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Charlotte "Charli" Ophelia Alders - Just moved to Prospect after graduating from Emerson College with an MFA in Media and Film and a BA in Creative Writing. She's an aspiring horror film maker whose knobs are all turned to eleven. Having no direction upon graduation she's moved to Prospect to the home she inherited from her mother but never lived in. She's not alone however, as her Uncle Jerry is currently residing in the house.

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RP Hooks
Film Buff - If it's been made she's probably seen it.

Manic Pixie - She's short and possessing enough energy to destroy small towns.

Horror Hound - A devote lover of the Horror genre in all it's bloody glory.

Distinctive Laugh - Well, more like distracting or deserving of strong glares. It's probably more of a guffaw, or perhaps a cackle.

Wrestling Fan - Along with other blood sports.

Basketball player - Got a scholarship to Emerson based on her athletic ability and despite her small stature.

Director/Writer/Can't Actor - Directed and Wrote a feature length horror film in college entitled "Latch Key" that was a surprisingly chilling suburban horror. It went to Sundance.

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Full Name: Charlotte Ophelia Alders

Date of Birth: June 13th, 1994

Apparent Age: Late teens

Ethnicity: English/Irish American

Origin: Santa Cruz, CA

Concept: Horror Film Maker

Occupation: Assistant to Councilman Jerry Alders

Demeanor: Celebrant

Religion: Filmmaking

Path of Enlightenment: Humanity

Notable Traits: Extremely short, extremely pale, extremely loud

Enneagram: Eight " The Challenger

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 106 lbs

Basketball position: Point Guard

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Black

Charli's Song: Black Lips - Bad Kids

Played by: Ellen Page

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Uncle Jerry: Yah, this is my Uncle, also my roommate. It's my house after all.

Toby: Weird, but definitely fun to hang out with.

Nieci: I like her, she definitely has her shit together more than I do.

Major: Awkward, and way to literal. But there is no one I'd rather have waffles with.

Aubrey: I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay you for the gift you've given me. But I'm seriously gonna try.

Slayton: Like Clint Eastwood, R. Lee Ermey, and and Walter White had a baby. Epic.

Apone: Super nice, sort of reminds me of like... A Cuban Rade Serbedzija.

Jayne: Super Classy and in a league totally of her own. Funny, snarky, and a terrible surfer. Also totally not my mom. So stop asking. It's weird.

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