2018.05.25: Camarilla Court

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Camarilla Court
Weekly Court
IC Date May 25th, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Agate, Amelie, Amos, Angelica, Arianna, Arya, Brittney, Daniel Dodson, Devin, Edgar, Guivre, Heathen, Holly, Jolene, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Montgomery, Phoenix, Sentinel, Vegard
Location Carlton Pines Elysium
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Guivre wanders in early for Court and heads over to his usual sofa with spiral bound notebook tucked under one arm.

Guivre sits down at plush couch.

xxxxxVegard walks out of his office, escorting Arya who has a hold of his arm. He leads her toward the stairs and before ascending them he raises a hand up, "Good evening everyone. Glad to see all of you this night. I hope that you are all well and in positive spirits." he then walks with Arya up the stairs and he leads her to her seat, making sure she is settled in comfortably before he sits down next to her.

Vegard walks up the great stairs and takes a seat at one of the black chairs.

Daniel is here on time for a change and makes his way over to the lounger, sprawling a bit and wiggling his butt into the seat since he's the first one there. Aaaaah, tis a good day to be king.

Daniel sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Montgomery smiles to all and sundry as he enters; before quietly finding a nearby available seat, to better enjoy the night's events.

Martha comes in and looks about for somewhere to sit, there is a curtsy to the prince as he comes out with Arya, then to quietly find a place to settle into this night.

Guivre is settled into his usual sofa and he has a closed spiral-bound notebook tossed onto the empty seat beside him. He stands as the Prince enters and calls his greeting in return, "Bonswa, Your Grace... Seneschal." He has a merry expression as he sits back down and glances around the room to see who else was (and wasn't) in attendance.

Jolene enters quietly this evening offering a respectful bow of her head to the Prince and Seneschal with a warm smile to the couple. She smiles at Daniel, Montgomery and Martha as well before finding her way over to the rose lounger. She also offers a warm smile to Guivre as well.

Jolene sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Heathen gives the royal couple a bow as he steps inside, making his way inside and finding a seat with Daniel at the Rose couch

Heathen sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Amelie has waited near her office, and now walks inside behind Vegard and Arya, taking a seat next to them. She smiles to everyone here, "Bon Soir, mes amies."

Edgar sits down at leather couch.

Edgar comes in quietly and moves over to the couch where he usually sits with Ilias for court.

Angie steps into the area, her dark eyes scanning the area noting where people are sitting and thinks a moment on where she should plant herself. She does bow to Vegard and Arya as she decides to take a few steps to the side and leans against the ever popular wall

Angie leans back against a wall near the exit.

Mikael walks in with Heathen, bowing to the couple as he states, "Bonsoir, Your Grace, Madame Seneschal." He gives bows of his head and smiles to others in the room as he follows Heathen, stepping around the couch to stand at the back of it against the wall.

Mikael sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Agate comes out of her office around about the right time and makes her way to sit down relaxing in her personal black seat of doom.

Agate walks up the great stairs and takes a seat at one of the black chairs.

Jolene smiles warmly as Angie comes in and waves over toward her to join them if she would like to.

Angie looks up and sees Jolene and smiles to her, pushing herself from the wall and making her way towards the rose-covered lounger

Angie steps away from a wall near the exit.

Angie sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Sentinel heads to her normal place behind the lounger. The gargoyle settles in for the evening.

xxxxxVegard looks over those who are in attendance, his expression serious and he waves a hand idly as he speaks. "One of you out there, please state for all to hear what the second tradition means. What is the message it delivers and how should kindred translate the wording? I need to make sure that all understand without question. If you have an answer, speak up. If you truly have no idea... raise your hand. I want a headcount of all who I must focus on here."

Martha walks over to the bar.

Agate raises an eyebrow and looks out at the gathered crowd with interest before steepling her fingers waiting for the first victim to pop up.

Amelie looks to see if anyone will speak. This is important, and should be taken seriously. Her eyes scan around, searching, hoping to hear the answer.

Daniel pushes up to his feet. "The second tradition is Domain. It's an area claimed by the Prince. Should he choose, he can dole out bits of this to the other clans or individuals as he sees fit. I realize that not everyone sees it in such broad strokes. For many, wherever their haven is or stated hunting grounds is THEIRS. When in fact, it ALL belongs to the Prince, or someone above him who may wish to step in and challenge that and take over."

Making his way into the room, Devin moves over towards any clan member present to stand beside them. He steps up to answer Vegard, but as he does, the body language of others indicates they were about to, so he shifts back into his position and lets those who have lived here speak up instead.

Martha hmms and moves to stand, "Your domain is yours to protect, police, and tend too as given by the prince who owns all in a city and gives out domains to us to manage. Respecting the domains means many things from asking for feeding rights and not making messes in other's domains." just a bit after Daniel.

Arya settles down in the seat as Vegard joins her and she smiles at everyone in the room. She looks at Vegard at his question and then sits quietly as she waits for someone to answer it.

Arya walks up the great stairs and takes a seat at one of the black chairs.

Edgar is listening to the goings on but makes no move to speak up and draw attention to himself. He does nod at Daniel's definition though.

Madeline steps in quietly. She gives a polite nod to Vegard and Arya to apologize for her tardiness and with a smile moves to the toreador sofa

Madeline sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Agate gives a little shrug looking over at Vegard commenting "I always thought it made it less clear calling the little portions administered at the Prince's whim domain. Big D versus little d. Always preferred calling the doled out areas territory or feeding grounds. Just made the clarity between Domain, as per the Traditions, and having a few blocks to manage that aren't actually yours more clear."

Jolene smiles warmly at Madeline making it fashionably late and offers a warm hug to her but she remains quiet as she listens, trying to figure out where the question might actually be leading.

xxxxxVegard looks to each individual as they speak, giving no indication of whether or not they are correct or not. "The exact wording of the tradition is as follows; Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy domain. The traditional definition of this is thus; A kindred's hunting ground is his own territory, and he rules it absolutely." he lets the traditional definition sink in before he continues, "The Domain of the city is mine, the domains doled out to you are yours under my supervision. Now let's examine the second sentence... All others owe thee respect while in it. That means everyone, and that means Camarilla or not. Disrespecting the ruler of a Domain is against the law." he says flatly. Then he raises a finger, "But the last sentence... None may challenge thy word while in thy domain. What does it mean?" he looks the room over with a slight inquiring raise of his brow.

Phoenix steps into the room, looking around, then smiling as he spots Mikael. He continues over his way, standing near him.

Mikael's features brighten, and he smiles as Phoenix joins him, leaning to him to whisper a quick catch-up to him.

Brittney arrives and glances around the room a little bit, as she listens for what is currently being discussed.

Arianna sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Martha speaks up "You have the right to forcibly expel anyone who challenges your word in your domain, or your laws?" with a bit of unsureness there.

Edgar nods in concurrence with Martha's definition, glancing over at the Toreador couch to see of Aeron/Brice is at court this time.

Amelie sits back in her seat, crosses her legs, and nods just a bit.

Agate grins makes finger gestures at 'expel' when Martha mentions it..

xxxxxVegard looks to Martha, focusing on her and he reaches up to adjust his glasses on the bridge of his nose. "First... these aren't my laws. They are our laws. The Traditions are what the Camarilla are based on. They are the very foundation on which our society is governed and kindred have adhered to these Traditions far longer than the Ivory Tower has existed." he looks around the room with a patient expression, "Forcibly expel... stake...burn...mangle... turn to ash. The punishment for violating any of the Traditions is decided by the ruler of the Domain. Now onto the reason why I asked these questions to query and see if most of you truly understand our own laws. Brice or Aeron..or whatever he is calling himself.. violated the second tradition last week. Challenged me.. refused to obey..." he rolls his shoulders, "Do any of you really think that I just make things up to keep the rest of you down? Do you believe that I make decrees as suggestions and that I will not back it up? Do you think I wish to have to do that? These questions are rhetorical because the last thing I wish to do, is order the Sheriff to arrest any of you for being foolish."

Madeline listens quietly "non Sire, I certainly do not believe this of you, and have already taken Brice to task though, I fear his understanding of my words was lacking"

Martha sit back down and just listens now quiet s she can be.

Agate leans over making a quiet comment to the seats around her before looking back to Madeline "You had your Whip issue corrective encouragement to him when he didn't understand?"

Amelie nods to the others at the seats near her, and speaks softly as she leans in. She sits back again, and watches with no visible expression.

Phoenix sits down at rose-covered lounger.

Holly sits down at plush couch.

Holly walks in and has a seat at one of the couches, the regular one the Malks sit at, at least, and she makes herself comfortable, a smile to her Primogen before looking to see what was going on in court so far.

Amos leans back against a wall near the exit.

Madeline smiles gently "Non Sheriff, I don't usually resort to corporal encouragement. If I did, my dear clan mate would be in ribbons by now"

Martha looks to Holly and Amos with a little nod to each though she looks over the others as the speak in turn.

Daniel just shakes his head and mutters something at the couch

xxxxxVegard works his jaw a little, "I pardoned him for his hasty words directly after he made them. What I want to be made clear tonight that if it happens again, do not be surprised if the violator of a Tradition is staked. What comes after that, you may all speculate until I make a final announcement. Do not take this as though I believe he understood the gravity of it. Whether or not Brice believed that I would call him on his threat... and he did make threats...is irrelevant. I do not wish to hear cries for mercy when I have made it so clear." he then focuses on Madeline, "Yet this is exactly what will transpire if anything like that happens again. Is this understood and agreed on that the Tower should treat every violation of Tradition with the utmost seriousness?"

Madeline nods to the Prince, "Oui Sire, Toreador as a whole understands this and supports it. Brice is well aware of how the entire clan felt of his actions last week. We support our Prince"

Jolene bites her lip in thought as she listens, closing her eyes though she does nod to Madeline's question.

Daniel nods in agreement to Madeline's words. "Clan mate though he may be, the law is still the Law and temper tantrums aren't a valid defense."

Amelie adds, "If the Prince let's one violation of a Tradition go, what is to stop more people from doing the same? Give someone an inch, they will take a mile. The Traditions are not a game to see how many you can break before there are consequences."

xxxxxVegard nods and he reaches over and grasps Arya's hand, looking to the entrance where Amos is standing. "Last week, I made a comment that I had seen no efforts made to magnify your personal defense and Mister Campbell brought up that perhaps some of you had done so, but had not advertized it. This is a valid statement and one I had not put as much consideration into as perhaps I should. Yet I still feel a need to readdress this issue because while secretive training may be taking place and I utterly support the effort made. I've heard more than once of refusals to participate in public demonstrations because of a fear that others might discover secret tricks or strategies. This... I have little stock in. Because a real master of any art, whether that is martial or not.. never teaches everything. They save some. This makes sense, but..." he stops speaking and he turns to Amelie with a thoughtful frown.

Agate smiles slightly over at the Toreador couch "You are too kind Madeline. Your kindness and forgiveness is legendary here in the Praxis. The Harpies speak about how far you're willing to go to make others happy.." she gives a little shrug "Perhaps your Whip should do their job to insure their clan mates stay in line. That IS the Whip's main duties. To keep troublesome clan mates out of the spotlight. To make sure ones clan isn't dragged through court every week and their Primogen having to speak about one clan mate after another."

Mikael listens to the conversations around him, and then raises a hand to place gently on Phoenix's shoulder, whispering something to him.

Amelie speaks softly at the chairs, sharing something from her phone. She then texts something, before setting her phone down again.

Madeline smiles at Agate "yes.. legendary I know. So when I am /not/ those things, it's quite shocking isn't it? I believe those that know me well know me for my mercy but also, not to push me"

Martha checks her phone and has a most concerned look, she texts quietly back and forth a few times, but seems a bit well perturbed as she looks between her texting, and the thins spoken of tonight.

Holly stands up from plush couch.

Holly walks over to the bar.

Holly casually stands from the sofa and walks over to the bar, parking herself there beside Martha. She gives a smile but mostly watches the things going on.

From his spot off to the side, Amos inclines his head when his name is briefly mentioned, but continues to let others do the talking. He also checks his phone from time to time, tapping out a line or two.

Martha nods to something and whispers to Holly with a bit more a smile. Then look to see what else is being talked of this night.

Sentinel is as always completely silent. Her face remains expressionless as people look to Madeline and she remains quiet.

Jolene speaks quietly among those at the couch but otherwise does not offer voice this evening. Letting those with more wisdom lend their opinions and taking the chance to learn from all their voices instead.

Mikael slips his arm loosely around Phoenix, and glances to the others at the couch.

xxxxxVegard confers with the others at the black chairs and then he looks back to those gathered and clears his throat, "Excuse me.. pardon for the delay. To summarize, this second announcement is to make it clear that you don't have any tricks that hasn't been thought of before. The real issue is kindred afraid to appear weak before those who have more might. Second, you can demonstrate skill and tactics without resorting to showing everyone your complete playbook. By and large, most of you are on relatively the same level with some better at melee, some better at wrestling or brawling, some better with tricks with disciplines. Wouldn't it behoove you to learn how to act in concert? This isn't a debate, its merely a statement that I find the current excuses to be laughable. You aren't an army. You'll never be expected to be. But I would dearly love to know, that all of you can at least.. defend yourselves. This is all I have for announcements tonight. Are there any topics that any one of you have to bring up tonight?"

Agate grins "I guess I have yet to see much to be shocked by." she shrugs then glances around to see if anyone has any other topics.

Madeline smiles at Agate "perhaps it was not you that needed to be shocked Sheriff" then nods and rises "If I may speak Sire"

xxxxxVegard nods to Madeline and he gestures to her to proceed.

Martha whispers and shows something to Holly as she is hugged then looks to see what all is being spoken of by the Primogen of the roses with a look of open curiosity.

Mikael's attention turns from Vegard to Madeline.

Holly leans in to hug Martha and after she sits back up straight, she gives her a curious look then murmurs a few words.

Madeline inclines her head "I wish to thank Toreador as a whole as well as Yourself Sire, Keeper Amelie, Primogen Phoenix, Monsieur's Caerus, Heathen, Mikael, Jolene and others for the success of the Toreador Gala to support The Firemen and Police of Prospect. The evening was endlessly entertaining and a check for Two Million Dollars will be delivered to these wonderful organizations shortly. I cannot fully express my gratitude to all that took part in the organization, entertainment and silent auction to make this event one of the most successful I have seen during all my years in Prospect. Merci Beau Coup"

Heathen gives Madeline a wink from his spot beside her on the couch.

Angie smiles as Madeline makes her announcement

Mikael glances to Madeline, and then to Phoenix with a look of pride in his eyes.

xxxxxVegard nods slowly, "Thank you Primogen Blanchard for your efforts as well as everyone that participated. Our local fire department is certainly a cause worthy of investment. Whoever thought of that as the charity to donate to, was a genius." he smirks faintly. "I am pleased that it was such a good turnout and while I detest public appearances, it was in fact.. a gala as advertized." then he looks to Amelie, "Keeper, do we have anyone waiting in the wings tonight?"

Amelie smiles brightly as Madeline speaks of the gala, and looks to each of those she mentioned.

Madeline inclines her golden head to Vegard with a smile and retakes her seat

Amelie looks toward Devin and Brittney. "Primogen White, would you please escort your clan mate, Monsieur Quinn, forward." She gestures to the place in front of the chairs, so the Prince can have a good look down upon them. "I do believe we have unfinished business from last week."

Arya coughs into her hand, the other one wrapped up into Vegard's. She lifts her head again to look out into the room after that, eyes lingering here and there.

Brittney smiles and gives a slight nod to Vegard, then over to Amelie and she turns to looks over to Devin and motions him forward.

Devin will walk with Brittney, being escorted as per the Keeper's request. Pale skin, against a dark suit, with the duskier hued Primogen setting an interesting contrast as he ensures to stop where Amelie indicated to await final decisions.

xxxxxVegard peers down at Devin and he regards him quietly for a few moments before speaking, "Mister Quinn, you have cooperated with the Sheriff and done all that was asked of you and we found no anomalies to indicate there is any fuckery afoot. Therefore, I welcome you to my Domain and you will be issued your security card for the Elysiums and will henceforth be considered a member of this Praxis. Congratulations." he waves a hand, then nods to Devin and makes a motion to indicate that he may be seated.

Martha looks to Holly and grins at something or another, then looks to Amos with a questioning look, nothing more.

Mikael was simply watching intently, then nods his head to something.

Devin takes a moment to bow in gratitude and to hide a threat of a smile at hearing the Prince say "fuckery afoot". After ensuring he can keep a straight face, he raises his head, turns and with exceptional grace makes his way back to his clan mates.

Brittney smiles gently as she looks to Devin, "Congratulations." Of course, there is no surprise that there was no issue. She then moves back with the others.

Arya gives Devin a smile. "Welcome, indeed, Sir. I know it is not an easy thing to do, to submit to the blood test. I hope that you will be an asset to the Praxis."

Amelie smiles to Devin, adding her own greeting, "Welcome Monsieur Quinn. I look forward to see how you fare within the Praxis."

A polite expression to both, he gives nothing away at Arya's comment about any personal feelings one way or the other, instead he simply places a hand to his heart and silently mouths 'thank you' to the woman as he gets near her.

Madeline nods to Devin "Welcome to Prospect Monsieur"

Jolene offers a warm smile over toward Martha and Amos but is still quiet, mostly keeping to herself tonight.

Agate nods to Devin with a grin. "Welcome. Be good or else."

As the Keeper also welcomes him aloud, Devin decides it might be safe to whisper a little louder to her, and then Madeline and others. "Thank you for your well wishes, your grace is a warm light to bask in. " He will continue to give thanks or smiles and nods in return to well wishers. Noting those as well who might be less than thrilled and mentally preparing as he gets to the whip and Primogen.

Holly snickers at something said by Martha and bobs her head in complete agreement.

xxxxxVegard looks around the room slowly, "Are there any other topics that anyone wishes to bring up? "Sightings of newly arrived kindred..Suggestions for dealing with Anarchs...A debate about whether or not the Star Wars franchise is ruined or not.. The Ventrue are overbearing assholes who perpetually lord over every miniscule detail and how much that sucks...? Anything?" he looks from face to face.

Madeline looks up with a bit of shock "The star wars franchise is ruined?" of course.. she has no idea what Star wars is.

Devin looks to Brittney and Martha, but given the earlier announcements, he doesn't seem inclined to opine on any of those matters currently. Instead he quietly offers them some words.

Martha looks like she is considering saying something, then when Madeline speaks up looks to her Companion with a big old grin for now reason.

Arya laughs aloud, though covers her mouth. "Mmm, overbearing assholes, maybe. But I find I rather like one or two."

Mikael glances straight to Heathen then, arching his brows.

Heathen snorts. "If by ruined you mean allowing Disney executives to jump into money piles the size of houses the way cats jump into freshly raked leaves...."

Agate looks up "There have been some suspicious individuals that have been seen entering the Crossroads. One person cloaked and.. A raccoon. So people are going there and trying to keep it secret. If you suspect a clan mate is trying to go there without getting a pass from me.. Sell them out. You'll be rewarded. As opposed to the punishments that will be levied on your clan when they're caught."

xxxxxVegard looks over to Agate with a frown, "A raccoon? Do we not have a drippy Nos named Oscar that goes by that moniker?"

Heathen rubs his eyes a moment.

Holly looks over at Agate and Vegard with a somewhat flat expression, listening.

Amelie replies, "Oscar informed me a few months ago that he intended to wear a raccoon suit sometimes to enter Elysium..."

Agate nods to Vegard "We do. But it could be a Gangrel, a different Nos, possessed, or shape changed." she gives a little shrug "JD has been known to run around in animal forms." before she gestures out at the court "I figured I'd give people a chance to figure out which it is before I just sorcery them from afar and people start getting in trouble. I mean if it is that Nos.. I'm sure the Nos would love to have first dibs on sacrificing someone before I start to scry their secret places looking for this person."

Jolene offers a smile at Angie as she gets the reference but does not say a word.

Mikael glances to Heathen and answers him, "Belvedere."

Phoenix stands up from rose-covered lounger.

xxxxxVegard nods thoughtfully, "If they are allowing shifters into the Crossroads.. well.. that would be a blatant violation of the Masquerade and they were warned previously of this. I'll be interested in hearing more when more facts come to light." he nods.

Agate adds "As an added bonus, I half expected with a vague statement that people are up to something, for one of the Toreador to suddenly stand up and start defending themselves or another as to why they broke the rules.. As has happened like the last 3 times a vague someone's in trouble statement came out before the court."

Holly glances towards the keeper and listens as names start being tossed out as /guesses/ of who it could be. There's an eye roll and she looks to Martha but still says nothing.

Edgar is listening attentively to the discussion, frowning at the mention of shifters.

Mikael whispers something to Phoenix, and then nods to him as he slips off.

Madeline smiles at Agate "We hate to bore you Sheriff"

Heathen gives Madeline an understanding pat on the shoulder.

Mikael coughs softly, and glances towards the bar.

Martha gives Holly a quiet little shrug and nothing else with a smirk.

Mikael's cell vibrates, and he takes it out and glances down at it.

Martha is whispering to Holly now as she texts something.

Arya tightens her hand around Vegard's as he speaks and then gives him a little smile.

xxxxxVegard rises from his seat and keeps a hold of Arya's hand, "This concludes this week's court meeting. I am glad we get these chances for..lively discussions..thank you all for attending and I look forward to our next encounter. Meanwhile, I will go back to my office and find new topics to scrutinize and pick apart." he smiles briefly and begins escorting his wife down the stairs. Vegard walks down the great stairs after rising from one of the black chairs.