2019.08.21: Are You Smarter Than A Fledgling?

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Are You Smarter Than A Fledgling?
Amelie hosts a quiz game for all Kindred and Ghouls.
IC Date August 21st, 2019
Players Alejandro, Amelie, Angelica, Aubrey, Caerus, Gabriel de la Vega, Kait, Madeline, Mikael, Milenka, Oleksiy, Paige, Phoenix, Tomoko
Location Carlton Pines Ballroom Elysium
Spheres Vampire Camarilla Independent Ghoul

Welcome to the Wednesday Night Gathering! Please come in, and enjoy yourself!

Tonight, the stage is set, instruments are out, and the sound system is ready. The lights are set, staff is ready, and everything is polished and prepared. Grab a seat and a drink, and enjoy!


1) The 13
2) The Ivory Tower
3) Rage Against the Methusalahs
4) Fangtastic Location


Oleksiy is just coming in, as he has been regularly of recent, he has his sword at his hip, and he loosk around to see who is here. He smiles a little at the room.

Aubrey says, “You know Olek, you keep wearing that sword and people are going to think your compensating for not having an uzi." Sus says the voice if the Aubrey. "I can get you an Uzi you know at a discount.”

Ambrosia arrived some minutes ago and she is standing at the edge of the ballroom, ice-blue eyes trained upward toward the alcoves overhead. The scrawny goth is dressed in a stylish little dress of black satin paired with equally dark looking heels. The tiniest purse on the western seaboard is clutched in one hand.

Oleksiy smiles a little "the sword" he offers to Aubrey, "is a distraction from the real danger."

Aubrey grins at Olek as heads on to the bar, "I have one of those things too." Aubrey walks up to the bar.

Madeline drifts in with a warm smile, looking to see who is about then stepping over first to greet Amelie and ask if she needs help

Phoenix walks in with Mikael, looking around with his usual vague disinterest.

Mikael comes in with his arm loosely around Phoenix's waist, speaking to the redhead at security before they came in further "Come now, cher, it sounds like fun."

The lights dim a bit and it is dark around the stage. Colored lights start moving around drawing attention the stage as music begins to play a familiar theme.

Amelie is waiting with a microphone in hand near the stage, first greeting Madeline and shaking her head, "Just have fun, mon ami." She steps up on the stage and the lights raise for her. There is a large enormous screen lighting up behind her. The splash of a graphic comes on with the logo: "Are you Smarter than a Fledgling?"

"Bon Soir! Good Evening everyone! Come on in, relax, take a seat. Welcome to the first edition of "Are you Smarter than a Fledgline?" I will go over the rules as we begin."

Ambrosia lingers near the edge of the ball room where she watches the crowd slowly grow as the others enter. Paige's entrance draws a curt little nod from the dark-haired goth before she is focusing her gaze back toward the crowd, again.

Gabriel D enters and makes his way to the bar to have a seat.

Tomoko the most beautiful arrives at elysium. She lifts a hand to wave everyone as she struts into the room.

Paige enters in from the security vestibule, apparently they have just stopped checking her. She drags her suitcase and her violin case with her, stepping towards the black chairs, giving a smile to Ambrosia and Amelie as she goes. She does however nod towards the stage. "The answer is an overwheling no, Amelie." Paige climbs the stairs and take a seat at one of the black chairs.

With the lights dim and mainly focused on the stage and Amelie there is no warning when the Beast of Idyllwild just appears. Well no more warning then the shadows growing darker, colder and the odd sense of there being eyes in them watching. Milenka isn't beautiful. She's attractive. If you can overlook her raw inhumanity and eyes that are full of oblvion. Perky goth she is not. But she does easily win the title blackest dress as no light escapes her outfit.

Madeline steps over to Mikael and Phoenix, kissing the cheek of one then the other with a soft word of greeting and smiling as the show begins

Amelie holds up a hand, "Mes amies, this is how we play. We are going to begin with our first volunteer to pick a category. Each category has FIVE questions in it. I will keep track of who answers them, and then the top two will face off in the Bonus Round." Notice she is /not saying/ SUDDEN DEATH. "Whomever guesses correctly first gets to pick the next category until we run out of questions. Anyone may call out the answer at will. Are there any questions?" She pauses and adds, "And yes, much like that other game show, your answer should be in the form of a question."

Phoenix sits back quietly, content to watch

Mikael accepts Madeline's kiss and catches her hand for a swift return one as he listens to Amelie on the stage. He murmurs a greeting to her with a smile.

Oleksiy moves a little closer to the stage and away from the door a bit. he smiles a little and listens to the instructions.

Madeline turns to applaud the announced game and laughs softly "how creative" she offers then smiles at Mikael's kiss to her fingers and nods "oui I agree very interesting"

Oleksiy looks around and realizes something, "If you wish an elder to start.. I will volunteer to get things rolling."

Madeline smiles and looks to see who will volunteer first

Amelie asks, "Do I have a volunteer to pick a category?" Then noting Oleksiy, she clicks a button on her phone, and the screen changes. The categories are now listed as:

The 13
The Ivory Tower
Rage Against the Methuselahs
Fangtastic Locations

"Please, pick the first category." Amelie smiles and much like Vanna white, she has on her silver ballgown, sparkling in the light as she gestures to the screen.

Oleksiy considers that for a moment, stepping forward enough to not have to speak up too much, "Lets go with Fangtastic locations." he smiles a little.

Arching an eyebrow Milenka looks at the catagories and hmms with interest drifting closer.

Phoenix remains silent and happy to be so.

Mikael murmurs to Phoenix, "I wonder if like the other game the catergories might be a bit misleading when the actual questions come up?"

Madeline applauds olek stepping up to pick a category

Paige shifts a bit in her chair, watching the ongoing game, or starting game. "Elder Milenka, you aren't allowed to answer any questions you were there for."

Amelie taps again on her phone and the category takes over the screen. The music changes "Excellent. The first answer is:

"This city is the capital of the Sabbat."

Aubrey raises her hand.

Paige on the other hand just comments. "Alejandro's pants."

Mikael chuckles softly at Paige's comment, "That is hardly fair. What if there is a question that is from the few years. Would the same rule then apply to you, Mademoiselle?"

Amelie laughs! "No, Paige. Dona Giovanni?"

Aubrey says, “What is Mexico city, Mexico?”

Caerus takes a step into the room and looks about. He nods here and there and smiles casually. As makes his way over to the bar to take a seat, "Evening all. Oh, history. What a marvelous game."
Caerus walks up to the bar.

Madeline chuckles softly and gives Paige a wink

The sound plays once Aubrey speaks "Very good. What category would you like to choose next?"

Oleksiy takes a moment and nods to Aubrey's answer, smiling just a little.

The shadows laugh softly and Milenka nods to Paige "It is a fair request. The only library more extensive than mine regarding the history of our kind is the one I've visited in Vienna. Etrius wouldn't give me a Library Card to check any books out sadly."

Tomoko hips sway as she walks over to the bar, then slides into a chair. She leans against the bar and watches the game going on with interest, though she doesn't jump up and down to try to answer any of the questions yet.

Aubrey says, “Rage against the Methuselahs.”

Amelie taps again on her phone and the next category "Rage Against the Methuselahs" appears on the screen. "Next up! The answer is:

"This is another name for the Sabbat."

Mikael murmurs with Phoenix for a moment, and then settles down next to Madeline as Phoenix leaves to handle something. His attention goes back to Amelie again.

Madeline smiles and looks to Mikael "I can think of several but they are not very polite"

Mikael shakes his head, and whispers "I know this one I think."

Aubrey raises a hand since she doesn't have a buzzer.

Oleksiy Nods and raises a hand as well, smiling a little.

Mikael raises his hand, but drops it as Aubrey beat him to it.

Amelie says, "Please, if you think you know the answer, you can say it. Vampire or Ghoul." She then acknowledges Aubrey. "Go ahead, Dona?"

Aubrey says, “What is the Sword of Caine?”

Caerus just chuckles softly at Madeline's answer, "That's my answer as well." He takes up an amber drink and takes a sip. He nods over to Aubrey.

"Like in the room, or are you looking for more general bits." Paige raises one of her brows. "And maybe we should avoid the Sabbat questions for a bit, if Aubrey answers another I might start getting suspicious."

"Oui, that is what we were looking for. Choose the next category?" Amelie replies.

Madeline smiles as Mikael whispers the same answer to her then nods "very well done cher" then winks at Caerus

Aubrey says, “The Ivory Tower, which I am either sad to say or wildly happy give my state of inebriation I know little about.”

Madeline takes a seat at the rose-covered lounger.

Milenka makes a little shrug "Ahh.. I remember when Mycah became Sascha. The look upon Hardestadt's face when he then she.." Milenka looks to Paige "I believe the term is.. Mushroom stamp?" Milenka smiles slightly "Very innovative."

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "The Ivory Tower" appears on the screen. She looks at the question, and then over to Milenka, and back to the question to read. "Alright, the answer is:"

"This Convention was held in 1493, considered the birth of the current Camarilla, and end of the Anarch Revolt."

Oleksiy answers "What is the Convention of Thorns."

Madeline smiles and kisses Angie's cheek as the girl joins her "bon soir cheri, do pay attention to the game tonight. It is fun /and/ educational"

Mikael takes a seat at the rose-covered lounger.

xc "Oui, very good, Primogen Druzyna. What category would you like next?" Amelie replies after the sound plays.

Oleksiy considers "Lets go with "The 13" he responds.

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "The 13" appears on the screen. "Bien, the next answer is:"

"This is the symbol of the Venture Clan."

Aubrey covers her mouth for a moment then takes a long, very long drink and no, thats a definate she's keeping her mouth shut.

Milenka smiles "What is a scepter?"

"Oui, very good Primogen Warmaster Milenka. What category would you like to chose next?" Amelie replies.

Caerus chuckles at something Aubrey says to him at the bar.

"I am so glad they simplified.. The coat of arms with 3 rampant lions holding axes and scepters was.. Overdone." Milenka looks at the list of topics "Let us continue with The 13."

Amelie is about to tap on her phone, but oops! category is the same. "Lovely. The next answer is:"

"This is the symbol of the Malkavians."

Madeline says, “the broken mirror"”

"Tres Bien, mon ami! What category would you like next, Primogen Blanchard?" Amelie replies.

"Now that one was a well done coat of arms. A silver cocatrice with a fools cap holding a broken mirror ankh while sitting in an upside down crown." Milenka notes softly "Truly suggestive and evocative of a Clan that was among the rulers of Rome. I believe people often forget that. Hmmm.. If they knew of it at all."

Madeline laughs "or should i havve said What IS the broken mirror"

Mikael glances again over at Milenka, listening intently to additional knowledge as he takes a sip of his brandy.

Amelie laughs as well. "Aaah Oui. I was so glad you got on the board. What category next, mon ami?"

Caerus nods to Milenka, "Many let the old knowledges slip away so that they might forge new ones. History is written by the winners after all."

Madeline smiles and inclines her head to Amelie "The Ivory Tower sil vous plait"

Kait enters dressed in a blue v-neck shirt with a ring in the middle of the shirt and a pair of jeans. She nods to those that look to her and smiles then heads to the bar to order her a glass of brandi. Sipping on it she listens.

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "The Ivory Tower" appears on the screen. "Very well, the next answer is:"

"They are the most powerful visible component of the Camarilla's government, charged with adjudicating matters of the Traditions on a wide scale and acting as the eyes, ears, and hands of the Inner Circle."

Milenka nods to Caerus "I would wax more on the vagaries between the fall of Rome and the status of certain clans being High or Low.. But the question might come up and I do not wish to ruin the game."

Aubrey shrugs a shoulder, "Who are the Harpies?

Amelie shakes her head and waits for others to answer.

Gabriel D smirks, "Who are the Justicars." he finally speaks up.

Mikael glances to Aubrey and then to Amelie to see if that was the answer, show obvious uncertainty on his face. "What are the Arcons?"

Madeline smiles and nods "the trick prhase was "on a wide scale". the harpies are generally local"

Oleksiy nods once to Gabriel D and smiles a bit in salute.

"Merci, that is correct, Monsieur de la Vega. What category would you like next?" Amelie replies.

"That my dear Primogen." Paige looks slowly to Madeline. "Is entirely dependant on how big of a loudspeaker you give me."

Madeline laughs and nods to Paige "size is everything no matter what they might say" she winks

Gabriel D nods and ponders a moment, "Back to the 13 I suppose."

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "The 13" appears on the screen. "Very well, the next answer is:"

"This is the symbol of the Toreadors."

Madeline laughs warmly but simply runs her hand along the embroidered sofa upon which she sits

Angie looks up "What is the rose?"

Amelie replies, "Perfect, Mademoiselle Santos. What category would you like next?"

Caerus says casually to Gabriel, "And here I thought it was Madeline."

Angie gives a smile "Hmm let's stay with The 13 please"

Kait looks about and is kinda just listening as she might not know much.. it seems. She feels dumb as a rock.

Amelie remembers not to tap on her phone. "Lovely. The next answer is:"

"This is the symbol of the Daughters of Cacophony."

Mikael says, “What are Lips." Adds "That their incredible voices emerge from.”

Madeline chuckles and tosses her head with a wink at caerus then smiles and listens to the game

Amelie smiles, she does sparkle not just from her dress or the lights. "Oui, oui, Merci, Monsieur Rousseau. What category would you like next?"

Mikael gives Amelie a bow of his head, "Rage Against the Methuselahs, S'il vous plaît."

Aubrey gets her drink refilled and then checks her watch.

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "Rage Against the Methusalahs" appears on the screen. "Very well, the next answer is:"

"Leaders from these two clans formed the Sabbat after the Convention of 1493."

Oleksiy says "Who are the Tzimisce and the Lassambra."

Aubrey says, “What is Lasombra and Tzimsce”

Tomoko slides her phone out of her pocket and checks it. Seems she has to step out for a few minutes, and heads to the exit.

Caerus nods to his phone and punches a few things to send a response. He says up to Amelie, "Good show, unfortunally duty calls." He nods to the others and heads out.
Caerus steps away from the bar.

Amelie nods to Oleksiy, "Oui, good job. That is two for you, Two for the Dona, and One for the others whom have answered. What category would you like next?"

Oleksiy smiles "if the catagory is not done let us do The 13 once again

Kait looks to her phone quickly as it goes off and nods. Sorry I was late.. but I have to go.. laters. " And she is out with a rushed look on her face.

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "The 13" appears on the screen, under the words it says, "Final Question in Category". "The next answer is:"

"This is the symbol of the Gangrel."

Angie leans back in her seat and answers " what is the wolf's head?"

Amelie claps for Angie, "Excellent! What category would you like next, now that 'The 13' is completed?"

Madeline smiles fondly at the girl seated beside her and nods "tres bien Angie"

Aubrey murmurs to Gabriel, "I was sure that was the head of Scooby Doo."

Mikael smiles over at Angie and gives her a nod, "You do very well, Mademoiselle."

Gabriel D tries not to react visably to Aubrey's comment.

Angie hmms "How about Fangtastic Locations?"
Angie blushed "Thank you Mikael and Maddie.."

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "Fangtastic Locations" appears on the screen. "The next answer is:"

"This city is where the hierarchy of the Tremere is."

Madeline says, “where is vienna"”

Mikael says, “What is Vienna"”

Madeline laughs and smiles at Mikael "ah grammar"

Angie claps with delight as they answer

Mikael bows his head to madeline as she answers first, and corrects him, "Oui, Mademoiselle."

Oleksiy smiles a little and chuckles

"Very good, both of you. As Primogen Blanchard was first, she may pick the next category." Amelie replies.

Madeline laughs warmly "rage against the methuselahs sil vous plait"

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "Rage Against the Methusalahs" appears on the screen. "The next answer is:"

"Name for newly embraced Sabbat. Usually done in mass."

Milenka frowns and sighs "What is a shovel head?"

Mikael says, “What is a shovelhead?"”

Oleksiy answers "What are Shovelheads"

Madeline sighs 'unfortunates"

Mikael glances to Milenka, knowing her thoughts on them and then nods to Madeline's comment and murmurs, "Oui." He settles back then on the couch.

"Hahaha! You all are so smart about this! It is like you have some experience!" Amelie is just kidding, of course. "Primogen Milenka, what category would you like next?"

Milenka smiles at Amelie "Fangtastic locations please."

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "Fangtastic Locations" appears on the screen. "The next answer is:"

"This city is where you would find the 'Court of Love'."

Oleksiy Glances to Madeline and then offers "Where is Paris."

Madeline is just smiling, not answering for now and nods to Olek

"Alejandro's pants." Paige answers. "Look, that is going to be the answer to one of these."

Mikael smirks as he takes another sip of brandy, his eyes going to Paige.

"Non, Paige. This is not a game about where or what is in Alejandro's Pants. Although I'm sure he would be glad to hear you are concerned about them. Primogen Druzyna, very nice. What category would you like next?" Amelie replies.

Oleksiy considers then offers "I believe there should be at least one more Fangtastic locations, lets do that."

Amelie remembers not to tap on her phone. "There are two more.. well, one now. The next answer is:"

"This country is where the Convention of Thorns was held."

Remaining quiet as being there and being a signatory doesn't make it fair for Milenka to answer.

Oleksiy smiles and offers a look over to Milenka "That was a seedy village wasnt it." he smiles "I saw it a bit after the fact." then he looks back over and offers "Where is England."

Amelie replies, "Bien. What category would you like next?"

Madeline smiles "perhaps next week the keeper will let you plan the game Paige"

Oleksiy looks to Madeline "I dont want any game dealing wiht Alejandro's pants." he then smiles to AMelie "Let us finish Fangtastic locaitons."

Mikael arches a brow and looks at Madeline, whispering to her, "Why did I just have an image of peacocks in pants come to mind?"

Amelie nods to Oleksiy, "Final Question in Category" comes up on the screen. "The final answer in this category is:"

"This modern day country is where Vlad Tepes may reside still."

Aubrey says, “Romania?”

Oleksiy looks to Amelie and he starts to laugh, "Ill let someone else answer that one. It wouldnt be fair for me to speak of my Best man."

Mikael was opening his mouth when Aubrey spoke and he just smiles.

Aubrey says, “What is Romania....gah pants.”

Madeline smiles warmly at Olek

"Oh my. Oui, Dona, that is correct. That category is now closed. We have two categories remaining. What would you like next?" Amelie replies.

Mikael whispers again to Madeline, "I wish that I had attended that wedding..."

Aubrey says, “You choose i've lost trace.”

Amelie taps on her phone and the next category "The Ivory Tower" appears on the screen. "Oh, you will like this one Dona. The next answer is:"

"The Promise of 1528 is between the Camarilla and this Clan."

Aubrey says, “What are the Giovanni.”

Mikael was murmuring at the couch and missed the next question until it was too late to answer. He glances from Amelie to Aubrey.

Aubrey grins over at Amelie, "Family history."

Amelie grins, "Oui, as I have heard. Very nice. Shall we continue with this category? We are down to the final 4 questions before the last 2 categories."

Madeline glances at her phone and kisses Mikael's cheek before rising. She curtsies to the keeper with a smile "pardon moi" and with a nod to the others, excuses herself

Mikael returns the kiss to Madeline, "May the rest of the eve find you well."

Amelie moves on to the next question. "The next answer in this category is:"

"They are a recognized agent of one of the Justicars."

Mikael is fairly certain of it this time, "Who is an Archon?"

Paige tilts her head to the side slightly, but gives a small nod.

Amelie quickly nods, "Very good Monsieur Rousseau. We will move on to the last question."

Amelie moves on to the last question, "Final Question in Category" comes up on the screen. "The last answer in this category is:"

"This is the seventh Tradition."

"Really, no one?" Paige suddenly leans back. "Don't get caught."

Milenka waits a few moments looking around at the others before she softly chuckles "Don't get caught."

Oleksiy blinks slowly and smiles a little

"I guess they did not wish to be caught either. Merci, Scourge Sands. We move on to the last 2 questions of the last category for this round." Amelie taps on her phone to move the screen to the last of the other category, "Rage Against the Methusalahs" appears on the screen. "The next answer is:"

"A group of Sabbat, not unlike wolves."

Oleksiy answers "What is a Pack"

Amelie nods quickly, "Oui. And now for the last question in this category, and round."

"The title that is most similar to a Camarilla Prince."

Aubrey says, “What is Arch-Bishop?”

Milenka hmms "Bishops normally are in charge of a town yes?"

Mikael looks from one to another and just listens. He really doesn't know enough about the Sabbat except to know some of the titles.


Amelie claps! "Very good! Merci everyone for playing tonight! Now we do have a tie in points. If Dona Giovanni and Primogen Druzyna would like to finish it off with the sudden death bonus round? I can explain the rules for that." A pause as she then continues, "I will give a question, and then whomever can answer it first correctly will wait for me to pose a question to the other. A wrong answer and you are out. Ok?"

Oleksiy smiles and nods "As you say, let us see who survives."

Mikael rises to get a refill before the bonus round starts.

Amelie taps again on her phone and the screen comes up with "BONUS ROUND" with fireworks bursting in the background. "Reminder, both of you can attempt to answer the first one, then it will be back and forth until someone gets a wrong answer. The title of the Category is "Name that Antidiluvean!" The first question is:"

"He was killed by Tremere."

And with that Milenka gets that smile of knowing something.. And doesn't answer.

"Do you want a list?" Paige raises a brow.

Oleksiy answers "Saulot is who you are speaking of.. "

Gabriel D smirks, "Rumors." he says without any real conviction behind his voice.

Aubrey as a Giovanni wisely remains quite on the whole subject of who ate who.

Amelie nods to Oleksiy. "Oui, that is the Antidiluvean the myth would say he did that to." Since Camarilla does not believe in them and all. "The next question:"

"He diablerised his Sire to become considered an Antidiluvean of his Clan."

Alejandro strolls into Elysium, his hands clasped behind his back as he makes his way over to his usual spot on the plush sofa.

Oleksiy smiles just a little "Who is Trolle.'

"Or perhaps, who is Augustus Giovanni." Milenka intones softly.

Aubrey tsks softly, "Wild rumor and and suspicion." though Aubrey does sound very amused.

Amelie hmms, checking the questions. "Well, both answers are correct. Troile, and Augustus Giovanni." She nods to Aubrey, "Absolutely, fables, I am certain. Meant to keep fledglings scared, of course." She moves on to the next question.

"Supposedly, in said fable about Augustus Giovanni, what was the name of his Sire?"

Milenka's dark gaze slides over to Aubrey "Via Abyssi is an offshoot of Via Ossium." before looking back to Amelie "His name was Cappadocius."

Aubrey was obviously to busy making a drink to answer, "Grandfather."

Amelie nods to Milenka. "Oui. A follow up to that question."

"This is the name of their clan originally."

Aubrey says, “Cappadocians also called the Clan of Death.”

Amelie smiles to Aubrey, "Somehow, I figured you would know. Merci. Two more questions, at this point just for fun."

"In the myths, it is said that these 2 Antidiluveans are twins"

Milenka says, “Who are Arikel and Malkav?" Milenka offers.”

Mikael says, “One is the progenitor of the Malkavian clan and the other I... think is the one for the Toreador but were brother and sister, oui?”

Amelie nods, "Oui, you are both correct. Now for the final question - keeping in mind the last one."

"In the myths, it is also said that these 2 are their brothers."

Paige shifts again, up in her chair, an eyebrow raising. "That has actually gone better than expected."

Aubrey says, “Who are Set and Saulot?”

Mikael is smiling brightly and glances to Paige, "It was better than good, it was an excellent evening. Very entertaining, and I for one learned from it as well."

The victory music plays longer than usual, and with it, the screen on the stage shows fireworks again. "Oui, that would be the correct answer. So far as we know from the myths and fables. Congratulations everyone, you have proved you are Smarter than a Flegling!" Amelie announces with glee. "Merci beaucoup for coming, spending over time, and joining in my little fun. Enjoy the rest of your night!"

Mikael applauds Amelie's closing remarks, and works at finishing off his second glass of brandy.

Alejandro chuckles softly and claps for Aubrey's win. "Well done, Dona." The setite raises his hand and brushes a few errant strands of hair out of his eyes, hooking them behind his ear. "It appears I missed quite a fun evening today, a pity that."

Paige raises her brows a little. "We really do need to stop letting the Giovanni win all our contests, no offense to Miss Aubrey, but someone is going to have to step up."

Amelie curtsies to them all, and then the screen shuts off before her and she steps down off the stage. She approaches the others, a nod to Alejandro. "It did seem to be a good night. I wish you were here earlier as well."

Aubrey says, “You did miss a wonderful evening Alejandro. I do love a good game of trivial pursuit vampire edition." She sets the things she was fidling with down and gathers her personal things. "That you Amelie for a truly enjoyable evening. She turns then and winks at Milenka, "As alwyas nice to see you out and about." Aubrey turns to look at Paige, "Age and education have only a slim advantage I am well with history not so much more popular things of the day. After all there comes a point we must lessen our exposure to humans.”

"Well Miss Sands did win a safe trip to and from my library.. An opportunity to dig up all sorts of interesting facts. Including, if one looked hard enough, the one answer tonight that was wrong." Milenka almost smiles at Paige. Almost. Before she nods to Aubrey "The current business of the Praxis has me out and about more often of late. It seems that my Idyllwild position becomes more and more relavent of late."

"Warmaster, I assure you that one day I will be there." Paige raises up her brows lightly. "However with my current workload, the one true advantage my condition has given to me is that at least I get to cut cooking time out of my schedual."

"I'm uncertain whether to offer congradulations or condolences, Ms. Sands." Alejandro offers to Paige at Milenka's revelation, before turning to the Lasombra herself. "And, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors."

Amelie hmms, "It seems our Elders have the most impressive libraries. As it should be. That sounds like quite a treat." And still concerning at the same time. For now, she finds a couch to sit on, and leans back and relaxes.

A dismissive shadow followed by a hand waves it off. "You are young and busy. I am just reminding you that you have an item of value still. You are now in a political position. Knowing that you have this some may wish to trade you things you need for it." before Milenka smiles at Alejandro "It is why I qualified safety entering and leaving in the reward. It is an important qualifier for many."

Aubrey heads for the exit pausing only to air kiss one of Alejandro's cheeks as she heads to the doors. "I wish you all a good evening I have a short flight ahead of me and a great deal of paperwork. I bid you all a pleasant evening, even you Paige and may you get help for your pants fixation."

"While I would be very interested in browsing your tomes, I doubt Ms Sands would be particularly interested in selling it to me." Alejandro replies softly, letting that smile slowly bleed across his lips. "I'm sure you are aware of my own clan's preference for the ancient and dark secrets of the world. I hold no disillusions that your library would hold both." The cuban returns Aubrey's air kiss. "Travel safely, Dona. I'll see you in Laughlin in a few hours."

Mikael rises to bring his glass back to the bar. He gives a bow of his head to Aubrey, "I hope the rest of the eve finds you well, Madame."

"You see, the issue is that I am exceedingly precise on wording." Paige notes softly, her brows furrowing. "A talent I suppose that put me on the path to quickness here. There is nothing about on the way there, or the way back."

Milenka's shadow nods in agreement "This is true. If it is outside of the area I directly patrol I take no responsibility for. In fact, I prefer to leave certain areas as obvious holes in our defenses.. For reasons." before smiling at Alejandro "Ahh then you would delight in my library for it has only the best things that myself and Anatole collected during our research into certain matters."

Mikael turns and gives a bow to Amelie, "Merci for the wonderful eve. I hope the rest of it finds you all well." He heads to the exit.

"You speak that name as though you are casually familiar with him." Alejandro replies, "It's as if I was to name drop Hesha or Cutbert. But, my interest is piqued none the less."

"Really, I do need to get out there anyways." Paige nods her head. "At least speak to the Duchess, I don't think we have met face to face since her wedding, and I believe I was mostly repeating fucking Dracula at that point."

Milenka peers at Alejandro curiosly "You mean as if I had hosted himself and Lucita in my own domain repeatedly or met with him in other Domains? Or when we both were guests of Radu of Bistriz? He traveled around the region I dwelled in quite often." Milenka gives a little shrug "I would rather talk of my friendship with him then recount the times that I met and interacted with Hardestadt."

Amelie can only imagine what Milenka might have wanted to do with Hardestadt, considering what she has heard.

"Hardestadt is a bit of a prick, isn't he?" Alejandro replies with a smirk. "But if Ms. Sands isn't interested in selling her free pass, I'd be willing to enter into negociations for my own."

"Ah, but it isn't a free pass. She earned it through direct action of which many others were fearful of engaging in." Milenka nods to Paige "I do not share access to my library casually. Also not all the information found within it is safe to know."

"A turn of phrase." Alejandro replies, leaning back on the sofa. "I commend Ms. Paige on her willingness to act, even if I am unaware of the circumstances. As for knowledge being dangerous....well, all the best knowledge is dangerous; is it not?"

"Oh, I kicked the shit out of that one Tremere when no one else was willing to fight at the sparring tournament." Paige waves her hand into the air softly. "That was the prize."

Amelie aahs, "Oui, one of many Tremere that come and leave so soon."

"I'm sure it was quite the spectacle, Ms Sands." Alejandro offers with a smile towards Paige, before turning towards Amelie. "Keeper....why is it you think I don't get invited to those sorts of events?"

"Hardly, it was over in seconds." Paige rolls her shoulders into a shrug. "Made him think Agate had staked him."

"I don't believe we've had one in some time." Milenka looks about. "I believe that type of event was given up on as no one wished to reveal their super secret fighting styles.. Or lack there of. Miss Sands was rewarded for actually choosing to DO what the Imperator asked rather then hem and haw as the various members of the Irrellevantes did."

Amelie raises her brow to Milenka's choice of language at the end, but not going to question an elder.

"Ah...well. That's a tad disappointing. A gladiator should know that half their job is to entertain the crowd afterall." Alejandro replies with a shrug, turning back towards Amelie. "Madam Keeper. I'm going to be sending a woman I have recently taken as a ghoul to meet with you. I understand Vegard still feels it necessary for ghouls to be introduced. I trust you'll handle the necessary arrangements. I won't be in attendance during Friday's court, not that Vegard would open it to me anyway. In my absense, or that of Bishop, Anny will speak for me should such need arise." Then to Milenka. "Do please, consider my offer. But even with out that, this has been a pleasant evening." And the elder Setite slowly rises from the sofa.