2020.02.29 Carlsbad Leadership Meeting

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2020.02.29 Carlsbad Leadership Meeting
A Meeting of New Carlsbad Leadership
IC Date February 29, 2020
IC Time Late Evening
Players Madeline,Jolene,Paige,Persephone,Aubrey,Martha,Mikael,Heathen,Katrina,Inka
Location Edgewater Beach Resort - Elysium Great Hall, Carlsbad, Ca
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Edgewater Beach Resort - Elysium Great Hall

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NUM ST Genre Title Date Sgnps 1133 Jolene Camarilla Carlsbad Leadership Sat Feb 29 19:00 CST 2

Edgewater Beach Resort - Elysium Great Hall

Tonight the stage has been set for the evening with comfortable stools situated down at floor level for those of Leadership to sit on while facing those who arrive. Jolene is sitting on one of those towards the middle, in a simple navy blue chiffon gown this evening, around her waist a sparkling diamond belt, and matching heels on feet, a simple pen and paper in her hands, to take notes, and write down questions that may need to be answered later.

Martha comes in with a look about, then spotting Jolene moves to her to softly greet her, "Evening Keeper." with a grin.

Heathen is early. And greets Jolene with a kiss on the cheek before giving room to mingle

Paige exists, indeed, drifting through the entryway without a case. A small nod given to the room.

Jolene offers warm hug to Martha, "Thank you for coming my friend. And please do not go easy on me tonight. There are questions that are going to need answered, and admittedly. I don't have all the answers." She smiles at Heathen's kiss too, and squeezes his hand. "Thank you both for your support tonight. I am glad you both came. Our Duchess will be a touch late tonight due to unexpected obligations."

Aubrey wanders in bucks the trend by not kissing Jolene cheek though she does offer her a smile, "You look lovely my dear, excited for this evening?"

Mikael is right there beside Heathen, and smiles brightly to Jolene, "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle Keeper."

Martha hugs Jolene back, "I am not even sure what to ask." then moves to find a spot to settle for the event.

Jolene also smiles warmly to Paige as she enters in as well, and nods her head respectfully to her. "Good Evening Miss Sands." And she smiles warmly to Aubrey as well. "Excited, Nervous to be quite honest Miss Giovanni. I can't lie about this. Thank you all for coming. I will explain a little more why I wanted to do this, because I think it is very important to hear your voice, without expectations of court luming over us. And really want to try to keeps this informal."

Heathen flops himself onto a couch as Jolene gets the ball rolling

Paige waves her hand slightly through the air. "To be honest I am really just here for the desserts." A pause. "And I suppose to see if there is going to be any trouble from the dispossessed."

Aubrey settles into a seat and smirks at Paige's wording. "Dispossessed makes them sound like refugees."

The sounds of a motorcycle can be heard in the distance. That zoom of the engine ends somewhere outside the Great Hall. There is some amount of clatter, shouting maybe from outside? Oh no is that an attempt at ... singing? Maybe not, who knows. A clomping of boots can be heard and as the doors open the sound is louder until the one behind the sounds appears. "Yo! People! Wow, nice to see so many in here tonight. And not even Court!" She unzips her leather jacket and then opens her arms to either side, like she is welcoming them all. "Hey, Sheriff. You made the flight up. You take the plane or your own wings?"

Inka flows in wearing couture recognizable to some as the work of Madeline Blanchard. She has a crooked smile on her lips and seems in high spirits.

Martha finds a seat on the Plush sofa.

Madeline steps out of the Great Chamber gowned all in green tonight smiling to see so many gathered. "bon soir" she offers

Jolene smiles and offers that warm hug to Mikael and watches Paige make herself comfortable in the red chairs, looking at those who have gathered so far, and trying to give time for the Duchess to arrive, and then smiles at Inka arrives as well. "Thank you Paige for your presence and ensuring security tonight. It is appreciated truly. With the announcement there is really no telling who may arrive but hopefully all respectful of the Elysium." She then tilts her head at the dramatic entrance of Persephone, or rather loud entrance. Then the Duchess enters, "And now our Duchess Madeline has arrived right on time!" She smiles and stands to give her a graceful respectful curtsey.

Mikael returns Jolene's hug and chuckles softly, turning towards the Madeline. He gives her a flourishing bow, "Bonsoir, Duchess Blanchard."

Heathen tips his hat to Madeline and Paige before he looks toward the door for a moment. "Well, someone arriving that does not respect Elysium would certainly be an interesting occurrence." Madeline smiles warmly and inclines her head to Jolene and those gathered "Welcome to Carlsbad, please do make yourselves comfortable" she winks at Paige "Within reason of course" "Sandpiper " Paige raises her hand to give a wave to Persephone. "Good to see you." She shrugs her shoulders then. "I have made a point of supporting the transition to new direct rulership Miss Jolene, it suits my desires. But the former is a bit... erratic, so hard to judge at times." Then a nod to Madeline. "No pool party then?"

Inka smiles at Jolene. "Hello dear fancy seeing you twice in one day." She winks and curtsies to Madeline. "Duchess Blanchard Id ask how you like the dress but that would be rhetorical." She waves to Aubrey. "Oh now this is a surprise. Hello Dona Aubrey. So wonderful to see you. Everything is well I hope?"

Persephone rolls her eyes, "Don't even mention the pool parties." She finds a place to sit and flops down, her one leg bouncing up to land perfectly to cross her legs as she leans back in a comfortable position to listen. "Duchess, Keeper. It's great you are hosting this tonight. Really needed I think."

Jolene smiles at Heathen, Mikael, Martha and Inka at the mention of the pool party, and gives everyone time to settle in and talk a bit, and it gives them a chance to see the rapore between Carlsbad and Prospect too, and all she can do is smile at them. "I am glad to hear that Paige, it is part of why we are here tonight. With so many changes in leadership, it might help to know how we think, who we are, who you are, what our expectations are, understanding your expectations of us too, and work together to see what we can accomplish for our fair city of Carlsbad, to improve life for all of us."

Madeline smiles at Mikael and Heathen "bon soir mes ami, and yes that would be interesting but I certainly wouldn't recommend it" then she laughs and shakes her head to Paige "not tonight I'm afraid"

Inka receives a smile "you look lovely tonight mademoiselle Pisanob" before the duchess turns to Persephone "very nice to see you again, did you happen to receive my message?" Aubrey turns her head to look over at Inka, "Just keeping tabs..on events. Can't be caught unaware of things." She turns her eyes to Madeline then and waits to see what she has to say. Inka leans in and hugs Aubrey, speaking briefly in her ear before smiling and drawing away.

Picking up her phone out of the inner pocket of her leather jacket, Persephone thumbs through messages. "Oh yeah, my assitant must have moved it out of the inbox. We can talk about it afterwards, I'd hate to derail the plans you have for this shindig and all."

As there are a few formalities tonight, the Duchess turns and takes a seat at the Crimson chairs with a smile given to the Imperial Sheriff then nods to Aubrey "bon soir Mademoiselle Giovanni, I trust you are well?" she asks before folding her hands upon her lap then nods to Jolene to continue when she is ready

Aubrey pats Inka on the arm with a smile, "That my dear is what all the pretty perfume is for. Covers up the smell of earth and rot."

"Well Aubrey, hate to break your heart but it looks like we won't be skinny dipping tonight." Paige nods her heads softly, before she nods once to Jolene. "My objectives at least are not as obfuscated as others make them out to be, but Persephone is right on this being severely needed."

Inka bats a hand at Aubrey. "Oh come now I dont reek that bad." She laughs softly.

Angie has been standing off to the side of Maddie all evening. She has her hands clasped in front of her, smiling to those in attendance

Aubrey settles back in her seat and looks over at Paige, "Your just a tease Paige we all know it. With your saucy conversation and flaunting yourself all over."

Madeline nods in agreement "It was Keeper Addison's idea and I agree wholeheartedly. It is about time Carlsbad had a presence and worked more hand in hand with Prospect and Idylwild"

Jolene remains in the comfy stool she has brought out so she can keep a clear view of everyone, that tablet of paper and the pencil in her hands so she can take notes, her eyes gazing over the gathered this evening. "It was brought to my attention most recently, that some don't know me, and I can see how that is true. I have been in Prospect for about 5 years, but my focus has been centered around Prospect Memorial, and some of you know. I am a young face here, with none of the experience that is usually needed for this position, so I know.. I will make mistakes, and I will learn from them. I don't pretend to that I won't. But I really think that it is important that we work in tandem with Prospect and Ildywild, so that when you go from one city to the next, the expectations remain the same. It is all about respect and making things easier for all of you."

Heathen glances at Madeline and mouths 'not me' and crosses his heart

Madeline half rolls her eyes at Heathen and smiles at his gesture but keeps most of her attention on Jolene

Mikael nudges Heathen and murmurs something to him.

Persephone listens and chimes in a bit, "We're all in this together... one praxis... all night long... doo doo doo doo." Yeah, a bit sing songy, but she's a Brujah and her filter is working as best as it can.

Martha watches for now and listens.

Jolene beems at Persephone, "I know it is quirky and I am fine with that, You are absolutely right Perspephone, We are all in this together, and when I first came here, I was scared, terrified of all of you, because everyone was in a constant state of back stabbing one another, and vampires as friends, was not trusted, but still a part of my heart, hoped for more of a family, a trust to be built so that we are all stronger together, than we are apart. Maybe a bit corny, but I want you to feel comfortable speaking with leadership, instead of afraid, because I am just like you. Some of you know that better than most, Our Beautiful Duchess, has a heart of gold, until you cross the wrong side. But it is that nature..her motherly instincts, that will protect Carlsbad too, because we are invested, in our hearts to be here for you too."

Paige nods her head softly. "Unity of law is something that will need to happen."

Madeline's lips curve softly at the description of her "Motherly instincts perhaps, but do not equate that with weakness please"

Jolene offers honestly, "Oh no.. I equate that to a mother bear protecting her cubs. Definitely not a weakness, but a beautiful strength, Duchess."

Mikael chuckles softly, "The image that came to my mind was that of a Lioness."

Madeline smiles and inclines her head "bit of both perhaps" then looks over the gathering "Please we welcome questions, observations.. "

Martha says, "so like what laws here, same as all places?"

Just throwing a question out there, "How many new people are moving up here? Do you know how many are leaving that were here before? Are you still keeping the liason with the Cathayans?" Persephone is prepared, wondering what is going on so far. "It is great to see so many here tonight, but aside from that one.." she gestures to Inka "that I know owns a business here, and La Sheriffo over there, what stake do others here have? Visitors or new residents? Or is this more of a 'hey, we ain't completely dead and lets have more parties?'"

"To be fair, parties are a good start. At the moment no one is inclined to spread to Carlsbad in part because the only thing available before was pool parties." Paige notes, before she shrugs her shoulders softly. "Socialization as well as there not being confusion over what the rules are will in turn draw those kindred seeking to become self made as it were."

Heathen points in the direction of the pool... "Hey, what's wrong with pool parties?"

Inka frowns at the final part of Persephone's question but holds her tongue for now.

Aubrey idly flicks a piece of lint from her knee as she listens. A smile tugs at her lips but never quite appears. Instead she watches the members of the Camarilla in silence.

Madeline nods to Martha "Oui Mademoiselle, the laws here are no different than in Prospect and I see no reason why they should be." then turns her sapphire eyes to Persephone "Whomever wishes to move here is certainly welcome as long as they obey the laws and meet with me to confirm their presence here. As far as whom would be leaving.. that remains to be seen" she says, brushing a lock of golden hair behind one ear "I have not heard of the Cathayan's liasing with Prospect for some time now, is this changed?" she asks then smiles gently "Parties are enjoyable of course, but this is a place to invest in, grow and not simply party. Sorry if that disappoints anyone"

Aubrey lifts and rolls her left shoulder, "As far as I know Vegard has no intentions of extending a welcome back to his court after what their leader did."

Heathen raises an eyebrow at Aubrey's comment about the Cathayan's.

Persephone chuckles, "Tell that to Meilin. She came to all of our officers meetings here. Perhaps that was just her special relationship with Cedric." There is a bit of a sly shrug. A look to Heathen, "Oh, the pool parties were officer meetings, with mandatory bathing suits. Only one man allowed though."

Inka chuckles. "You know that was one of the curious things in Prospect. The toreador parties were decried by the Imperator as being less than a party thrown by Miss Renoir or some other clan and there was all sorts of snipping at people for trying to entertain the praxis. Its as if a wealthy man had offered a banquet to the mob and they turned their noses and said fah, I dont even like roast duck in plum sauce, who does this man think he is. Why last week I had filet mignon. Seems rather trite all this complaining about largess when one could simply choose to..not go."

Madeline brushes a hand along the silk of her exquisite gown "As the Imperator leads in regards to the Cathayans and others, will be reflected here" then her lips curve a little "yes I'm afraid the officer meetings will all be on dry land, and clothed" she says, avoiding any comment on Cedric's leadership style Turning those glorious eyes to Inka "I was not aware you had been present at enough of them to offer a judgement mademoiselle? I do hope, we can change your mind" she smiles

"Please, that was the best thing he did. I got years worth of just saying pool party from it." Paige slowly nods her head, before shrugging a single shoulder. "The Imperator merely encourages diversity, personally I am hoping for some plays or the like. He also disagrees with charity on principle. To note the office of imperial security doesn't receive funding."

Jolene offers, "I would not be opposed to talking with the Cathayan's perhaps try to renew relations, but legitimate relations that bring them back to the table. I had a trust with Karasu, before he left the table, and would like to think we still maintain a friendship. So perhaps the possibility is there. As far as how invested we are in Carslbad. I built my home in Prospect invest in my home there because I was growing business, The Foundation, the Transition House.. and here, I would like to do the same, to make Carlsbad my home too. So You know my heart is here, and I am here to do whatever I can to help each of you, be successful to, in whatever way I can. I want to build a surgical center here. I wanted to do so in Prospect, but at the time I offered, The Brujah..of then.. expected me to have..some ulterior motive for doing so, when I asked to place it where it was needed most. I am here to tell you, my help does not come with conditions, or motives, other than that to help those I can. Please accept me at face value because I do not lie and don't believe in being anything other than what I am. And I do believe in Charity, but working for it, not just being handed it."

Madeline smiles gently at Paige's comment then nods "Tonight is for getting to know who we are if you have not before. Keeper Addison is truly motivated to help here and I am very grateful she accepted the position when I offered it to her. I have known her to be very hard working, motivated and creative" the Duchess chuckles a little "very creative"

Inka says, "Sadly no Duchess, I had my hands full carving my niche in international trade but I hope to attend many now that I have the luxury of time."" Mikael does speak up and ask, "I have been curious if a Court is held here outside of the rotation of the main Court?"

"I believe Karasu will remain intractable, it is a matter of him wanted to be acknowledge as having what he does not." Paige gives a small shake if her head. "Interactions will remain in some manner hostileno matter what." A pause. "And I am quite happy Duchess with Miss Addison's ardor for the task ahead of her, as well as yours."

Martha leans back quietly chatting with Mikael and Heathen here and there.

Jolene smiles at Persephone and offers softly, "That is a very good question and one I would be curious in truth as well Mikael. I do not know what court was like before, and how involved you were allowed to be. But if we can have smaller courts like this, then the conversation can truly be more enlightening, more personable, more productive for all of us. Each of you being here is a good sign. Really it is, because it means that you are just as interested in possibly stepping up to see us succeed, or laugh as we fall on our face. I want to think that all of you are being supportive though. I want to build off of all our thoughts combined. Because in the end this city is what we make it be. What visions we share, and what differences we have in vision. We are sort of like a Legoland ourselves, and are the building blocks to grow our home."

Madeline nods to Paige "As I am also" she says about the Keeper's enthusiasm. She nods as Inka speaks then turns to Mikael and Jolene as that question is fielded. "I do not intend formal courts such as are held each Friday, but I do agree with my Keeper, meetings such as this with open communication would very much appeal to me" she says, probably not getting the "legoland" reference.. she's old

Aubrey smiles, "Well then, perhaps Carlsbad is the place to bring a project recently dropped in my lap. If you like Duchess we can speak of it lady to not interrupt this.

Persephone shakes her head, "We only held a separate Court here one time. There was more officers than others in attendance, so nope, never again. You know, would be good to ask those sort of questions to people that were actually around."

Persephone raises a brow, "Should I leave then? I'm sitting right here?" She looks to Paige, "I am here right?" Then she laughs, knowing that Madeline did not mean offense.

Jolene offers softly, "Part of the problem Persephone, is bringing in the old court officers, to see if they wish to stay, to work with us, or if we need to find new faces to work with. IF there are some you know, if you wish to help us with meeting with them? We would definitely appreciate your help, very much."

"I feel you will find that to be the most frustrating part of your job Madeline." Paige notes. "Getting people to engage. The Imperium at large is riddled with the hidden, and most conflict within it is fueled by ignorance than just cause, as proven by Miss White. That in turn drives people further underground as it were."

Aubrey taps her nails on her cigarette case as she waits and listens. She tilts her head to watch Madeline and Jolene.

Madeline laughs softly "Mademoiselle Persephone you said 'people' meaning plural. You certainly are here. I was hoping more would appear tonight. Please say you will stay Persephone. Work with us?" She smiles at her hopefully.

Jolene offer softly, "And we hope those already serving like yourself Persephone, can find it to work with us, and stay, change can be hard, and made harder still by everything changing at once. Please say you will stay Persephone. Work with us?" She smiles at her hopefully.

Madeline turns to Aubrey "and yes I would be happy to talk to you about your project Mademoiselle Giovanni, I apologize for the evening being busy but, I also am very pleased that there is so much conversation, so many good questions shared" she smiles at the woman before turning back to Paige "Indeed, I fully understand and it is part of the efforts Keeper Addison and myself will be making here, getting them to engage. It may take time but I have a good feeling about it"

Mikael settles back on the couch, and pulls out another small bottle of brandy from his jacket pocket. His hotel suite must have a large mini-bar.

Aubrey smiles and nods to Madeline, "When ever you have time."

"I doubt they will come back. They are scared, confused, and most of all arrogant. I would suggest listening to what Persephone says most keenly, she has been here for all of it, and her capacity to /understand/ is what landed her her position." Paige raises up her brows lightly. "The former court of Carlsbad doesn't really comprehend what it did wrong. And so through some mental gymnastics and blame shifting considers itself wronged. It is much the same as Karasu as I mentioned earlier. I am sure Persephone will help you, but please do listen to her."

Persephone's frivolity had turned to a more burning look. The fire within the Brujah getting lit up. Before she does mouth off, Madeline and Jolene add more and she takes in that unnecessary breath. Her look calms and she closes her eyes with a sigh, "Look, I came to this city because Cedric asked me to. I stayed because it was fun enough. Especially the Sheriff. She's a hoot! But my loyalty is and will always be with the Tower. Officers come and go. I shifted my own plans away from the Harpies, something I was happy to do for the last +50 years, because I believe in the Imperium and need for more eyes here officially with rights to back it up as an Imperial Deputy now. I'm not going anywhere, I just want to be recognized by you all coming in here that not everyone is disappearing and clamming up. I'm not sure who would be willing to come back out and continue, but I'll do what I can."

Madeline turns to Persephone, the Duchess giving the Imperial Deputy her full attention. "Please understand Mademoiselle, you are valued here. We need your confidence, your guidance in what was missing here, what was right, what went wrong. I am stepping into this city more than a little blind but I am willing and eager to learn all that I can. Of the city, the people, all of it. I did ask Brittney to stay on, to start over fresh with me and she felt she couldn't do that. I /welcome/ your insight and your advice Persephone. A leader is not a leader who feels they know everything and will not listen to those they are supposed to lead"

Jolene is happy now to just let the Dialogue focus between the Duchess and Persephone because this is what they need. and she moves from her seat to move to sit by Mikael now.

"I will say this, in part because I think it will help all of you. In part because in a hundred years or so I intend to inherit a fully functioning Imperium." Paige nods slowly. "Praxis is a funny thing, being a Prince does not give it to you, but having it is what makes you a Prince. It is the ability to have your words listened to, your desires obeyed. And as such, the Imperator's as all Princes, are weak. It is a delicate thing, and one that must be defended utmost if one wishes to keep it. You see it does not take much, just a few transgressions let slide, and then people get it in their head that they don't /need/ to listen to the prince, and they start listening to someone else. Oh it may be innocent at first, no harm intended. But every Prince has to guard against one thing, the time when someone says 'no' and enough people say no with them." a slow shrug of her shoulders. "You stop being a Prince then. But Karasu, the former nobility of Carlsbad, to a lesser extent others, that is what they do not comprehend, and that is what you will be working against Madeline, that they do not understand what they do wrong, and in avoiding self reflection chalk it up to arbitrary actions, or Vegard is a huge wing-wong fan clubbing."

Mikael sips quietly on his little bottle, listening to the discussion intently.

Madeline nods "And people wonder why Vegard is so stern so often. He took the seat as a Prince must, and he has held it better than any Prince I have seen thus far, and believe me, I have seen all of them" she brushes a hand along her skirts "I will always listen, I will always ask questions, but I will not bend or break the rules of The Tower or the Imperium and those that come here need to understand, it is a new.. day, so to speak"

Persephone, now in a better more business like mood now, nods to Madeline and to Jolene with respect. "It sounds like you got a good plan there, Duchess. I do think you should reach out to Josette. She keeps to her Velvet Lion Records mostly, but she is a good sort from what I saw. But really? The most important one around here was Lila. She is the bread and butter. The foundation of this place. I've seen ghouls come and go over the last 100 years. She is a keeper. I look forward to seeing how she grows once embraced. She will be a big help to Carlsbad."

"That requires Cedric not to waffle." Paige nods again. "But my point is Madeline that you were chosen because you are capable of doing what is required, not only to lead,but also to teach the ones that tend to end up here avoiding the direct gaze of the Imperator."

Jolene gently takes the little bottle from Mikael and takes a sip of and then offers it back, winking at him, and then returns her attention to Persephone and Paige. "I will definitely be interested in seeing Lila grow, she has been a strong presence. That also requires Cedric to be a presence too. I hope he turns into the Primogen they hope he will be and truly represent them as they deserve to be represented. Like Caerus would have."

Aubrey keeps listening, her nails still tapping on the silver case. She doesn't seem to have either encouragement or critique to give aside from the ambient moral support shown by being here. Madeline nods to Persephone "I will reach out to both Mademoiselle, thank you" the Duchess says then brushes golden hair behind one ear "I cannot say what Primogen Wade will do, I am meeting with him tomorrow evening. I am grateful for the Imperator's confidence in me and I have no intention of letting him down. I am prepared for the challenges that I know Carlsbad will bring."

Mikael leans over to Jolene, murmuring into her ear as he touches the front of his jacket. You sense Mikael in a conspiratorial tone, "I have others. Brandy and Rum, and a bottle of red Wine should you wish later."

"Given that Caerus nearly brought down the clan with that stunt of his, then went hell bent on getting DeRossi killed to try and cover his own ass, I don't think Cedric could be considered a worse choice." Paige lazily tilts her head to the side. "I would hope that the Tremere realize how merciful the Imperator is given I was geared up for long knives."

Professional most times, when Katrina is out for the night she tends to lean more towards a biker. Leather and denim are her friends. She takes a moment to look around the room as she enters and sees who is about. Maybe she was looking for someone particular, but her expression says it's a no.

Jolene kisses Mikael's cheek and laughs at his whisper and nods to him, "I will take you up on that later Mikael. Thank you my friend." She laughs and moves back over to the stool, as she listens and frowns at what Paige says. "I admit I was shocked to hear what happened, but it still feels as if a great deal is missing from that story too." She nods her head with a smile to Katrina coming in too, and moves over to give her a hug in welcome as well.

Madeline says, "Inasmuch as I am able, I plan to /not/ direct the actions of Clan Tremere. Other than that Primogen Wade and I will meet, discuss territory and what I expect of them in Carlsbad. I will seek to make it perfectly clear, we will see if they muddy it or no" the Duchess sighs then nods to Katrina as she arrives "bon soir cher""

Persephone looks to Jolene, "Just be careful. You may think in your head as a mortal one thing about this story. But the only things remembered are the judgment rendered. The scandal caused. Your public support of one so afflicted may come home to roost on you as well. I know this having seen it with my own eyes in DC and Sacramento in the past."

Mikael gives Katrina a bright smile as she enters. He's sitting there sipping on a small bottle of brandy that looks like it came from a hotel suite's mini bar. "Bonosir, Mademoiselle," he limits his greeting to not interrupt the current discussion.

"Reasoning I fear has little to do with it. As I mentioned before, praxis." Paige gives a waffle if her hand before her eyes move to Katrina. "Long time."

Seeing Jolene approach, Katrina manages a smile and meets her with an embrace,"Hey stranger. It's been a while." she admits softly. She looks over Jolene's shoulder to wink at Mikael,"Evening handsome. Life seems to be treating you well it seems."

Madeline nods to something she is quietly discussing with Paige then looks to the room again "I truly appreciate all of the information shared tonight, this is precisely what Keeper Addison intented when she invited everyone tonight. Are there any questions we've not fielded before we close? I think making things like this, along with some a bit more social" she smiles "could become a weekly or bi-weekly thing depending on attendance"

Jolene offers softly to Persephone, "I know how it works intimately well Persephone, suffering through scandal where the truth was never told, and being part of that judgement and used it as a catalyst to learn how true court politics work. Agate taught me that well. A lesson I will never forget and always appreciate."

Persephone looks over Katrina, "Nice outfit. We should ride sometime." But back to business, "It's been hard getting things together here too often. I wouldn't go overboard too quickly. 2-3 weeks maybe?"

Paige pauses softly, clucking her tongue once, and pauses in her conversation with Madeline. "Truth? No, perhaps I have spent to much time with the Imperator, grown to... merciful." Paige tilts her head off to the side. "I sat there and watched him lie with every breath, I watched him pull every excuse, try to set up every way to bypass lie detection to hide what he had did." Her head tilts further. "Did he think I did not know? Think I could not retrieve her? Think I do not know where she is right now?"

Madeline smiles and nods to Jolene's comment and then Persephone's "Well, that was before my coterie and I arrived in Carlsbad. I won't push.. what do you think Keeper Addison, every other week, or so?" then sighs softly "I think His Grace already ruled on that topic"

Katrina glances towards Paige and what she says. She doesn't seem to know what she is talking about, but she also doesn't let her gaze linger. Curious to say the least, but she moves on to see what Mikael is drinking since Jolene has to move on to responsible type things.

Mikael scoots over on the couch to make room for Katrina. He opens his jacket slightly and leans towards her.

Jolene offers respectfully, "Morgan is alive Paige? I think that is what a lot of people are trying to figure out. Lot of her friends are concerned about, do they grieve.. or do they let her go and let her live her life away from the us."

"I suspect that will be up to her, and him accepting what he did." Paige rolls her shoulders into a shrug. "I have no orders, they may yet come. But I should be heading back to Coronado." A pause as she stands, nodding to Katrina as she passes. "Good to see you again, Carlsbad will need you."

Before taking a seat next to Mikael she looks to Paige and offers a hint of a smile. A nod and she replies,"Thanks. I'd look forward to a ride. I don't get to ride enough lately." She settles into the seat and smirks at something that Mikael says,"You do know what a gal likes to hear. She looks at something in the open jacket and seems to be making a selection or decision.

Madeline rises smoothly as Paige does "thank you for coming Paige, it has been much appreciated"

Persephone isn't going to get in the middle of this other topic, and as Paige leaves, it is done. She nods to Katrina, "Cool." With others heading out, she clomps her boots back onto the floor and rises. "Until another night then?"

Jolene sighs softly as Paige leaves, and shakes her head, as the night starts to come to a close and turns her own thoughts inwardly for awhile.

Mikael holds his jacket open enough to give Katrina her choice, and he bows his head to those leaving, "I hope the rest of your eve finds you well."

Katrina takes one of the small bottles from his coat and offers a wave towards those leaving. She settles into the couch and sighs softly,"Always late. The burden of responsibilities I suppose."Catergory:Camarilla