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Full Name: Arashino, Kurumi
Kanji: 嵐乃狂美
Faction: Wyrm
Kinfolk: Black Spiral Dancers
Heritage: Japanese
Occupation: Unknown
Height: 6'6"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Tea Color, Light Brown
Race: Fomor
Spirit: Kijo 鬼女
Consecrated To: Karnala, Urge Wyrm of Desire
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Apparent Age: Late Teens, possibly early 20's
Date of Birth: January 31, 1999
Favorite Drink: Sake
Favorite Food: Long Pork
Favorite Color: Blood Red

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Changeling Faeries? Like with pretty wings? I wonder what they taste like...
Demon Did you not see my Kanabo?
Mage They seek the power of Heaven? That's cute.
Mortal Delicious, I will savor every one of their last moments.
Werewolf Animal Demon Generals, gifted with the power of destruction to conquer and devour. But even they still have their limits.
Wraith The dead may yet linger, help them die again if need be.
Vampire Blood Demons. Though we share the same prey, get in my way at your own peril.

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Junko: I like her, I like her a lot. My Righteous Devil BFF.
Karasu: The Lord of the Autumn Lotus Court, what would you ask of me Oji-san?
Jiang Ying Yue: So cold and distant, did one girl mean that much to you? What of the countless others I've eaten? Where is your talk of Balance now?
Barksdale: A fierce soldier of Karnala, I am sure we'll be seeing more of each other in the future.
Jai-lin: My favorite toy.
Raquel: A refined lady of refined tastes, we should dine together more often.
Hamish: My brother's friend, what do you think of me now? He was delicious.
Thomas: The most wonderful bundle of madness and insecurities you could ever ask for.
Asuka: My beloved pet. Sit, roll over, beg, good girl!
Danny: Old and powerful, it would be foolish to underestimate the sorceries of the MaoShan. Such a fun diversion, though.
Jin: The Monkey King has such a cute Avatar.
Eris: We are cut from the same cloth. One of the few who seems to understand me. One of the few to whom I bow my head.
Mewt: Adorably awkward. Let's have some fun with the humans together!
Russ: So wise, so broken, so fun to break.
Kurt: The Alpha who dominates all that stand before him. So much fun to play with.
Pax: So much fun! He teaches me magic and makes the best toys!
Emi: The cutest fox! She is great for getting into mischief with!
Hideaki: This priest is powerful in the ways of the Kami, do not cross him.
Hana: Hideaki's grand daughter and a powerful martial artist in her own right. I've got some moves I could teach her.
Ayame: Another member of the Hungry Dead, for now just a passing acquaintance.
Roger: A god you say? We have even more to talk about than I thought.

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RP Hooks
Wyrm: Kurumi is a Fomor consecrated to Karnala, the Urge Wyrm of Desire.
Black Spiral Dancers: Kurumi is Spiral kin. Rumor has it she once followed her BSD brother into the labyrinth and somehow came out again alive.
Shen: Kurumi is a part of the Asian supernatural community. Though she normally uses the term Yokai.
Chinatown: Kurumi can often be found around Chinatown.
Turning Heads: Kurumi is really hard to miss, she is 6'6" tall and has a gorgeous body.
Alcoholic: Despite barely seeming old enough to drink and possibly not being so, Kurumi manages to consume rather prodigious amounts of alcohol and can often be found in places where it is available.

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Notable Stats


Appearance FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Strength FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Dexterity FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Stamina FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png


Torture FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Seduction FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Melee FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png


Consecrated FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Symbiosis FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Pure Breed FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png


Gnosis: FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Rage FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Willpower FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Autonomy FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png


Spirit's Mark
Aura of Lust: -2 to all Seduction difficulties
Increased Pain Threshold
-1 to all Wound Penalties
Hidden Power
Conceals all Possessed powers

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