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The "Dashing" Tabin Murphy

"I'm not giving you a memorable quote for free. Guys' gotta eat and pay the bills." ~ Tabin

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Specialization: Captivating
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Full Name: Tabin Joseph Murphy
Age: 22
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon / American
Occupation Struggling Artist

Born in Salem, Oregon, Tabin is a runaway. He never says he is however the fact he lives on a second-hand houseboat with a meager income struggling to make ends meet is a sure sign he probably is one. He only recently arrived in Prospect, looking to find inspiration to continue trying to become some sort of artist. What that might be? Who knows. He's winging it.

Well Rehearsed reasons you might cross paths with Tabin
  • Risk 2 Character: I'm all for watching Tabin evolve and change, so I am happy to get into the thick of the World of Darkness with him.
  • Music: Tabin is a struggling composer. He can do the music scene with the best of them, but writing and orchestrating music for anything from movies and film to theatre is his true passion. Need a musical montage for your project or even a DJ? Tabin can cover your bases.
  • The Ports and Waters of Prospect: Tabin lives at the port. His boat is his house after all. Those who frequent the Port of Prospect will often find him lounging outside his houseboat. Or, maybe your ship passes the Journeyman while Tabin is off finding a place to relax on the waves. Come say hi! He'll give you permission. Promise.

  • Adeline: Boats and Scuba. It's her mantra. She's obsessed with the sea about as much as people are obsessed with her. Wonder what's up with that?
  • Aoife: Why'd you call her a quack doctor? So she's into the 'alternative medicine' shit. If it helps people then why knock it? She's a cousin of another mother seven steps removed so don't talk about my...ugh...I need a diagram. Got one?
  • Bobbi: Look. I met the super-tattoo junker lady like three times okay? I don't know much about her save her parties have drugs by, like, the dumpster full. And all the naked people too. NOW you wanna go.
  • Conn: Other band bro! I mean you wouldn't figure if you looked at him, but he plays a mean guitar. A little rigid for my taste, but with rigidity you get some loyalty. So it's fine.
  • Erin: Super epic awesome person with super epic awesome toys. Best in the biz and totally underrated. I have her card. You wannit?
  • Evie: In it together until the end. Who better to turn the tide with, really?
  • Kai: People think we have bad blood but I don't see why. He's good people. I like him. I don't him much though, but he's been teaching me a few things.
  • Rick: He's cool. We aren't friend friends or anything but we hang in the same circles. We have an understanding, us being the only heterosexuals in Prospect. Sorry. Inside joke.
  • Wick: Band bro! Way better than me but he's good people. One of the first I met when I came here too. And we still hang out! That's friendship man. Hope you have someone like that.
Lost to the Road
  • Ailani: Returned to the sea. What do you mean you don't know what that means? You should have asked her.

The Not Royal Ship (NRS) Journeyman, Tabin's House(boat)