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Information Hooks
Before you stands a tall young man in his early 20s of probably Northern European heritage. He is maybe six foot one or two, and is of a thin build. His hair is cut short,spiked, and pure white, while his eyes are a standard brown, yet there is a hint of fatigue around the corners of his eyes. His features are fair and pleasing to the eye, with a few days growth of brown stubble, but not anything out of the ordinary. He dresses casual, with a old school TOOL T-shirt and torn, faded jeans.

A few tattoos are on his arms, on his left is a pentagram with odd shapes at each point on his forearm, on his right is an Eye of Horus with an All Seeing Eye above that on his bicep. On the underside of his arms is written in black stylized script are two words. On the right is the word "SOLVE", and on the left is the world "COAGULA". He sports a nose ring between his nostrils and his ears have a number of stainless steel hoops running up the lobes. When he speaks his voice is moderate in tone, but with an unmistakable accent of Boston. He carries a battered blue Eastpak backpack on his shoulder, that seems stuffed with books and other odds and ends.

• Involved in the local EDM scene.

• Studied at Harvard, may have been involved in some scandals.

Contacts Hangouts
Conn - Good guy, will give you the shirt off his back.

Clover - ...and I hope you do, until we see whats over the Horizon.

Wick - Musical buddy, good shoulder to cry on.

Katie - It was great until it wasn't. Good luck with your future.

Bobbi - She taught me much, sometimes without realizing it.

Patrick - Dude, get some sleep and find a better shift, will ya?

Ethan - Steak and Cigar night is still on man. Just tell me when.

Saraid - Miss hanging out with you, hope all is well.

Sacha ??? - Housemate, glad to have gotten her out of that situation.

Thorn - Seems like a good person to know better.

Raise - Glad to have you punch me in the face. I've learned to block too!

Phil - You really should come around more often.

Adeline - I never thought you were stupid or dumb, but rules exist for good reasons. Good luck in your future.

Valentina - You never met me, but you judged me. We probably would have gotten along well, but that ship has sailed.

Arke - Even a second place rainbow is still a rainbow.

I get out, everyone needs coffee and food after all.