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Arke the Storm-Footed

AGE: Primordial
PROFESSION: Exiled Goddess
DEMEANOR: Barbarian
TYPE: Bygone
MERITS: Burning Aura
FLAWS: Bad Liar


EYES: Dark Amethyst
HAIR: Black
SOUNDTRACK: You Should See Me in a Crown - Billie Eilish

Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

ArkeREd.jpg ArkeFace.jpg Arkeside.jpg ArkeRoses.jpg


Roleplay Hooks

Greek Mythology! - She's lived it.

Anachronism! - Technolo-what?

Vengeance! - Killing can be a kindness. She might help you out with it.


Rick A man who fancies himself very clever. I may have use for thee.
Tabin Thy mood is dark and dangerous. I like it.
Vika Who?


ArkeSit.jpg Arkeandiris.jpg Arkestare.jpg

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