2021.10.20 Lets Dance

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2021.10.20 Let's Dance
A special guest, known to us as David Jones, performs a private show for the Kindred of Prospect, resulting in an evening of dancing and frivolity.
IC Date 2021.10.20
Players Amelie, Colombe, Pollock, Ambrosia, Io, Madeline, Ramona, Zago, Kahraman, Hassam, Phoenix, Jania, Mikael, Heathen
Location Emerald Plaza Elysium
Spheres Vampire Ghoul

Madeline seems to have everything the way she likes it finally, there are extra lights in the area arranged just so. Smiling, the Keeper turns and steps over to Io "bon soir Primogen" kissing her upon each cheek.

Io returns each kiss lightly, "How are you this evening, Keeper?" she asks. Her dark gaze runs over the expansive room, then back to Madeline curiously, "A lot of preparation tonight."

Ambrosia enters from the gallery entrance, dressed in an off-white dress and translucent stockings. Her hair is arranged in twin pigtails that bounce with each step she takes in from the door.

Madeline nods to Io and glances at the extra lighting with a smile "But worth the effort I believe" looking over she nods to Ambrosia "BonSoir Primogen, I do hope you are well tonight?"

Madeline nods to Io and glances at the extra lighting with a smile "But worth the effort I believe" looking over she nods to Ambrosia "BonSoir Primogen, I do hope you are well tonight?"

Pollock enters, unsure of what they're doing here. Ah well. Worst case is they die. Again. So. Uh. Well, okay, maybe this was a mistake... But! They're actually dressed decently. Clean. Sorta. Functional yet surprisingly formal, if obviously pilfered from a second-hand store. A nice sweater. Suspenders. Leather shoes. Flatcap. Basically what they wore to their intro to the Praxis.

Zago has arrived by himself, wearing brighter colors than usual, reds and purples, and more layers. He looks straight out of a period piece like Downton Abbey, hat and all. "Everyone looks amazing this evening," he says, even as Pollock enters.

Ambrosia's gaze darts to Madeline and she pauses to curtsey, "Evening, Keeper. I'm very well, actually. Head is as clear as tap water." Io earns a bow of her head, "Primogen.", and then her gaze is finding Pollock. "Well look what the fat cat dragged in... or could have... if you told me you were coming tonight."

Amelie steps out of the secure elevator, sparkling of silver and diamonds. Her sparkly shoes do not look like something to dance in, but damn does she look good! "Bon Soir, everyone!" She makes her way toward Madeline and Io and Ambrosia, taking time with each one to offer a warm hug and kiss to the cheek. "So glad to see you all tonight."

Madeline turns with a bright smile and embraces Amelie gently with a kiss to her cheek "You look splendid my dear Herald, I am so glad you came"

Io dips her head to Ambrosia, "Good evening, Primogen." She then smiles to Amelie when she approaches, "hello. It's wonderful to see you." She returns the greeting and then looks around at the others arriving with a smile.

Heathen finds his way inside, offering up his yo yo to the sacrificial priests of the temple of Ely. Or at least to Elysium security, before giving the Kindred present a wide smile and big wave

Pollock smiles a ghastly smile at seeing Ambrosia, offering a tip of his cap. "Bituvva last minute thing. Had to throw on my glad rags. But hey. Still time ferra dance. Or sumthin'. What music dey playin'?" He's not sure. Could be anything, right?

Madeline smiles to see more arriving and nods "please feel free to take a seat or.. be ready to dance" the Keeper invites then glances at the staff as the lights of the massive room start to dim

Zago heads for a seat, finding a dark corner to observe for the time being. "Time to see how they do it," he says softly, probably to himself. "Maybe pick up a few moves..."

As the lights dim, Colombe walks in with long, martial strides. Wearing a silky white dress and matching high heels, she moves down the stairs with great ease. A brief glance goes to Zago as he retreats into a dark corner, before she looks to Madeline and Amelie, greeting them warmly. An eye to Amelie's shoes. "Tell me you can dance in those."

Jania enters this evening quietly so as not to detract from the concert, performers or others gathered but she is here in support of the Emeritus and Keeper, and curious to see who will be performing tonight, offering a warm smile to those who might pay attention she is there, but not offended if they don't.

As everyone gets settled a rock band is seen set up and ready – drummer, keyboard, guitar and base. They chat amongst themselves before Madeline steps to the center of the open space.

Phoenix steps into the room, noting where Mikael is and heading over to sit near him.

Io spots Jania and crosses to the woman, offering a hug.

Mikael enters with Heathen, arm around Phoenix’s waist. He gives a smile to everyone and a bow to the Duchess, the Hostess Keeper and the Herald, "Bonsoir."

Ambrosia's smile shifts into grin territory as she hears Pollock's reply and then she's looking away again. Colombe's entrance draws her attention and the Duchess's words have her glancing down toward Amelie's shoes. "Oh, I bet she can, Duchess."

Hassam comes in from Emerald Plaza - Gallery

Jania returns the welcome hug to Io and smiles at her, "Good Evening Primogen. How are you doing this evening?" She offers warmly, and offers a smile and wink to Mikael, Heathen and Phoenix too.

The lights go out almost black with only a spotlight on the Keeper as she smiles, “Duchess, Officers, Madames et monsieurs” The Keeper inclines her head respectfully. “I appreciate your attendance for this special event. I am pleased tonight to offer the music of David Jones!”

She steps away and all the lights go out other than ones shining down on the band who begin the opening notes of a song most will know.. yes that sounds familiar but… could it be? Can’t be!

Suddenly from above a single light bursts into radiance down upon a debonair Englishman in a well tailored suit and reflective blue sunglasses – an instant later he begins to sing..


Fame (fame) makes a man take things over
Fame (fame) lets him lose hard to swallow
Fame (fame) puts you there where things are hollow

Fame (fame)

Fame not your brain it's just the flame
That puts your change to keep you sane (sane)

The man tosses the blue sunglasses to the crowd and grasps the microphone on the stand before him, gesturing confidently as he sings

Fame (fame)
Fame (fame) what you like is in the limo
Fame (fame) what you get is no tomorrow
Fame (fame) what you need you have to borrow
Fame (fame)
Fame nein it's mine is just his line
To bind our time it drives you to crime (crime)

Colombe's gaze moves from Amelie's shoes to Ambrosia, lingering on the scrawny waif with a smile as the show begins. She walks, dancing with the music, to the centre of the floor. She picks up the blue sunglasses, and puts them on.

Io turns to watch Madeline's announcement, and when the artist comes out, she smiles broadly. She touches Jania's arm and says, "Come on. Let's dance." She heads out to the cleared dance space, already dancing as she goes. Music is her thing, and she can definitely appreciate /this/.

Kahraman makes his way inside quietly and finds a seat.

Amelie moves toward Colombe to offer her a kiss to the cheek just before she moves away to the center of the floor. She looks up at the performer and smiles, clapping her hands in appreciation.

Pollok watches the music begin, snorting as his face-chasm splits wider. "Bowie! /Fuck/ yeah." Their knuckles crickle-crackle as he messes with his hands and then his clothes. Sorted? Eh, good enough.

Hassam also quietly finds a seat once he comes in, trying not to disrupt the show.

Ambrosia returns Colombe's smile before she watches her head toward the center of the dance floor. The scrawny waif follows along just behind Amelie and her hips begin to sway the further she goes.

“Fame (fame)
Could it be the best could it be?
Really be really babe
Could it be my babe could it babe?
Could it babe could it babe?
Is it any wonder I reject you first
Fame (fame) fame fame
Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool
Fame (fame)
Fame bully for you chilly for me
Got to get a rain check on pain (Pain)

Heathen finds a spot to enjoy the show.

Jania was not expecting to dance, like at all, but when your Primogen tugs you, she can't help but be pulled along for the fun and the music. She is dressed in a black silk gown tonight that accentuates her curves with her emerald heart pendant that hangs gracefully. Soon she is there dancing along with Io though and just enjoying the evening.

Colombe sways her hips to the languid music. When Amelie kisses her on the cheek, she leans in to whisper something to the Herald. As she turns away, she dances toward Ambrosia, a quiet smile rising to her lips.

Phoenix settles with Mikael and Heathen, watching with interest.


The synthesizer alters the tone of the voice as it goes from high to very low
Fame fame fame fame fame Fame fame fame fame fame Fame fame fame fame fame Fame fame fame fame fame Fame fame fame

He smiles that cool and knowing smile as he sings
“What's your name?
What's your name?
What's your name?...
Feeling so gay” The amazing voice trails away as the song ends.

Io smiles at Jania when she comes out on the dance floor. She dances gracefully, enjoying the vibe. As the song comes to an end she applauds enthusiastically.

It seems Zago can't quite resist the pull of the music. He snaps his fingers to the beat, and pays attention to the movements of those dancing. Seems he's working up the courage to get on the floor.

Mikael eyes widened as he spots the performer, one he always admired. He moves to a seat with Phoenix, transfixed with the song.

Amelie smiles with the whispered words of Colombe, and waves to Jania as she comes out to dance a bit. She slips away from the others, and moves to take a seat.

Amelie sits down at the Black chairs.

Kahraman sits and listens to the music quietly.

Colombe looks to Zago and beckons with her head, lightly, for him to join the group at the centre of the dance floor.

The lights of Elysium come back up and David smiles at you all, nodding to the applause “Thank you, Thank you. Come on Prospect – let's dance!

The band starts in on the fast and catchy song, inviting anyone who wishes to take the floor and join in as they move to the music and sing backup. David smiles, those gorgeous variegated eyes taking in the crowd as he pulls the microphone from its stand..


Ambrosia moves away from the path she was taking alongside Amelie when the Herald slips away and she notices Colombe's smiling approach. A curved grin of her own appears again and she turns her back on the Duchess, though glances at her over one shoulder as she starts to dance in full.

When the song comes to an end, Jania offers that applause of appreciation for the music and also offers a warm smile and waves back to Amelie, before she just shakes her head surprised that Io actually got her out onto the floor to dance. She does look for a place to sit though, and sits near Amelie, so long as Amelie doesn't mind. She is very curious what the next song will be until it starts.

Pollock starts to dance. He's not bad, got some serious dexterity. But with all of the Nosferatu curse nastiness going on it's...uh....well, not entirely pleasant to witness. It's like someone got a spider drunk and made it do a mating dance. Pollock don't give no fucks though. He's dancin' and folks are gonna /watch/. At least he's not dripping anything this time.

Amelie taps her toes and enjoys hearing the music tonight. This song is one she seems to like, and has to rise up and invites Jania to join her in some slower back and forth 'dancing' that is more swaying. She has no problem with Jania sitting near her, but the song does say 'let's dance'!

(Let's dance) put on your red shoes and dance the blues
(Let's dance) to the song they're playing on the radio
(Let's sway) while colour lights up your face
(Let's sway) sway through the crowd to an empty space

He begins to roam the open space as he sings
If you say run, I'll run with you
And if you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you would break my heart in two If you should fall, into my arms and tremble like a flower

Io waves to Jania as she moves off, but Io seems intent to stay on the dance floor. With the start of the new song, she is dancing again. She is sure and graceful, definitely comfortable with it.

As the music vibe changes, Colombe comes to rest behind Ambrosia, pressing lightly against those narrow shoulders. She murmurs something in the Malkavian's ear, and moving to run a finger lightly down her skinny arm.

Zago rises, joining the group on the dance floor with Colombe and the rest. Once the next song starts up, it turns out he does know how to dance, at least in one way, engaging in a relatively simple pattern of steps as he starts doing the Lindy Hop to the beat, a kind of swing dance. If someone decides to partner with him he's open, as there's seemingly only so much he can do by himself with such an energetic, swing-y style. He makes up for the simplicity of his moves with stability.

Ambrosia looks away just as soon as Colombe has settled in behind her and adjusts her movement to match the Duchess's lead. Her lips move as she murmurs something quiet in reply.

Jania is just destined to dance tonight as she is pulled back up to dance, to the music, well sway, which just looks pretty in that dark silk gown, and she smiles as others are enjoying themselves on the floor too, smiling at Pollock and Zago too, laughing lightly at everyone, and then motioning to Heathen, Mikael and Phoenix to join too!

Kahraman sits down at the Pillow Ring.

As the band rocks the middle of the song a dancer dressed as an 80’s hip hop artist appears on the side, popping and locking to the beat – another dancer hops up, dressed in outrageous disco gear, making the Electric slide all her own

Yet another steps out dressed as a flamenco dancer and holds out his hand as Madeline appears in a brightly colored costume with a purple and pink skirt, a fan in hand and bright red toe shoes. She rises to the tips of her toes as all of the dancers begin to move together to the song.

Heathen steps out to the dance floor to join in the festivities, a graceful gait and a swift step to the beat of the current drummer

Mikael once his starstruck moment is over nods to Jania at the motion and tugs phoenix to the dance floor with him.

Phoenix is tugged along by Mik easily enough to let him lead the way.

Amelie is happy to sway along with the others, enjoying this song and the fun atmosphere tonight.

Colombe smiles, her eyes sparkling, at Ambrosia's reply --- and her body goes tight, as she grips Ambrosia by the hand, stepping around and snapping Ambrosia into a raucous twirl that lasts for two seconds, ending on a dramatic dip, leaving the two nose to nose.

Ambrosia lowers one hand to her side, tucked in close to her body, while the other rises just above her head for Colombe to hold as she snaps her into the spin. The goth's high heels move with a rapid precision as she spins around several times in the span of those two seconds before dropping backward into that dip with over-dramatic flair.

David smiles as he watches then turns to the audience as this goes on around him
(Let's dance) for fear your grace should fall
(Let's dance) for fear tonight is all
(Let's sway) you could look into my eyes
(Let's sway) under the moonlight, this serious moonlight

The four dancers move in beautiful choreography, each reaching out to the singer in turn but never touching, spinning away as the song continues

Colombe's eyes are warm as she speaks quietly with Ambrosia. Straightening gently, she leads the petite Malkavian slowly back up and lets go of her hand, as the dancers on the stage perform, intricate and precise.

Io continues to dance, though is also paying attention to the show. She smiles when she realizes Madeline is on stage.

Jania smiles and sways seeing Madeline on the stage performing. For a moment that swaying is all she can do, as she watches the dancers performing so perfectly.

Amelie watches the dancers and claps her hands for those performing on the stage!

And if you say run, I'll run with you
And if you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you would break my heart in two
If you should fall, into my arms and tremble like a flower” he sings, as Madeline leaps gracefully and lands at his feet, pulling a rose from his coat and offering it to her. The Toreador lifts her face and, accepting the rose the Lady rises and gives him a bright smile before dancing away again.

Hassam smiles from where he sits and bobs his head along with the music. Not apparently a dancer, he's content to enjoy the music from a largely stationary perspective.

Ambrosia regains her balance with Colombe's aid and she offers the Ventrue a sly little wink before she makes her way out of the dancing area and toward the grey sectional. Her gaze starts to wander the room, now, and she offers small nods to Zago, Phoenix, Mikael, and Heathen. Kahraman gets a lingering glance before the Malkavian Primogen is dropping into a seat.

Kahraman offers a brief wave and a smile when Ambrosia looks his way.

Pollock is dancing like a fool. Well, sorta. He's not drunk at least. That usually ratchets up the fool-ness a couple notches. But he seems to be having fun, even if the sight isn't all that appealing. Good music, though. He can get down with it.

David puts the microphone back on the stand with that cool smile and steps down into the gathering to greet the gathered Kindred

Mikael seems thrilled tonight, between Bowie performing and getting to dance with phoenix. but he also smiles around the room and the other dancers. He gives colombe and ambrosia a warm smile as he watches them, then over to pollock and he can't help the grin as the nosferatu seems to be enjoying himself. His eyes catch Madeline and he watches her graceful movies, applauding as she is presented the rose.

Phoenix seems happy to dance with Mikael and enjoy the music.

Io steps back when the song ends. The petite woman moves to the edge of the dance space to take a relaxing moment, watching as David comes off the stage. She glances around to see who else is present, and who all was on the dance floor.

Colombe inclines her head quietly to Ambrosia, returning a smile for the sly wink. Her gaze goes to Pollock with some surprise, but her eyes are warm as she nods to the Nosferatu, but she turns to look directly at David Jones when he steps down onto the main dance floor.

Madeline returns with a bright smile, applauding the star "Bravo, but surely you're not finished Monsieur Jones?"

Ambrosia settles in at the grey sectional and crosses her legs before she focuses her attention back on the dance floor. She flashes Io a curved smile as she sees the Toreador Primogen step aside.

Jania can't help but she is being pulled away from the concert early, and makes a quiet exit so as not to disturb the event.

Jania moves to Emerald Plaza - Gallery

Kahraman watches the others having fun from his seat at the pillows. From time to time he checks his phone.

The Music Icon laughs and shakes his head "Certainly not" and looks to those gathered "Are you done?" he gives that bright smile as he asks that

The Nossie stops dancing, Pollock finally noticing the music stopped. Oh. Uh. Oops. Right then. Ah-/hem/.

Heathen joins in the heartfelt applause for the music, and offers.. "Madeline may be a bit prettier than Jagger, but Dancing in the Streets is a fun one."

Hassam listens to the music, stopping briefly to tap away at his phone. Sheesh, how rude. He does appear to be enjoying himself, however.

Madeline smiles at Heathen "I think he is still alive mon ami" she laughs and applauds for David to continue

"We're not done until dawn." Colombe replies crisply to the performer, her expression warm.

Laughing, David turns his multi-colored eyes to Colombe and points at her “you remind me of the babe”
Heathen says, “what babe?”
Colombe smiles widely, and responds, warmly. "What babe?"
David smiles "the babe with the Power"
"The power of voodoo?" Colombe looks to Heathen.
He smirks at all who have responded "who do?"

Amelie retakes her seat and watches as people speak with the man. She knows of what they speak, and lets those that are fans get their time in.

Heathen has to chime in again. "Do what?"
David smiles “remind me of the babe”

He opens his mouth as if he’ll launch into Magic Dance but then winks and the band actually begins playing Golden Years, singing the intro “Golden years g-o-l-d (whop whop whop) Golden years, g-o-l-d (whop whop whop)

Ambrosia steps away from the Grey sectional.

Heathen laughs at the fakeout and enjoys the new song

Ambrosia uncrosses her legs and rises after a moment. She'll scan the crowd for Madeline and offer a blown kiss if she manages to catch the Keeper's gaze, then the Malkavian Primogen will turn and make way for the door.

Colombe's expression changes to amusement as David moves off, and she turns, offering her hand to Heathen for a dance.

Madeline applauds as those who know play along and then steps to the floor to dance with whoever joins in

Heathen sneaks over to grab Madelin's hand and dance with her at the 'save her little soul'

David takes ahold of the microphone on its stand, moving along to the music as he sings “Don't let me hear you say life' taking you nowhere angel” (Come get up my baby)
Look at that sky life's begun Nights are warm and the days are young
(Come get up my baby)
There's my baby lost that's all Once I'm begging you save her little soul” as the band continues singing their part “Golden years g-o-l-d (Whop-whop-whop) Come get up my baby”

Pollock's not entirely sure what to do now. So they sidle like a nervous crab to somewhere off the dance floor. They're no social butterfly, after all.

Madeline laughs and smiles brightly at Heathen, not hesitating to dance with him. Spotting Pollock the lovely Keeper nods her approval to his dancing.

Zago steps in to offer his own hand to Colombe as Heathen pairs off with Madeline. "I think I've warmed up to all this," he says, his steps energetic as he regains his dancing legs. "Having fun so far?" he asks.

Mikael steps off the floor when

Mikael steps off the floor when phoenix leaves and sits down to give his full attention to the performer and dancers.

Colombe takes Zago's hand and moves close, lithe and soft, and so precise. "Seems so, Mr. Giovanni. Will you lead, or shall I?"

Heathen isn't sure that Madeline has seen a Knight's Tale, but anyone that has can recognize another Heath"s dance moves as he struts his stuff

Madeline likely hasn't - her lack of pop culture knowledge is legendary BUT she can follow any partner's lead and with a laugh, she follows Heathen's steps with her own flare

David smiles and gestures as he sings, “Last night they loved you Opening doors and pulling some strings angel
(Come get up my baby)
In walked luck and you looked in time Never look back walk tall act fine (Come get up my baby)
I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years... gold, Golden years g-o-l-d

Io steps back out on the edge of the dance floor and begins dancing on her own once more. She is thoroughly enjoying the music tonight.

The band continues as David dances along with the music, mic in hand
(Whop-whop-whop) “Come get up my baby
“Some of these days and it won't be long
Gonna drive back down where you once belonged
In the back of a dream car twenty foot long
Don't cry my sweet don't break my heart
Doing all right but you gotta get smart
Wish upon wish upon day upon day
I believe oh, Lord I believe all the way (Come get up my baby)

From where he's seated, Hassam rises and scoots off to avoid disrupting the performance. Apparently he's got somewhere to be, something to do, or someone to hold down and mercilessly pump for information. One of the above.

Heathen rocks put the floor, enjoying the music and the company

Zago leans into the more formal dance. "Why don't you lead this time?" he asks, letting the taller Colombe take the lead. "I'm more used to warehouse raves, admittedly," he says with a grin. "But this is great."

Madeline reaches over to pull Io into their dance, nothing choreographed, just dancing to the music joyfully

Io lets Madeline pull her over with a laugh and she dances with Madeline and Heathen.

The band sways to the music as they sing “Run for the shadows run for the shadows - Run for the shadows in these golden years”
David gestures to the crowd as he sings “There's my baby lost that's all Once I'm begging you save her little soul
Golden years g-o-l-d (Whop-whop-whop)
(Come get up my baby)
Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere angel
The band sings “Come get up my baby - Run for the shadows run for the shadows - Run for the shadows in these golden years”

David runs his hand through his hair and sings “I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years... gold”
        The song continues with the band playing and singing for a few more minutes before it fades
Golden years g-o-l-d (Whop-whop-whop)

The lights come back up as the song ends.

Colombe considers Zago quietly, then dials up the formality, taking his other hand and leading it to rest it at her waist. She rests her other hand firmly on the Giovanni's tuxedo-clad shoulder -- just as the music ends, and the lights come up. She regards Zago mildly, her eyes warm. "Looks like we ran out of time."

Heathen breaks immersion and gets this wide, evil grin at the 'run for the shadows' lines

Madeline smiles and shakes her head playfully at Heathen before turning to applaud!

The band continues the song instrumental so more can continue dancing, as David puts the mic back on the stand and comes down to join the group once more

Io also applauds at the end of the song. She glances at Madeline with a warm smile. She continues to sway a little bit as the music continues more softly.

Mikael applauds enthusiastically, his eyes bright.

Ramona comes in from Emerald Plaza - Gallery

Zago steps away from Colombe, and says, "Thank you for the dance. Let's hope we have another chance one night."

The star comes down, nodding to the applause with that smile known worldwide and offers a hand to Colombe "it seems your partner has departed"

Heathen bows to Madeline as the song ends, slipping aside to wait the next

Io smiles when he approaches Colombe.

Colombe inclines her head with regal ease to Zago, replying with a gentle smile, and a hint of mischief in her eyes. "Let's." When David offers his hand, her eyes gleam and she smiles wide, taking his hand with graceful zeal. She gives him a playful grin. "You'll be my third of the night."

The band switches to a musical version of "As the World Falls Down" the music flowing across the dancefloor

David laughs and kisses Colombe's hand "I haven't heard that for awhile" and draws her onto the dance floor
Madeline watches and laughs softly, taking Io's hand and gently spinning her to the music, dancing along

Heathen in a manner that Bowie would appreciate, he approaches Zago. "May I have this dance?"

Colombe floats along with the delicate tempo and breezy tune, or is it the lightness of her partner's touch? She is smiling like she rarely does --- eyes bright with quiet joy as they rock, lightly along.

Io smiles to Madeline and lets her spin her, and settles into the dance with the taller, elegant woman.

David's arm goes around the Duchess as they dance, dipping her slowly before they spin slowly around the floor

Zago accepts Heathen's offer, putting one hand on Heathen's waist and another on his shoulder as he leads this time. "Only if you promise to jump, magic jump," he tells the guy as he dances with him, flashing him a grin.

Madeline smiles fondly at Io as they dance happily to the flowing music. Glancing over at Zago and Heath she laughs but it is a very warm and approving sound

Io follows Madeline's lead with such ease. It's clear she likes dancing, likes movement. She smiles when she sees Zago and Heathen start dancing, too.

Colombe rises from the dip and says something quietly in David's ear, a slight smile rising. He turns her around, still dancing, and whispers into her ear, over her shoulder.

David laughs as he banters quietly with the Duchess, turning her slowly for one more dip before he kisses her hand, ever the gentleman and excuses himself backstage for a moment - the band plays on

Heathen laughs and pulls Zago out to the floor, taking the lead at any point where Zago might be less comfortable,ceding it when Zago finds his pace. Practiced motions carrying them easily along the floor

Colombe is charmed, but she quickly notices Zago and Heathen dancing. She presses her lips together, stifling a laugh perhaps, as she stands to observe the pair.

Madeline is smiling as she dances with Io, spinning her once more before kissing her cheek and drawing Io with her over to Colombe "I think this has gone splendidly"

Io drifts along at Madeline's side to Colombe. She nods her head, "A wonderful evening, Keeper. To be sure."

"I would say." Colombe agrees, and quite warmly. "It was a lovely event, Keeper." She looks to where David disappeared. "He's a Rose, I suppose?"

Madeline nods with a smile "Oui, I had to call in a few favors but it was totally worth it"

Zago leans into it, mouthing the words where they get especially romantic and cheesy, crooning them into Heathen's ear, often breaking out into laughter before he can finish. He wound up enjoying himself after all.

When it is time for the last song of the night, the Icon steps back out, he has removed his tailored suit coat and is wearing a brightly colored shirt with a microphone attached over his ear. He has an electric guitar strapped across his chest and begins jamming with the band, dancing as he sings.. https://youtu.be/o98Df6i35ic

I've never sailed on a sea
I would not challenge a giant
I could not take on the church
Time will crawl Till the 21st century lose
I know a government man
He was as blind as the moon
He saw the sun in the night
He took a top-gun pilot
He made him fly thru a hole
Till he grew real old
And he never came down
He just flew till he burst

Heathen manages to make it to the next song before he breaks down laughing, finding himself a seat to listen to the next song as it begins

Colombe's eyes are warm as she watches Zago and Heathen --- as the music starts, she slips off her shoes, and shakes her head, starting to do a gentle little pogo dance, solo.

Zago moves back off the floor to listen, putting his finger to his chin as he listens. "Don't think I've heard this one too many times," he says, preferring to pay attention to the song this time.

Madeline applauds when the star reappears for one more song and tips her head to the words, smiling brightly as she starts to dance along with Colombe

David steps down onto the main floor as he plays and sings with the band behind him
“Time will crawl till our mouths run dry
Time will crawl till our feet grow small
Time will crawl till our tails fall off
Time will crawl till the 21st century lose
I saw a black black stream
Full of white eyed fish
And a drowning man
With no eyes at all
I felt a warm warm breeze
That melted metal and steel
I got a bad migraine
That lasted three long years
And the pills that I took
Made my fingers disappear
Time will crawl, time will crawl Till the 21st century lose

Colombe dances easily with Madeline, enjoying the music, a bit lost in the song. Her retainers look on with neutral expressions.

Io drifts to the edge of the dance floor and simply lets herself enjoy the song now, swaying slightly as she does.

Heathen tips his hat to the ladies and applauds the guest of the night before slipping out

Madeline throws her hands in the air and rocks out to the music, one might not have thought the ballerina had it in her

The other band members are dancing as they play, the drummer giving it is all. One picks up a saxophone and wails a great solo before David smiles at them then turns back to the crowd as he sings
You were a talented child
You came to live in our town
We never bothered to scream
When your mask went on
We only smelt the gas
As we lay down to sleep

Time will crawl and our heads bowed down
Time will crawl and our eyes fall out
Time will crawl and the streets run red
Time will crawl till the 21st century lose
Time will crawl and our mouths run dry
Time will crawl and our feet grow small

Time will crawl and our tails fall off
Time will crawl till the 21st century lose
Time will crawl and our heads bowed down
Time will crawl and our eyes fall out
Time will crawl and the streets run red
Time will crawl till the 21st century lose
For the crazy child
We'll give every life
For the crackpot notion” The song winds down as the lights come back up to full.

Io applauds as the song comes to an end. She smiles though after a moment she glances toward the stairs and the door beyond.

Colombe puts her hands up and claps, applauding David and his crew. She leans over to Madeline and gives the Keeper a light hug. "Thanks for a lovely evening, Keeper." She smiles to Madeline as she takes her leave. As she departs the dance floor, her personal assistant, Pierre, offers the Ventrue her shoes.

Madeline applauds, pausing to hug Colombe in return "thank you Duchess, my pleasure" then turns back to applaud the band and its star

Quietly, Zago will make his way out into the night. He'll say "Thank you, Keeper," to Madeline in a soft voice before he departs.

Colombe takes the shoes and slips them on, then makes her way up the stairs, and out.

Colombe moves to Emerald Plaza - Gallery

Io drifts over to touch Madeline's arm. "I need to go, but this was a marvelous night, Keeper." She murmurs. A kiss is brushed on the woman's cheek before turning to head for the stairs.

Madeline hugs Io with a bright smile "merci Primogen, j'adore cher" then steps over to receive a hug from David, kissing him upon each cheek

Io turns while Madeline is talking with David, and she drifts up the stairs and out into the night.