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Holly Penny

"All the colors I am inside haven't been invented yet." Shel Silverstein





Holly's Fidget Cube


Heads California, tails Florida



Cause I'm the one who knows what scares you

I'm the one who loves you best

I'm the thirteenth at the table

I'm the uninvited guest

I'm the Banquo at your banquet

I'm the cuckoo in your nest

I'm your fifteen-stone first-footer

I'm the uninvited guest

I'm the evil in your bloodstream

I'm the rash upon your skin

And you made a big mistake all right

The day you let me in

And you can fly to the other side of the world

You know you'll only find

I've reserved the seat behind you

We can talk about old times

♫ Marillion - Uninvited Guest ♫

App-age: Early to mid twenties
Clan: Malkavian
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Hair Color: Blonde/Multi
Faction: Camarilla
Race: Vampire
Birthplace: Fall River, MA



No. Those creepy ventriloquist dolls. So many scary movies about them and you know why? Because they are scary as fuck.


"There are three things in this world I can't stand. Hatred, bigotry, and midgets." -- "I'm sorry, I just don't like 'em." - James Gregory Short People


Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks; When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.


With a love of color, she fills her world with it when she can to chase away the blackness of the night. The splashes of color brighten her mood.


Music equals happiness. Especially songs that have lyrics with meaning. Anything that touches her she memorizes and sometimes hums a little off key when she finds herself bored.


Just a hobby. She likes to place a bet and ride it out but she does it for fun, not for an income. When she's done with it she's done and win or lose can get up from the table and walk away without looking back.


See Gambling


Personal Contacts

: Leila Penny (NPC): Leila is Hollys. She is blood bound to her and serves her as the sane one of the pair. Holly has had her for many years and the two are inseparable. (Nooo not lovers, neither swing that direction.) Now that we have a proper house we get to arrange it in the way we want. It'll be fun making a home out of it. Very devoted and dedicated.


That Guy: The Primogen of my clan. I met him and he seems to be a good guy. His spa is really pretty. The peacocks are curious. I hope to get to know him and his friends. It was a good night meeting everyone. I wonder what sort of jobs he has in mind? He is not lacking in confidence, especially in court. Learning more about him I've found a few surprises. He has a depth of character that is lacking in some and he doesn't show his pain. Maybe we're alike in some respects.

Amos: He recommended the New Orleans club place. Pretty good idea because there were a lot of people from court there. Seems he knows exactly what he was talking about. It's a good show put on. Not just the actual show, but listening to people talk back and forth. Amos is fun and I like that he hangs around. He's interesting and seems to listen even when it doesn't look like he's listening.

Jolene: Really polite and sweet. Not that I've got to talk to her a whole lot, but I'd like to. I want to get to know her. Some things about her remind me of my Leila in some ways. Maybe we'll have the chance for more quiet time. So pretty, so sweet. I really like her.

Martha: I know so little about her other than they sat at the wrong couch and managed to irritate Guyver, I think. Otherwise, she likes peacocks and she's nice. SO far. Ah! She's my kind of fun, up for most anything and she likes cards and her playtoy Norm. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Madeline: So kind. I can see why people always flock towards her in court and at the parties. Gracious and charming and a real lady. I'd do well to learn some mannerisms from her but I can't ever seem to get close enough since she's always surrounded by other beautiful people. I'll admire from afar the beautiful Rose that she is.

Amelie: The Keeper. She puts on the best parties mid-week. Engaged to Nicolai, the two of them seem very happy and in love. While most love brings sadness, they seem to have found a way to make it work out for them. They make a very pretty couple.


[1] The Padded Walls

Mad Hatter
Melanie Martinez

My friends don't walk, they run. Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun. Popping, popping balloons with guns, Getting high off helium.

We paint white roses red. Each shade from a different person's head. This dream, dream is a killer. Getting drunk with the blue caterpillar.

I'm peeling the skin off my face. 'Cause I really hate being safe. The normals, they make me afraid. The crazies, they make me feel sane.

I'm nuts, baby, I'm mad. The craziest friend that you've ever had. You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong.

Over the bend, entirely bonkers. You like me best when I'm off my rocker. Tell you a secret, I'm not alarmed. So what if I'm crazy? The best people are.

Where is my prescription? Doctor, doctor please listen. My brain is scattered. You can be Alice, I'll be the mad hatter.

You think I'm crazy, you think I'm gone. So what if I'm crazy? All the best people are. And I think you're crazy too, I know you're gone. That's probably the reason that we get along.

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