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Once connected by the red string of fate, one cannot escape.

The thread may tangle, it may stretch, but its bonds cannot be broken by anything...

Not even by death, time’s passage, or God's curse...


My heart has always known.. even when I forgot, I remembered... I remember all of it, my beloved.

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Mage.png Simply enchanting! Friends are not food, goodness no. Keep my secrets, and I'll keep yours.
Vampire.png I don't care what Faction you hail from. Be civil, and I offer the same back. Break my trust, and you may never regain it again. Once bitten, twice shy..
Werewolf.png Leave your prejudice at the door, I am not your enemy. No, your Elders would not approve of me as a mate.
Wraith.png I can see you, but... what ARE you? Why do you linger?
Changeling.png So many more of you here than I thought possible. Now, tell me where you hid the Satyrs? *grin*
Demon.png My GOODNESS, you hide well. Come, those of you who still care for humankind - will you help me?
Mummy.png So, apparently you are a thing, too, not just a tale. Multiple different flavors, too.

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RP Hooks
I can work well with anyone, to be honest. Be your poses long and dramatic, or short and concise, if you've got a story to tell.. page me, and we can figure it out, or simply show up and see what happens. I don't enjoy character death (yours or mine), and, I will stick to what my character would do, solidly. With the Spirit Sight merit, there is chance for cross-sphere roleplay, too.

Some notes:

Politics: Influence Politics 5. Hey, someone had to do it. Need something done in this human arena? Look her up.

Clan Giovanni - Aubrey gets a free pass, because she's awesome. Otherwise, dubious. She's been crossed many times by the Giovanni.

Changelings (etc) - Vivianne runs a bar for your people in Seattle, present-day, that is a safe spot (low Banality). And MAN can she sing. You might even know she can see you, if you've been to her club. Hell, her lead security is an Elder Troll, so... plenty of leads, she's Fae-friendly.

Clan Nosferatu (Friendship) - +info vivianne in game. :)

Shifters - Vivianne has had no run-ins present day, but has heard stories. With her humanity rating, she doesn't appear Wyrmtainted at first sniff. Or lick. She doesn't have bad manners, and, she doesn't go where she shouldn't.

Demons - Vivianne knows enough of your kind, but, still learning.. she knows enough to know she can't make Pacts with you, BUT.. if you still love humans, if you still feel that which is more than human needs to be hidden from the humans.. you'll find an ally in her.

Wraiths - She's been seeing so many of you lately. It always seems to be at the worst possible moment when she can't stop to talk, though. She sees you 24-7, and is curious enough not to be quite as skittish as she once was.

Mages - You've probably heard of Aunt Viv, if you spend time on the streets, she's got a soft spot for picking up stray puppies of any sphere/race without bias. She's made some friends in town. Who? Well, why do you need to know? ;)

Streetwise - This vibrant woman is intriguing, and cannot be considered new in town, it's been a couple of years. She might know her way around the streets, but she seems well off. Rumor has it if you're down and out, she's got connections and a warm meal. Maybe she remembers what it's like to be the street urchin? She seems to adopt a lot of stray kids and help them get where they need to go in life. Aunt Viv's weird, but kind. Apocalypse serves food, 24-7, especially to those on the down-and-out. Depending on who you are, you might know her as Songbird instead.

Singing - Vivianne is a singer with an exquisite voice. Santa Cruz, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, LA, and Seattle are all places you might have known her from. She's not a household name, but she could be if she wanted to be one. She has performed all up and down the West Coast. Music IS the universal language of the universe and heart, after all. (Are you old as dirt, or older? Palais Garnier's opening years, 1875-1900, it would be challenging to forget her voice.)

Nightclub - Apocalypse is now in the hands of Amelie, but may be returned to Vivianne, it has yet to be determined. RIP Pep, you're still missed.

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Vivianne Desault

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Name: Vivianne Marie Desault (Do-SOH)

Age: 20-something

Height: 5'4"

Weight: ~125lb

Hair: Brunette, Curly

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Demeanor: Chameleon

Profession: Singer, Business Owner (Nightclubs)

Hobbies: .... she has time for any of these?

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Notable Stats

Appearance: 4

Banality: 3

Spirit Sight Merit

Enchanting Voice

Soothing Voice

Deceptive Aura - bright and intensely colored, totally human

Blush of Health - still totally human

True Love

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VivHonda CBR1100XX.jpg

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