2020.07.12 Murder of Crows Open Mic Night

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Murder of Crows JUly Open Mic Night
Munthly social event in the MoC. Music, singing, a good time for all. There's generally no hassle there.
IC Date July 12 2020
IC Time 4 PM-???
Players Graym Hayden Phoenix Yarden Rick Floyd Clara Mikael Piotr Paige Valentine Ginger Evie Skye Angela Wick
Location The Murder of Crows
Prp/Tp N/A
Theme Song N/A

Conn steps out onto the stage again and performs a mic check. "Testing testing. Is that coming out in the back?"

On the Main Floor Evie calls back, "Sounds like it!"

On the Main Floor Ginger shouts "If it's not coming out then it's staying in the closet forever!" to Conn as she takes a spot at the bar ordering a cheap rum and coke. Conn chuckles and presses a button on the stage rig, a simulated bah-dun-dum-tsh rings out.

On the Main Floor Hayden walks in tapping on his phone and heads for the bar.

On the Main Floor Mikael arrives on his own, checking his cell as he pauses at the doorway for a few moments. He smiles then, pockets his cell and heads toward the bar.

On the Main Floor Skye steps into the bar and glances about. He purses his lips and then he slowly heads over to the counter, smiling warmly at anyone that meets his gaze.

On the Main Floor Paige arrives, stage main entrance, after all where else would she come from? Her face in that polite smile of hers, violin case dangling from her left hand. A second to glance around, seeming deciding where she is going to seat herself.

On the Main Floor Yarden approaches Hayden and waits to catch his gaze before grinning "Hi Hayden. How's it going?"

On the Main Floor Piotr arrives at the bar, his tie a bit loose around his collar. A glance around, then the man heads towards the bar for a drink.

On the Main Floor Valentine has partially disconnected.

On the Main Floor Hayden says "Shall we share a table and drink?" He also adds. "Its been divine "

On the Main Floor "That would be great, thank you!" Yarden answers Hayden. "I put my name on the list. I think my turn is after Conn."

On the Main Floor Ginger pays and tips for her drink as she settles back as the crowd starts making its way in.

Official set:

Conn is fidgeting with a loose panel on the floor "Sorry folks, we had some contractors in to remove some asbestos. I just have to do a simple camera check. Some announcements. There's a camera here that you can use to record your performance if you like. Just press the shiny red button on this app," he lifts up an ipad and points to the shiny red button with the word 'record' "We can give it to you on your own thumbdrive or we can email you a link to a relatively secure cloud location. There's also a second button that you have to press *twice* to share it to our facebook page. ONce to confirm that you accept Facebook's bullshit, the other to actually share. I'm Conn. Welcome to the Murder of Crows Open Mic Night. This is Placebo's Bitter End." Without further ado, he picks up his drop-tuned-specifically-for-this-song guitar and drops straight into the song. His performance is, as always, completely on point. Missing not a single beat, he finishes the song, takes a bow. As always completely unaware of his talent, so he is constantly surprised when people applaud.

Hayden says "let's chat and drink."

Mikael orders a brandy and then unbuttons his jacket and settles back to relax for the evening. He gives a smile and a nod to those at the bar around him.

Valentine orders a margarita from the bartender and leans back to watch the full bar, a happy smile on his lips. He takes his time checking out the more attractive persons around him. Once at the Bar, Piotr orders three fingers of Jameson, neat. He settles in on the barstool, glancing around at the others in the establishment. A grin as he recognizes some of the attendees.

"Oh," Yarden looks around and realizes that Conn has concluded his performance and she's up next. "Excuse me, Hayden. I'll join you once I'm done rocking and rolling!" She turns and heads toward the stage.

Clara steps in with a smile and pauses to get a look at the crowd, who is here, where everyone is. Her eyes are caught on someone for a moment, following their movments but smiles and heads for Hayden

   Paige pauses for a moment, but then there is a soft smile and she is moving onwards. Over towards a booth to give Evie a kiss on the shoulder as way of greeting before she just scoots herself into the booth besides her.

Skye glances about on his way to the bar. He smiles and waves to Evie as he sees her in one of the booths. He purses his lips, looking over the others here, a bit curious.

Hayden says "Hello ma'am." He stands for Clara. "please join me."

Rick strolls in from the front door and glances around, letting his eyes adjust to the light. He gives a faint smile to something, then makes his way towards a free table to sit down.

Evie is just a little distracted by something, so just ends up lazily wrapping an arm around Paige's waist as her eyes start swivelling in a path from the door to the bar, tracking.... something. Maybe the optimal path one should take to acquire libations?

Valentine once they get their drink, they happily sip at it.

Clara smiles warmly "Hi Hayden, how have you been? Oh, thank you" and takes a seat Clara sits down at Booth 2. On the Stage

   Yarden sets things in motion for a karaoke number, then strides out to center stage, walks up to the mic, and greets the audience: "SO LET'S ROCK-AND-ROLL ALL NIGHT, AND PARTY EVERY DAY!"
   With that she kicks off a solo tribute to the classic hit by the band KISS.
   ~You show us everything you've got...You keep on dancin' and the room gets hot.....You drive us wild, we'll drive you cra-a-a-zy...."~
   Ginger nods her head and taps her foot while sipping at her rum and coke with a slightly too wide grin.

Conn greets the people he knows as he pases them, each by name. "Mikael, Valentine, Piotr, Ginger" at the bar, "Rick," in Conn's usual booth, "Paige, Evie,", he takes a strange path to reach the final booth and his temporary destination "Clara, Hayden" he says hugging Clara and kissing her on the cheek and then sliding in beside Hayden.

Clara glances over at something and shakes her head with a chuckle then beams happily at Conn, leaning up to give the man her cheek and hug him quickly "Conn!"

   As Conn goes by with his greetings Ginger calls out "Hey Conn, I finally got to meet Sushi and Chicken of the Sea. Guy actually had the balls to tell me he was the big bad great white around here. Can you believe that?"

Rick gives a nod to Conn "Hey, good to see you again." He glances towards the stage and furrows his brow a bit "What song is this?" He asks anyone within earshot. But its performed well, so he nods a bit with it.

Mikael gives Conn a bright smile, "Bonsoir, mon ami." He greets the man as he passes with a wave of his glass.

On the Stage

   Gene (Gina) Simmons sticks her tongue out as far as it will go in her best imitation of the singer's iconic Demon Tongue, then, before launching into the first round of the chorus, yells at the crowd, "Sing it with me!"
   "I-I-I...wan-na rock and roll a-a-a-all ni-i-i-ght and PAR-TY EV-E-RY DAY! "I-I-I...wan-na rock and roll a-a-a-all ni-i-i-ght and PAR-TY EV-E-RY DAY!"
   She's never played real guitar a day in her life, but her mantra for life is live it to the fullest and have fun!

On the Stage

   "You show us everything you've got....Baby, baby that's quite a lot...And you drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy...." Yarden gets into the 1975 classic with her whole body, thrashing back and forth in rhythm with the karaoke-generated music. "You keep on shoutin', you keep on shoutin'...." She drops her hands from air guitar and spreads her arms wide, clapping to encourage audience participation.
    "I-I-I...wan-na rock and roll a-a-a-all ni-i-i-ght and PAR-TY EV-E-RY DAY! "I-I-I...wan-na rock and roll a-a-a-all ni-i-i-ght and PAR-TY EV-E-RY DAY!"
       As the number comes to a close, Yarden sticks her tongue out a final time and then shouts, "Thank you, Prospect!" and cedes the stage to the next participant.

"Whew!" Yarden approaches the booth she vacated a short while earlier, grinning ear to ear and still under the effects of the on-stage adrenaline rush. "That was so much fun, I almost feel guilty," she says to Conn, Clara and Hayden. "But only almost, ha!"

Conn gives a genuine and heartfelt round of applause, his thinking identical to Piotr's. Any attempt at trying to make sure everyone knows everyone is chalked up as too time consuming, the place is busy enough that just greeting everyone was time consuming. He waves at Rick and Skye, who he'd missed in the throng.

Mikael applauds the female Simmons' performance and takes a sip of his brandy as he glances around the club

Hayden stands up and heads for the stage. " I have a song to si ng for y'all inspired by many geeky nights of my late teens."

Clara smiles over at Yarden "Nah you did great, that was a fun way to start off"

On the Stage Hayden starts rapping "dm says your gonna die roll a d6."

Evie starts giggling spontaneously at her booth. Did someone say something funny?

Yarden dips her chin to Clara. "Thank you." A beat. "Oooh, Hayden's performing? Excellent!"

Mikael checks his cell again and then his eyes shift from the stage to the door. Clara smiles and leans over to kiss Conn's cheek with a quiet word as she watches Hayden on the stage

Piotr picks up his drink, disembarks the barstool and heads towards Evie's table. A smile is offered once he nears it, and a wave. "Wonderful opening night, Evie. Very inspiring artwork."

Piotr stands and leaves The Bar.

On the Stage Hayden hams it up with all the dnd nerd stereotypes "Shooting lightning to the sky roll a d6. dungeon crawling beast makes you put your shields up." He puts his arms up when he puts his shield up. He finishes the song and shakes his head as he leaves the stage.

Clara cheers for Hayden when he finishes his song

Evie flinches, leaning away from Paige and putting a hand on her near shoulder-- before FLINCHING something fierce, like she just heard a loud crash. Or something. Not that there was one....

Rick applauds for Hayden and grins at the man "Nicely done. I have no idea what any of that means, but it was well done. Good job sir."

Mikael spots Phoenix at the door and his face lights up. He waves at him from the bar as he rises to move to greet him.

Conn laughs at his table and says "Don't worry no one saw", clearly to something Clara said. He applauds for Hayden and welcomes him back to the table with a kiss

Phoenix steps in and smiles at the sight of Mikael, following to the table he calls him to.

   Paige straightens herself up some. But at the table her violin case comes up, laid in front of her as she unsnaps the clasps.

"Well done, Hayden!" Yarden beams as he comes back to the booth. "I played D&D a ton when I was in college. Thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories!"

Mikael slides his arm around the redhead and kisses his cheek. He murmurs quietly to him as they settle at a table.

Clara congratulates Hayden when he comes back to sit and then glances over, Phoenix's entry drawing her eyes but she smiles and goes back to her conversation

Graym finishes up his cigarette and then heads inside, heading towards the bar.

   Taking her drink Ginger crosses over to the pool tables and begins racking a set of balls while she can watch the stage and whoevers performing next.

Evie fiiiiinally looks up, realizing Piotr's speaking to her, and gives a possibly suitable response. "Oh hey Piotr! I thought I saw you in the crowd. You liked the artwork?"

Mikael settles back comfortably at the table, "You have not been here since it was redecorated have you, cher?"

Conn stands up from the table, does a brief loop of the crowd, to make sure anyone who needs to can have a private word with him if they need. Mostly it consists of "absolutely, sure, I'll see you at that thing next week" and he seems to know something about most people here, where their kids go to school, the status of a loved one in hospital. Nobody gets left out of the very obviously practiced small talk, everyone knows he's bad at it, but most people seem happy just to have a "hello".

Piotr chuckles, nodding. "I was, indeed. You were properly adorned by a crowd of people wishing to congratulate you, so I departed after taking in the displays." He offers to Evie, with a grin. "Fantastic work. I wasn't certain if you were selling or displaying, or if you did commissions?" He wonders, idly.

Rick glances around the room to see if anyone is approaching the stage. Seeing no one, he rises and starts to make his way towards the stage.

Clara smiles as she talks with Yarden then laughs at some comment Hayden makes

Hayden orders a large glass of gin from Charlie. Charlie nods his head solemnly and goes about fixing the drink. Charlie hands Hayden a large glass of gin and walks to a different patron. Hayden gets his drink.

Yarden claps enthusiastically as another brave soul takes the stage.

Mikael slides his arm across Phoenix's shoulders as their attention goes to the stage.

Evie considers, ponders Piotr's question. "Displaying for now, though I expect we could do selling if the displaying artist wishes to place a price tag on their work. For commissions? I hadn't given that any thought at all. Heh. It's really supposed to provide a place for amateurs to get together and wax creative." A brief pause, with an eyebrow going up to Paige. "I could maybe commission a piece from you -- if I remember right, you dabble in art in your spare time?"

Phoenix turns his attention forward as he watches the show, mood light.

On the Stage Rick climbs up the stairs to the stage, gazes out at the crowd and gives a wave. "Hi, I'm Rick. I know it's an open mic night, but I can't sing. " Thats all he says, he just sits down at the piano and shakes his fingers a few times to warm them up. After a moment's hesitation he then starts to play the opening sounds of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

   "Not the best bet. Motivation waxes and wanes, I create a work when I am inspired. Not paint and then get inspired." Paige notes, soft voice, small smile as she motions to the stage. "One demand, from the winner."

Piotr grins to Evie, then Paige. "Well, if you do decide - please let me know? I need to dress up my home, and your work was amazing." He offers, raising his glass in a psuedo-toast. "I'll leave you two be. Again, congratulations on the excellent showing."

Yarden's head lifts a notch and she looks intently toward the stage. "Pink Floyd! Kick-ass!"

Evie smiles and waves happily to Piotr as he wanders away from her booth. "Sure thing. Don't be a stranger! I'll try to be in the Guild as much as I can between classes." Then turning back to Paige, she smirks. "Deal."

On the Stage Rick hears what Yarden says, and he glances her way, giving her a tight little grin, but his eyes seem perhaps a little distant. The song intensity picks up in tempo and volume, as if he was letting emotion out through the keys.

Clara nods to something said that clearly made her sad but she smiles gently and turns to the stage for the singiner

Conn taps his table to the rhytm of the song, his smile momentarily a little dulled, subdued, the song thematically perfect for the moment at hand. For that moment of clarity, of serendipitous synchronicity he smiles, glad for what was and no longer sad it is over. A page is turned.

With that said, Piotr finishes his drink and clears his tab - leaving a wonderful tip for the staff. Mission accomplished, he heads back into the night.

Evie suddenly looks like she's seen visions of her own death. Her face goes pale, and it's all she can do to just bury it into her own arms down on the table. She's whimpering something, but it's kinda hard to hear in this ruckus.

   CRACK goes the balls as they scatter. Ginger tilts her head listening then gives a little shrug throwing a thumbs up at Rick in approval of him trying something. Then it's back to smacking balls around with a long stick.

Claras eyes widen a bit and she goes pale but nods and turns from whatever caught her attention back to those at her table

Mikael taps his foot in time to Rick's song and murmurs something to Phoenix at their table.

Evie pops her head up long enough to pan around the room, glancing at the various booths, then the stage, then pops her head back down.

On the Stage Rick slowly lets the song draw to an end, the last note fading away to silence. Its clear to even the most casual observer that the song had an emotional impact on Rick, as tears are forming in the corners of his eyes. He sits still for just a brief moment then stands, faces the crowd say says "Thats for you, Katie." He then climbs down the stairs and returns to his previous seat.

Valentine finishes off his drink and continues people watching

Yarden applauds Rick's performance with gusto. "Thank you, that was fabulous."

Graym sips his scotch and stares into a certain corner of the bar, looking into empty space curiosly.

Conn applauds Rick similarly gusto-fillled and crosses the room to talk to him subtlely

Clara shivers as if the AC blew on her driectly for a minute but she smiles and rubs at her arms a little

Mikael applauds and nods his head with a smile, "Wonderful performance, Monsieur."

Rick nods his head and says louder so he can be heard, his voice a bit thick "Thank you, thank you. I have more I can play later, I don't want to be a stage hog." He then tilts his head to listen to what Conn says, then glances around the room for a moment, nodding in agreement.

"Charlie?" Yarden does her best to get the bartender's attention. "Could we get a round of hot drinks over here? Hot cocoa if you have it? If not, some hot tea or coffee. Thanks so much."

   Paige smiles to Evie, softly, before she slips her phone, a new model samsung from her clutch. She hmms a moment, tapping at it once before stating simply. "Dial Miss Giovanni.". Then it is going up near her ear, as she leans over slightly in her booth.

"Charlie?" Yarden does her best to get the bartender's attention. "Could we get a round of hot drinks over here? Hot cocoa if you have it? If not, some hot tea or coffee. Thanks so much."

   Paige smiles to Evie, softly, before she slips her phone, a new model samsung from her clutch. She hmms a moment, tapping at it once before stating simply. "Dial Miss Giovanni.". Then it is going up near her ear, as she leans over slightly in her booth.

Charlie drops over a tray of hot whiskeys, passes by Evie's booth with the penultimate, and then Conn's with the last. There's no flies on this bouncer.

Graym sips his drink and moves his head throughout the room like a dog or cat watching nothing in particular.

Conn reverse nods to Graym by way of greeting, having missed him in the initial throng or missed his entry to the club. Busy busy "Hey Graym, looking well. Will you be entertaining us tonight?"

Evie seems to suddenly calm down significantly, looking around and giving someone in the crowd a nod before turning back to Paige. But Paige is on the phone, so Evie remains politely quiet.

Clara glances over to Evie with a bit of a smile and a nod then thanks Charlie as he brings the hot drinks "Thank you so much"

Graym sips his drink and then says, "Uh, I wasn't going to, but sure, the room could use some, karmic cleansing, ya?" he notices Rick look his way and checks the dude out as well and nods, "Nice song. Uh,be right back." and then heads towards the stage.

Mikael settles back again with Phoenix then and glances around the room again as he waits for the next performance. He whispers something at the redhead's ear.

Phoenix tips his head to hear what Mikael is saying.

Hayden jumps up with his shield.. Ymm

Clara laughs at something and lifts her hot toddy to her table companions, sipping

Hayden jumps up with his shield.. Umm hands in the air!

Yarden shares Clara's laughter and lifts her own drink. "Here's to adventure!"

Hayden says, “Roll a d6 folk.”

Evie brings her hot whiskey to her lips and starts sipping on it, relaxing into the warmth of the nice simple beverage.

On the Stage Graym heads onto the stage and then pulls out his phone to hold up near the microphone, he clicks on the accompianmnet for Panic! at the Discos "High Hopes" and then launches into it with gusto, trying to lighten then mood a bit

Yarden manages to avoid spewing out a mouthful of drink. Once she safely swallows she throws her head back in response to Hayden's comment, then lifts her hand, inviting him to share a high-five. "Amen, brother!"

Clara sips her hot toddy and smiles at Graym digs into the song

Hayden high fives.

Conn says "Good luck," seemingly talking to Rick

On the Stage Graym finishes his song and then heads back off the stage without a bow or anything of the sort.

Clara sets down her drink and applauds for Graym!

Conn applauds heartfeltly for Graym. "Bravo, Graym."

Yarden shows her support for Graym with a heartfelt clap of her hands.

Evie applauds for Graym, then shoots Conn a warm smile. "Good guy Conn." Then Paige gets a nod, and Evie's headed up on stage for a performance of her own - that is, if nobody else had called dibs before her.

Graym checks his phone and then heads to sit down at a booth. He gives an acknowleding nod to those applauding as he takes a seat.

Clara nods to Yarden and sighs, giving a much more relaxed smile

   Angela wanders in, tugging her leather off and scooping it under her arm, her eyes widen, it seems busier than the norm but saunters over towards the bar.

Wick steps into the Murder of Crows from the street and smiles to see Evie taking to the stage. But then glancing to Conn's usual booth where he sits with Rick and Graym, he drifts over. "Hello!"

Conn stands up and leaves his regular booth and crosses to meet Wick with a hug "Hey love"

   Angela surveys the crowd as she gets to the bar, drumming her fingers along it, "Beer, cheap." she manages with a grin, tossing her leather on a seat and sitting down.

On the Stage Evie heads up on stage, then moves over to the jukebox to pick out a song. She starts up "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones, heading on over to pick up the mic to sing when the lyrics pick up. "I see a red door and I want it painted blaaaaack... No colors any-more, I want them to tuurn blaaaaackCuAnnan (talk)" Her motions are subdued at first, but when the pace of the music picks up, so does her dancing upon the stage! Hips moving this way and that as she gets with the beat.

Clara oooh's and looks up at Evie "I love this song"

Yarden perks up when she hears the next performer start her gig. "Damn if this isn't turning out to be the best night ever to drop in!" She pumps a single fist into the air. "The Stones, hell yeah!"

Wick returns Conn's hug with much warmth before settling down with him at the Long Table. As Evie starts to sing up on stage, he looks to her with the brightest smile and joins the cheers with her dancing.

   Paige leans over in her booth. Smiling to Evie, but then she nods to Conn. "Looks like your followers win, I will have to perform due to a bet with Evie."

Conn looks over at Paige with a grin, not really understanding but nodding anyway. "I look forward to it."

Wick's attention flits to Clara with her wave, and with a glow of a smile he returns it with enthusiasm. "Hi Clara!"

On the Stage Evie is just jamming out as she carries on, energy waxing and waning along with the song, voice keeping up in much the same pace. "Maybe then I'll fade awaay and not have to, face the faaaactsCuAnnan (talk) It's not eaaasy facin' up, when your whole world is blaaackCuAnnan (talk) 06:50, 13 July 2020 (PDT)" Mid-performance, and between lyrics, she fires off a great big smile right in Paige's direction.

Elizabeth walks into the bar with an upright posture but a bit more of a relaxed demeanor them normal. She glances up at the stage as she reaches the bar,"Oh it's busy here today. Some kind of event huh?"

"Hey Wick!" Yarden-in-costume also lifts her hand in a wave to Wick, following Clara's example. "Rock-n-roll all night!"

   Angela glances over to Elizabeth at the bar as she leans back against it in her seat, "Ya, open mic in full effect here." she takes another drink from her beer, attention returning to the stage.
   Re-racking the balls and polishing the sticks as Ginger nods her head along with the sond on stage.

Mikael nudges the redhead with him and nods towards the stage with a smile.

Graym talks quietly with Rick, chuckling as well.

On the Stage Evie builds up to a crescendo as her song comes to a close, just dancing about the stage as the ending is nothing more than the base melody, giving her a chance to basically freestyle. Once the song fades and finishes, she puts the mic up, hops off the stage with a bit of a leap, and struts back to her booth with Paige, feeling and looking proud.

Wick grins at Yarden with a nod of greeting. "Hi Yarden!" His attention flits a bit to Graym and Rick, smiling with much pleasure to see them talking. But as Evie wraps up her song, he's quick ot join the applause, cheering for her performance.

Clara applauds for Evie and even gives her a hoooooooot of approval

Rick seems a bit stunned by something Graym says to him, and he leans back, then leans forward, talking with him.

Elizabeth spots Rick and Graym and moves over to sit with them,"Oh hey there Rick, nice to see you again. I was hoping I would run into you." She is decidely not playing with her hair this time but still exposes a bit of her neck in a flirtatious manner."What have you been up to?"

   Paige raises her brows, lips quirking up into a smirk, but she softly rises, brushing off her dress for a moment, then patting softly at her violin case. "Mr. Conn, is there any chance I can borrow a guitar and a drummer?"

Evie quirks a brow at Paige. "Hang on. You said nothing about backup performers."

Clara finishes her drink and then hops over to hug Wick tightly with a grin "how are you dear"

Graym looks at Elizabeth as she joins them and then back to Rick, and back to Elizabeth, "Hello?" he asks her with an obvious questioning tone.

Yarden accepts Conn's invitation to join him at the long table.

Conn nods "there's a guitar on stage, always is. Drummer? Uh... I don't actually know about that. Does anyone here play drums?"

Wick wraps Clara back up tight in a hug, so pleased to see her. "I'm doing well. How are you? How's Sterling and Robert?" But then he pauses as Paige asks for a guitar and drummer, he smiles at her. "I'd be happy to accompany you."

Wick pauses before adding, "I mean, I'm more of a guitar player than a drummer... but I'd be able to keep up if a drummer is what you need."

Clara beams "they are wonderful, having a daddy and son night tonight" as she slips onto the bench at the long table "go rock out Wick"

"Bravo, Wick!" Yarden commends his willingness to volunteer in support of the next performer.

Rick blinks a bit in surprise as Elizabeth plops down "Uhhh....Hi?" He glances towards Graym and says a bit dryly "Hungry?"

   "Alas, Evie is already complaining. I will have to do with a backing drum track." Paige smirks a moment, before she shrugs to Wick. "Sorry." But then she is onwards, to the stage, vape pen removed from her clutch that is dropped before the stage. Mounting up to get her backing track, then pick up a guitar and test it.
   Angela smirks a bit and sits, finishing beer number one and getting a second as she watches the stage.
Elizabeth smiles at the mention of food,"Oh where are we going to eat?" She looks between both Rick and Graym expectantly.

On the Stage Paige takes a moment, hands gracing over the guitar she has picked up for a moment. She nods her head once her voice soft as it speaks to the microphone.

   "Dull life."
   Her fingers pluck nearly idly at strings, a few notes in a slow repeat, her voice only audible through the microphone carrying it.
   'One mistake in a subtle way
   Like I'm walking again, all on me
   Step slowly, you know that you fall between
   Dark places, what a simple web we weave'
   Then movement a lean forwards, her voice raising, aubible now as it creeps closer and closer to a near scream that is still singing.
   'We've seen the nightmare of the lies that you speak
   The beast that I lie beneath is coming in
   We've seen the nightmare of the lies that you speak
   The beast that I lie beneath is coming in'

Rick's eyes flicker from Elizabeth to Graym, then back to her "At someplace private." he says a bit waspishly. "That means not including you." No, thats downright rude.

Evie does not look like she's too terribly excited. At least, her face does not look too terribly excited. She's involuntarily bobbing along with Paige's performance, an admission that yeah. It's really good. Probably bet-winningly good.

Graym smiles a toothy grin, "Sure, come on love." he says to Rick with an obvious sarcastic wink and then gets up to head out.

Clara giggles at something Conn says then covers her mouth with her fingers

Elizabeth jaw drops obviously upset and offended for a brief moment, then she shuts it regains her composure and shrugs,"Well have fun playing with each other boys. I'm going elsewhere. I can't believe I thought you were cute. That's two people on my shit list now." She actually pulls out a small notebook and writes both their names in it. She then gets up and moves to the other side of the bar and orders a drink where she sits to watch the show in silence.

Yarden isn't familiar with the number that Paige is performing but gets into it more and more as her ear grows accustomed to the melody.

Graym gives Conn a salute and then heads out for the night, presumably for something to eat.

Conn grins at Graym "If you're not in bed by eleven, come home".

Elizabeth moves over to Evie's booth and sits down, with her drink she says one word."Men here ugh." She shakes her head,"I used to have them eating out of the palm of my hand. What's wrong with this place?"

Wick offers Graym and Rick a soft smile, lifting his hand in a little wave to wish them well.

Rick shoots Conn a mock angry look "He won't be, don't worry." He rolls his eyes a bit and glances towards Elizabeth "Too bad, her legs are not that bad. Knees are a bit pointy though...Anyways, lets grab a burger somewhere Graym."

Graym pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and smirks to Conn, "If you're gonna give me a curfew then I want a better allowance." he says with a chuckle and then heads out the door.

Conn leans over and gives a hug and kiss to Hayden, diverting his attention from the venue and event for a moment to give Hayden his full attention and then, back to the room, just ensuring that he doesn't have to get involved in anything in an official bouncerial capacity.

   'Know myself, know myself. Well, oh hell. Prissy queen, iron bars, iron heart, iron bars. Everything'
   By this time, Paige is swaying eyes half lidded, her fingers working frets at pace with her bold voice belting into the microphone.
   'A hundred years old, A hundred years old. Last on the village scene, fall apart, iron heart. More alive than you've ever been...'
   Yeah it is probably about time for Evie to start worrying...
   'We've seen the nightmare of the lies that you speak
   The beast that I lie beneath is coming in
   We've seen the nightmare of the lies that you speak
   The beast that I lie beneath is coming in...
   Well, it's a dull life. It's a dull life. It's a dull life. It's a dark place. It's a dull life. It's a dull life. It's a dull life. It's a dull life....Know myself...'
   Then there is only her slowing, her softening, as the chorus repeats, the song growing gentle, until it is over, and she is dismounting.

Yarden says her goodbyes to Conn, Clara, Hayden and Wick. As she stands to leave, she pauses long enough to give Paige a heart-felt round of applause.

Clara says, “good Night Yarden!" the lady calls then smiles and nods to Ginger as she sits "hi"”

Clara looks up and applauds for Paige's skill

Elizabeth makes a humming sound like she's considering it before she says to Evie,"No, no not really. Usually people say that right before they are about to tell me something rude and untrue like that I'm self-centered or something. Like I'd even care." She lets out a sigh and pushes her hair away from her face before sipping on a drink,"So yeah, I'd appreciate it if you didn't."

Wick rises with his applause for Paige's performance. And once the stage is clear, he heads up to take a turn at that mic.

   Paige gives a soft smile of appreciateion to the applause, before she returns to her seat.

Conn applauds Paige likewise, obviously impressed

Ginger claps with the rest along with a supportive "Show us your tits!"

Evie applauds for Paige, officially conceding to the better performer. "Well played up there." But her attention is quickly redirected toward Elizabeth, who gets The Look. No words, just The Look. Without breaking visual contact, she pulls out a notepad and a pen, and writes something down on it. "You know what, you've given me a great idea. I'm starting my own list." Then she leans in to whisper a thing to Paige.

On the Stage Wick steps up onto the stage and takes up the guitar that various performers have been using throughout the night. Then stepping up to the mic, he gives a bow. "Hi. I'm Wick. And this'll be Movement by Hozier."

   And then lowering his gaze, Wick plucks out light little chords and begins to move, tapping a beat on the stage floor. With this performance, is all about the words. And the dance - full of a sensual grace.

Clara looks up and smiles as Wick takes the stage

Mikael applauds enthusiastically as Wick takes the stage.

On the Stage Caught up in the joyous passion in Wick's voice echoing through the microphone, there are many that rise and start to dance through the bar.

   Paige listens to Evie for a second, then she merely nods, standing to her feet. "Of course!"

Ginger remains in her seat but does nod her head enjoying the music as she talks softly at the table.

On the Stage Wick's feet scrape and stomp with the rythm of the song that carries up through his body. Eyes closed and brows furrowed with the passion of the song, he sings his heart out into that microphone. The guitar's accompaniment remains quiet and subtle, but as the song lifts into the joyous final section, it takes on ever greater complexities, harmonizing with his voice.

   Wick is left breathless and dazed with the end of the song. But then refocusing on the audience, he smiles and offers a deep bow before hopping back off stage.

Conn raises to his feet as usual and applauds Wick's stellar performance "Bravo amor, bravo"

Clara applauds and whistles for her friend's performance

Mikael is sitting there swaying in his seat, feet tapping the floor and wishing Phoenix would come back from wherever he went...

Wick glows with a shy warmth as he returns to Conn's table. "Thank you..." he murmurs. He's about to settle down when he notices Mikael sitting nearby. "Mikael! It's wonderful to see you again."

Elizabeth also pulls back out her notebook and writes it in again with narrowed eyes before finishing her drink and paying for it."I guess I'm not making any friends here tonight so I guess I'll leave." She stands up and heads home.

Mikael smiles to Wick, "It is good to see you as well, mon ami. And to hear you perform."

Conn watches Elizabeth leave with a quizzical look on his face.

Clara looks over as Mikael is named and smiles, remembering the red head that had been seated with him

Mikael smiles and nods his head, "I shall make it a point." He gives a nod of his head and a smile to Clara when she glances towards him, remembering her from a charity event or two.

Wick smiles from Clara to Mikael. "So... you've met Clara... And Conn too, yes? Mm. And this is Ginger. She is still just arrived in Prospect. And have you met Hayden?"

Hayden pipes up. "My name is Hayden. I am a weirdling. Don't mind me. I am a very odd duck. "

Conn reverse nods to Mikael and chuckles at some joke at the table that is clearly about something other than Mikael, as he does a complicated "how do I reconsile these two things". "Hey Mikael, it's good to see you. Sorry, I haven't been intentionally ignoring you. I've just had a busy busy week and I needed to fill various people in on various changes. You know how it is."

   Ginger grins.. And her grin is a little unsettling as it seems a bit too wide. "Hi Mikael. Tell me. How do you feel about finger foods?" All very serious.

Wick smiles at Hayden with warmth and presses a light kiss to his cheek. "The best kind of duck that there is." But then he pauses and looks to Ginger with a subtle caution.

Mikael smiles as he looks around at the group and he nods his head to Wick, "I know Monsieur Conn, oui." He smiles warmly at the man, "I do not think you have ignored me. We are both very busy. I missed your last open mic night. And Monsieur Hayden... it has been a while but I recall him from... Roasters I believe. And Mademoiselle Clara I have not formally met but I have seen at several events." He bows his head to her, "A pleasure. I am Mikaël Rousseau." He smiles then to Ginger and repeates his introduction before raising his eyes, "Finger foods? I own a restaurant, Vieux Carre. Bourbon and Bedlam is the attached lounge. I enjoy finger foods."

Clara turns on the bench to give Mikael a warm smile "Hello, Clara Sterling. I've seen you around at a few charity events I think"

Conn nods "Lamb remains my preferred dinner choice," he is solemn. And without context, it seems absurd.

Wick grins around at his table and adds after Mikael's words. "I perform sometimes at the Bourbon and Bedlam. It's such a beautiful bar - made like a caurosel. And it's always full of the most amazing jazz. And later into the night, it gets experimental - such fascinating music."

   Ginger nods to Mikael laughing at some private joke "Me too. I'm a bit of a rogue gourmand. Ya know? Always wanting to sample this or that." before she just looks over her glasses to wink at Wick with her blood red eye.

Hayden says, “I sing jazz standards and songs about D&D games. Roll a d6."”

Mikael nods his head to Hayden, "Oui. I recall when I was at the recording studio and you came to do your song for that contest."

Conn smiles at Mikael and Ginger. "Well folks, I'm going to call it a night here. Wick, Hayden, do you want to get a taxi with me?"