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Information Snapshots

Full Name: Caelan Flynn
Race: Mortal?
Concept: Dangerously Oblivious Author
Skin Color: Pale White
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Raven Black
Age: Late twenties, early thirties.
Height: Roughly 5'7"
Weight: Around 150 lbs
Demeanor: Plotter
Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio
Languages: English

Appearance: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.png (Cuddly)
Charisma: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.png
Intelligence: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.png (Researcher)
Perception: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.png (Intuitive)
Awareness: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.png
Alertness: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.png
Investigation: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.png
Empathy: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.png
Storytelling: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.png (Horror Stories)
Fame: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.png (Author)
Resources: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.png
Influence: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.png (Occult)
Risk: Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.png

Desc: Short, raven black hair flow back, loosely spiked on the top of this young adult man's head. To match, a pair of black, square framed glasses rest on a faintly wide nose with a pompous structure. High cheek bones carry his peach pale, unblemished skin well, dragging down in a chiseled jawline of smoothly shaven cheeks and complete with a cleft chin. Most strikingly, however, are those soft, pink lips of his, paired with his deep, dark brown eyes. All in all, the young man doesn't look to stand any more than five foot seven, or five foot eight. Looking to be in his mid to late twenties, or younger under the right light, he possesses slender limbs, weighing roughly one hundred fifty some odd pounds.


Contacts Fame
  • Angelica - The Champion against my shackles, and beacon of joy in a moment of darkness. I am glad to have met you.
  • Hop - A friend, candy maker, and weed supplier. He's pretty cool, and I'm glad things have mellowed out more now.
  • Kokoro - Adventure, danger, and desire all wrapped up in one. She's a lot of fun, and could probably kick my ass if she wanted.
  • Madison - Kind, charitable, and fun. Plus, she seems to be an advocate for not fitting in with a crowd. I like her.
  • Patti - Cute, silly and troublesome. Remind me to open my mouth more often when going out into town.
  • Shiori - An unexpected champion, hero and savior. She is the epitome of passion and strength of character. An admirable woman.
  • Siri - Incredibly tall, silly, and flirty. I greatly appreciate her company, and will gladly make up for the foolishness of others.
  • Topeka - What a wild fire. Flower? Whatever. She's pretty, energetic, and otherwise just awesome. An old friend, and former girlfriend.
  • Vivian - A connoisseur of bare human anatomy and all of the delightful ways it can be applied, as well as an aspiring author.

Over the last eleven years, Caelan has written upwards to almost twenty books, give or take a couple. The first few weren't particularly amazing, though nor were they bad by any sense of the word. Over the years however, his work has gotten better, and his fan base has continued to grow into a modest form of renown. Each of his books dive into horror stories, crime thrillers, or suspense, all relating to either vampires, or ghosts. Stories of which, the accuracy for the details involving the Camarilla, and how vampires and ghosts work, are perhaps a bit too close to the truth than might be comfortable. At least, in the stories, there isn't a direct reference to any one clan, or the Camarilla itself. Some details seem to be different. Particularly, the names involved. Instead, there is reference to an underground, organized crime group that call themselves "The Association." Two of those books have achieved a bestseller status, being listed as such in the New York Times.

RP Logs