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Inner Circle Do it for Them

Alissa - My newest puzzle box and what an intoxicating one.//The sweetest honey with notes of clove and hints of spice. I'm not letting you get away again. Who's that casting devious stares in my direction? Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png
Flavien - DissolveNo flask can keep it - Bubble up and cut right through - But you're someone I believe in...
Nadira - Capable and well spoken.
Camilla - I like your bar.
Jodessa - Pick a card... any card...
Prospect PRAXIS
Vegard - The sort of person who expects respect.
Arya - More than just a pretty face? Who am I to say..
Amelie - Unknown Cacophony to Keeper with nary the appearance of effort. Something tells me this is just the first verse of her song... I can't wait to hear the chorus.// The music swells...
Constance Capable, kind, devoted. Rare bird, indeed.
Colombe - Every Ventrue is respectable by right of blood, yet, can she separate person from persona? Time will tell..
Cropsey - Don't forget! I prefer to be the gorilla... cute analogy though.
Hannah - A river of doubt gave birth to a beautiful stone...
Holly - Brightly colored and full of life, your ability to decide fate with a coin toss is both inspiring and alarming. Be careful. Ask, if you need help.
Jett - Who?
Lorelei - Perfect timing, hold my juice box.
Madeline - Graceful and effervescent, the true embodiment of Toreador.
Martha - Something wicked this way comes...
Mikey - Sit down or say something useful, don't just stand there making that face.
Mikael - I'm glad we found the right place for you in this city, you've done well over the years and looking back now? I'm quite happy things turned out the way they did, you've grown plenty in his care.
Nino - Oh, oh, tell them the one about how the Malkavian scared the Nosferatu so bad he ran out of the room like a little puppy. That's one of my favorites.
Phillip - Giving women unsolicited fashion advice is /so/ 1889.
Sveta - A Russian cipher without a tell? There are ways to decode a person but I can't promise it'll work...
Paige - Insightful, intuitive, ambitious. Dangerous combination.
Torgue - You remember the nurse? Me too. Don't test me again.
Wade - Still waters run deep but so do certain roiling rapids. Clearly.
Adele - The years have not brought us any closer but they have delivered unending insight.
Agate - Good at what she does.
Azrael B. - One to watch, I said it ages ago and now he's...back again. Charming fellow. Gone again. I can't keep up with this one.
Cedric - "And I would have gotten away with it too! If it hadn't been for those meddling Muslims."
Caerus - A cunning fellow composed of clever words and callous motives; I really enjoy our chats.
Charli - Exceedingly lucky I'm not the jealous sort.
Ilias - Chivalry is far from dead... it simply wears a fedora in these modern nights.// Careful sir, your sense of entitlement is showing.
Jolene - No martyr works it harder (It rhymes if you say it with a French accent.) Seriously though, she has been diligent in her efforts for the hospital and I swear her motives are truly genuine. She is a stunning example of what other Neonates could achieve in the Public sector when their heart is in the right place.
Opal - Opal has ability to amplify both good and bad traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. If a stone can do it, so can you...


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RP Hooks
Retired Street Performer: He used to host street performances and feats of hypnotism for pocket cash... maybe you'll be 'lucky' enough to catch one of these impromptu shows.

Professional Hypnotherapist: A guru for hire commonly employed by A-list celebrities such as Oprah and Ashley Olsen, he has many celebrity clients who call on him from time to time so that he can help them relieve stress and overcome anything troubling them. (Allies, Contacts)
This: Stanky Old Malkavian Eyes (Spirit Sight Merit)
Predator: Steeped in Changeling Lore from his once life as Kinain, he has been known to take Kithian allies and prey on fae despite the hardships. This is not known among his peers but could come up in the future under the right circumstance.
Sybaritic: New Location! The Bayfront in Chula Vista, this exclusive spa and wellness center is accessible through invitation only to elite clientele. This means members of the Camarilla or Anarch sects and especially those of Clan Malkavian are always welcome but any other spheres should check with Guy before stopping in.
The Alternative Learning Center: Located in downtown Chula Vista, this space currently acts as a community arts center and family therapy practice. The center has services/classes available to people with various learning challenges and their families. Do you suffer from social setbacks or other impairments you can't seem to explain? Are you a psychic looking for training to understand your unique talents?

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Darkdark.png IMG 20180127 210927.jpg
Tumblr 5c32a63912cb911ab1e887caf889e17c d8c20a33 1280.png 9690d8ffbb741504d2955b5e8e2ae4ac.png
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"...That's true..."
Complicated and unyielding with all the finesse of wrought iron filigree.

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Faction: Camarilla

New Faction: Anarch Free State
Clan: Malkavian
Title: Primogen
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Visionary




Professor Charles Brainman
Ethics at CalTech.

Zach Pizazz - Local DJ
Polish 20210109 134352251.jpg
etc, etc..

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Notable Stats

Dispatch - The General
O.A.R - That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Superorganism - Something for your Mind
Rostam - Bike Dream
Polyphonic Spree - Lithium(cover)
Neutral Milk Hotel - Aeroplane Over The Sea
Ok Go - The One Moment
John Cale - Paris 1919
Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin'
Steven Universe - Flexibility, Love and Trust
Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me(Ne Me Quitte Pas)
[1] Story Time with Guivre - Right vibe, wrong accent

Black dust in orbit
Cascades down like a parachute
Bricks on my shoulders
This gravity hurts when you know the truth

Pulling my weight in gold
Call me anxious, call me broke
But I can't lift this on my own.

"Are you alone out here? What are you doing so deep in the jungle? Don't you know what you are?... I know what you are."


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