2019.11.30: Negotiations in Idaho

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Negotiations in Idaho
At the behest of Shlomo Rothstein, Giovanni travel to Hailey Idaho to bargain for the prisoners captured in Prospect or at least ensure that they do in fact die. Jolene of Clan Toreador believes she can negotiate the bad blood against Tiva in Hailey.
IC Date November 30th, 2019
Players Istvan, Jolene, Madeline, Manfred, Tiva Little Owl as ST
Location Hailey, Idaho
Spheres Vampire, Camarilla, Anarch

Madeline and Jolene board a plane for Hailey, Idaho. Tiva cannot go and has apparently hired these two to be muscle in case things go south.

Madeline brushes a hand along her skirts as the jet proceeds along its way and glances at the two men "I take it you are to be seen but not heard?" she asks, uncertain what the men have been told

Istvan does not wear his taps on the plane. Apparently, they are around for formal occasions, and he does have them with. Sword, shield, and helm neatly arranged and on standby. "That part tends to be played by ear. Camarilla Courts tend to very widely in appropriate responses. Given our involvement in the capture, and residing in a securely Giovanni domain, our silence may not be an option. Or it might be demanded." and with a long exasperated sigh adds.. "And then others wonder why I can't stay more than a decade in any given one, and then only once a century."

Manfred smiles at Madeline, remembering her it seems, "I hope you have been well?" he asks before nodding to Istvan's statement. "We know Tiva and she trusts us to make certain you ladies stay safe on your trip. I'll just take my cues from you and "go with the flow" as they say. I hope Eric is doing well these nights?"

There is clear warmth from Jolene at the presence of the 'hired hands' though she treats them as anything but, her demeanor is friendly and soft, rather than harsh and abrasive, which is probably why most think of her as weak and she is fine with that perception of her. "Hopefully we can settle this calmly and with cool heads, and your presence will be a precaution rather than necessary. I tend to try to keep a level head." Jolene is dressed in a long flowing chiffon gown this evening, a light blue color, suitable for making a presence in court.

Madeline's brow arches at Istvan "You.. are not bringing the knightly garb and arms with you are you monsieur?" she asks then nods to Manfred "Quite well, to both, merci"

Istvan pats the items in question. "I don't don the full set any longer. Since my roll tonight will be as 'hireling', or at least that is the intention, just the taps and the pin. Though the sword and shield will be nearby. Best to have and not need and all this. The pin, few would understand. Unless there's an infernalist amongst them, should pose little issue. If there is an infernalist amongst them, the issues are going to be far worse. The taps.. experience tells me that a silent Toreador unnerves those that might otherwise be inconsequential."

Manfred returns the smile to Jolene but his stance doesn't relax from his alert posture. "It seems more natural to show up with allies than normal security. I'm sure you have enough ghouls for that appearance if you need it."

Madeline nods and lifts an elegant hand to brush a lock of golden hair behind one ear "Nothing untoward should occur, and if it does, I wish to know what orders Tiva has given you? For should aught to awry, I will be departing with Jolene, as rapidly as the shadows allow"

Istvan shakes his head, just slightly. "Priority one, you two get out safely, Priority 2, kill anyone that tries to prevent priority one."

Jolene frowns at that, "I would hope that anyone being killed is the furthest thing on my list of things to do tonight. I am a Doctor, a Surgeon, I try to help heal, not get them killed. My priorities do not always match with those of others intentions though. And I do not intend to get thrown out of someone else's domain either."

Madeline says, “Oui Gentlemen lets not start a war alright? I truly do not wish to have to report that to the Imperator" she smiles”

Manfred simply nods his head to what Istvan said, but then he adds, "And we shall otherwise appear as your allies, and of course the ones that had been with Tiva when the two were captured." His gaze turns to Jolene, "Killing anyone isn't the intention, but we are prepared should it become necessary. I doubt they would dare to harm you at Court, and certainly not in Elysium, but there could be other dangers in the trip. Tiva wanted you safe, and so do we."

Istvan offers the lady a wan smile. "As a personal note, leaving a job half finished.. irks me. The captured Kindred weren't just Sabbat, who can be.. managed.. but roaming Masquerade breaches that had grown rabid, and had begun attacking those not involved in factional combat. I shall see this through to conclusion."

Jolene sighs softly and understandingly at them both. "Thank you gentlemen, both, I am certain she would not have asked you, if she did not trust you." She leaves it at that as they are about to board the plane. She is used to planes having traveled in them most of her life. "When you are ready Maddie?" She smiles at her and gentle squeezes her hand.

xxxxxElysium in Hailey is inside a restored mansion that by day is a museum for the 1800s and the history of the city. By night it contains vampires which are arguable also part of the history of the city. Like tonight. You are let in the front doors and to any passersby it would appear to be a private party for rich and cultured folk.

xxxxxA thin man in a black suit greets you at the door. "Ahh welcome gentleman, Miss Jolene again. Nice to see you back. Who are these your friends?"

Istvan did change into the taps, as he said, for entry into the Elysium. He walks a little ahead of Madeline until they are actually /in/ the Elysium, and then falling in behind her.

Manfred actually put on a jacket, and combed his hair down into something more orderly. He cleans up rather well. He stays on the other side of the two women, and gives a little bow to the man who addresses them and lets the ladies answer the questions for the moment.

Jolene gently takes than hand of the thin man with a warm smile, and begins to introduce her entourage. "Primogen Kent, Please allow me the honor of introducing, My Sire and Primogen of the Toreador, of Prospect, for Clan Toreador, Mademoiselle Blanchard, our friends Mister Manfred Channing of the Gangrel, and Istvan Permoser, also of clan Toreador." She takes the time to introduce them each to the Primogen of the Toreador in turn, maintaining her warmth.

Madeline inclines her golden head to the man "Primogen" she offers respectfully

xxxxxMr. Kent smiles cordially. "You are welcome to Hailey. The trial will begin shortly. It seems Shlomo Rothstein is here. He inquired after Miss Blanchard when he arrived. Perhaps you are expected, no?"

Istvan offers the slightest incline of his head when introduced, focusing most of his attention on any Kindred lurking about. Keeping his Auspex busy (and Clear Sighted merit) in case of lurking Nosferatu.

Jolene offers softly, "I know we were to be expected, and if you be so kind as to escort us into the trial, we would deeply appreciate it, Primogen. We are to be expected, and sent word ahead that we would be attending."

Madeline gives the man a warm smile and nods "Yes thank you Monseiur Primogen" and lays a gentle hand to the small of Jolene's back as if expecting they will be led forward.

xxxxxThe man leads the group of you in. Stefan and Kurt Gilbert are perhaps present in the two coffins that sit before the prince on his tall backed wooden chair that serves as a throne on the slightly raised platform around it. The ballroom near this small stage is filled with tables where kindred may sit in knots to hear what is said. A violet carpet spans through the tables toward the throne to act as a place for audience.

xxxxx"Welcome friends from Prospect, California..." Dupree says in his deep booming voice. I did receive your letter though the men with you I was not aware were coming... Miss Blanchard?"

Manfred maintains his position at the two women's side, his eyes always alert and watchful as they move through the room. As they pause he pauses mirroring whatever they do and staying quiet for the moment, though his glance to Dupree as he speaks is respectful.

Istvan lets Madeline do the talking. Taking in the Prince and his throne and waiting on Madeline to make introductions.

Madeline steps forward and sinks into a heart stopping curtsy of respect, lowering her golden head a moment before she rises with the grace for which her clan is known "Enchante Your Grace, Thank you for permitting our visit. Though I have lived in the country many years I had never before seen your beautiful state and thought to accompany my childe and clanmate upon her business here. With your good will of course."

Jolene does not move at all or say a word until invited to do so by the Prince after Madeline has made her introduction, her head bowed politely in deep respect, and her hands held in front of her.

xxxxxDupree nods. "You have a reputation that precedes you Miss Blanchard. You are welcome in Hailey though...who you represent is a bit of a contention it seems."

xxxxxYou can see Rothstein sitting at one of the tables with some of his goons. He is watching your introduction behind steepled fingers.

xxxxxThere is a woman in a white evening gown that scintillates in the light. Her hair is toe blonde and a black pin holds it to one side, letting long locks spill down over her shoulder and down the length of her. White on white with pale smooth skin. Miss LeClair is silent for now.

Madeline inclines her head in gratitude to the Prince then turns those sapphire eyes to Rothstein and gives him a graceful nod of respect also "Monseiur" she offers then turns her gaze back to the Prince "Yes I heard there was quite a bit of contention some hundred or so years ago. I certainly do not wish to interrupt your proceedings here Your Grace but perhaps later, we could have a discussion of such matters"

Manfred gives a proper but a bit rusty seeming bow to Dupree, but still remains silent as Madeline awes the Court.

xxxxxDupree nods. "Following the trial and sentencing which I do not expect to take long." He scowls at the coffins. "You may all meet with me and the local toreador in the conference room.

Jolene has clear practice being quiet in court and doing her utmost not to offend anyone as she waits for Madeline to be dismissed, and only then will she move with her.

Madeline dips a light curtsy to indicate she knows the conversation is concluded for now and turns to move aside with Jolene

Jolene mirrors the light curtsy and respectful bow of her head, and follows Madeline. It seems much like most courts, whips are to be seen and not heard.

xxxxxDupree motions to the woman in white. "Miss LeClair please remind the court, especially the young why these men are here before my court today."

xxxxxMiss LeClair stands. Her voice is thick with emotion as she retells the story. "Over a century ago, these men...Stefan of Clan Malkavian and Kurt of Clan Brujah murdered five of our dearest friends. Adrian Stone of Clan Toreador, Harlan of Clan Nosferatu, Peter Maxon of Clan Ventrue, Priscilla Kane of Clan Toreador, and Ted Farley of no clan. We remember them who are elder. They were innocent. These men fell upon them with a group of mortal bandits and...chopped them in pieces." She must stop to steady herself. "Those pieces were left on this very doorstep, a calling card. And Kurt, he used to be one of us. It was his betrayal that led Stefan to the killings. They deserve every bit of what they get."

Madeline takes a seat if one is offered, crossing her ankles lightly and folding hands upon her lap, lovely eyes hard as she watches the men accused of such crimes.

Istvan isn't one for bowing, but tonight he is 'just the help', so he takes position behind Jolene.

xxxxx"Will anyone speak for the accused," the prince asks. His query is met by silence. Some of the elders in the audience look eager for blood, others are clueless.

Manfred mirrors Istvan, and takes up the position behind Madeline as he listens to the white lady's story.

xxxxxRothstein stands and smiles toward the throne. The prince gestures for him to say his piece. "Stefan and Kurt Gilbert, there is no question that these men deserve to die. They murdered also my family, Paolo Giovanni and Freddy Millner of Henderson, Nevada. I do agree with Miss LeClair, they deserve everything they get, but so brief. We of Clan Giovanni are here to petition for their spirits. The suffering you will give them lasts but a moment, we will make their anguish eternal. I hope you will consider. It is what they deserve."

xxxxxDupree shakes his head. "As appealing as eternal torment sounds to me, I do not think it wise to give you the souls of our enemies that might one day come back to haunt us, literally. I wish to be done with them."

Jolene listens with a sadness in her eyes, to see anyone suffering, but sadly this choice is not hers, and she is not being asked her opinion, in this the rest of her features remain stoic, just the slightest hint of emotion in her eyes. At the princes decision though a slight relief settles in those eyes, that maybe Dupree is a man who can be reasoned with.

Istvan is happy for them to die either way.

Madeline touches Jolene's hand and speaks softly into her ear while watching.

xxxxxShlomo curls his lip but there isn't much to go on here. "I am certain certain favors could be arranged. You likely have little protection against ghosts as it is. I can help with that..

xxxxx"A generous offer Mr. Rothstein but I can handle my city and I cannot in good conscience allow those who were wronged by these men to continue to suffer knowing that in some form, they still exist." The prince shakes his head. "Its death for them, here and now."

xxxxx"Well as long as we can see them die, I suppose that is a satisfaction. Will you permit it?" Rothstein looks up at Dupree.

xxxxxDupree nods. "You may."

Madeline takes Jolene's hand in hers as she watches, nodding in quiet acceptance and approval

Manfred has no altering expression in his face as the discussion of the men's fate though his expression is alert to what all is going on in the room.

Jolene nods to the quiet whisper in her ear by Madeline, as there is that gentle touch to her hand. She watches and waits quietly, keeping her emotions steeled as much as possible.

xxxxx"Stefan and Kurt are guilty of six violations of destruction and numerous violations of domain. I hereby sentence them to die," The prince nods.

xxxxxThe Nosferatu that had been invisible in the corner of the room becomes visible. He walks toward the coffins with a grim expression. He is dressed in rags and carries a sabre on his hip. He lifts Stefan from the coffin. "You should have died a century ago." He beheads the man in one swing, letting the body fall back in the coffin.

xxxxxThe executioner moves on to Kurt Gilbert. "I liked you once," he says in his sickly gravel filled voice. Then the headsman takes his second due.

Istvan watches, impassively, as both Kindred are reduced to True Corpses. Satisfied that they have gotten what they deserve.

Madeline shows no reaction whatsoever as the sentence is carried out.

xxxxxDupree sighs heavily. "I would like to retire for the evening, but still the matter brought here from Prospect. I bid the rest of you good night." He stands. "Miss LeCliar, Mr. Braithwaite, Miss Blanchard and those from abroad...follow me."

Jolene gently squeezes Madeline's hand and her eyes close as their final death and fate is decided by the man on the thrown, and she remains for a moment where she is before she stands and waits quietly for Madeline to lead the way for them.

Madeline rises smoothly and draws Jolene up with her as they follow the Prince at his request.

xxxxxThe Prince moves to a back hallway and a conference room with overstuffed black leather chairs and a heavy cherry wood table. There is a projector screen on one wall and a miniature bar, all the luxuries one might expect from a man of means. The prince takes a seat at the head of the table, inviting Madeline to sit opposite him with a gesture. LeClair and a skinny man with soft skin and a thin moustache sit to either side of their prince. Devon is an androgenous looking man though his hair is kept short his features are most feminine. He wears a grey pinstriped suit.

Madeline inclines her head with respect at the invitation "Merci beau coup Your Grace"

Manfred doesn't react except a slight nod of his head as the Prince's decision is followed through. He turns and follows the group into the room, his eyes scanning it before he takes up a position again behind Madeline.

xxxxxDupree inclines his head to the toreador across the table from Prospect....and Manfred. "So...I believe the floor is yours. I have an idea why your here but Id rather hear you speak it plainly."

Madeline looks to Jolene "Your Grace, my whip has prepared something and as you allow, I would invite her to speak"

Even as Madeline took the offered seat, Jolene remain standing, with those hands folded in front of her, her head bowed in deep respect, still awaiting with the Prince's permission to speak when given leave to.

xxxxxDupree clears his throat. Clearly he is waiting for one of you to explain. "Proceed."

Jolene takes a moment to choose her words very carefully, her tone with the utmost respect for him, and trying her best not to insult his intelligence but to explain her point of view. "Your Grace, My name is Jolene Addison, and I have been trying since this situation came to my attention to find away to approach a man of your influence and stature, without offending you. I came on behalf of a friend, to try to help clear the past, if it is possible to work with you. You seem a very fair and just Prince, not that my opinion matters, but it is that part of you I wish to appeal to today. A long time ago two families were grievously hurt deeply, and retaliated against each other, and I hope to find out if there is anything I may do, to help set things right again?"

xxxxxThe Prince nods slowly.

xxxxxMiss LeClair shakes her head. "You don't know what your asking Miss Addison. That woman is a beast, one that is better put down. She likes to pretend she's other than what she is, but there is no noble savage there, just a savage, a blood thirsty, cold, evil woman. You are deceived."

xxxxx"I quite agree," Devon Braithwaite adds. "I wish I could go back and never give her the blood. It is perhaps my worst mistake."

Istvan can't entirely hide his amusement as 'blood thirsty' is used as an insult by a vampire...

xxxxxDupree holds up his hand. "Miss Addison is not done speaking."

Madeline considers the woman and man that speak out, listening carefully but nods to the Prince when he allows Jolene to continue.

Manfred gives a brief glance to the white lady when she speaks about savages but his expression doesn't change.

xxxxxDupree shakes his head. "I do not see that there is any bad blood between myself and anyone at this table. How to set things right between us and Little Owl? She is hunted in Hailey. She has gained her pardon and is free to roam about any Camarilla city but this one. The Council pardoned her due to pressure by the combined princes of Texas wanting to use her as a stooge in a war with the Sabbat out of Juarez as I understand it. She lived which Im sure was not their intent. So I am curious why you are even here ladies? Why is it so important that I come to some agreement in regards to a woman who attempted to murder one of the founding members of this praxis and slaughtered her house to a man? Is it not enough that she is free of reprisal everywhere else?"

Jolene keeps her eyes on the Prince, and nods respectfully as he allows her to continue. "Prince Dupree, Your Grace, One Hundred years a perhaps a blink of an eye in the life of a Kindred, and grudges are difficult to let go of, when memories are long, but I have seen Miss Little Owl and the pain that she suffered is no less than that suffered by your family here. Her land was taken away, her family killed, and I can see by the way you reacted to the loss of your own from the two, you have put on trial today, that Family means everything to you. Is there any reason why hers should not mean just as much to her? Please Your Grace, If there is anything I may do to end this blood hunt that has been called on her. You have only to ask. I know that money matters very little to a man of means, and I would not insult you with such an offer. But she is family to me and the Toreador of Prospect and I would like to try to help her if I can."

xxxxxDupree sighs and looks a the ceiling. "We tried to have Miss Little Owl remove her people from that land. We made it clear that leaving them there would be a risk. It was up to her to make that happen. She didn't. Not only did she not make that happen but she flew into a frenzy here in my court, trying to strangle and bite Miss LeClair when I declared that she had a right to that domain. Even still, we did not kill her. I could have killed her for that."

Miss Leclair shakes her head and joins in. "I am sure we could have come to some agreement if she were in any way civil. And Roger..pardon me...Prince Dupree was very long suffering with her."

xxxxxBraithewaite scowls. "There is nothing good in her. Even before her embrace she was a horrible person. It wasn't the beast that made her who she is, she was her already."

xxxxxDupree closes his eyes. "Any restitution would need to come from Miss Little Owl herself. What would I even ask that would equal what she has done?"

Madeline offers quietly "Indeed mercy was shown when she, being young reacted with emotion and heat. Something she certainly should not have done. In these many years of exile it is possible she has grown and changed. As an Elder and Miss Little Owl's Primogen, I have put her to the test and forced her to earn everything she has gained in my eyes. My trust is not earned easily or quickly, but this Rose, as unusual as she may be, is making great strides in Prospect. You have said my reputation precedes me and for that I thank you, may then my word carry good weight here?

xxxxxDupree considers this. "For a life boon to Miss LeClair it could be lifted if she were to find that acceptable?"

xxxxxMiss LeClair for her part looks a bit smug at the princes words. It seems she finds the idea of Tiva owing her a life boon to be quite something indeed. Nothing that will ever be good for your friend, but delicious for the pale woman. "I suppose she may have learned if someone of Miss Blanchard's status comes all the way from Prospect to speak for her. I am not unreasonable."

xxxxxDevon looks amused as well.

Jolene gently puts a hand on Madeline's shoulder and offers softly, "I think given the way that Miss LeClair feels about her, and has..always felt about her. She might feel more comfortable giving that Life boon to you, Your Grace, if she agrees. No offense intended Miss LeClair. I am uncertain if she would agree either way, but the decision is hers to make. We are here to help present options."

Madeline lifts an elegant hand and brushes a lock of golden hair behind one ear as she considers this, knowing that putting Tiva's life in the woman's hands is just as dangerous as the blood hunt. "Might I suggest Your Grace, a Major Boon from Miss Little Owl and if you would wish it, a command performance by myself and my daughters, skilled in dance and music such as you may not have had grace your halls"

Manfred arches a brow as he listens to the conversation about life boons. A quick glance over at Istvan is the only alteration in his stance and stoic expression.

xxxxxThe prince nods. "But it is Miss LeClair who is wronged. If we are to trust Little Owl, then she will have to trust us as well. Do you not find that to be just?" He looks to Madeline. "While I am certain you are unparalleled in performance Miss Blanchard, this is a most grave matter we are discussing. But even if the boon is agreed upon...by Miss LeClair, to be major....it would not be owed to me."

Madeline smiles "nor was that my assumption Your Grace" and turns those sapphire eyes to the offended woman.

xxxxxMiss LeClair shakes her head. "If I give her her life in Hailey a life boon is appropriate. A major boon fall short by definition."

Jolene nods to the Prince respectfully, and Miss LeClair, "The decision is simply not ours to make, but to present to Tiva, it is her life we speak of, and should be her choice to make, Your Grace, Miss LeClair. You are very fair to even consider this and I am most grateful for you allowing us your time and consideration."

Istvan doesn't interrupt, but a little reminder is sent via Auspex to the ladies. <Two lives have been delivered, and vengeance enacted in person.>

Madeline nods thoughtfully and looks to Miss LeClair "Indeed your consideration has been most gracious as has the hospitality of the court here" she rises as things must soon be ending "Mademoiselle LeClair, if you could find it in your heart to accept a Major Boon from Miss Little Owl, should she agree, I will add to it a minor boon from the Toreador Primogen of Prospect, to be called in whenever you might desire"

Jolene offers softly, "Please also remember that It is because of Miss Little Owl, that you were able to try these men tonight. She did help bring them to justice."

xxxxxMiss LeClair tilts her head as Madeline makes her offer. "You...you must really be deceived Miss Blanchard..." She narrows her eyes as the wheels turn in her head. "That is acceptable. A minor boon from one of your stature will be no doubt more valuable than any owed by Litte Owl, save perhaps for my own spite. It is agreed then."

xxxxxDupree stands. "I am pleased we can bring this all finally to a close."

Madeline inclines her head "tres bien" she says to the Lady then curtsies to the Prince "merci beau coup your grace"