The Murder of Crows

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The Murder of Crows

The Murder of Crows is a late night rock bar, recently refurbished, on D & Canary (dbref #1337). The new theme of the bar seems to be inspired by or dedicated to one of the Irish sovereignty Goddesses commonly known as the Morrigan, as she stands at either end of the main bar. It is owned by a man of middling height with an accent that could be from either side of the Irish sea but is definitely has aspects of Dublin, London and Liverpool about it. His name is Conn. He's probably introduced himself to you by now, he does it to most folk.

Bar rules

  1. The Customer is seldom right
  2. The Management reserve the right to refuse admission and service
  3. Upstairs is for regulars only (if you can go upstairs, you can go upstairs)
  4. Inhospitable behaviour may be considered grounds for refusal of admission and or service
  5. No unauthorized recording devices on premises

Conn enforces these.

Open Mic Nights

There are open mic nights that get run as a series of in game events.

Neutral Territory

If you've ever managed to get Conn to talk about the official position of the Murder of Crows, in a sphere aware sense, he maintains it as neutral territory. If you know what this means and what events transpired to bring that about, and are not a changeling you should now know that jeopardising that neutrality has Very Bad consequences. And he will press for them. And the precedent is not something he likes to talk about, and probably still gets a bit green talking about. Conn has gone to bat for this before, though thus far never come to blows. There are very few people that Conn has used the term Fae to. Or Troll. If you use it in character, expect Conn to ask where you came by your knowledge.

Drinks and Food Menu

There's a full drinks and food menu, because it's a bar. Please just order what you like and assume that it happens to have been available that day. The lamb is particularly good, as far as Conn's concerned.

Fae Sight

Wherever Conn goes in the Murder of Crows, the building's Fae Presence reflects his mood. His office most of all reflects that, the view in the window to faesight might show a bright sunny day. One of his windows always shows the Ebon Watchtower in the distance, one always shows the garden in his Holding. Currently the sky there is clear and bright, though there is a storm in the distance.