2018.06.26: The Directors - Introductions

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The Directors - Introductions
The founders gather those with influence around the city with interest, and introductions and nominations to join are made in the first meeting of the new coterie (home base)
IC Date June 26th, 2018
IC Time Evening
Players Amelie, Edgar, Guivre, Heathen, Ilias, Jeff, Jolene, Lillian Boulter, Martha, Martino, Rikona, Emerald Plaza
Location Emerald Plaza - Penthouse Conference Room
Prp/Tp The Directors Coterie
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Invitations sent out, and word has been flowing around about this new coterie to be formed called The Directors. Based at the Emerald Plaza, a new skyscraper due to open soon, everyone that has accepted as arrived, and been given the proper badges and checked out by security. They are allowed into the Penthouse, which is reserved not for the public, or even Camarilla only, but for The Directors or any guests they deem to have for meetings.

While Ilias is taking care of a last minute issue, Amelie sits at one end of the conference table. She has her usual smile and welcomes them all inside as they arrive. "Please, come take a seat. I would like to begin shortly. Monsieur Hemingway will be along shortly." She gestures for the other seats, so they may sit.

Heathen has Mikael bring him in the Stingray, riding in style. He's also dressed to impress, in a pure black tux that is pretty stereotypical for his clan.

Arriving without fanfare, Jeff's appearance is his usual middle-aged string bean bald guy. Fortunately though, he's given up his socks and sandals beach comber look today for a look that screams 19050's Private Eye or something. Thin beige trench coat, modest suit, fedora, empty cigarette holder clamped in his teeth at the corner of his mouth and his standard mirrored shades. On entering the conference room, he flicks the brim of his hat with a little nod towards Amelie, and picks a random chair to seat himself in a comfortable slouch.

Dressed in what is an impeccable business suit, Rikona bows low to Amelie once she sets foot inside the room, "It is an honor to be here." she says in an easy, soft manner, high heels heard while she makes her way around the table to find a place to sit, smoky-brown gaze going over the others that begin to arrive.

Martha comes in and looks about with nod. She is in a suit, a nice fitted for her tall lean form, and has a nice satchel purse with her for her things. Spotting Heathen and Mikael she smiles with a soft "Evening Gentlemen", then noting Jeff she give him a nod with "Evening Amelie." as she finds a seat taking in the others as they arrive.

Martino arrived on time, dressed in one of his Italian tailored suits, black with a midnight blue shirt. He gives a tilting, deep nod of his head to Amelie and then the others present as he finds himself a seat and settles down into it.

Heathen has Mikael sit back with a tablet to take notes for him. It's nice being able to be a slacker vampire with meticulous help. He doesn't take the seat at the head of the table, which would be Ilias'. He does take the first one on his left if nobody snags it ahead of him.

Tonight as Jolene enters for the meeting, she is dressed in a black knee length skirt, long sleeve white v neck shirt that fits to her perfectly and is very professional, with comfortable black peep toe heels. She has opted to bring her laptop with her this evening to perch in her lap to take her own notes. She offers a warm smile to Amelie at her greeting. "Thank you Miss Renoir. It is an honor to be invited this evening." She offers a warm smile to those she knows and takes her seat.

Lillian arrives in her wearing her usual dark gothic attire, pale makeup and stoic demeanor. She offers a curt and polite curtsy to those in the room, and finds the nearest seat for herself.

Edgar arrives in his khakis and a polo, his ghoul driving a non-descript subcompact. Instead of a sketchbook and pencil Edgar is now carrying a tablet and stylus. He nods in silent greeting and finds himself a seat.

Ilias comes walking out of the Emerald Office after a few minutes, giving a nod to those gathered, "Excellent, you all made it. I apologize for being late - business call kept me over. Thank you for waiting." He motions and moves to take a seat. "Since we are already a bit behind, lets not waste anymore of your time and start right into things this evening." He sits back in the chair and says, "Welcome to the Emerald Plaza, specifically to The Director's Conference Room. It is from here, that I hope that we can change and impact the City of Prospect for the best. As a collective, pooling our efforts for the betterment of the Camarilla and the residents of Prospect as we agree fit."

"In order to do so, and as you have all been invited. We shall be forming a Board of Directors, each chair representing an area of specificity towards that end. To begin, I shall sit as the Director of Chairs, and will serve to help solve ties during votes. You each have been invited, for your perspective influence and connections with various industries and interests within Prospect. I would like to go around the room, and have each of you introduce yourselves and let the respect of the room know what you bring to the table."

"As such, I shall begin. I am Elijah Ilias Hemingway, I have global financial assets and interests available in this area. The Hemingway Foundation is available to support and financially assist other businesses and interests in this area."

He motions his hand to Amelie next.

Guivre comes in on the tail end of the arrivals and he looks around the room at all who are present with a gregarious grin and a series of quick little fingerwaves as he searches for their host without asking... and there he is! When Ilias arrives Guivre quickly finds a seat so he can listen to the introduction.

Jeff gives a hat tip here, a brim flick there, wordless polite howdies to people that he does and does not know, but otherwise is quiet for the moment while Ilias gets going.

Lillian listens Ilias' introduction with attentive silence.

Amelie has taken her seat, her tablet and wireless keyboard setup and ready to go for this meeting on the table in front of her. "Merci, Monsieur Hemingway. As you all know, I am Amelie Renoir. I have international financial assets and have been investing quite a bit in this area. I have ties with many within the financial community both here and growing across the country, with a personal interest in real estate. My realtors are ready, willing, and able to make acquisitions work out smoothly and with discretion." She gestures for Martino to speak next.

Rikona 's gaze trails over to the final arrival, studying figure in silent neutrality before her attention is up on Ilias and his speech. Her eyes then go to Amelie in a curious manner, listening, eyes then continuing on the table as people speak of their assets.

Martino says, “Most of you also know of me. I am Martino Caravelli. I am still involved in my family's business, even though the main offices are in New York and Sicily, but I also own several businesses around the city, including Caravelli's Ristorante Italiano. I have plans to open another branch office in Prospect in the near future. My strengths lie where my families influence holds the best sway ~ the heartbeat as well as underbelly of the city, the Streets."”

Edgar nods as he listens to the introductions before adding his own "Edgar Smith, I have been awake close to a year after been asleep for a century so my ability to influence the modern world is still being reestablished but it's coming along nicely. My particular skills have to do with law, politics, and protocol. Both for kindred society and Kine."

Guivre nods, "Guivre Beauregard, Primogen of Malkavian. Many of you know me as Guy but I also go by Doctor in a certain circles, my influence extends to the Prospect Memorial Hospital where I have full access to medical records, funding, equipment, and many other amenities..." He pauses to shift in his seat and he speaks slowly as his Creole southern drawl stretches out every syllable. "I also own two other buildings in the city including a luxury spa and a learning center... the-ah learning center is a non-profit with community access to therapy. It helps me keep an eye on the local loons." He seems finished but raises a finger to add, "I can also access blood. The Domain granted to me by the Prince contains several blood banks."

Without speaking over anyone's intro of their assets and influence Rikona then speaks up in a flowing English. "I am Rikona Hino, a new arrival to the city as those that were in my introduction to the Prince a few nights ago could witness. My main strengths are in media and public opinion influence, being the executive vice president of a multinational corporation, the Powell Media group." head then dipping in

Heathen flips a guitar pick in his fingers like he's tossing a coin as things get around to him. "For those that knew him, my first Domitor had a rather wide array of smugglers, truckers, and road crews at his disposal. After his own disposal at the hands of dear Agate, and my subsequent promotion by Arya, I acquired and repurposed it. Mikael over there taking notes for me has done a spectacular job in making inroads with the various local law enforcement agencies, especially after the events of the freak winter storm saw him using Bourbon and Bedlam and Vieux Carre as emergency shelters."

Jeff fits his introduction into some brief space empty of other introductions, his gravelly voice coming through the teeth clenched around his cigarette holder. "Mm, heh, Jefferson Alester Preston Hardwick the third, esquire," That is so absolutely a made up name. "No fancy businesses or empires to speak of, I do what a lot of my clan deal in; information and the fun plumbing that makes civilized life possible. Forgery, mundane obfuscation and diversion. Juggling, carousing, dirt digging and friend making. Fun stuff."

Martha stands, "Martha Witherman, I am very connected to the local bureaucracy, everything from permits, to ids and many things in between that the little unseen county and city clerk's do for so many. I also own Crime Clean inc, and specialize in clean ups, from all sorts of nasty events for Kindred privately and Kine thru my company, right working on the bid for the county to be the main company use clean-up various messes county wide."

"Lillian," the Goth woman speaks softly. "I'm gathering connections with local street and underworld influence. Prostitution, weapons, drugs." She falls silent again, her dark eyes watching the others in turn as they speak.

As the introductions go around and finally settle on Jolene, she offers her unique bit of influence and how it may be able to assist. "Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Dr Jolene Addison, General Surgeon at Prospect Memorial Hospital, I am also Head of the On Wings of Angel's Foundation. My areas of influence include transportation, industry and of course Health. On wings of Angel's foundation is a transportation and health related foundation that helps support the community. I have used my contacts to stop travel into the port before during a potential threat, and my expertise in medicine to help stop a deadly threat to us all. I am also hoping to open a clinic to assist in after hours care." She smiles at Lillian, when she says this, "I may not have the influence that some of you may have, but I am willing to help where my skills will best fit and that means I am willing to work with each of you, in whatever way I am called to."

Heathen adds.. "I also plan on opening a nice little laser tag arena as my first business." and he gives Amelie a wink. "I'll have to reserve a Wednesday for a private preopening."

Ilias nods, listening to each introduction and offers a respectful greeting nod to each after they have spoken. Doubtlessly he has familiarized himself with each in some capacity or another already. "Thank you for coming, all of you. I truly believe together we can be quite formidable. Ms. Renoir and I have discussed how we will be proceeding, as mentioned we will have a Board of Directors to help make decisions, as well as the group as a whole to share business interests and support for each other. Each member of The Directors can expect support and cooperation from the other members as needed."

"In order to help better focus us, and get interests more focused. I would like to begin with two Board nominations. At this time, only seated Directors can vote, which until we seat more - is Ms. Renoir and myself as the founders. Once we have a Board, we will have more for the selections process." Ilias gestures towards Edgar and says, "My first nomination is for Mr. Edgar Smith, for the Director of Operations Chair position. Edgar's influence amongst the cities bureaucratic interests is fast growing, I believe with the right financial backing he can be quite formidable in helping is overcome red tape and government barriers."

Then he gestures towards Rikona and says, "My second nomination is for Rikona Hino, for Director of Relations. She comes from a vast connection to the media industry, and has built impressive connections amongst very influential individuals. She is recently arrived, which will be a challenge - but I am confident with the right guidance she will be extremely valuable towards managing our public relations and media impact." He looks towards Amelie, seeing if she agrees or if she wishes to challenge those nominated to speak for themselves now.

Amelie nods to Ilias, "I have spoken with both of Monsieur Smith and Mademoiselle Hino. I find them both to be well organized, and of much value. I second your nomination for both." She will have her own nominations once they conclude this portion. Formality and protocol first.

Heathen looks fairly impassive at the first nomination, it not coming as any great surprise. The second gets a raised eyebrow and a more thoughtful look.

Edgar is listening. Sitting there calmly, quietly, and respectfully. Apparently content to be nominated and to wait to speak until called upon.

Martha leans back and just listens taking a slow breath in thru nose and back out again she looks over all her with a more thoughtful look.

Guivre has a perfectly plastine expression as he watches the others playing business. There is something amused written in his static professional grin.

As she does not know either that well yet, Jolene is content to listen and trust in the judgment of Mister Hemingway and Miss Renoir. She does offer a warm smile to both, "Congratulations to you both, Miss Hino and Mister Smith. I am reassured by the faith that Mister Hemingway and Miss Renoir have placed in you, that you will both do well. If you choose to accept the nominations?"

Martino gives a slight incline of his head, first to Edgar and then to Rikona. That blue ball of his has appeared in his left hand as he listens, but his expression is still a pleasant mask, but he seems to have no problem with the nominations. He settles back comfortably in his chair, appearing at home in the environment.

Ilias nods and offers, "Excellent.. well that was probably the easiest vote and nomination I have ever been a part of." He smiles faintly, and gestures towards Rikona and Edgar, "Welcome Directors." Then he motions his hand back towards Amelie and says, "Do you have any nominations before we continue?"

At being nominated Rikona remains with the same thoughtful expression even if her eyes do go over to Ilias and she dips her head at the old Ventrue in acknowledgement. She then goes back to watching the rest of the gathered here in the room, "I do accept the nomination, of course. It would be my honor to work with those gathered here tonight in turning this project into reality."

Amelie smiles, "Oui, I have two nominations as well. First, I would like to nominate Monsieur Martino Caravelli, for the position of Director of Security. As a member of the Hidden Clan, as well as with his Street connections, I believe he will serve us well in that area with keeping an eye on issues, and gaining valuable information." She gestures toward him.

"My second nomination is for Monsieur Heath Taylor, for Director of Transportation. I have known him for a year now, and seen his growth from his former former domitor, to my clan sister, to myself, and now with Madame Torvik. His strong transportation ties will be vital especially in these times where we have outside influences trying to disrupt the flow of goods."

Martha nods to Heathen with a rueful grin.

Edgar adds an endorsement "Or kindred. A well concealed and secured crate can carry citizens as well as their possessions. An excellent idea."

Heathen nods toward Martino as he gets his nomination, looking around the table for Mr. Taylor... oh, wait... that's me!

Martino gives a deep bow of his head to Amelie, "Mille grazie," and the corners of his lips rise at Edgar's words, eyes slipping over to Heathen and then to Martha swiftly before they return to Amelie.

She offers a warm smile to Heath and Caravelli at their nominations, though for a moment Jolene is more thoughtful about something, maybe something makes a bit more sense to her now. "Congratulations Mister Taylor and Mister Caravelli."

Rikona curls the corners of her mouth up in a faint smile towards both Martino and then to Heathen, inclining her head just so at them but staying silent for the moment.

Lillian watches the proceedings with impassive curiosity. "So how does this work? How do we benefit, and for those of us not on the board, what do we bring to the table? What's the big picture here?" This is asked to the room in general, but directed more towards Amelie and Ilias.

Guivre still has an impassive expression as listens and watches things thoughtfully.

Heathen gives an incline of his head, letting that lopsided grin fall into place. "Honored." and surprised. but looks toward Lillian at her question.

Ilias considers the two men, nodding his head and accepting the nominations with some thought. "Both excellent choices, and chairs we need to fill if we are to be successful. I second the motions." Then he looks towards Martino and says, "We should get together and discuss security concerns when we have the chance." Then he looks towards Heathen and says, "It sounds like you are going to be very busy. Welcome Directors." he offers and motions his hand towards the table.

"Let's move on then to current and old business then. The Emerald Plaza is up and functional now. We have some security matters that need addressed and the Westin hotel is ready to start taking in guests." he motions and offers, "Members of The Directors (everyone present) are encouraged to setup offices and feel free to conduct business here without restriction."

He looks over towards Edgar and says, "We have some outstanding zoning issues, perhaps you and Ms. Witherman can work together towards clearing to make sure we are covered in compliance." Then he looks over towards Lillian and offers, "Great questions. The short answer is, Emerald Plaza. This becomes a communal property that we can leverage. From business interests, pooled influences, protection of each other, housing, you name it. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, or needing finances, or unable to get through red tape, someone is trashing you in the media, or you just want some thugs to help soften up some interests for you.. you bring it here, and we get you the support you need."

He looks around the room, and offers, "The big picture, is that we can achieve a great deal more together, than we can individually."

Martha nods, knowing what was expected as well as what is already getting out of this. "Will do." with a look to Edgar and wry smile.

Guivre clears his throat, "I don't believe you fully answered the ladies question, or perhaps I misunderstood... what is the difference between those on the 'board'-" He uses some airquotes on that, throwing up hands glove in grubby fingerless hempweave, "And the rest of us? Just who get to vote on things? I'd assume?"

Ilias nods and offers, "Yes precisely.. board members will be expected to vote on topics presented. We will look towards Chairs, to lead projects and organize efforts. Any member of the group may leverage the full benefits of the group. For example.. if either of you need Ms. Renoir or my financial assistance, we would be happy to give what we can." he explains.

Lillian nods softly at Ilias response. "You scratch my back; I scratch yours. Makes sense to me. Do we have means to run drugs through here? Weapons? Prostitutes? I have a few women who'd easily be at home in a higher-class setting. And I certainly wouldn't mind getting access to a higher-class clientele. Discounts for members in exchange for access to me and mine? Stuff like that?"

Heathen gives Lillian a grin. "Like, say, one of my competitors have some shippers come to a bad end. I can toss the location to whomever could best use the product."

Ilias considers and nods, "We can certainly consider that during new business. Perhaps you and Ms. Renoir can work out a method that is mutually beneficial without impacting other areas of the business." He offers, "If we are moving now to new business, I would like to propose a new chair be created. A Director of Sustainability chair, specializing in the fields of Health and well-being specifically for our interests." He lifts his hand towards Guivre and says, "I believe Mr. Beauregard would make a good first nomination for this position... and will Dr. Addison's assistance, we could certainly benefit all around." He looks towards the Director chairs and asks, "Would anyone like to second the motion and we can vote?"

Amelie listens as she takes notes. She looks up and says, "I would like to second the motion. I agree that Monsieur Beauregard would be excellent for that position, and Dr. Addison will be a fine second." She looks to see what anyone else thinks of this.

The corners of Martino's mouth again lift into a smile, and he gives a nod of his head as it turns toward Guivre, "I believe that is an excellent suggestion." He gives a smile to Jolene then, "I amend that to both suggestions."

Guivre inclines his head politely and as he accepts the nomination from Ilias in silence. Guy bows his head slightly to each compliment and is thinking deeply as everyone else goes about voting in his presence. Although he nods to each person and appears alert his gaze has a faraway quality during this process.

Ilias nods and offers, "As it is seconded, Chairs - let's take a vote. Yay or Nay please. The motion is for the creation of a new chair, for the Director of Sustainability - and the nomination of Mr. Beauregard to the first to seat it. What say you?" looking towards the Directors in the room, to vote accordingly. (Amelie, Director of Finance. Edgar, Director of Operations. Rikona, Director of Relations. Martino, Director of Security. Heathen, Director of Transportation).

Amelie nods, and replies, "Aye."

Heathen nods and gives his "aye"

Jolene smiles warmly to Guivre, then to Ilias and Amelie, and Martino too. and agrees firmly with the nomination, though she has no say in it she is happy about the choice made.

Lillian stands quietly and says, "Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working with all of you hear. I'm excited to see bigger things being done." She may say she is excited, but she certainly doesn't look it. Stoic to a fault. "I have other business to attend to, but please let me know if there is anything I can do. Good night."

Martino nods his head, "Aye."

Edgar nods in agreement "Aye"

Martha listens for now watching them all with a bit of a smile, tilting her head, and nodding it, then shaking it no before another nod.

Ilias nods and offers, "Alright then.. then the ayes have it, unanimously." He nods towards Amelie and then looks over towards Guivre and says, "Welcome Director." he motions towards the table and asks, "Would anyone else like to propose new business, or shall we move on to open discussions?"

Guivre stands and nods, "I am very excited to embark on this new adventure with all of you.." He has an awkward pause while he looks for some reason to excuse himself, inhaling suddenly through his nose as an idea hit him, "I think I left the peacock pen open. Excuse me everyone-" He rushes out of the room rather unceremoniously.

Jolene smiles at Guivre, but as she sees him leaving so quickly. She just shakes her head and remains quiet. She can always congratulate him later, tonight is important to see how nominations go.

Martino starts to give his head a slight shake to Ilias, then arches a brow and an amused expression comes into his eyes at Guivre's hasty departure.

Martha smiles at the departure, then looks to the others with a nod.

Edgar settles back in his chair as the meeting starts to break up and he looks after Guy as he runs off "Well that was productive."

Jolene completely hates to leave so quickly but the votes have been cast and is actually reassured by how they went. She places her laptop back in her bag and begins to close it up, "Thank you Director Hemingway and Director Renoir for your faith in me tonight. I am truly glad that you have strong experienced leadership for the Director of Sustainability." She offers softly, "I do apologize for not being able to stay longer, but I am being called away unexpected." She offers a respectful bow of her head to both before she has to leave.

Martha looks to Edgar, "Guess we have some work to do." with a bit of a look to the others still here.

As the scene fades, the meeting finishes off - minor discussions and familiarities and then the motion to conclude and to meet again next time. Ilias rises and thanks everyone for coming, letting them know this conference room is for them - to conduct Director business at any time they so choose.