please. He's not heavy, but he's kind of slippery. Kaati, would you grab my stack of street clothes, please?" He WAS going to change clothes and now he REALLY needs to.

"Kasia is upstairs with Mia, she will be fine. Good Samaritan Law says I need to be here assisting Anyu with Blod," Bieta says.

Anyu looks around and then nods to Tae-il before leading him towards the stairs. "Just down there, is where the couch is... in the gathering room. I'm gona go get some salves and cleaner bandages. Bieta, can you do the hot water and clothes so we can wash the blood off of HIM?" Then Anyu disappears through the door to the front room to get the salves she needs.

Kaati's brow furrows at the mention of the little girl, worry kindling in her expression. She goes to get her guitar first, strapping it to her back before fetching the officer's discarded things. Her gaze follows Anyu.

"Couple of blankets too, please, unless you want your couch all stained up." He walks in time with Mora, not too fast, not too slow and shakes his head at Bieta. "Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or who they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. The protection is intended to reduce bystanders' hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death. Good Samaritan Law just keeps you from getting sued if he dies. Duty to Rescue laws, which is what I think you're talking about, barely exist, and Anyu is a licensed alternative provider and as very little of this blood is actually his, and he's breathing on his own, and has a steady pulse, I am more than confident to leave him in her care."

Kaati lets out a relieved breath, as the cop says things that actually make sense. "Thank you," she says quietly. Clearly, even if she doesn't like the badge or the uniform, his *competence* reassures her. Speaking of which, she'll just grab up that badge, too.

Bieta looked for blankets with which to cover the couch and to cover their patient. Once she found those, she went to hunt up a pot she could fill with water, which she started to heat.

Anyu calls out, "There are blankets down there already!" And there are. The meeting room downstairs has blankets all over the couch, for coziness factor, and there are blankets on the floor, for those who work in a circle but need a little warmth while they sit. So there are literally blankets everywhere. Anyu disappears through the door and is gone for a bit to get supplies.

Tae-il takes the steps nice and easy, since he's walking backwards, but he's done this before. Probably. Sometimes, you have to do things off the clock. He, with Mora's help, gets the man to the couch and helps lay him down, then takes a step back, holding his hands a little away from his sides. He's going to have to get new clothes and he's kind of pissed about it. He has nothing more to say at the moment.

Mora is following he people and helps to keep him on the couch "I will stay here with Anyu no one will harm her." there is a scary side to the normal peacefull Irish woman.

Kaati follows them downstairs, finding a place to set down the man's clothing and his badge. She fidgets with the strap of her guitar for a while and then looks over to Mora. "I-- um. I want to help, but it's Anyu's place, you know--? and she's probably better than me, anyway, at the whole-- healing thing, if she's, like... certified or whatever." Something other than the insane cutter has made her a bit nervous. One might notice she's put a little distance between herself and the cop.

Once the man is placed and people get to work, he steps back a little bit more and looks around. Sink, towel, something. Need to get cleaned. If there's a bathroom around here, he'll head there to wash up Kaati has reconnected.

Anyu will come back down with a bunch of gauze, towels, and a little sack of other supplies. She'll glance around once downstairs and then head towards the couch, clearly intending to bandage the unconcious man up. Sighing, she'll kneel and then say to Mora, "I asked Mia to cover the front for today, and whatever pastries we have out, that's it. No more." The bag is set on the coffee table and she'll begin pulling out little jars, and set aside the gauze in preparation.

Mora sits on the arm rest looking down at the man "I never understud mental illness in people, the only brother I cared about suffered like this before he taken his life."

Bieta would emerge from the kitchen with the hot water which Anyu had requested from her and join Anyu. Bieta would set the water down close to them both.

Bieta looks over at Mora and shakes her head.

"Is there anything I can do to help, Anyu? If you tell me what to prep and how, I can do whatever..." Kaati's voice is quiet.

Anyu will rise and then go to the bar to get some clean towels. Tons of towels there, and then she'll dip the towel in the water and begin to clean up any blood on Blod that around the wound but not the actual wound. "I'm just looking for more wounds. Bieta, did you want to dress his wound? Or did you want to clean him?" To Kaati, she'll smile. "It'll be okay hon, everything's fine. He's just sleeping it off, hopefully he'll wake up sane again. Maybe you can get us a bit more towels?" She'll look over at Mora and her eyes express sadness at what she just learned. "I'm sorry Mora. It's a terrible illness."

Mora nods "Part of life learn from your mistakes, and your familys mistakes so you do not fall in to that trap we all call gentics."

"Blod had some glass impaled in one of his palms. He pulled it out and I was able to stop the bleeding. I really should stitch the wound because of how deep it is," Bieta says. "I can help you dress wounds after I stitch his hand. I just hope he has not damaged something important."

Relieved, Kaati nods. She leaves the guitar leaning in a corner, and jogs upstairs.

Anyu nods at Mora and then she'll look to Bieta. "kay, go for it.." She'll nod to the bag, which also has a profesional medical kit in there, which includes sutures. "Tell me if you need anything else." She'll let Bieta take the lead for now, and then continue cleaning blood off of Blod, to save her leather couch as well as see what other damage there is.

Tae-il comes out of the bathroom. His hair is wet. He's taken off his uniform shirt, leaving him in just a tank top. That tattoo on his nec is fully visible now. It's a rather intricate, 3d celtic knot. His upper arms and wrapped around toward his back are all manner of celtic tattoo work. REALLY nice, and not at all cheap or poorly done. That cost some money. His gun still sits at his hip. Somehow, he managed to not get any blood on his pants and there are only a couple of spots on his pristine white shirt. Now that things are well in hand, he hangs back a little bit, pulling out his cellphone. "Hey.. yeah, I had something come up. I'm not coming by tonight, but I'll be by first thing in the morning to pick him up. I'm sorry. Yeah, you sure? Okay. Thank you. Sorry I didn't call earlier. You'll stay with him, though? Cool. Thanks man. I'll be there in a few hours." The dog. He scans the room, maybe to assess everyone's anxiety or stress or whatever.

Mora is calm about this

Anyu -looks- calm and businesslike.

Tae-il pages: ANd he's STILL worried about the doggy. ANd you said Anyu had a lot of empathy? SHe might get the impression that he has been in this EXACT same sort of position before. Like this is not NEW to him.

Bieta nods and she moves the worst of Blod's wounded hands into her lap. Putting on plastic gloves, Bieta would begin to prepare a needle for doing the suturing. Bieta begins to take a good look at Blod's hand and tries to line up the muscles and flesh before she begins stiching his hand.

Mora looks to Tae and asks "Are you part celtic or a big fan of the artwork?"

Anyu lifts her gaze from where she is cleaning Blod. She will dip the towel in the hot water and then continue cleaning. Lifting her gaze, she'll look at Tae and her blue eyes linger a moment before she'll smile to him. "You know, you can go if you need to. We have this handled, now that he's down here, we're good." She looks worried for Tae-il now it seems. "And that's some cool tattoo's...", she'll say as she stares a moment.

Bieta does not take a moment to look away from her work and oggle Tae-il's tattoo. She continues to stitch up Blod's hand instead. Her features are unreadable.

"Pagan," Tae-il states for the record. "I have some more custom stuff, but it's on my legs. I have to be careful with what people can see when I'm in uniform. Celtic artwork is common enough that I can get away with it. The significant stuff is all below the belt." No, not THAT significant stuff. Gosh! Gutter minds. He crosses his arms over his chest as he stands back, just watching. He shakes his head at Anyu. "No. I'll stay unless you tell me to leave. I realize that there is a small army here, and that you're perfectly safe, but I made the judgment call to allow a potentially dangerous, likely deranged man to stay here, rather than following protocol and calling it in. If something happens, I need to deal with the consequences of my own actions." Cool as a cucumber, he is. He's clearly gone into Watch Mode. Not security guard, not cop, just Watch and be ready.

Kaati comes back down with an armload of bar-nop towels, and finds a clean place to set them down.

Mora nods as she is ok with that, but she goes to the store and later comes with a long tshirt to change out of her dress and some thing to sleep in. But Mora is around for what ever Anyu needs.

While working, Bieta just about growls out under her breath, "schizophrenics are perfectly able to function like the rest of us when they have their medicine." She continues to work her needle with some skill.

Tae-il glances briefly at Bieta and he nods. "I've worked plenty with mentally ill people, Bieta. I'm not saying he's a bad person. But if he's unmedicated, there is a risk of irrational or erratic behavior. I'm not judging him. I don't gamble because I'm bad at it. If I left and something happened, I would be responsible. Good Samaritan Laws and all that." Okay, maybe Tae is kind of an asshole.

Anyu looks over at Kaati as she comes back and gives her a soft smile. "Thanks sweetie. You can go anytime if you want, although if you want to bunk down here too with Mora, that's also up to you. I won't stop you." She'll look up at Tae-il and then smiles a bit more as he mentions 'significant stuff below the belt', okay, that gets an even BIGGER smile. She has amusement dancing in her eyes but she doesn't say anything. Yes, she has a gutter mind, very much so. "I'd like to see your other tattoo's some time...", she says with a grin, but she's actually not flirting. She really does want to see them. As he mentions the deranged man, and then Bieta mentions schizophrenic, Anyu will pause. "I don't know of he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic, but I'm almost 100% certain he has no medication, he was homeless, completely, an old doctor of some sort. he's a street doc... I swear, he has PTSD." She'll sigh and finish cleaning him off and put the bloody towel in the trash can, which was empty, but now is a laundry hamper.

Kaati presses her lips together, and heads for her guitar. The look she gives Anyu is chock full of worry. "You're not staying here, are you? I mean, he's safe with Mora. And-- and um." She looks over to the cop, her color high. "I don't remember your name," she says apologetically. "If I got it."

Tae-il nods to Anyu. "Sure. Maybe some other time. Probably not tonight." He has a headache. He looks the man, and Bieta's work, over quietly from where he's stationed himself. "There are programs. Ways he can get help. If he needs medication - there's a resource list at the precinct. Free or next to nothing. Medical marijuana is an option, too. You'd be surprised how much that actually helps some people." He drops his arms from across his chest. He's got a little muscle. More lean and lanky than bulky, though. He pulls his arms behind him and links his fingers, rolling his shoulders, and there's a series of pops and crunches in that moment, then he drops his hands back to his sides again. "Tae-il Thomas Miller-Wilson," says that Korean with the Southern Accent. "I have a feeling that none of us are going anywhere, nor sleeping. Anyone have a deck of cards? Or a Netflix account?"

Once Bieta finishes her sutures, she starts to help Anyu clean their patient's wounds in preparation of treating them. As a consequence of her gift, some of his lesser injuries begin to fade the longer Bieta works with Blod. Bieta tries to shift herself so she is sitting between Blod and Tae-il to obstruct view of this.

Anyu grins at Tae-il and says, "Well, some other time then." She'll look over at Kaati then and says, "Of course I'm going to sleep here. I -live- here. Well, upstairs, but this is my home." Grinning at her, she'll look at Bieta to see how she's progressing. "When you're done stitching, I can clean him up and apply the bandage, and you can go get cleaned up now okay? Wash up, I got most of him, all that's left is his hand." She'll move to go and kneel before Blod then and begin to get out her salves in preparation to bandage.

Worry kindles in Kaati's expression, as she looks uncomfortably from Tae-il to Bieta, and back to Anyu again. She stays out of the way.

Tae-il is chill. He doesn't need to see what's going on. He glances to Anyu and gives her a smile. "ANY other time. Are YOU okay? You didn't get any cuts or anything, did you?" He takes a step or two in her direction, offering out a hand. "Come away for a second. Take a breath, and let me make sure you're not hurt at all. Te adrenaline is all wearing off now that things are under control and we need to make sure that everything's in order."

Bieta wrings out her rag and says, "Anyu, most of what I am seeing are cuts. He has some old wounds. I do not think he has a safe place to stay. I think that when he wakes up, Blod and you need to talk about somewhere he can stay long term. I think someone might be beating him. In the meantime, I need to get Kasia to bed. I will call you tomorrow."

Anyu nods to Bieta. "I already sent him to a safe house. So yes, he has a safe place to stay. However, if he chooses to use it or not is up to him." She'll sigh and then nod, "Go get Kasia to bed." She'll then take the salve and begin applying it, and wrapping his wounds up. She'll apply the salve to other spots where she sees cuts and whatnot, but mostly she focusses on his hands. When she's done, she'll wrap up and look up at Tae-il. Giving him a surprised look, she'll smile and then rise, moving over to wash her hands at the bar before walking over to him and holding her hands up to her sides. "See, I'm fine.." She'll even turn before him so he can get a GOOD look. Winking at Kaati, she'll ask her "Can you put a blankie on him?" Him being Blod.

Kaati gives Anyu a little nod, and goes to fetch one of the throws from a corner. She lays it over the man, carefully. "I-- can't stay, either," she says, looking decidedly uncomfortable. She looks over to Anyu, concern clear in her eyes. "But I'll-- I'll check back tomorrow, before work? And--" She looks over to Tae-il. "And thank you. For not-- getting him locked up."

Bieta sighs and nods, "safe houses can come with their own problems sometimes...but that is for a different time." Bieta looks at everyone there and says, "Good evening everyone." She stands up and makes her way towards the stairs and up.

Tae-il nods to Bieta. "There are resources. I'll see what sort of strings I can pull, see if anyone needs to be picked up. It could be that he's instigating, too. We have to look at all possibilities, but if he's willing to be helped, he can be." He waits patiently for Anyu to be done and he looks her over carefully with a trained eye, but that isn't quite good enough. A couple of quick tests here and there. Shines a light in her eyeballs to make sure she doesn't have a concussion, feels the back of her head, makes sure her neck doesn't hurt, all that stuff. Then he's satisfied. "If you want to get some sleep, Anyu, I'll stay here with him. I have to pick up the dog in the morning and I can't possibly go to sleep right now." He gives Kaati a little smile. "Judgment call. He didn't have any obvious injuries from another party. He just cut his hands. And there were medically trained people here who were capable of making the decision that he didn't need medical care. And I'm off duty." He gives Bieta a genuine smile. "Thank you, Bieta. I'm sorry I'm a dick sometimes."

Bieta stops over in the kitchen to toss her gloves in the trashcan. The floor is now dry after she mopped it and the sink is no longer splattered with blood because she cleaned that while she waited for the water to heat. Bieta heads the rest of the way out.

After having healed Blod of those minor things, and made sure he had good, authentic healing salves on him, Anyu obediently does whatever Tae-il requests for her 'check up'. She'll seem more amused than anything. "He just fell on me you know, because I'm weak, I fell with him, cuz I suck." At Kaati's words, she'll look over at her and smiles gently. "Okay, come on over if you want. All is well.. Mora is here, and ... apparently Tae-il is spending the night too. Sweet, it's like a slumber party!", she'll say with a wink. When Tae suggests she get some sleep, she'll hesitate. "Well I want to go take a quick shower, if that's ok."

"But without my giraffe pajamas and a pillow fight," Tae says with a little grin. He finds himself a corner and does that crouch thing that only Asians can do. It IS genetic. Feet flat on the floor, butt on his heels, but not touching the ground. And he seems perfectly comfortable. "You want me to come wake you up before I leave or are you going to lock your bedroom door?"

"You should get some rest, after that," Kaati says, securing her guitar again, steadying the messenger bag at her hip. "I'm glad you only have to go upstairs. And--" She reddens as she looks over to Tae-il. "And Mora will be here. I, I could stay if you want."

Anyu gets an amused sparkle to her bright blue eyes at Tae's teasing words. "I want to see the pajamas. Actually I still want to see the tattoo's too!' She'll look over at Kaati and smiles at her, "Don't worry, Mora's here. Go get some reast. I plan on going too." Then she looks at Tae, "just come wake me up. I trust you and Mora. Sides, I don't really care who sees me naked." Apparently Anyu doesn't -wear- pajamas. Gasp!

"Up to you. I'm not sleeping, and Mora's here. And I'm just gonna chill over here in my corner until 9 when I can go get my foster pup." He grins at Anyu. "I don't let just anyone see my giraffe jammies." And then he nods. He's seen naked women before. Probably he'll just knock and peek in regardless. He's well behaved! "Get some sleep, regardless. I'll be here." He also lifts the hem of his pants, to reveal a small tree of life on his calf. 3d. Well done. Not real new.

Kaati looks between them, and over to Mora, and seems.... reluctantly satisfied? "Thank you," she tells Tae-il again. And she *will* walk upstairs with Anyu and say good night and tell her that if she needs *anything* she can call, and here is her number *just in case*.

Anyu gives Tae-il a playful grin, "Well darn, I love giraffe's. Maybe I can lure you to showing me your giraffe sometime." Flirting? Yep, totally. She'll wink at Tae as she'll begin to head up the stairs. "If he has any issues please come get me ok? And Tae, thanks... seriously, you're awesome." His calf is glanced at and she'll smile brightly, "I think you should be in my coven. You have the same... heart.", she'll say musingly and then turn to head back up again from her glance back. She'll chat with Kaati on the way up and say soft, soothing words to the girl, probably trying to destress her.

Tae-il grins a little more brightly and nods. "Maybe." Then he nods. "I will. I promise." He rises as the ladies leave, because it's polite, and then goes back into his squat and streams animal rescue videos for several hours.