2020.04.15: The Blue Note

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The Blue Note
Amelie hosts a night at a local club, transformed for the night into the Blue Note, modeled after a location in Paris.
IC Date April 15th, 2020
Players Amelie, Amos, Katrina, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Montegue, Nino, Oleksiy, Paige, Phoenix
Location The Blue Note Jazz Club
Spheres Vampire Camarilla Ghoul

The Blue Note Jazz Club

Gone is the era of the smoky gin joint, due to regulations from the state, but the smell of liquor, fresh cut fruits, and a bit of ozone can be detected easily in this club. The room is dark in the corners, with softer lighting above the small square tables that seat 3 that face the stage, interspersed with cushy chairs closer to the stage in pairs of two with a simple smaller table between them to hold cocktails.
But oh the stage! That is the centerpiece, the pièce de résistance of this establishment. The curved half oval stage has lighting above and directed at it from the rigging on the ceiling in front of the stage. Speakers are positioned on either side, directed so one can hear everything within the whole place. A simple setup to it, raised 3 feet up from the ground, the stage holds a black grand piano with the lid propped open, a sparkling glossy red drum kit, and a rich mahogany acoustic bass. A simple microphone on a stand is ready and waiting.

The place is designed for the best acoustics, where no seat is a bad one. There is space behind the chairs for dancing. Further back from there is the bar where the latest in cocktails, as well as an array of traditional old time liquors and mixes can be ordered. The wait staff is dressed for the swing era, as well as some well placed patrons to cement the ambiance.


Prospect. April. JAZZ. Securing a special night at this location, Amelie has set up the place to mirror a club she has frequented in Paris. Tonight, the Blue Note is buzzing with anticipation of a night just for the local Vampires to come and for some to relive the previous century in music. No expense has been spared to see just how people like it here. Patrons lined up to enter, bringing in blood dolls and ghouls with them to enjoy the night. Many wearing period costumes, others in modern business suits, and a few dressed in whatever they could get their hands on. The bar is half filled, while the seats upfront have been reserved for those Amelie directs there.

Amelie is waiting not far from the entrance. As the kindred are let in, she is greeting them, and taking some requests for music tonight. The musicians are all backstage, some ghouls, some kindred.

Madeline arrives with a warm smile and looks about "Ah Amelie this is lovely"

Martha slips in with a smile for Amelie and waves. "Evening." is chimed out as she finds a place to settle for now.

Oleksiy arrives, stepping inside from no apparent source of transportation. He smiles a little as he looks around, his era appropriate suit worn in a relaxed way. He smiles at Amelie first upon seeing her "Ah.. Paris right? I think I saw it once.. But I didn't really go in.. " he approves "A lovely choice Amelie."

Madeline steps over to Amelie and kisses her upon each cheek "c'est magnifique ma cherie"

And then there is Paige, slipping in with a raise of her brows, and a quick look around. "I assume they just didn't let you into Paris, Olek."

Mikael arrives with Phoenix, both wearing Gatsby styled suits, Mikael in black and silver and Phoenix is white and red. Each has on a fedora with a matching color band. He glances around the impressive room and gives a bow to Amelie at the door, a bright smile across his face, "Bonsoir, what a magnificent location."

Thanks to Mikael, Nix always looks amazing. Nix walks in with him, arm and arm, glancing over the crowd and seeming to approve of the situation for a change.

Amelie greets Madeline with their traditional warm hug and a kiss the the cheek, being sure not to catch her beads or feathers onto anything Madeline is wearing. "Bon Soir, mon ami. Merci beaucoup. S'il vous plait, find a seat, a drink, and enjoy this evening!" When Martha waves she waves her gloved hand to her. "Bon Soir, mon ami!" As Oleksiy steps in she nods eagerly, "Oui, Paris! I have considered this for a long time, and finally have brought it here." Oh so many are coming, her heart is soaring! "Bon Soir, Monsieur Phoenix, Monsieur Rousseau. I just knew you two would be trés dapper tonight!"

The muffled sound of a trumpet warming up back stage can be heard.

Oleksiy smiles "A lovely choice" he agrees as he moves out of the way of her greeting others. He looks perfectly comfortable as he starts to walk around the room curiously examining things.

Martha looks to Mikael and Phoenix with a wave and smile, then makes her way to Paige of all things, and hip bumps Paige. "Hey there how goes it tonight?" then to Oleksiy, "I liked Peppe le Peu."

Amos is dressed in a white tuxedo with a silver cummerbund, because of course he is. "Mr. Phoenix," he offers, nodding to the couple. "Looking as much as the magazine model as ever, I see."

Phoenix says, “Thanks to Mikael. I'd probably be in a house robe if it weren't for him" he teases in greeting to Amos.”

Madeline smiles at Amelie then turns when she hears Amos address Phoenix. She steps over that direction "And you look very dashing tonight also Amos" leaning forward to kiss Mikeal and Phoenix' cheeks

Mikael chuckles softly and shakes his head, "I am given too much praise. If it weren't for the perfection of the model the suit would simply be cloth." He accepts Madeline's kiss and returns it briefly across her fingertips as usual. "And then there is the true designer amongst us. Bonsoir, Duchess." He glances around again and adds, "All of the Mesdemoiselles are especially beautiful this eve."

Paige raises up a brow, but then she is waving her hand a little through the air. "I expected gold Amos, to be honest. White seems a little too pure for you."

Martha looks over Amos, "I think he looks good in white, and blood looks so pretty on white when it is fresh."

Musicians walk out onto the stage, and arrange to begin a new set.

Madeline smiles fondly at Mikael and looks about for a seat as the music is about to begin

"I think tonight I might just like to dance with you Mikael" Nix says with a smile "If you'll have it"

Oleksiy finishes his walk around the room, finally, slowly, and stops when the band comes out. He watches them set up and smiles a little. Crossing his arms he seems curious to hear them play.

Amelie continues to greet those that enter. As she directs those of the Tower that she knows closest to the seats closer to the front, one of the waitresses comes up to tell her something. She nods quickly and returns to checking for those entering. It is all Kindred and their ghouls tonight, so the masquerade is not an issue once they are inside.

The drummer clicks the beat and off they go! Playing "Blues in F"

Nino drops his mortal disguise when he gets inside and a curt nod is given to Amelie, "The life of the party is here, you may now throw confetti." he grins savagely at her and then takes a look about.

Montegue steps into the bar and glances around curiously to the various patrons and guests of the gathering. Dressed more professionally than formally, he might stand out with the lack of proper dress so he decides to just hang at the fringe for a bit.

Mikael blinks in astonishment, but his smile widens as the redhead seems in an incredible mood tonight, "You know that I would simply love to dance with you, cher."

Phoenix says, “Well then we absolutely must" he assures, cheerful indeed.”

Madeline glances over and chuckles "Amelie, did you bring any confetti?

"If she didn't," Amos chimes in, "then we can always make some. Paige, where did I leave that wood chipper?"

Amelie says in French, "No, just feathers. Will that work?"

Nino says in Italian, "Back atcha, Keeper."

Amelie says in Italian, "Of course, my friend. Anything for you."

Martha smiles looking to Amos then Paige, "Frozen pigs." with a nod is all she says to Amos wood chipper comment.

Katrina comes into the club and pauses a moment to look around. A few familiar faces tonight. She nods to..well probably herself and wanders into the place. Noting Mikael she meaders his way to start and nods to him and Phoenix, "Gentlemen."

Amelie is awarded a grunt of approval and Nino turns to acknowledge his clan mate who arrived, "Good evening." he says politely to Montegue.

Oleksiy starts to tap his foot in time with the music seeming to enjoy it, and though he watches the others, he doesn't approach anyone at the moment, enjoying the music.

The spotlight falls onto the pianist as he starts them off on their next tune. "Georgia On My Mind"

Oleksiy glances at his phone and sighs. He starts to make his way back toward Amelie.

Paige raises up one of her brows, eyeing Olek for a moment. But then she shrugs, raising up a hand to wave to Nino.

Nino raises a hand and shows Paige his horribly overlong middle finger as he raises his bushy eyebrows, "Sheriff..we need to stop meeting like this." he tilts his head a bit.

Mikael gives a smile to Katrina at her approach, "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle. How wonderful to see you tonight. Such an amazing event is hard to miss, oui?"

Oleksiy nods to Paige as he makes his way over, Whispering to her before he makes it to Amelie, and speaks softly to her.

Martha looks about at who all is here, then back to the stage to listen to the music with an ODd look to Oleksiy, then a shrug.

Amelie seems to aww at what is said from Oleksiy. "I understand. Do be safe."

"Oh goodie." Paige raises an eyebrow to Olek as he speaks to her. "I would have never guessed both of us would be social Nino, so I will take our meetings where we have them. It beats dark alleys at least." Then a nod as she herself turns for the door. "Amos, do you remember where we left the mop at Secrets?"

Oleksiy smiles to Amelie and nods "I will be here in spirit if nothing else.. " and then he slips out

Just in time to dance! "Chopin - Nocturne in E Flat Swing"

Martha moves to where Madeline is and just sighs as she watches then all head out, there is a look to Amos to see if he too is heading out.

Nino shakes his head and he says to Amos, "I think she just accused you of being a janitor." he grunts with minor amusement, then he turns to Montegue, "Looks like you got this covered. No new faces for me to break in. I'll chat at you another time and compare some notes." he then dips his head to Amelie, "If you will excuse me Keeper, business just called. This was a lovely setting and the music is.. slightly less modern, I approve." he turns and vanishes before making it to the door.

Someone at the bar can be heard, "I'll buy a round for the house!"

Mikael gives a smile to Phoenix, and quickly nods as if he doesn't wish the elusive redhead to have a chance to change his mind. He takes Phoenix's hand, bows his head to him and then slips his arm about his waist and leads him to the back of the chairs to the dance floor.

Phoenix doesn't seem to be changing his mind. He's well trained in dance and particularly these styles, and he'll happily slip into a dance with the taller blond.

Madeline is entranced by the music and glances over to watch Mikael and Phoenix with a happy sigh

Katrina smirks a little as Mikael and Phoenix head out to dance. Always later. She shrugs and meanders. She moves towards Madeline and murmurs softly,"Duchess." Just waiting to see if Madeline is locked up the way Ari would sometimes.

A waitress walks by checking for empty drinks, and refills requested.

Martha watches the two dance when where she drifted to Madeline, "They do look lovely Duchess together." as she looks about then to the door.

Amelie walks over next to Martha and Madeline, "It is so nice to see you both this evening. I'm going to sing in the next set. I do so hope you are enjoying this place so far." Looking up to Mikael and Phoenix, "They seem to like it." She looks around to find Amos and Katrina, see what each of them are doing. Montegue is somewhere, but he is usually harder to locate.

Mikael has a beaming smile on his face as he leads the dance with Phoenix. For a moment it is as if time is standing still for him as his expression softens perhaps with some memory. Then he turns his head to Phoenix and his smile warms further as something is whispered.

Madeline smiles warmly at Amelie "The best part of the evening to be certain, Mademoiselle. This is lovely but your voice will add the perfect touch"

Martha looks to Amelie. "I do love your singing very much, and well it will make the evening better." then to the others, "Wonder what the sheriff and scourge,,,well." just sighs.

Phoenix only has eyes for Mikael. Anyone knows that. Its more obvious right now than ever as he moves with him, his mood considerably lighter than usual tonight. As the song ends, he beams up to him. "We should get you a drink."

The musicians leave the stage, and stage crew exchanges some instruments.

Katrina politely nods to Amelie when she sees her gaze. Madeline seems to not be in total lockdown as it were so she moves on from her. A buzz from her clutch causes her to sigh and she checks the phone. A shake of her head and she catches the clutch under her left arm and thumbs a text back to someone.

Mikael chuckles softly, whispers something to the redhead and then glances over as he catches a comment and he glances then towards the bar, "We should hurry then, before the Herald Keeper takes the stage. We want to be settled before then."

Amelie smiles with a tinge of pink to her cheeks to Madeline and Martha, "Merci. I do hope to make things even better tonight. Excusé moi, I must prepare with the musicians." She moves toward the side of the stage and through to the back, the fringe on her dress swinging around.

Phoenix nods and moves to head that way with him. "Of course. Lets hurry then"

Monteque_OBF having watched long enough, the oft-hidden, professionally dressed figure occasionally known as Monty starts to slowly make his way towards an exit.

Throwing the phone back into the clutch, Katrina sighs and heads towards the door. She actually took the time to pretty up for a night and there is no escaping responsibility. Anyone that notices is offered a wave, but she has to be on her way.

Madeline glances over to watch Phoenix and Mikael with a fond smile then turns back to the stage to await Amelie

Mikael gets a glass of brandy and moves to find seats for Phoenix and himself.

Martha moves to see what the is next from where she is near Madeline. She is well a bit quiet this night over all.

The lights go down on the stage, and musicians are coming out. Someone that may have been around back in the day might recognize some of them, but none were household names by any means. The drummer appears to be of the Hidden Clan, for those that can see him as he has very little lighting around him.

Amelie steps into the spotlight and nods to the pianist for them to start. The musicians kick off the song which is absolutely recognizable from the get go. Amelie takes it easy and sweet as she sings in that enchanting voice of hers.

"Some day, when I'm awfully low. When the world is cold.
I will feel a glow just thinking of you. And the way you look tonight.

Yes, you're lovely, with your smile so warm. And your cheeks so soft.
There is nothing for me but to love you. And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows. Tearin' my fear apart.
And that laugh..that wrinkles your nose. It touches my foolish heart.

Oh oh Lovely ... Never, ever change. Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it? 'Cause I love you!
Just the way you look tonight."

Madeline forgets all of you as she listens to Amelie

The Kindred in the club for the most part are transfixed on the stage, and on Amelie. The ones that are not must be deaf, or have earplugs in.

Mikael just has time to settle into his seat and bring the glass to his lips. But before he takes a sip from the glass his eyes go over the rim of it to Amelie as she starts to sing and he pauses there, watching her spellbound by her voice.

Martha listens, and smiles a bit then looks about taking in other's reaction as she listen to the song.

Amelie sways with the music just a bit. Her eyes close as she sings and lets the music take her over. This is her jam. Her zone. The simplest of melodies, and yet each and every note is sung to perfection, drawing everyone in.

"With each word your tenderness grows. Tearin' my fear apart.
And that laugh..that wrinkles your nose, it touches my foolish heart.

Oh Lovely ... Don't you ever change. Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it? 'Cause I love you!
Just the way you look tonight."

Amelie looks to each of her friends there in attendance as she sings. To Madeline. To Martha, To Phoenix and Mikael. To Amos even!

"Just the way you look tonight."

Amelie pauses and slowly sings, taking her time with each syllable, her eyes closing.

"Just the way you look tonight."

Madeline gives a soft sigh and a happy smile as she enjoys the music

Phoenix listens quietly, letting his arm wind around Mikael as he does.

Mikael slowly lowers his glass as he listens, a warm smile on his face. Feeling Phoenix's arm he leans contentedly against the redhead, but his half closed eyes remain on Amelie.

Another musician with a tenor saxophone comes out to join the group on the stage.

Amelie takes a microphone in her hand. As the band starts up with the next song, the drummer with brushes, the rhythm is not fast, not slow, but just /right/. The guy on the tenor saxophone leads in with a play on the melody. Amelie sways a bit to each bit before she sings in that enchanting voice, a bit of sultry tone to it:

"No one to talk with, all by myself. No one to walk with, I'm happy on the shelf.
Ain't misbehavin', I'm savin' my love for you

I don't stay out late, don't care to go. I'm home about eight, me and my radio.
Ain't misbehavin', I'm savin' my love for yo-uuuuuuu!

Like Jack Horner. In the corner. Don't go nowhere. What do care?
Your kisses are worth waitin' fo-or, Believe me.

I know for certain the one I love.
I'm through with flirtin', it's just you that I'm thinkin' of.
Ain't misbehavin' I'm savin' my love for you!"

Madeline lays a hand to her heart as she listens and smiles to herself

One of the waitresses walking by the stage looks up and looks at the saxophone player and drops her tray. It makes a loud clang, but that does not stop the musicians!

Mikael smiles and his foot unconsciously taps along with the beat of the song.

Martha seems to enjoy the reactions as much as the music though her head does turn to the clang with a brief look of irritation then well the music draws her back.

Time for the instrumental solos! The sax player is up first, taking the changes around twice for a round of 16 bars, dancing around the chords and melody, with a few blue notes here and there. Then time for the keyboardist to do is thing, tickling the ivory's for his turn. And just as it hits the sixteenth bar, Amelie is ready to sing the verse again. A little more behind it, she gives that jazzy song the great warmth and tone so many famous others have done, just with that extra bit she can add as only a DoC is able.

"No one to talk with, all by myself. No one to walk with, but I'm happy on the shelf.
Ain't misbehavin', I'm savin' my love for you

I don't stay out late, don't care to go. I'm home about eight, me and my radio.
Ain't misbehavin', I'm savin' my love for you

Like Jack Horner. In the corner. Don't go nowhere. What do care?
Your kisses are worth waitin' for, Believe me

I know for certain the one I love
I'm through with flirtin', it's just you that I'm thinkin' of
Ain't misbehavin' I'm savin' my love
Ain't misbehavin' I'm savin' my love
Ain't misbehavin' I'm sav-in' all my love for yo-uuuuuuuuuuuu!"

While Amelie is singing, and after the sax player finishes his solo, he looks up with his foot tapping to see where the sound came from. He says, "Millie?"

Madeline glances at the waitress, the sax player then back to Amelie

Mikael jumps slightly as the tray falls and breaks his attention for a moment. He settles back down comfortable next to Phoenix though and lets himself get lost in the music again.

Phoenix glances over at the tray but pays it little mind other than a brief distraction

Just as Amelie sings the last note, the waitress (must be Millie) squeals! "Johnny! I thought you were dead!" Her thick New York accent sounds like she is a fresh transplant! "But how! You still workin' for Big Jim?"

The sax player (must be Johnny) moves around the drum kit and to the front of the stage. He hands his instrument to Amelie and jumps over the edge of the stage to land infront of Millie and sweeps her up in his arms and off her feet. "Not even death could keep me away from you, sweetheart!" He kisses his right then for what seems a lifetime. "Big Jim gave me the gift right before the 3rd Street Gang off'd him. Took over the docks. I was underground, getting used to this whole life. When I got out, you were gone, and I moved to upstate."

Martha get an uhh look on her face as the romance thing goes down and just shakes her head.

Phoenix cocks a brow and glances to Mikael.

Madeline applauds Amelie and would whistle if she knew how then chuckles and watches the little drama "how sweet"

Amos glances over toward Martha and shakes his head. "I think I saw this one once. Guy winds up with a three-day bellyache." Well, he's trying to place it in his head, at least.

Martha looks to Amos, "Part of the show?" with a look to the two, then back to Amos.

Mikael applauds enthusiastically, rising to his feet. His attention goes to the startled waitress and the sax player. He listens and arches a brow, then glances back over at Phoenix and leans in to whisper something back to him.

Amelie looks at the couple there and smiles. A stage hand comes to get the saxophone from her. "It looks like we have a reunion tonight!"

And just like that, the couple seems to have a fairytale ending. UNTIL...

From the back a bellow comes from the bar. "STOP RIGHT THERE! That there is /MY/ ghoul. What are you doing with her, Mr?"

Martha claps for Amelie, not sure what to make of the couple really, then the whole my ghoul...a nod to that, with a mumble. 'figures'

Mikael tenses and glances to Phoenix and Madeline, going quiet.

Madeline whispers to Mikael "let me know how that turns out"

The loud man from the back comes forward. Dressed up in a Zoot Suit, he's obviously of the Hidden Clan. "That there is mine. Get your hands off my merchandise!" He growls.

Johnny clutches Millie closer. "This here is my fiancee. We were to be married some 30 years ago. I don't know how you got her, but I'll pay for her myself. A Life Boon. I'll even work for you. Anything, so I can have her as my own. Marry her." He looks into her eyes. "I love you Millie. I'll do anything for you."

Millie is crying, fists gripping onto Johnny. "Please Mr. Stanfield. I've been loyal to you all these years. I'll always keep your secrets."

Mr. Stanfield is a shrewd businessman, always looking for a leg up. "I'll take the Life Boon, and a Minor /if/ you go back to Los Angeles, get the Prince to let you embrace her, and then get me information. I'll tell you when you fulfill these boons. And if you do not to my satisfaction? Well, you don't want to know." He has a tough exterior..maybe interior too. But he's willing to deal.

With that decision, the long lost couple head out and leave - not without Johnny's saxophone he gets handed within its case from a stagehand. The couple do not wait and are out the door!

Amelie mostly stands there for all of this and then looks to Mr. Stanfield. "That was something. Thank you everyone for coming tonight!" The band begins to play again and Amelie exits the stage to make sure things are cleaned up.

Mikael applauds again, quieter, for either the performance or the outcome and then finally gets to that glass of brandy as things settle down. He has a little smile on his face.

Martha shakes her head, "Always a fucking catch."

Martha Gets up and heads out for now.

Mikael finishes his brandy, and bows to Amelie, "Merci for a wonderful evening. You were truly incredible this eve. I hope the rest of the eve finds you well."