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"There are things lurking behind the world's curtain. Things that don't want to be seen, or maybe things you don't want to see. Things I didn't want to see. But try as I might, closing my eyes tight, I just cannot ignore it any longer. I'm finding out just what's out there, whether they like it or not."
― Evie Adams, seemingly ordinary student at UC Prospect

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Vampire "Your best move is not to get involved at all. Your second-best move is to find one who's taken a liking to you."
werewolf "I will never forgive you for breaking my parents and siblings' body and spirit. Never."
corax "Were-raven? Not a werewolf. We cool."
Mage "Wait. If you all have figured out how the world works, why have you all figured out different things?"
Changeling "Muses of the world, one last bastion of wonder in this decaying land. If there ever was a hope of turning back the tide of darkness, it lies with you."
Wraith "Being haunted is a little bit creepy, but messages from beyond aren't too terribly scary once you get used to it."
Mortal "It frustrates me to no end that I know what most of you never will, and I can't even tell anyone. But I guess the world would break down if society knew what lived among them. Stay safe, friends."

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Adeline: Your bubbliness is always refreshing, even during tense topics. I don't know how you manage.

Aiode: This... might be tricky. As fun as you are, I am taken.

Bobbi: Talking to you is like playing roulette: either we'll have a great and engaging philosophical discussion or you'll hurt my head with entirely too deep musings about the world. Still, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Conn: This guy? He's a community man. Runs a clean bar with good food and good entertainment. Alright drinks too. Definitely cares about his patrons. But what the heck goes on in that VIP room of his?!

DeadPixel: Lovable scamp, though sometimes I'd like to just chase you off and keep you away for a good while. At least until you need a good meal again. Not gonna hold out on ya there, that's just mean.

Ed: Stereotypical awkward tech geek, but absolutely enjoyable to hang out with.

Johnathan: Excellent clothes designer, highly professional. You've got my business for the foreseeable future.

Kameshi: Even though I'm woefully outclassed in beauty compared to you, it's pretty fun joining you on your streams. I think we work alright together.

Nikodemus: Vaguely lecherous. I mean that in the nicest way; you're actually quite fun to be around and just waste time with. Also your hugs are suspiciously enjoyable for some reason.

Noire: If I didn't know any better, I'd just think you were a computer nerd. Actually, that's not quite accurate: I do "know better", and have to wonder: just how deep does your perception of the universe truly go?

Robin: Hey. Cool guy. Cheer up. Your paint shop is really awesome, and I plan to do my best to make sure I give it the room it needs to succeed. I'm here to expand Prospect's creative talent, not crush competition.

Tabin: You and me, together until the end.

Vic: You and I need to talk more. A lot more. About everything.

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==== Quotable quotes (and paraphrases) ====

Tabin (in response to Evie maybe not being nosy for once): "Nah. Not Evie's style. She comes home at the end of the day to recharge, have breakfast and coffee, refill her sanity meter and then go out to try to shake Cthulhu's hand."

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Name Elvira "Evie" Adams
Date of Birth April 24th, 1999
Age 21
Height 5'5"
Hair Black
Eyes Dark brown
Demeanor Bon Vivant

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RP Hooks
  • Hobbyist Magician: Okay, so she's just an illusionist, and a mundane one at that. Still, she enjoys putting on a good performance once in a while. Stop by and enjoy the show!
  • Artists' Guild: Evie is owner and co-manager of The Artists' Guild, a public art studio and gallery whose mission is to promote general artistic creativity and talent in the Greater Prospect area.
  • Obsessively Investigative: She's seen and accepted what lies beyond accepted reality, and intends to find out just as much as she can. Got a mystery for her?
  • Medium: She sees dead people. Are you a dead person?

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