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Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

- Mike Tyson

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Changeling "Fairies don't bother me. Love who you're gonna love, brother."
Demon "I'd say there's a lot of work to do to fix the world, but I don't think we can. So I guess there's a lot of work to do to save what's left of this trash heap."
Hunter "A hunter ain't nothing more than a mortal who learned a little more than they should have and doesn't have the good sense to keep their head down."
Mage "I used to play DnD as a kid, but I guess some people get REAL in to it."
Mortal "Would you believe that the endgame was gonna be us taking orders from these hairless apes? Yeah, not making that mistake again. Fall in line, Koko."
Vampire "Bela Lugosi's dead."
Werewolf "Therewolf."
Wraith "Dead monkeys get pretty moody if I recall, but they can be brought to heel easily enough."

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Frannie -- What in the suffering fuck is wrong with you, girl?

Elena -- Nice girl. Eh, the world needs overachievers.

Aldo -- Begging your pardon, your nibs.

Simone -- If you aren't going to rule, what's the point in declaring yourself a ruler?

Alexander -- Righteous.

Amberlee -- Damn, girl, you're fucking vicious. I dig it.

Millie -- Some people just don't know when to quit while they're behind.

Valentina -- Do you even know who you are sober?

Kaati -- Odd girl. Spooks pretty easy, but she seems nice.

Kurumi -- Most guys would be intimidated by her. I prefer cautious, if only because she seems too good to be true.

November -- Plays it straight, or she's damn good at playing dirty. Maybe both.

Anyu -- My favorite kind of Trouble.

Chihiro -- Best. Wingman. Ever.

Rick -- Buddy... *shakes head and facepalms*

Patti -- Aww, and it ain't even my birthday!

Bobbi -- She's pretty cool. Wonder why I was told to watch out for her?

Ash Wolfe -- I like this one. Vicious enough to be fun, vulnerable enough to maybe be worth trying to add to my stable.

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RP Hooks

Demon: He is one. Are you a human in need of guidance? Worship him!

Money: He has it, and is always interested in getting more.

High Society: He's not terribly ACTIVE in high society, but he has the wealth to move around within it.

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Apparent Age: Mid-thirties, early forties
Height: 6' 10"
Hair: Shaved, nominally brown
Eyes: Brown
Played By: Dave Bautista

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