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Agate Balodis
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Information Snapshots
  • Name: Agate Balodis
  • Age: 20 Something
  • Nationality: Latveria
  • Height: 5' 4"
Agate02.png Agate03.gif Agate05.gif
Contacts Quotes
Vivianne - Hijinks Galore

Vegard - Metal
Nelle - Walking Woodchipper
Caerus - Frenemy and Rival
Carys - Isn't this fun?!

Mage Like in Harry Potter?
Vampire They Suck! No really. It's not all that bad.
Werewolf Don't huff and puff and blow my house down. I rent.
Mortal Living in a house made of sticks.
Changeling Faeries? I thought it was impolite to call them that now? Isn't it LGBTQ+?
Demon Now if you'd just step into this circle, lets discuss wishes.
  • Refugee: She's fled Europe for reasons.
  • College: She's got a degree!
  • Persian Magi: Dualistic
  • Stoner: Higher than a kite

RP Logs