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“We are Kindred, we are primal creatures, we crave the hunt; we crave vibrant red blood gushing hot from a soft, warm body."

Fullname - Colombe I de Berenger, Blessed Knight of the Order of the Silver Star, Keeper of Prospect Elysium

Concept - Ventrue White Knight

Nature - Cavalier

Demeanor - Paragon

At a Glance

  • She has a noble bearing, she stands out in a crowd.
  • She is intelligent and bracing.
  • Those who defy the traditions of the Camarilla will be severely judged.

Notable Stats

Attributes Abilities Merits Backgrounds
Appearance 5 Empathy 5 Prestigious Sire Resources 5
Charisma 5 Computer Hacking 5 Code of Honour
Intelligence 5 Falconry 1 Iron Will
Diplomacy 4 Noble Bearing


Amelie A symphony bursts from within and she is a coruscating crescendo.
Blair A brilliant young mortal. In danger of becoming useful, he inspires dark thoughts.
Cropsey From this darkness arises a true and dear friend.
Daphnne She has a rich history. We need to spend more time together.
Ed A relentless force. Don't get on her bad side.
Elliot Cool British exterior, blazing hot interior. Few elders live this long and remain so alive.
Evita Vociferous, with the cajones to corroborate.
Franchesca Efficient and ruthless.
Fritz Rest, friend, and may you be free in your next life.
Guivre Broken shards of an agonized shattered soul.
Hannah Sometimes we are at odds, but she is a true friend.
Lorelei A sharpshooter with a sharp mind --- but within, it is obvious she has a tender heart.
Madeline My request for a commission was strategic, but her work is breathtaking; I have come to see her in a different light.
Nino To call him monstrous is facile and narrow. His suffering is beyond skin-deep.
Paige I love it when you read to me, and you can read me anything.
Persephone I definitely need to get to know her better.
Phillip Les chagrins secrets sont encore plus cruels que les misères publiques.
Torgue Who is he, really?
Vegard If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.
Wade A Brujah who doesn't have the loyalty of his clan is doing something wrong.

Atelier-Versace-Dress ElysiumPompomFlamesSwirlsolivier_rousteing snowflaketony_wardgucci_beltcasual_dressequestriancutoffspink_greycolombe_versace_greencolombe_cardinalColombe_icy_blueColombe_action_figure Colombe_white_silkColombe_black_vinyl_suitColombe_black_vinyl_dressFile:colombe_white_sequin_dressFile:colombe_black_sweaterFile:colombe_punk_gothFile:colombe_studdedFile:colombe_white_slipFile:colombe_black_hoodFile:colombe_circuit_blueFile:colombe_grey_pinkFile:colombe_casual_sharon_wauchobFile:colombe_cathedralColombe_grey_sheath.jpegColombe_pagan.jpegColombe_pagan2.jpegColombe_silver_cowl.jpgColombe_golden_laurels.jpgColombe_sage.jpg

RP Hooks

  • European/Belgian/Wallonian - She's from the crossroads of Europe (French, not Flemish).
  • Tech/Security/Hacking - She likes tech, security, and hacking.
  • Falconry - Sometimes seen with her falcon at the beach near Sunset's View Resort in Coronado.
  • Avalon - She is involved somehow with Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.
  • Keeper of Elysium - This extends beyond the boundaries of Emerald Plaza, she works for the benefit of the Praxis.
  • Harpy - Be excellent to each other.
  • Ventrue - Trust me, it's in your best interest to make friends with a Ventrue.
  • Camarilla - Strong supporter.
  • Sabbat - Let's take them out.