2021.04.28 Avci Antiquities Private Auction

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2021.04.28 Avci Antiquities Private Auction
Avci Antiquities Grand Opening Private Auction
IC Date April 28, 20201
Players Ambrosia, Amelie, Asheton, Charai, Colombe, Daphnne, Ed, Gregory, Hannah, Jolene, Kahraman, Lila, Madeline, Paige, Phillip, Seralynn, Shiori, Sveta, Torgue, Willow
Location Avci Antiquities
Spheres Vampire Camarilla Ghoul

Avci Antiquities

A fairly new industrial warehouse has been converted into a fine auction house.

At the entrance, the entire auction house is visible. The floors are polished white and grey marble that meet at the base of the dark creme painted walls. Large square pillars stretch to the high ceiling above, with accent spot lighting installed on them. The ceiling is painted a soft white. Extravagant crown molding has been installed throughout the building, giving it a museum feel. Soft blue accent lighting has been placed in various locations on the floor to set a modern vibe inside.

After entering Avci Antiquities, three massive sarcophagi rest. Each are spaced evenly across allowing walking and viewing access from almost all angles. Past this point is a large open area that is used as the auction floor. There are no chairs available for seating. Beyond this area are three black curtains. Each hang from the ceiling to the floor with a ten foot space left open between each.

Behind the curtains, shelves upon shelves are visible. All filled with items from around the world. Books, weapons, furniture, paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, carpets, vases, jewelry, and much much more...

Avci Antiquities is set with a light classical music in addition to the description above. Kahraman stands in the center of the Auction floor and offers a smile as others arrive. 6 objects are covered with Blue velvet and placed behind him on display. There has been some adjustment to the lighting to spotlight each item.

Ed arrives wearing a Mask with darker skin, a mass of poofy hair, and a black and white dress. She smiles at Kahraman as she enters the room and lifts a hand in greeting.

Daphnne is standing by the door with and Gregory, greeting the visitors as they enter. She's wearing a classic chic black gown with emerald and diamond jewelry accessories, "Good evening, welcome to Carlsbad and the grand opening and private auction of Avci Antiquities."

Phillip steps inside the antiquities shop, Willow on his arm. He looks about for a moment, searching for a place for them to get situated on the auction floor. The Rose is very clear to make certain Kahraman has a clear line of sight to him. As he sees others, he offers a nod and smile of greeting.

Madeline arrives with Shiori. The Toreador elder clad in flowing red and black silk that whispers as she moves

Shiori is dressed in a one shouldered green sequined gown this evening with feather accents down the slit in the skirt. She walks with Madeline, though her gaze sweeps the interior with curiosity. A smile curves her lips.

"Once everyone is situated, I will begin." Kahraman announces. "I am so happy to see each of you here."

Colombe arrives solo, her retainer Emile walking a few steps behind. She is extraordinary in an exquisite scarlet gown of silk and velvet, mesmerizing layers twisting and turning over each other with deceptive simplicity (https://cityofhopemush.net/images/1/14/Colombe_long_red.jpg). She greets Kahraman with a wide smile, inclining her head to him as she pauses to speak with the hosts. "Quite a turn out." She offers Daphnne a quiet smile. "Good evening, Keeper."

Willow walks with Phillip, her unoccupied hand holding a clutch that matches her gown. She offers Kahraman a smile as Phillip makes his greeting, then leans to quietly ask him, "Where shall we sit?"

Paige arrives with her shadow, quiet. The click of heels with her closed parasol over one shoulder. Eyes travelling around, studying for a moment before proceeding onwards.

Torgue always liked auctions. Not that he can afford anything. He's in his usual outfit, unlike these other people that can afford a different thing every outing. He remains near the entrance to watch everyone filter in and look the venue over.

Hannah arrives just a minute or so late, dressed in a mini dress made from tiers of colorful tulle, creating a rainbow effect ( https://imgur.com/a/RDzFjCz ). Her hair is left in its natural blonde shade and worn up in two high buns, except for a pair of gently curled strands that breezily waft next to her pale face. She walks in with a smile, her hands clasped behind her back and brows gently lifted with curiosity. She glances around for any familiar faces, but seems to be strolling in the general direction of the seating area.

Svetlana Serova wasn't here a few moments ago. Now she is. She's off to the side of the seating arrangement, leaning against the wall with her arms folded and her face impassive. Little round sunglasses rest low on the bridge of her nose so she can peer out over the top of their rimless lenses. She's watching the crowd gradually shuffle in, idly chewing on the inside of her cheek.

Lila arrives a bit later than is her typical custom but upon stepping in and looking around, a smile lights up her face at what she sees and, slowly, she makes her way further in, taking the atmosphere of the place and occupants in.

Shadow, indeed. Simple mary janes with a chunky heel boost Seralynn's height further. Her long legs are covered with black over the knee socks, while the rest of her clothing is comprised of a pleated black skirt and a simple, black button up blouse - highlighting the contrast between her darker features and the fairer of Paige's. She moves quietly, and with her willowy grace, hands lightly linked behind her, by the index fingers curling to hook one another.

Stepping out from her Black SUV, Amelie is assisted by one of her bodyguards. She is escorted to the entrance and then she waves the man off as she comes inside. Dressed in a striking blue silk and chiffon gown that is quite the work of art (Thank you Madeline!), Amelie makes her way inside with that sparkling smile on her face. "Bon Soir!" She says to everyone.

Kahraman gives a graceful bow and says, "Esteemed members of the Imperial Praxis... Welcome to Avci Antiquities and this evenings private Auction." He rises and continues, "This evening I have a special treat for you. Six items of immense rarity and value.

"Before I start the auction and reveal the first item, I would like to go over a few rules as to how this will work. First, I would like to assure you that each of these items are indeed authentic and each were acquired through legal means. Second, the rules.. Please be courteous to each other. The bidding can be done in three ways... You may use money, boons, and trade. To bid please raise you hand and then make your offer for the item. When no one else bids, then the item will go to the final bidder."

"Not Elysium, be on your best behavior." Paige notes to Seralynn softly as she finishes her scan. A nod to the taller woman even as her hand comes out to wave in greeting to Amelie. Then a soft sigh. "All legal, disapointing."

Kahraman gives a graceful bow and says, "Esteemed members of the Imperial Praxis... Welcome to Avci Antiquities and this evenings private Auction." He rises and continues, "This evening I have a special treat for you. Six items of immense rarity and value.

Before I start the auction and reveal the first item, I would like to go over a few rules as to how this will work. First, I would like to assure you that each of these items are indeed authentic and each were acquired through legal means. Second, the rules.. Please be courteous to each other. The bidding can be done in three ways... You may use money, boons, and trade. To bid please raise you hand and then make your offer for the item. When no one else bids, then the item will go to the final bidder."

Hannah turns around when Amelie makes her greeting to the room, offering a warm smile and wave. The shift in posturing also allows her to spy Sveta, who has just arrived on the Tremere's heels, which makes it easy enough to slink a white arm through the Malkavanian's in a companionable fashion. "Bon SWAH," she greets the other woman, intending to press a MWAH of a kiss on each of Sveta's cheeks, as if they were good little French girls. When Kahraman begins to speak, she mosies over to take a seat next to Phillip and Willow, making it a quartet. She smiles to them, then looks forward to listen to the host.

Madeline smiles and inclines her head to several as she steps in and pauses beside Amelie to kiss her cheek in greeting before turning her eyes curiously towards the presentation

Ed looks around for a moment, then drifts towards Paige and Seralynn. "Evening. Think that you'll bid on anything, Paige?"

Phillip raises his hand and asks Kahraman, "Monsieur Avci. Do you plan to have opening bids on these lots?"

Colombe steps away from the hosts, and walks into the main auction hall, approaching Phillip and Willow as well, making it five --- assuming Ms. Serova made it. She smiles pleasantly, as Phillip asks his question of Mr. Avci.

Sveta eyes Hannah as if she's never met the woman before in her life, a little head-to-toe surmising with faint incredulity. That said, she doesn't put up a fuss as she's pecked, grabbed, and hauled along to be the social butterfly she was never meant to be. She's arm candy for now, mute, a little glassy-eyed, and failing to really offer greeting to any of the familiar faces she's soon sitting amongst.

Lila's attention drifts to Kahraman as he speaks and she makes her way closer to that area, finding a spot where she is out of the way but can still see all that's going on.

Willow lets her hand slide from Phillip's arm, a smile already tugging at her lips. When Hannah approaches she playfully pseudo-whispers. "Don't want to get in the way, best he have both arms." grinning at the other woman. "And by the by you look lovely tonight." Nodding her hello to Sveta, and then Colombe as she joins them.

Kahraman nods to Phillip, "Indeed Sir. There will be." He then motions to the first object and removes the Velvet covering. "Allow me to reveal the first itme. The Lindisfarne Gospels." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindisfarne_Gospels

Amelie looks over to Paige and Seralynn and offers a wave to them, as she makes her way in further. A smile and bow of the head to Hannah, as she looks around for a place to stand to watch this auction. Her eyes settle on Kahraman, just the man she has meant to speak to for weeks now, but as things are getting going, she remains quiet.

Madeline watches and smiles "stunning"

As security closes the doors and secures the room for the auction Daphnne slips her arm through Gregory's and approaches the auction stage.

"Doubtful Ed." Paige tilts her head softly to the side. "There is little I want for anymore that can be outright bought."

Ambrosia enters the large auction house and lingers near the door so she can fire off a final text message, then she is tucking her smartphone into her small purse and moving further inside.

"Good evening, Miss Ed." Seralynn greets, inclining her head towards the woman, and nodding to others in the crowd that look their way.

Shiori tips her head slightly as she studies the first item. She smiles quietly, and nods to Madeline's comment, "Indeed."

Phillip nods to Kahraman as he answers his question, "Merci." As cover is removed, the Toreador studies the illuminated manuscript at a distance. He focuses on the religious text for a good long while, clearly taking in the beauty of the piece. Making an approving nod, he looks now to Kahraman.

Colombe studies the Lindisfarne gospels with a careful eye, her expression otherwise neutral.

Hannah seems immune to Sveta's incredulity, but then again, the Tremere is comfortable being a social butterfly for two. As they settle into their seats, she leans over to whisper something in the Malkavian's ear, her eyes dancing with good humor. She draws away, arm still looped with the other woman's, and then turns her face to smile at Phillip, Willow, and Colombe. "Thank you," she murmurs back to the Daughter, "You look gorgeous as well." And she leans forward to add, "You too Coco." A beat. Looking at Phillip. "You look...okay." A smirk. She's in the process of straightening up from her lean when Ambrosia enters, which of course earns a welcoming smile and wave. After all that, it's back to the front, her eyes dancing with interest over the first item up. It's not something she's inclined to bid on, but it's lovely nonetheless.

Kahraman continues, "Created in 700AD from Vellum and Pigment.

When considering British art, we can first find real paintings in the form of manuscripts. Most of these were religious, and one of the oldest and finest is the book called the Lindisfarne Gospels. Today, more than 1300 years old, paintings is older than England itself, and is a perfect example of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Mediterranean artistic elements.

Kahraman says, "We shall start the bidding at $100,000.00" He pauses and says, "Remember you can bid money, boons or trade..."

Torgue finds a nice spot in the auction area as the showings begin, and squats down there. Content to watch from this angle with his elbows resting on his thighs and reinforcing an upright posture. No noise from him for now, aside his leathers creaking into position.

Ed smirks at Paige, then smiles at Seralynn. As the bidding starts, she makes a small choking noise. "Fuck. Too rich for my blood."

Lila's eyes light up as she takes in the first item up for bid, listening with rapt attention as Kahraman provides its history. A blink, then another, at the starting price but then a slight smile forms and she looks around to see who will be the first to bid.

"That is the problem with having specific interest areas." Paige speaks to Ed, before her hand raises to motion Sera closer. "Everthing that actually interests me is almost impossible to legally buy, or is hidden very much away."

Serova meets Willow's gaze. Those words of greeting are given a long, slow blink in response, before a dim smile creeps across her lips like an oil slick. She inclines her head toward Hannah when the whisper comes her way. Her shoulders quake in soundless mirth that goes on for just a few moments too long and is only extinguished with a few long pants. Her gaze travels over to the item on display, entire head rolling in its direction. She forms some words with her mouth, maybe in response to Hannah, maybe to some other stimuli. In any case, it's near inaudible.

Ambrosia returns Hannah's smile with a distracted one of her own before she takes a seat in the last possible row, alone. The item on auction is examined from afar before the dark-haired woman turns her gaze toward the crowd in front of her.

Phillip glances about the room, seeing if there are any bidders on the item. He is very careful to make no gestures with his hand or other movements that could be construed a bid by the auctioneer.

Amelie does know some people that might be interested in such an item, but she is saving her money for a later time. For now she smiles and watches to see who might bid.

"My fellow Kindred, this is quite a piece that is beyond value to the right person. A lovely addition to any collection... Do I have a bid for $100,000"

Colombe's lips part quietly. She tilts her head gently, taking a closer look at the artifact currently on auction.

Madeline sighs softly and shakes her head "although it would look wonderful in my Gallery"

Beckoned, Sera drifts closer to Paige, more to her side than behind. A hand briefly rests on Paige's shoulder, giving the lightest of squeezes before it rejoins her other hand behind her back once more.

Daphnne lets her eyes go over the manuscript again and then turns to Madeline, "Yes, it would. Or equally wonderful in Katharina's library among the mortal histories."

Kahraman states, "Very well, I can see you are looking for something... More." Kahraman covers the object back up and removes the second on display.

Torgue cannot afford either of the starting prices, and just remains in his squatted spot. The next thing to be shown captures interest in an attempt to discern what it is- and what that hecking price will be..

"The next item up for bid is The Francois Vase." Kahraman says. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7ois_Vase

Madeline nods to Daphnne with a smile "perhaps even better with the Duchess"

Ed absently lifts a hand and tugs at one of her ears, glancing towards the item being auctioned and she lightly shakes her head. "Well, I can't afford any of it anyway." A smile is directed towards Amelie. "Do you think that you'll be making a purchase, Amelie?"

Kahraman continues, "*The Francois vase is one of the earliest known Athenian clay bowls. This bowl, called a krater, is a black-figure piece depicting a wedding procession. Also inscribed on the piece, which is housed at the Museo Archeologico in Florence, Italy, are the names of the potter (Ergotimos) and the painter (Kleitias).

"We shall start the bidding at $50,000"

As the next piece is revealed, Phillip studies the vase with as much care as he did the manuscript before. He nods again, seeming to approve of the piece as well. Leaning over to Willow and others around him, he says softly, "A fine piece, no doubt." His eyes enraptured as each piece is revealed.

Madeline smiles "Glorious" she says quietly about the vase

Ambrosia crosses her legs and settles in comfortably in her seat in the far back of the group. Her gaze follows Kahraman as the man covers the first piece and then reveals the second, the Francois Vase. The new piece has her eyes widening in surprise.

Willow tilts her head towards him as Phillip leans over, a soft smile on her face. "It's quite lovely. Apparently someone had a very large wedding." she answers softly as looks over the layers of figures on the bowl.

Shiori murmers softly, "It is lovely. But I'm not sure where it would fit in with my decor."

Lila's head tilts slightly to one side as she looks at the second auction item, arms moving to fold loosely beneath her chest as she studies the vase from her vantage spot.

"Quite, it would go well in the gallery." Paige motions to Colombe with a lift of one of her shoulders.

Daphnne was still eyeing the first piece and gives it another glance after it is covered before she keeps her attention on the current item.

Kahraman smiles and says, "A a reminder, the peices that do not gain a bid, become open to sell privately. If it fails to sell, then some go to trade for other items, and some get donated to Museums."

Jolene trickles in quietly to the back of the crowd as the newest vase is introduced and smiles as she sees listens to the reaction of those who have gathered for the auction. She is dressed in a sparkling red chiffon full length gown, that hugs her curves tastefully. She does frown at the opening bid though.

Charai slips into the auction a little late and likely far to poor to avoid anything. Still looking is free isn't it...oh please let it be free.

Colombe considers the exquisite Greek pottery quite carefully. Could that be a gleam in her eye? She raises her hand. "$50,000."

Ambrosia's ice-blue gaze flicks toward Colombe when the other woman raises her hand and bids. The Malkavian Primogen has retrieved her phone from her purse and fires off a quick message before she looks back up and over the crowd, scanning for the sign of another bidder.

Lila purses her lips thoughtfully then shifts her gaze slowly around the area, smiling then as Colombe makes the opening offer.

Kahraman makes note of Colombe's bid. "We have $50,000. Do I hear a counter?"

Madeline stands with Shiori watching the event as it unfolds, fascinated and curious about what will be revealed next. Should any other roses arrive she'll be watching for them

Hannah's eyes actually /do/ have a bit of a sparkle in them as she examines the Greek pottery. She shifts in her seat, considering something, but ultimately keeps her itchy trigger finger lowered. When Colombe makes the bid, she offers an encouraging applause, glancing around to see if there are any other bidders.

Asheton steps into the room, glancing about thoughtfully, not at the items as much as the people.

Kahraman says, "Esteemed Kindred, we have a bid of $50,000. If there are no others, I will move on." Kahraman remains silent and in thought for a moment.

Madeline looks over and smiles, lifting a hand in greeting to Asheton

Jolene nods her head towards the Auctioneer to counter the $50,000 bid, "60,000." Her father would be disappointed if she let such a treasure go for so little.

Charai slips over towards Lila quietly joining her clan mate. Turning towards the front of the room she looks to see what is being bid on.

Torgue doesn't make any counter offer. Or much movement at all, only a little bit of creaking as he takes a deep breath. His eyes glaze over and he shifts into his usual reverie after a few moments, having surmised that this is all well out of his depth.

Kahraman makes note of Jolene's bid. "We have $60,000."

Lila looks in Jolene's direction as the recently returned Rose counters, a soft smile remaining on her lips and one which she then offers to Charai in greeting as she notices the other Tremere join her where she stands.

Madeline smiles as Jolene ups the bid and nods

Jolene moves over towards Madeline and Shiori, offer a warm smile to the both of them, and squeezes each of their hand, seeing if anyone will counter her bid, looking around out some that she would fully expect to do so, but wondering if they will.

Colombe's expression remains mostly neutral as she considers the piece, her lips parted gently, and her eyes warm. "$75,000."

Kahraman smiles and announces, "We have $75,000!"

Daphnne smiles over at the young Toreador, "A beautiful piece" she states, her eyes scanning the first item as her attention returns to the vase.

Ambrosia's gaze alternates between Colombe and Jolene as the counter bid and counter-counter bid come in.

Hannah gives a little clap when the bid is elevated, having seen people do that in movies and whatnot. She engages in a bit of brief conversation with Phillip, but never takes her eyes off of the auction. She conjures up her phone from somewhere or other and sends a text, without even really needing to look at the screen.

Madeline kisses Daphnne's cheek and smiles as Colombe raises the bid again "oh my"

Kahraman says, "If we have no other bids...."

Shiori gives Jolene a smile when she approaches. She then looks back to the vase with curiosity.

Jolene looks over at Colombe consider her bid and decides to raise the bid, "$85,000, please." She is still looking around to see if any others will bid, but she knows exactly where the piece will go if she acquires it.

Asheton stands back, watching quietly, hands hooked in his pockets.

Madeline nods to Jolene and whispers aloud "i'll toss you a little cheri, if you need it"

Kahraman exclaims, "We have 85. Do we have another?" Looking to Colombe.

Colombe smiles warmly to Kahraman and replies, "$100,000."

Sveta's shoulder nudges Hannah's from time to time as she shifts in her seat. She's gone from catatonic to minorly agitated, still muttering lowly, in an incessant prattle that almost sounds like a prayer or incantation. She folds a leg up under her opposite and roughly combs her fingers through her hair.

Willow watches the bids go back and forth, ooh'ing softly as Colombe jumps up in the lead.

Kahraman nods. "We are at $100,000."

Lila shakes her head with a smile as the bidding war goes on, her gaze moving between Colombe and Jolene.

Madeline smiles to Asheton "feeling like some precious art tonight Mon Ami?

Phillip smiles widely as the lot goes higher, looking between bidders approvingly, "Now everyone is warmed up."

Daphnne gives an smile at Colombe as the other Ventrue gives a bid on the vase. She turns as Madeline speaks to Asheton, "Oh, I did not see you come in, forgive me. How are you tonight Mister Sterling?"

Jolene seems to consider the amount for a moment before she ups it one more time, "$110,000, if you would please." She winks to Columbe to see what the woman will do.

Asheton glances up and offers a nod to Daphne "I'm well enough" he greets easily to Daphne. "Thank you." then to Madeline "No. I think I'm just...here" he adds with a soft chuckle.

Madeline laughs warmly and nods to Phillip then smiles "Asheton I am very pleased you could be here"

Kahraman smiles, "110,000!" He looks to Colombe. "Madame?"

Colombe considers. After a brief moment, she offers, "$150,000."

Kahrman nods, "The item is raised to $150,000."

Ambrosia continues to glance from one bidder to the next. Colombe earns another stare when the bid is upped to $150,000, then Ambrosia is looking for Jolene's reaction. She rises from her seat after a moment, careful to keep her arms low and at her sides, and moves back to stand near the exit.

Amelie is amazed at how the bidding war is going here. Quite a lot! She wants to clap but it is too exciting and not quite over yet.

Jolene imposes a limit of her own on herself, as she look from Colombe and shakes her head at the actioneer, letting the bid go to Colombe unless anyone else chooses to counter the bid.

"We have a final bid of 150. Going once, going twice..." Kahraman smiles.

Paige watches, seemingly having small hushed conversations with Sera and Ed in turn, through she does shrug to the latter.

Colombe smiles quietly, triumph shining warmly in her eyes as she takes the win.

Hannah looks back and forth between the bidders, her eyebrows raised. Some of her attention is stolen away when Sveta's rocking form nudges her shoulder, and she looks over at the Malkavian with consideration. It's a long stare, one that goes dreamy-eyed and distant, until finally she blinks and focuses. Hannah remains unperturbed by her mumbling companion, but she does move to drape an arm gently over the back of her chair. Given that she only has one hand to use in congratulations, she offers Colombe some serious *snaps* with her rainbow-polished fingers. "Congrats," she offers to the Ventrue, before turning around to peer excitedly forward. What's next?

Kahraman says, "SOLD for $150,000. Congradulations Madame... Please see me later to finalize the sale." Kahraman looks through the gathered Kindred and thinks for a moment. He then removes the cover from the previous item and gives a nod to himself. He then moves over to a larger dispaly and removes the curtain. "Allow me to introduce the Madrid Codex..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madrid_Codex_(Maya)

Daphnne gives a pleased expression over to Colombe, and pats Jolene's hand. "We can still admire it no doubt in Elysium."

Phillip applauds lightly as Colombe wins the bid, looking to the Ventrue Keeper with a nod, "Well bid, Keeper." Now that the bidding has started in earnest, the Toreador seems to be in his element.

Madeline applauds For Colombe's win and smiles, touching Jolene's cheek as if to share her condoalnces before she laughs and turns to the next item

Asheton gives a final glance around, offers a gentle nod to those nearby, and turns to head out once more

Charai leans over to LIla, "I see I got here just in time for the excitement. Are you bidding or like I just here to look?"

Ambrosia offers Asheton a brief nodd and a casual stare as the man walks by her on his way out.

Colombe offers Phillip a bit of a pert smile before she looks warmly to Hannah and grins, saying something quietly to the Tremere.

Kahraman continues as he stands to the side. "*Discovered in Spain in the 1860s, the Madrid Codex also known as the Tro-Cortesianus Codex is one of the only surviving books attributable to the pre-Columbian Maya culture of around 9001521 AD. *Most likely produced in Yucatn, the book is written in Yucatecan, a group of Mayan languages which includes Yucatec, Itza, Lacandon and Mopan. *Experts disagree on the exact date the Madrid Codex was created, though it is said by some to have been made before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century. *The book was acquired from the Museo de Amrica in Madrid, Spain.

"The bidding will start at $30,000"

Jolene looks around for the final last minute bid to creep in before bowing her head in support of Colombe's acquisition, "Well done on your acquisition." She smiles before turning her attention back to the Madrid Codex to look it over before she considers bidding on it.

Almanacs and horoscopes. Divinatory rituals. Oh yes, Hannah looks excited about this one. She straightens a little more, her fingertips tapping against her upper-thigh. And then, after a moment of hesitation, she lifts her hand up in the air to signal her interest.

Madeline pauses to look at the item carefully, a soft breath escaping her at its beauty

Kahraman acknowledges Hannah. "We have the starting bid. Do I have a counter?"

Lila applauds lightly for Colombe's winning bid, then turns her attention on the next item up for bid - listening to the description with interest and answering Charai softly, "If only I had the funds for such things." Hannah's interest in the item causes her to look thoughtfully in her Primogen's direction, then she looks to see who else might be interested enough to counter.

Amelie claps softly but with much enthusiasm for the highest bidder winning! Oh and it is Colombe! How wonderful! "Tres bon!!" As the next item comes up she is looking over it carefully.

Willow quietly offers, "Congratulations." To Colombe. She'd clap but she's keeping her hands down so there aren't any mistakes.

Ed is talking quietly with Paige and her expression becomes thoughtful for a moment, before she nods in response to something that is said.

Sveta might not notice Hannah's hand extended around the back of her chair, or she might simply not care. She seems to have other preoccupations. A few heavy blinks and her mouth gradually stops moving. She wets her lips, lets out a little chuckle, and shakes her head. A series of rapid blinks brings her attention up to the item up for bid.

Phillip studies the codex with a careful eye and glances to Hannah as she bids on it, then back to the antiquity. He smiles, his eyes bright as he studies it, "What a magnificent Mesoamerican piece."

"Fellow Kindred, this is a rare item and it took quite some time to convince the owner to let go of it..." Kahraman nods to Phillips words.

Madeline blinks awake a little and smiles "Glorious"

Ambrosia lingers near the exit as the second item is unveiled and she regards it with careful consideration. Hannah's big draws a glance from the goth who then scans the crowd again in search of a counter bidder.

Jolene is such a push over and she shakes her head and speaks up, to up the bid, "75,000, please." She can't see such a unique piece go for less." She is looking around the room for other interested parties to counter, hoping they will all decide to speak up.

Daphnne steps a bit closer to examine it, "Oh, this is a highly skillful item."

Kahraman acknowledges Jolene. "We have 75."

Lila blinks as the bid goes from $30,000 to $75,00, and she looks in Jolene's direction with a smile.

Hannah's hand falls down after Jolene's counter-bid, offering the Toreador a rueful smile and a tip of an invisible hat.

Madeline smiles brightly to watch the game being played

Kahraman looks to Jolene with a smile and says, "75,000 going once, twice..."

Hannah smiles and shakes her head, showing that she is out.

Madeline squeezes Jolene's arm with a bright smile

Daphnne glances over to the Tremere that are here, notices that Hannah is out and then turns to Jolene with a smile. She whispers, "I believe you have this one, my Dear."

Jolene looks around at the gathered, "Truly this exquisite piece of history of our world, and not one of you is willing tou outbid me? And truly show your appreciation of what is being offered here?" She smiles, "I am happy to take it for such a steal and ensure it is not hidden away if that is the way you all feel. But I hoped for more from this group."

"125,000 dollars." Ambrosia calls out clearly from the back of the room.

Kahraman peers into the group and acknowledges Ambrosia. "We have a new bid of 125,000..."

Willow tilts her head and looks over at Jolene, a funny expression crossing her face. She glances to Hannah, then over at Ambrosia as she ups the bid.

Madeline blinks and steps up "126 Thousand Dollars and a Trivial boon"

Kahraman nods to Madeline. "We have a new bid... Do I hear a counter?"

Phillip turns as he hears Ambrosia call out the amount of money from the back of the room. The Rose arches a brow slowly and grins at her. Eyes move to Madeline as his Primogen calls out a new number.

Lila turns her head in Ambrosia's direction, regarding the new Primogen for a few moments before she slowly looks back towards Jolene and then Madeline as she now counters.

Jolene bows her head respectfully at Ambrosia coming out with a strong bid and the smiles at Madeline, and Ambrosia, "I can not match the bid, I am afraid," She offers, but does nod respectfully to those still bidding.

Ambrosia's thumbs work over the screen of her smartphone even as she keeps her gaze on the proceedings. Madeline draws a lingering glance during the counter-bid and the goth purses her charcoal-colored lips in thought.

Madeline tips her golden head and nods to Ambrosia, awaiting her decision or that of another

When the Malkavian Primogen bids Daphnne steps in again for a closer look at the codex, and then glancing back to the woman as if wondering if she saw someething she could not from it.

Ambrosia shifts her weight from foot to foot and then glares at her smartphone as a message comes in. She pauses, takes a moment to clear her expression, then inclines her head toward Madeline before making a sweeping motion with her hand in Kahraman's direction. She's done bidding.

Hannah appears to be engaging in some stupefied texting, her eyebrows hiked up as she clumsily types something. Her expression is fairly neutral except for those brows that look ready to blast off into orbit. Gradually, her expression is overcome with a smirk, and she types something back. That done, she sighs, maybe a little wistfully, still grinning to herself.

"Esteemed Kindred, do I hear a counter. We are at 126,000 and a Trival Boon." Kahraman smiles "Going once.... Twice.... Sold! Congratulations Madame. Please see me later to finalize the transaction." Kahraman moves to the next item covered on a table. He removes the Blue velvet cover. "Our next item is known as Goujian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_of_Goujian

With a sharp breath of air, Serova rises. She pauses halfway out of her chair to bump her forehead against Hannah's in acknowledgement. It's not really gentle, but it's not violent either - just a sort of smearing of skulls. With a little grunt, she turns up her collar and steps away from the gathering, moving out of the auctionhouse as the security assumedly allows. Her gaze is cast down, no further gestures of parting cast toward the assembled kindred.

Madeline inclines her head with a smile and nods to Ambrosia and Kahraman

Colombe's yearning sated, she extracts her phone, giving Ambrosia a warm glance as the Toreadors nab the Codex.

Kahraman continues as he welcomes anyone to step closer to look. "*Goujian is more than 2,000 years old and was discovered in an archeological dig in 1865 in Hubei, China. Legend has it that it had no rust and was still sharp when discovered. That's most likely attributable to the fact that the copper and tin blade has anti-tarnish sulfur and was in an air-tight scabbard. But its led to the belief that the blade had magical powers, which admittedly is more fun".

Kahraman says, “We shall start the bidding at $60,000.”

Ambrosia grips her phone in her hand and offers Sveta a curved smile as the Russian passes. "Good night, Serova." Her gaze follows her clan-mate for a moment... and then the sword is revealed. "Oh my."

Colombe considers the sword with a mild expression, her eyes taking it in as she says something quietly to Phillip.

Lila applauds softly for Madeline's win of the Codex, reaching up to tuck a few curls behind an ear as the next item is uncovered, eyes widening at the sword. "Ooooh," she utters quietly, eyeing it with a wistful expression but keeping her arms firmly folded.

Paige takes a look at the sword, but then she checks the time on her phone. A small nod as she raises her hand, motioning Sera to follow as she slips for the door.

Phillip leans into Colombe as she whispers to him, listens, then responds softly to her a moment after.

Torgue tsks. The only thing cool so far, which he could do something interesting with.. and it's still out of his price range, or anything he can offer in a short amount of time anyway.

Jolene can't help but perk up even more at the sight of the sword, and she raises her hand, "60,000." She may be the last one someone would expect to buy this piece, but it is something that just calls to the young rose for personal reason.

Sveta glances up at Ambrosia, stares for a moment, as if trying to spot her from afar, and then lets the corner of her mouth flicker in a distant smile. Then, she's gone - both from the auction house and the observable realm. Sveta has left.

Kahraman smiles and says, "This was acquired through a trade with the owner in China. It is a marvelous peice to add to a weapons collection." He sees Jolene and says, "We have 60. Do I hear a counter?

Charai looks the new item over then glances at Lila, "You should bid even if you know you can't win it looks like fun."

Madeline smiles at Jolene for her bid and nods, considering the weapon carefully "exquisite

Amelie can greatly appreciate the sword, but it just is not something quite her style. She wanders around a bit to look at the place.

Torgue quietly takes out his phone and considers this with curiosity.

Kahraman looks around for a moment and then says, "If there are no further bids.... Sold. Congradulations Madame... He then moves to uncover a wooden box filled with hay. He gently brushes it away to reveil the next item. "Allow me to present The Narmer Palette..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narmer_Palette

Kahraman says, “We will begin the bid at $75,000.”

Madeline applauds for Jolene's win and smiles "we could have a weapons display at the Crown one evening"

Lila shakes her head as she looks to Charai with a smile. "I'm not quite ready to take that gamble...at least not tonight." With Jolene's bid being the winning one, she applauds softly and turns her attention to the next item.

Ambrosia's eyes widen again when she takes in the sight of the next item. A glance toward her phone, then the Malkavian is turning around and moving toward the exit.

Kahraman continues, "*The Narmer Palette is a significant Egyptian archaeological find which could have produced around the 31st century BC. It is also known as the the Great Hierakonpolis Palette or the Palette of Narmer. It has mainly some significant ancient inscriptions."

Phillip's attention perks up as he hears the name and he glances to the Egyptian item as it is now revealed. His eyes study the work for sometime as he considers the antiquity. After a few moments, he raises his hand in a slow manner, to indicate to Kahraman that the Rose is in for the piece at $75,000.

Madeline sighs in appreciation of the piece then smiles as Phillip places his bid

Jolene smiles at Madeline in agreement and smiles at the next itemm as it is uncovered and she has secured the sword, and now Pnillip is offering the opening bid on the next piece from Egyptian history, nodding to him in appreciation of the opening bid and seeing where his interest in the moment lay.

Willow looks to Phillip as he bids, then to the piece with open curiosity as she looks the inscriptions over.

Kahraman acknoledges Phillips bid. "We have 75. Do I have a counter?"

Hannah's lips pinch together, and then she lifts her hand. "$100,000." She casts a sly glance toward Phillip.

Madeline smiles over at Hannah "Oh dear Monseiur D'Arras, you have a competitor"

Colombe's lips rise into a smile, her eyes twinkling quietly with warmth as she says something quietly to Hannah and Phillip.

Phillip does not look, but slowly nods to Kahraman, "$100,000 and a trivial boon." Simple and short.

Kahraman nods to Hanna and then to Phillip again. "Do we have a counter?"

Lila studies the piece from afar, glancing then to Phillip and Hannah, waiting to see if the latter decides to counter once again.

Charai rubs her hands down her arms as she watches the bidding between the two.

Hannah slowly unclasps her purse, and pulls out a pink slip. She closes her clutch with a *click* and then lifts the paper up with a dramatic flourish. "I offer $30,000 and the pink slip to my Lamborghini Urus, valued somewhere around $100,000."

<---======##======[ Item Improved Lamborghini Urus: 735226 ]======##======--->

........................ Effect:.....-1 diff Drive Owner:.............Hannah

Type:..........0/Anything Name:........Improved Lamborghini Urus Created:20201026-2016 by WhoopingCrane Updated:20201029-1743 by WhoopingCrane <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

Madeline smiles warmly "you keep it in your purse Primogen?" but the comment is that of a friendly ribbing

Phillip considers for a moment, looking to Kahraman to see if he accepts the bid and at what value.

Kahraman looks to Hannah, "I am afraid that will not be enough Madam. Adding a boon would be for sure."

"C'est la vie," Hannah says, tucking the pink slip away. She looks over to Phillip with a grin, then back to Kahraman. "I will withdraw, and leave it to the Scourge."

Hannah glances to Madeline with a playful wink, "Only when I mean to pawn it off for artifacts, Primogen."

Madeline laughs warmly and nods "I would not have been able to accept either but then, I do not drive"

Amelie grins as she remembers that vehicle.

Ed rocks back and forth in her heels, then casts a quick glance towards the exit. A soft grunt, as she pulls out her phone and types out a quick message, then heads for the door.

"Do I have a final offer? Going once, twice... Sold. Thank you and congratulations Sir." He moves over to the last piece and uncovers a safe. He kneels and unlocks it then removes a box. He places it on the table and opens it to reveal... "The final piece tonight is known as the Dresden Green" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dresden_Green_Diamond

Colombe's smile widens, her eyes twinkling as she looks warmly to Phillip to congratulate him.

Phillip nods, a wide smile coming to his lips. For the first time tonight, the Rose seems genuinely pleased. Like, over the moon happy. Clearly this piece had a great deal of value to him that he hid.

Kahraman says, “*At 41 carats, the Dresden Green is the largest natural green diamond in the world. Thought to be mined in the Golconda region of India, the diamond's history dates back to the early 18th century, when it was purchased by Friedrich Augustus I of Saxony for 400,000 thaler. At the time, that sum was equal to the value of four tons of gold. The diamond was acquired from Dresden Castle in Germany.

"We will start the bid at 1 Million dollars, or a Minor Boon..."

As quietly as Jolene originally came, she is slowly leaving after paying for the sword and making arrangements to have it delivered to her private residence.

Madeline applauds Phillip's win then turns to the last item and gasps softly "mon dieu"

"Congratulations," Hannah murmurs to Phillip, his side given a playful nudge with her elbow. She turns back around to admire the final piece, her lips pouting in an unconscious whistle.

Amelie perks up as she sees the Diamond. She does consider it.

Shiori's eyes widen a little bit. She sighs softly. Hands clasp in front of her and she looks at the piece of jewelry wistfully but says nothing.

Willow joins in with the Toreador Primogen and makes a soft sound as the piece of jewelry comes into view. "Oh wow, that's lovely." She murmurs softly.

Madeline turns her eyes away from the stone to keep her composure and smiles, kissing Jolene's cheek "bon soir mon treasure" she whispers as the lady goes

Daphnne gives the Toreador a smile, bringing her hands together for a silent applaud. But her attention is then centered on the exquisite piece of jewelry. Her hand raises, "I bid one million, backed by Cunningham Incorporated."

Kahraman says, "This was by far one of the hardest items to acquire. The owner only parted with the agreement that the piece would stay complete and not ever be taken apart for any reason."

Torgue raises his hand and clears his throat. "I will make an offer of a magical item, with some specifics negotiable to what I can create, to order for trade." he raises in offer to the diamond after it's brought up. Eyes glimmering for a moment as he speaks. Long distance to Madeline: Daphnne nods. "Others took magical items and other things (much of which was lost by the way) while Daph took precious jewels and metals and placed them in safekeeping. Even buried some in various places in Europe.

Lila applauds softly for Phillip's win of the evening, blinking as she then gazes on the final item. "Exquisite," she murmurs, looking towards Daphnne a moment later as she starts the bidding and then to Torgue curiously at his offer.

Colombe considers the jewelry mildly as she idly taps out a text message. A reply is received --- she quietly stifles an amused laugh.

Phillip's eyes go a bit wide as the Dresden Green, his voice sounding in awe, "Truly a piece of jewelry worthy of a King or a Queen." As Daphnne bids, he looks over at her and just smiles. A moment later, the Rose leans over and whispers Willow, the smile on his lips shifting to a grin.

Kahraman acknowledges both bids and looks to Torgue. "I would need specifics Sir. As it stands the bid is 1 million."

Shiori steps forward and says suddenly "100,000 and a minor boon." She then watches Kahraman to see if he accepts her counter.

Hannah neither types nor whispers to no one, making it very clear that she will not be ponying up a million dollars or anywhere near that. When Torgue speaks up, she looks over at him with open amusement, indeed wondering what services he could offer to yield that ornate jewelry.

Charai whistles softly at the stone being actioned off and the amount of the cash bid. She turns her head to look at Daphnee then over at man bidding with magic.

Madeline dares not look at the stone again but she smiles and nods as both Daphnne and Shiori bid

Willow puts her hand to her middle and laughs softly before whispering back to Phillip.

Torgue cricks his neck and stands. He shuffles in his shirt for only a moment to produce a folding card- and walks to Kahraman to offer it. "A brief list of what I can offer. Though from what Ive been informed, creation of a magic item is in the ballpark of a Major boon. Ultimately, the use of what you can get from my small catalogue is to your value."

Amelie is amazed at the offers so far.

Kahraman looks to Shiori, "I will accept the bid. Do I have a counter and then to Torgue. I will accept your offer with the caveat that if I am not satisfied with the item of choice I will be given a major boon."

Lila smiles at the bids and bid negotiation going on, her gaze shifting now between Kahraman and Torgue.

Torgue inclines his head. "The reason I offer in trade is because the Boon itself would be further than I can offer, you should know this- effendi. I am willing to thoroughly discuss what your interest would be step-by-step for the process. I will additionally offer the final result for test of satisfaction before I accept the auction's object with that in mind. So that you may still have a sale otherwise. Assuming I'm not outbid."

Kahraman looks between the three. Daphnne, Shiori, and Torgue. "I have an offer of 1 million, an offer of a minor boon with 100 thousand, and an I am waiting for Togues reply on the magical item or major boon if not satisfied."

Kahraman nods and says, "The current bid is 1 million dollars to Daphnne..."

Kahraman says, "IF their are no others... SOLD for 1 million. Congratulations Madame." He then places it back into the safe and turns to face the crowd.

Torgue offers a bow and a warm smile, before he re-finds that spot he was at and reorients himself.

Shiori offers Daphnne a smile, "Congratulations." She steps back to where she was standing before with a sigh.

Daphnne gives Kahraman a brilliant smile and a little bow of her head, "Thank you Mister Avci." She seems pleased and steps out of the way of the auction stage.

Kahraman says, “I have a special announcement to quickly make before the evening ajourns... I will be making a donation to the Historical Society with tonight's earnings. This in turn will help the Praxis with protecting its older buildings within the domain... My esteemed guests, thank you and have a pleasant evening..." *Bows”

Phillip genuinely applauds as the auction closes and Daphnne wins. He looks to her and smiles, "Well bid, Keeper de Cunningham! Truly a magnificent piece!!" A look to Shiori and Torgue, "Well bid all."

Shiori gives Phillip a smile, and then nods to Kahraman, "It was a lovely evening. If you all will excuse me." She turns to drift toward the exit.

Daphnne applauds, "Excellent Mister Avci. A true success for your grand opening and so generous of you."

Hannah gives Daphnne a hearty applause, because damn, the lady just offered up a million dollars. She then looks over to Kahraman to offer a wide, friendly smile, extending the applause his way. "This was a wonderfully fun evening," she tells the Assamite, bowing her head. "Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us. I do hope we can expect another evening soon?" Her smile is wide enough to pinch a dimple in each cheek, and then she rises up with a sigh, not going home with any treasures this time.

Willow reaches to slide her hand back into the crook of Phillip's arm after adding her own applause for the evening. Smiling up at him she says, "You'll have to tell me why this particular piece caught your eye. I'm curious of it's story."

Amelie claps with enthusiasm for the auction and the winners!

Lila applauds softly at first for Daphnne's win, then louder at Kahraman's announcement, genuinely appreciative of that gesture.

Phillip nods to Willow, saying, "I will be happy to explain it. It is a very significant piece. No doubt will be the crown in my antiquities collection." The Rose is still riding a bit of a high as he bows to Kahraman, "Merci, Monsieur Avci. A wonderful auction. I will be by to collect the piece and render payment shortly. I assume you will have all the paperwork and provenance in order then?"

Colombe puts away her phone and glances warmly to Amelie. She quietly takes her leave from Phillip, Willow, and Hannah before walking off to speak with the Herald.

Charai applauded politely for those who won and smiles as she pushes off the wall. She moves over towards Phillip, "Scourge, do you have time to speak this evening?"

Kahraman socializes and thanks and says his goodbyes as people leave.

Lila lingers a few moments to watch those still remaining, then makes her own leave as Charai moves towards Phillip.

Amelie nods to Colombe, she says something softly before she leaves with others.

Hannah looks over to smile at Charai when she approaches, offering her fellow Tremere a nod of her head. "Good evening, Charai," she says with a smile. "I hope you are well this evening?" She pauses long enough for the pleasantry, then steps to the side, allowing her to converse with the intended target -- Phillip -- without getting in the way. "Good night to you both," she says to the Toreador and Daughter, then looks past them to wave farewell to Colombe. She turns to head for the exit, likewise making her way out.

Colombe waves warmly to Hannah as she takes her leave with the crowd.

Phillip turns to look at Charai, "Ah, yes Mademoiselle Baribeau." He smiles, "We were still on for this evening. If you do not mind, we can retire to my chateau and discuss matters. I am certain that Monsieur Avci will want his shop back." As Hannah makes to leave the gallery, the Rose nods to her, "Bonsoir, Primogen Coventry. It was a pleasure bidding against you. You shall have to show me that car of yours sometime." There's a bit of a mischief in his voice as he speaks to the Tremere woman.

Daphnne is showing a bit of excitement herself as she looks to Kahraman, "I will get Gregory to pick up the jewel for me after everything settles down. Thank you for the wonderful evening." She looks over to Phillip, "And congratulations on your purchase. A truly unique and impressive item."

Torgue straightens up and cricks his back, then goes on to make his way to exit as well.

Willow tilts her head a little as Charai approaches, looking up to Phillip then. "Would you like me to head back to my place tonight then or can I occupy myself with Belle while you are busy?" She smiles, seeming quite fine with either option.

Kahraman says, "Thank you Madame Keeper. Of course. Please have a wonderful evening and thank you for the assistance tonight."

Amelie curtsies to Kahraman, "Meci beaucoup for hosting tonight." She seems suddenly a bit timid to say more and with a bit of a blush, she turns in that beautiful amazing dress she has on and walks toward the door. She goes wherever alone, to be met by her guards and driven off.

Charai nods her head to Phillip, "Of course I am at your disposal we can speak where ever you like." She looks over her shoulder as Hannah departs and looks thoughtful for a moment then turns back to Phillip "When you are ready Sir." The soft Creole accent giving her words a strange lilt.

Kahraman replies with a bow and says, "Thank you Madame Herald, Please have a wonderful night."

Phillip nods to Daphnne, "Indeed. Far less flashy than the Dresden Green, but I have never been much for jewelry. Old dusty tomes, artwork, and ancient antiquity are my fare. The sword caught my eye as well but I already had fallen in love with the Narmer Palate." A glance to Willow and the Rose says, "Come with us, mon amour. Visit with Belle. Mademoiselle Baribeau won't be long." The Toreador notes Charai's Creole accent and he grins, a glance between she and Willow, "Appears that both of you have something in common." He then begins to make his way toward the exit, nodding to others, "Bonsoir, Keeper de Cunningham, congratulations on your piece." To Colombe as he passes, "Bonsoir, Keeper de Berenger, congratulations on your piece." With that, the Chateau de Angevine train is departing. All aboard!

Colombe smiles warmly to the Train de Angevine as she taps out a message on her phone. A glance goes mildly to Torgue as she sends something.

Willow nods and smiles to Phillip, then looks to Charai with a grin. "I remember when the Mademoiselle was introduced, it was lovely to hear a bit of home." Then she inclines her head to Kahraman, "Thank you, this was a great deal of fun." before following the departing train out.