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The words 'Malkavian Thin Blood' define Torg, but 'Gun-Nut' is his calling. He's smart, awkward, polite, and really likes game hunting. It also helps that he is very, very easily mistaken for a normal person and not a mosquito. Keep moving, nothing to see here!

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Mortals: Grab bag, some are cool and others are too dangerous to associate with.

Mages: Wizards kick ass, magic missile is no joke, doesn't want to meet one.

Shifters: They really took out the best application of his firearms hobby: Shooting things into dinner. Also nope.

Other Splats: Sorry, don't know nothin'. Demons, ghosts, mummies and bygones. Is this Devil May Cry or Dungeons & Dragons?


Ventrue: Upper class, be polite and nod along and they won't suspect you don't care.

Brujah: Look tough, don't give away you aren't, don't throw talk you can't back up, okay.

Assamite: Haven't met them himself without being explicitly informed, been told to be a good boy or else avoid them.

Nosferatu: Generally cool cats, just stay off their turf unless invited well in advance with a round trip ticket.

Gangrel: Probably actual cats. They probably hunt too, even if the motivation and methods differ somewhat.

Tremere: Vampire Wizards. When the robe and hat come on, exit immediately.

Toreador: Stay on guard, keep all the exits well in view the whole time, these are the real predators.

Malkavian: The best clan, really. The one he's most familiar to and biased towards.

Lasombra: Nope. No. Scary. Toreador might be out to get you, but these ones are pure terror. Exit strategy when knowingly to deal with.

Inconnu: Don't know much of anything, rumours say they know something.. interesting.

Caitiff: Strays like Torg, don't trust them. They're all to survive on their own, that makes them dangerous and unpredictable.

Anyone else is too distant or no-individuals met to form an opinion about.

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Amos: The Primo. Hard time contacting for Torg. Stray

Guivre: The other Primo. Cool cat, truly helpful. Glass

Paige: She likes guns, is the sheriff. The only one to tattle to. Stray

Opal: Friend, fledgling too. Glass

Myrtle: A potential local patron. Or, matron? Glass

Madelene: Nobility, best to stay in good regards with. Rose

Hannah: New acquaintance, to be cautious around. Pointy hat

Ed: Friend. Street tough and means well enough. Cowabunga

Colombe: New acquaintance, intuitive, worth talking to further. ?

Grayling: Mysterious, best to learn a little more about through observation. Rose

Mikael: Helpful. Polite and friendly, best to stay on good side. Shadow? Rose?

Nataly: Trouble. Bit big to chew on.

Evie: Seems nice, a real humanitarian sort.

Others not on this list are either not considered close enough to Torg to consider contacting without purpose, or are considered a threat to avoid. Regardless of the face put on.

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No pages meet these criteria.


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Full Name: Torg(ue) Stihl

Age: 32

Height: 6'

Position: Moral support and brainstorming assistant.

App Age: Yes.

Plan: Avoid (final) death.

Theme Song: (Human Music) Hunting:

Office-hours: Variable, usually Nights-sunrise EST/EDT

Temperament: Awkward, skittish.

Short Desc: Warm, tall, weird?

Notable Stats: Stamina, Firearms, Int/Wits. Low Charisma and Strength.

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RP Hooks
  • Caitiff
  • Malkavian Clan
  • Appears human!
  • Guns, guns, guns!
  • Hunting Enthusiast
  • Subscribed to Traps Illustrated (monthly)
  • Dressed weird
  • Streetwise
  • Computer skill

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