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“We are Kindred, we are primal creatures, we crave the hunt; we crave vibrant red blood gushing hot from a soft, warm body."

Fullname - Colombe I de Berenger, Duchess of Prospect, Blessed Knight of the Order of the Silver Star

Concept - Errant Aristocrat [[1]]

Nature - Cavalier

Demeanor - Paragon

At a Glance

  • She has a noble bearing, she stands out in a crowd.
  • She is intelligent and bracing.
  • Those who defy the traditions of the Camarilla will be severely judged.


Ambrosia Maybe just a taste. Beautiful Crime
Amelie A symphony bursts from within and she is a coruscating crescendo. Going Under
Blair A brilliant young mortal. In danger of becoming useful, he inspires dark thoughts. The Sound of Science
Cropsey From this darkness arises a brilliant savage. Bat Fight
Daphnne She has a rich history. We need to spend more time together. Donatella
Ed A relentless force. Don't get on her bad side. Bitch Better Have My Money
Evita Vociferous, with the cajones to corroborate. Nobody Speak
Franchesca Efficient and ruthless.
Hassam Show me something other than arrogance.
Kahraman Time for a second chance.
Madeline My request for a commission was strategic, but her work is breathtaking; I have come to see her in a different light.
Nino To call him monstrous is facile and narrow. His suffering is beyond skin-deep. Asshole
Paige Waiting to walk out of the rain. We're Not Gonna Take It
Phillip Les chagrins secrets sont encore plus cruels que les misères publiques. Fencers Are Awesome
Silvana She seems to be making the most of her situation.
Torgue Who is she, really? Tequila
Vegard Like a rock; hard to move and inclined to crush that which lies beneath. As with everything --- leverage. Temple of Circadia
Zago He seems almost innocent, as if no one has taken the time to crush his little soul. Square Hammer

Atelier-Versace-Dress ElysiumFlamesSwirlsolivier_rousteing snowflaketony_wardcasual_dressequestriancutoffspink_greycolombe_versace_greencolombe_cardinalColombe_icy_blueColombe_action_figure Colombe_white_silkColombe_black_vinyl_suitColombe_black_vinyl_dressFile:colombe_white_sequin_dressFile:colombe_black_sweaterFile:colombe_punk_gothFile:colombe_studdedFile:colombe_white_slipFile:colombe_black_hoodFile:colombe_circuit_blueFile:colombe_grey_pinkFile:colombe_casual_sharon_wauchobFile:colombe_cathedralColombe_grey_sheath.jpegColombe_pagan.jpegColombe_pagan2.jpegColombe_silver_cowl.jpgColombe_golden_laurels.jpgColombe_sage.jpgColombe_long_red.jpg Colombe_cloud.jpgColombe_white_face.jpgColombe_athleisure.jpgAmerican_cowboy.jpgCowboy_Boots.pngcolombe_greek_muse.jpgcolombe_leaf_cuff.jpgcolombe_circlet.jpgcolombe_strapless.jpgcolombe_white_sparkle.jpgcolombe_belts.jpgImage: 55pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 45pixelsImage: 70 pixelsImage: 45pixelsImage: 45pixelsImage: 60pixelsImage: 250 pixels

RP Hooks

  • Duchess of Prospect - Right hand of the Imperator.
  • Harpy - Be excellent to each other.
  • Ventrue - It's in your best interest to make friends with a Ventrue.
  • European/Belgian/Wallonian - She's from the crossroads of Europe (French, not Flemish).
  • Tech/Security/Hacking - She seems to invest in tech, security, and hacking.
  • Marathon - Camarilla technical incubator.
  • Aether and Erebus - Hackerspace for all.
  • Pasithea - Coming soon...
  • Falconry - Sometimes seen with her falcon at the beach near Sunset's View Resort in Coronado.
  • Avalon - She is involved somehow with Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.
  • Camarilla - Strong supporter.
  • Sabbat - Let's take them out.
  • The Order of the Silver Star - She is a member of this order, founded by her sire, Lord Berenger of Wallonia.
  • Weaknesses - She is intuitive and clever, but her lack of perception makes her an easy target for someone skilled in subterfuge. Like other mega-rich, she doesn't live in the real world, so casual interactions can be awkward. Otherwise, she has a cavalier nature, and may be perceived as impulsive. She has strong convictions, they could be used against her.