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“We are Kindred, we are primal creatures, we crave the hunt; we crave vibrant red blood gushing hot from a soft, warm body."

Concept - Ventrue White Knight

Nature - Cavalier

Demeanor - Thrillseeker

At a Glance

  • She has a noble bearing; she stands out in a crowd.
  • She is intelligent and bracing.
  • Those who defy the traditions of the Camarilla will be severely judged.

Notable Stats

Attributes Abilities Merits Backgrounds
Appearance 4 Empathy 4 Prestigious Sire Resources 5
Charisma 4 Computer Hacking 4 Code of Honour Status 2
Intelligence 4 Falconry 1 Iron Will
Noble Bearing


Hannah We are friends and I must protect her.
Paige I am drawn to her, but she can't be trusted.
Grayling Full of poetry, one needs only ask and they will provide warmth and confidence.
Blair A pleasant young mortal. If he can help me with these minor tasks, I can see us having more business together.
Daphnne A venerable Ventrue with an interesting history, I hope we will be good friends.
Franchesca An efficient and seemingly wise Primogen, I depend on her for guidance.
Nino He seeks out company, which may indicate a lonely heart. He doesn't like me, but maybe in time he will see that I am not what he assumes.
Ed A friendly face with amazing creative style.
Fritz A very good friend in the making, I think.
Vegard An effective autocrat, I may have been wrong about him.
Istvan An Anarch veteran of old, there is wisdom here.
Manfred A venerable Gangrel with a rich history, I would like to see the world through his eyes.