2018.05.18: A Sire's Love Pt 2

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A Sire's Love 2
More torments
IC Date May 18th, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Martha, ST-Ilias
Location Castle out in the Desert...somewhere unknown
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Martha is well just waking, and once she wakes she cleans up the Rituals she cast the night before from about her bed and puts all in a small can she keeps for it. Then she heads to the dresser and pulls a splinter from under her tongue, cause well active magic is frowned on in court. Then to the wardrobe to look over what to lay out for tonight.

"I have always admired a tall woman.. such beauty.." the words whisper, as the clothing in the closet ruffles like a hand is brushing through them. The man's voice is just as much haunting as it is alluring, as it has always been. Once more that feeling that he is here, able to see and touch you even - without actually being visible. Always the duality of whether he is physically here or not, left to wonder.

Martha is not as surprised this time and mentally steels herself for now, "Well what to wear to such fun like court is a question here, this a modern court not old fashioned." as she forces her hands to steady for now, "So many choices." as she opens her awareness to get a feel if well, screw it she takes a candle from a drawer to light and check for magic with a few words. "Got any advice for what to wear tonight." trying to keep things light for now as she walks the room with the ritual up and opens her awareness.

"Every court is 'modern' from the last one.. and each believes it to be fresh and their ideals to be improved. There is beauty in the classics. It has been too long since you dressed for me. Do you remember the Venetian dresses I got for you.. you should wear one of them. Where are they?" a bit of wind blows through the room, flapping through the garments as though he was looking for them now.

Martha closes her eyes for a moment then with a wry smile, "When they Ogre escaped she went to our sweet and burnt the rooms, we saved the chantry and you, not the items Ronald. I have no more those are a bit pricey for my current income. and my need to invest for my upkeep, and pin monies." she remembers those damn dresses, how he would bath her before court, hold her almost love her, then feed from her before dressing her and doing her hair like some doll. "I am not sure those would work well here, as she pulls and lays out her Rockbilly dress with the little polka dot skull on it and the whore red heels and fish nest to wear with it with almost a challenging look to her face and eyes. "Our Prince is a rock star." in a almost pleasant tone with a hint to anger and rebellion under the pleasant tone she is forcing.

There is a sudden flash after the distinct sound of snapping fingers, and before your eyes you can witness the 'choice' of dress and heels suddenly blaze with white heat and burst into flames. The fire is quick, and out again before there is even a chance for it to catch anything else aflame. "You will dress as a whore Martha my beloved. You will properly cleanse yourself and wear a dress befitting who you are. You will be perfect for me." he demands. The black outline of what used to be a rockbilly dress now remains behind.

Martha hands ball at her side as she fights a few minutes for control with her fangs down a hiss, as her other self-whispers all the things they can do to him when they find him, and she finds not to Let Mattie out to try and play with him. "Fine Beloved." her tone terse, forced and tight as she moves to pull out a lovely goth number between modern and Victorian day dress, some nice side button ankle boots, along with the right hair combs to do her hair with as she heads upstairs to well bath properly.

Martha to Mattie, "Bide just bide." which has Mattie pulling back sullenly in her head deeper to brood and plot.

As you move, doors and windows that were left open or unlocked - close seemingly of their own volition. Locks engage and latches tighten, curtains seem to pull tighter and about. You can hear the man's foot steps behind you and feel him in the room as though he was walking up those stairs with you. The lights warp and waver around, and it's almost as though small creature lurk and dance in the shadows - watching with some manner of glimmer and glee.

Martha is working hard to keep her fears in check as she reaches the bathing room, one thing she loved about him, he knew how to make it a place of real well sensation. She moves to set the water and get the big loin foot tub filled. slides the tub rack to the right spot to lay out her washing cloth, shampoo, fine soaps and the water jug for pouring water when needed, then slowly she strips biting her lip, and trying not to cry over him here again with her, mind or not. To Mattie in her head as quietly as she can, "Remember all." trying not to think on why she needs Mattie to remember all the little details happening. Once the water is at the right height she moves into the tub, and just kneels in the center.

As though a hundred tiny eyes were on you, and yet nothing is there to see you but yourself. The water ripples around your naked body, as invisible hands dip within the waters and you can physically feel him whisper against the back of your ear. "Relax my love.." as though that was meant to be soothing, but is likely anything but and you can actually FEEL his hands beginning to caress over the sides of your arms and up the length of your body as though he was bathing you once more.

Martha is shivering to the touch, and she has not warmed herself yet. So stranger she is shivering as she closes her eyes to force her body for now to relax and warm under his touch, for all his preferences of her blood over others, he likes her warm for this, and she will on the way to court. As she works thru the visualization exercises to make herself ready for his feeding things start to click in her mind of the maybe how’s. And where she needs to research in some of his notes she has in her library. She moves from too much thought sending it to Mattie to puzzle to just focusing on the touch, and not what comes after, he did always try to make her relaxed for feeding. The please do not kill me pushed down for now as she takes in all things about her in case she has to fight it...whatever he is off if he does not stop soon enough. "Do not give in to the kiss" is muttered under her breath.

It is like an old dance.. a memory come back to life.. a nightmare that becomes so real that your body animates without need for instruction. You can feel the hands of the man caressing over you, like a lover's would and each delicate touch over soft flesh that warms beneath his hands is part of that hypnotism as he whispers instructions in your ear. Time seems to slip away, as though the euphoria of the Kiss was placed on you once more. When you finally realize your surroundings again, your eyes flutter open and you feel so very drained. Your body soaking in a pool of its own blood and water.. your wrists slit, and you feel weakened. (Down 10 blood).

Martha curses and looks at her wrists, then looks about for the blood gems and takes some to heal before calling her herd. Then after her and Mattie piece it together as he never seems to get both of them under control fully with more curses as she wastes her small catch of blood filled stones. The second call is well to have a ward set against her sire here by her Regent. Angry at herself as she tries to puzzle out how he is doing this to her, just angry she fell for it all again.