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Rikona Hino

If you do not enter the tiger's cave you will not catch it's cub. - Japanese proverb

Biographical Data
Name: Rikona Hino
Birthdate: The 90s
Occupation: Executive vice president to the Powell Media Group
Nationality: Japanese
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Director

Quote: Let's do business.
Themesong: Money - Pink Floyd

Rikona Hino is the executive vice president to the Powell Media Group, a conglomerate of companies with media ties. She has recently moved to Prospect to continue her business and is rumoured to have connections to The Directors, a new group of influence being formed in the city.

RP Hooks

Obviously anything related to business, or anyone wanting connections in Media can enter contact with Rikona. Depending on who tries to contact her (Resources, fame, etc..) they may or may not, have direct conversation with her.

Rikona is always interested in good business opportunities, and talk related to it normally gets positive responses from her.

While in her normal day to day she is all business her free times are different, specially where motobikes and racing is concerned. She likes the speed and the freedom it brings, and she ain't half bad either.

Rikona is japanese, and is always interested in meeting and talking with others that may come from her country.

Are you in need of covering up a faux pas in public or perhaps you broke the masquerade so much that you need a story woven to the press to get you back on track? Rikona may be able to help.

Rikona has the gift of sight, being able to see what isn't there to the naked eye. It can distract her from time to time from her normally business-like manner and bearing.


Lord Elijah Hemingway Ilias - The definition of a businessman. For our sake, I will show your faith in me was not misplaced.

Amelie - A new opportunity. We have much in common, it will be my honor.

Daniel Lung Danny - Layers upon layers.

Maya MacCreedy - An interesting enigma.

Paige - Her shadow reaches further than what her size would imply at a first glance.

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