Jiang Ying Yue

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Soon to come.

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Junko I like you. Despite our differences being night and day.

Kurumi I understand that you have a force driving you differs from my own, but the paths can be similar. I hope you see that.

Karasu You seem to care about balance as much as I, though on a more local scale. But we do have to start small.

Asuka You give good advice and help the world stop spinning.

Danny You look at me like I disappoint you. That is too bad.

Miyo and her daughter. Be careful with what you have. It is a rare thing.

Tora I am sorry for my offence. If you wish to draw me again, I will sit for you.

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Jiang Ying Yue

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Name: Jiang Ying Yue 江映月
Breed: Draco
Tribe: Zhong Lung
Auspice: Mirror/Sai Chau
Ritename: Reflection of the Moon

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RP Hooks
Jiang Ying Yue/Hooks

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