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"I'm not a one in a million kind of girl. I'm a once in a lifetime kind of woman."



Name: Shiori Mary Blanchard (Also known as Hotsuin Io)

Clan: Toreador

Faction: Camarilla

Birthdate: November 30, ????

Apparent Age: Early to Mid 20's

Height: 5 feet barefoot

Weight: 100lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Nearly Black

Demeanor: Architect

Occupation: Music Executive, Gymnastics School Owner, and Musician

Actor: Nakama Yukie



Dexterity: o o o o o

Appearance: o o o o

Charisma: o o o o o

Intelligence: o o o o

Music: o o o o o

Athletics: o o o o o

Awareness: o o o o o

Computer: o o o o o

Resources: o o o o o


Gymnast - She was good, and might have went to the Olympics, if she hadn't died.

Musician - Piano. It is her passion.

Orphan - She didn't know her biological parents but she longs to know more of her heritage.

New Family - She only recently discovered she is part of the Hotsuin family.

No Logs Available At This Time

This young woman is a petite Japanese woman, perhaps five feet tall without shoes though tonight she wears a pair of knee high boots with five inch heels on them in black leather. They lace up the front of her legs. Her complexion is classically dusky but clear, her eyes virtually black with soft epicanthic folds at each corner. She has applied eye make-up artfully, giving herself smoky eyes that accent the exotic look. Her nose is short and somewhat flat over full and soft looking lips tinted pink with lip gloss. Her raven-black hair has been twisted up in a loose, messy bun on the back of her head with tendrils whisping around her face.

Her clothing, beyond the boots, consists of a sleek black mini skirt overlaid with charcoal lace and a short sleeved crop top in hunter green with a charcoal overlay of lace. The cropped top shows off a little bit of the muscles that rib her stomach in what must be a six-pack. When it is cold out, she wears a long black duster type of jacket in black canvas.

Her ears are pierced, three earrings in the left ear and two in the right. The lowest set is a pair of intricate silver wire hoops. The rest of her earrings are tiny studs, silver and delicate. The most notable bit of jewelry she wears is a beautiful ring on her left hand ring finger, platinum. The diamond has been carefully and artfully cut into the shape of a rose and shimmers in the light.


Azrael B. = I miss you.

Vegard = Powerful and strong.

Madeline = Family is more important than most realize, even if they aren't blood.

Karasu = I didn't expect family. I wonder what the future will bring now?

Jolene = You are truly a sister.

Arya = Such a strong and lovely person.

Hailee = Welcome back. It is good you have returned.

Heathen = I like you.

Mikael = So smart. You truly are a treasure.

Caelan = You were a surprise, but I like you.