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Everyone has a side that they don't talk about. We are the same as any other. We don't talk about her. She was weak. She was foolish, and she made one good choice in her life and that was going from she to We.

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Kumo - So similar, yet so different.

Khan - Strong, Fierce, Honorable. The last is the only detriment.

Mirror - Secrets that lead to power. I may not understand, but there is much use.

More to come when she meets those that apply.

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The Now

Roger - Companion? Partner? Whatever we are, It works well

Kokoro - The fun never stops.

Ash Wolfe Strangely attracted, though she won't let me in. Maybe that's why.

Patti - Figured you out.

Bobbi - Drinks and hot tub.

Anyu - I'm interested.

The Past

Blodskadi Ulwin - Thinks that I would look sexy if I had more weight. Tries to obsessively feed me. It's his money.

Bieta - Straight. She told me so. Not sure what else to say.

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Sato Chihiro

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Name: Sato Chihiro / Zansatsu

Played by: Aya Kiguchi

Age: 21

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Derangement: Auditory Hallucinations

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RP Hooks

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Sato ChihiroSato ChihiroSato ChihiroSato Chihiro

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