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The Camarilla is the largest of vampiric sects, a loose organization which ostensibly represents and protects all vampires by enforcing and promulgating the Masquerade. It is currently composed of seven clans, though officially it considers all Kindred under its purview and welcomes any that obey its laws.

In addition to preventing the growing mortals masses from discovering the existence of vampires, the Camarilla aims to maintain the status quo of Kindred society; as such, much of its structure and traditions mirror that of Cainite society in Europe in the Dark Ages, and places it at odds with the agenda of the Sabbat and Anarchs.

In general, much of the Camarilla's approach to maintaining order involve enacting the Traditions, which among other things means supporting a system of feudal domains and the responsibilities of sires for the conduct of their childer. The latter idea is often taken farther to mean the sire has authority over the childe, and that elder vampires are intrinsically more deserving of respect and fit for leadership than younger vampires.

Whatever the merits of that position may be, it has a tendency to instill great resentment among young Kindred and in the past has driven many to the Anarchs. Older vampires naturally support the social order which they have mastered over the centuries, and in fact much of the Camarilla's policies are designed to facilitate the activities of Kindred who have long ago lost touch with the mortal world.


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Imperial Domain

The Imperial Praxis of Greater Prospect includes Prospect, Carlsbad, and Idyllwild. For an explanation of imperial domains, see pages 3-4 of this document.


Upcoming Camarilla Events
Date Time Storyteller Name Genre Description
Every Wednesday 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern Madeline Social Gathering Vampire, Camarilla only sometimes (check +events) Weekly get together that varies in theme. If you would like to host a week, contact Madeline.
Every Friday 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern Vegard Camarilla Court Vampire Location TBA each week. If you wish to be on the agenda, send an @mail to Amelie, and include your topic.

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Note: In the City of Hope universe, both Assamite and Gangrel are currently pillar clans of the Camarilla. This is not a mistake, this is a deliberate choice by staff. See Camarilla/History for backstory. Many other members of these clans remain independent of other factions.

Current Justicars

As of the 2011 Conclave of the Inner Circle:

And formalized in 2017: